Thief: The Dark Project

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M02b19.str: "I hold thy work in much regard, and thou knowest it was on mine own recommendation that my brotherhood contracted thy work. I trust by now thou hast received a small shipment of Addonizio Crystal. By the coming weekend, I shalt need ten lenses ground from the crystal thou hast received. Each lens must span three units in width, with a breadth of exactly two units. Grind thou one face concave and one convex. Make haste and then bring me thy work for my approval.

-Friend Capezza. 0457"

M02p15.str: "N. Rampone, President

Rampone Dockside Shipping"

M02p13.str: "J. Rampone, Vice-President

Rampone Dockside Shipping"

M02p19.str: "J. Osterlind, Supervisor.

Rampone Dockside Shipping."

M02p28.str: "J. Hermann, Business Coordinator.

Rampone Dockside Shipping."

M02p01.str: "T. M. Blackheart, Musician."
M02p02.str: "Lucky Selentura, Entrepreneur."
M02p03.str: "D. M. Gilver, Gilver Exporting Company."
M02p04.str: "Venik Kilgor, Kilgor Weapon Smithing."
M02p05.str: "E. B. Bramrich, Accountant."
M02p06.str: "Cid Capezza, Inventor."
M02p07.str: "Lord Porter, Fine Art for Sale."
M02p08.str: "Lady Angelica, Experimental Apothecary."
M02p09.str: "Sven Mynell, Mynell Steaks."
M02p10.str: "Noah Jerm, Lensgrinder"
M02p11.str: "Pull lever to open door. Emergency use only!!"
M02p12.str: "Let thine arrow fly

Into mine crystal eye."

M02p14.str: "Office Personnel Only."
M02p16.str: "Conference Room."
M02p17.str: "Main Office."
M02p18.str: "Potion Testers needed...Inquire within."
M02p20.str: "Foreman's Office."
M02p21.str: "Mechanist Project Planning."
M02p22.str: "Mechanist Material Storage Bay."
M02p23.str: "Mechanist Project Bay."
M02p24.str: "Mechanist Packaging Bay."
M02p25.str: "Rare Artifact Bay."
M02p26.str: "Mechanist Accounting Secretary."
M02p27.str: "Mechanist City Planner."
M02slbl1.str: "Ship From: Gilver Exporting Co

1369 Winston Avenue Bay#7933

Wayside Dock District
Ship To: Governor Horridge (Via special overseas route)

1094 Richmond Boulevard"

M02slbl2.str: "Ship From: Gilver Exporting Co

1369 Winston Avenue Bay#7933

Wayside Dock District
Ship To: Manny Jabrielle

499 Taft Avenue

MISCB17: "Blackrat -

Third message this week, no answer again!

Be you ignoring me, or be caught in your own trap?

Drop a note for me or I fly the city, for once the

rat be trapped, his cousin be not far outside the cage.

- Weythran"


MISCB06: "Weythran -

Found me the most sharpie way o ridding a self of a

blade in the side - Watch Officer Morgan. Too much

work for him, does he do his *own* scout of breakers and

bladesmen, so a sniffer drops him a name or two, gets a

coin for the mark of it. Turn me a profit and grieve me the

competition, why not?


MISCB09: "Officer Morgan -

Cease these bribes immediately! There is more than

enough street garbage we can simply scrape off the

pavement that we do not need to *pay* for more! If

your snitches could ever turn up the serious ones, I

might consider it, but look at your recent list. Festil,

Blackrat, Hops - these are the worst you can find, and

none of them other than poor street filth.

-Watch Sergeant Harwin"
MISCB16: "Watch Sergeant Harwin -

I must protest that the technique of paying informants

has been in place for only a week, and I think it has

shown far more promise than expected. While the first

round netted us only a few small fish, the fools have begun to

compete to turn each other in. A good fraction of the gold we

pay out, we reap back again when we arrest the informers

themselves. Ceasing the project now would be, in my opinion,




MISCB08: "Charly-

Remember how I told you that the alchemist's was just a

front-shop? I'm sure of it now! I was just there this

evening and started to go in, when the owner shut the door

in my face! And there were people in the store, standing

about as bold as you please!

MISCB13: "P -

We have to stop meeting at the alchemist.

This is the third time that woman has come

by to press her nose against the glass. I don't

know whether she's ogling Grimmad or just wants a

love potion from old Jack, but it's giving me the

shivers. Can you do anything about it?

MISCB02: "N -

I have a bug in the ear of one of the Watch Officers.

I'll have him drop a line and give the woman a scare or two.

If she's up to anything, she'll likely make a break for it and

they can pick her up. Either way, she'll be trouble for us no longer.

  • P"

MISCB14: "Lucy Walker:
The Watch Officers have received a number of complaints

about your harassment of the alchemist Grimmad. Out of

consideration for your masters, you have not been placed

under arrest yet. Please keep in mind that any further

trouble may result in arrest and confiscation of property.
For A Safe City,

Watch Officer Morgan"


"'Strike hot iron and call forth sparks

strike a man and call forth fury

to shape man or metal to thy will

thou must strike with force'

-- Collected sermons of Karras"
M04tip1.str: "- A control panel in the Front Desk can not only open the Main Gates but also disable the alarm mechanism.

- Shoalsgate is loaded with hidden entrances and secret levers.

- Don't hesitate to go through people's garbage. You never know what you might find."
M04b01.str: "Lieutenant,

I instructed the Mechanist, Brother Artus, to leave you a new key. The key will open the Vault as well as the Secure Records Room in the Records Hall. --Sheriff Gorman Truart"

M04b02.str: "Attention all Watch Officers,
In a short time we have nearly cleared the city of the criminal element that has plagued her for so long. I thank each and every one of you for the effort and initiative that you have displayed. Now we must direct this same form of hard justice towards another disease of the city, the Pagans.

We cannot allow these subversives to poison the minds of our fair citizens.

Henceforth, the Pagan faith is outlawed and practitioners of Paganism shall be considered enemies of the city. Be it so ordered, Sheriff Gorman Truart"
M04b03.str: "Attention:
- The Mechanist, Brother Artus, has informed me that the new security measures will be fully operational tonight.

- A room in the Records Hall has been designated for Secure Records. Only the Lieutenants and myself have access.

- The City Watch Ball will be held at Truart Estate. All members of the City Watch are encouraged to attend.

- The Dumbwaiter in the Mess Hall is not a toy. Please refrain from using it for rides.

Sheriff Gorman Truart"
M04b04.str: "I have ordered that murderer Schmidt be left in solitary to rot and that no one venture near him. I want him to suffer as much as his victims did.
Lt. Hagen"
M04b05.str: "Journal Entry 459
So often I hear the whispers of the men, 'What is the Sheriff really planning? Why is he so intent on bringing down the Pagans? Maybe the Sheriff isn't the man I thought he was.' The members of City Watch are filled with doubt; it is my responsibility to see to it that they ignore their doubts.

Sheriff Gorman Truart is unlike any man I have ever worked for. He has ushered in a new age, and it is up to us to support him unquestioningly. If Sheriff Truart asked me to arrest my own family, I would without any hesitation.

Why can't Mosley see this? She always questions everything! Why can't she just follow Truart's orders? We are not supposed to think, we are supposed to follow."
M04b06.str: "Coroner's Report
Identification: Unknown
Location: Body discovered in sewage tunnel
Cause of Death: Pagan worship"
M04b07.str: "Sheriff Truart,
I must insist that you pay closer attention to the activities of the Warden Affairs Division. I know how highly you regard their work, and I readily admit that they have shown very impressive results.

However, I must point out that their arrest records indicate they have been avoiding certain Wardens. Whenever evidence is presented against those Wardens, it mysteriously disappears from Evidence Storage even though the stationed guards assure me that no unauthorized evidence leaves the area.

Respectfully, Lt. Hagen"
M04b08.str: "Journal Entry 684

Mosley is becoming an inconvenience. Lately she has been questioning my orders, and her conduct regarding the Pagans borders on insubordination. She was always my best officer before; why the sudden change? I'm going to give her one more chance to redeem herself. If she fails me again I'll have to give the case to Hagen. He may not be as good an officer, but he is loyal and vicious, not the sort to have any moral dilemmas with this kind of assignment.

What really puzzles me is that she wants the case so badly. The last time I discussed it with her, I suggested she hand the case over to someone else. She assured me that she'd triple her efforts, rather than let go of the assignment."
M04b09.str: "Lt Hagen,
I appreciate your memo regarding the Warden Affairs Division. I have personally investigated the matter and have found no evidence to support your accusation. They have ongoing investigations on the remaining Wardens and have made steady progress. They simply don't have enough of a case yet to move against them. As for the missing evidence, my search has determined that they were simply clerical errors.

However, I have discovered that several thefts from the vault have recently occurred. These thefts are in no way linked to the Warden Affairs Division. I want you to find out who is responsible.

Start making inquiries into the other divisions but stay away from Warden Affairs. Also discuss this with no one, especially Lt. Mosley. Mosley's inability to handle the Pagans has caused me to question her resolve. I have considered handing over the assignment to you, but given Lt. Mosley's excellent past record; I want to give her one more chance.
Be it so ordered, Sheriff Gorman Truart"
M04b10.str: "Maintenance
The vault security can be disabled for minor repairs. Simply enter the proper code and the sentries will shut off.
The maintenance code is: 4026"
M04b11.str: "Lt. Mosley,
I put you in charge of handling the Pagans because you are my second in command. Until now, your record has been exemplary. I don't understand why your performance has faltered. If you do not want this case to be reassigned to Lt. Hagen, I suggest you double your efforts to rid the city of all Pagan influence.
Also it has been brought to my attention that numerous small thefts from the Evidence Vault have been occurring for some time now.
Fire the officer that guards the vault. The Sentries can handle the security by themselves. I want you to conduct an investigation immediately.
Be it so ordered, Sheriff Gorman Truart"
M04b12.str: "Journal Entry 2234

It's getting harder to protect my garden from harm. So many plants die. No matter how hard I try to protect them, they still fall victim to the elements. No matter what anyone tells me, I will not uproot them or cut them down. I don't know what we are doing here anymore. Half the people I give orders to are people I arrested before. Hopefully the war will be over soon and the Baron will return. I don't think I can take much more of Truart's 'New Age', as Hagen so often puts it."

M04b13.str: "Schedule
7 bells Stakeout

12 bells Lunch at the Shoalsgate Tavern

1 bell Meet with L K

2 bells Meet with L Z

8 bells Appointment at Madame Volari's

10 bells Meet with L R"

M04b14.str: "Journal Entry 836

We are still unable to make a case against Madame Volari. Her brothel seems to be perfectly legitimate, but Lt. Mosley believes that there is more going on there and so do I. The likely possibility is that they are using pillow talk to extract information from their rather aristocratic clientele. I can't believe I am saying this in a journal, but I think that the Sheriff is somehow involved in this. I have seen Truart enter there on more than one occasion. But is he a client or is he somehow working with them? All I know is that I am not going to say a word about this to anyone, especially Lt. Hagen. Mosley is the only one any of us can trust."

M04b15.str: "Journal Entry 709 Work's been pretty slow these days. Between Mosley and Warden Affairs, every thief in the city is out of business. I can't believe we used to try to stop crime by arresting the thieves. By attacking the bookkeepers and fences, crooks have nowhere to turn to. Besides, who is more anxious about staying out of jail, a criminal or some whiny pencil pusher?"
M04b16.str: "Name: Lady van Vernon
Activity: Frequent adultery
Threat: Her husband is very jealous and easily outsmarted. If her husband discovers her infidelity she stands to lose her comfortable lifestyle, should Lord van Vernon throw her out into the streets of Dayport.
Use: Lord van Vernon owns a large number of factories. Our Lady could help us cut a deal with him for weapons and armor for City Watch."
M04b17.str: "Journal Entry 1022

I still can't figure out who the hell is robbing the third floor evidence vault. I mean if it ain't us then who the hell is it? All I know is that it's attracting a lot of unnecessary attention. I've told the rest of the crew to take the long way to the third floor. Hagen is already suspicious of us as it is. Even though the Sheriff will keep him off our backs, I still don't want to get on Hagen's bad side. That idiot really thinks that Truart is some kind of hero. Ha! If he only knew what we know."

M04b18.str: "!!!KICK ME!!!"
M04b19.str: "Paganism
Greevs St. - Paganism

Courtyard Trail - Paganism

Balma Drive - Pagan sympathy

Pearson Manor - Harboring a Pagan

Danno block - Paganism

Kimmel Avenue - Paganism

Fort Street - assault class A

Fort Street - assault/crossbow usage

Arlen Avenue - assault class A

N. Bisbee Drive - assault class C

Glenover Drive - aggravated assault/dagger display

Gapoda Oak - assault class C"

M04b20.str: "Burglary
E. Park Boulevard - burglary of carriage, horses taken; 800

Hawkings Drive - burglary of manor, Gold Crest taken; 2300

Criminal mischief
Gorn Avenue - criminal mischief; 300 damage

Crippled Burrick Pub- criminal mischief, patron thrown through window; 500

Northcrest Road - criminal mischief to collector tower; 250

Millans Drive - criminal mischief to street lamp, 25 damage"

M04b21.str: "Lord Mani Rammstein
Activity: Embezzling money from his business partner overseas.
Threat: His business partner has two of the city's top cleaners on retainer.
Use: Rammstein is a very powerful importer. By keeping him under our control we can use him to get to larger criminal activity."
M04b22.str: "Lieutenant,

I instructed the Mechanist, Brother Artus, to leave you this key. It will open the Vault as well as the Secure Records Room in the Records Hall.

On a more dire note... I put you in charge of handling the Pagans because you are my second in command. Until now, your record has been exemplary. I don't understand why your performance has faltered. If you do not want this case to be reassigned to Lt. Hagen, I suggest you double your efforts to rid the city of all Pagan influence. Also it has been brought to my attention that numerous small thefts from the Evidence Vault have been occurring for some time now.
Fire the officer that guards the vault. The Sentries can handle the security by themselves. I want you to conduct an investigation immediately.
Be it so ordered, Sheriff Gorman Truart"
M04wp01.str: "Wanted: The one-eyed thief"
M04wp02.str: "The annual Policeman's Ball will be held at Captain Pearsal's Mansion in Dayport. Open bar and all you can eat buffet provided by our friends at the Crippled Burick. Live music by The Taffer Boys who will perform all your steam punk favorites. All are welcome to attend. - Sheriff Truart"
M04wp03.str: "Remember always be nice to your game testers"
M04wp04.str: "These will all be wanted posters once we get the art for it so hang tight."
M04wp05.str: "Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here? Where are you going?"
M04wp06.str: "Hey Garrett... DUCK!!!"
M04SGN19: "VICE"






"'Sings we a dances of wolfs,

who smells fear and slays the coward.

Sings we a dances of mans,

who smells gold and slays his brother.'

-- Pagan saying"
M06B01: "Hymn 18: The boiler, it is thy heart.
The boiler, it is thy heart.

The valves, they are thy limbs.

The steam, it is thy blood.

Praise Karras, who forges the boiler,

and praise the Builder, who forges thee."
M06B02: "Psalm 13: When thou art born.
When thou art born, thou art blind, and weak, and squalling.

So is the ore, weak and crumbling when it is pulled from the earth.

Stoke thy forge, and burn away all impurity."
M06B03: "Week 23:
Lord Bassel, six crates wool tweed -- send spiral lamplighter.
Lord Wilkerson, 300 gold -- send clockwork picture-tray.
Lord Toby, one crate paper -- ignore.
Brian Masterson, 1500 gold -- will send masked servant.
Gorman Truart, goodwill -- sending clockwork spy cameras
Lord Winhill, one crate fine wire -- send spiral lamplighter."
M06B04: "Week 26:
Lord Bassel, two crates lambswool -- send clockwork picture-tray.
Lady Waterdike, sixteen crates flour -- will send masked servant.
Lord Toby, four crates paper -- send spiral lamplighter.
Lady Thomson, 200 gold -- send rotary polisher.
Arthur Whitcomb, two flowering bushes -- ignore.
Lord Thorburn, two crates tin ore -- send clockwork spy cameras."
MISCB12: "Jerome -

I don't care about excuses. I am sick to death of being

the last to receive a favor-gift from Karras and his church.

Find out what he wants. Money? Invitations? More exotic

plants? They are his. But see that I receive the first of

whatever he designs next, or you will find yourself begging for

alms in the street."
M06B05: "Lord Karras --
I write to you on behalf of my lord, who is much intrigued with your services to other nobility. I am given to understand that your favours are reserved for those who please the Mechanist Tower. My lord desires to do so, but he is concerned that his gifts may be incorrect, or perhaps misdelivered. Please let me know by messenger if I can do aught to advise him.
Jerome, of the house Thorburn"
MISCB19: "When thou considerest thy place in the world,

know that the Builder chose thee as a cog in the vast

gear of His masterpiece. Take thy place and rejoice,

for without all cogs in perfect order, the gear runs not!

When thou lookest about thee, see thou that all proceeds in

good order and know that it is a sign from the Builder that

thou dost thine own part.

M06B06: "Lord Karras:

Your sermon was so inspiring. I never thought of it that way,

to be a little cog, floating around in a big boiler. SO warm and

toasty, you see? Please accept my compliments, and do tell me

you will come to the dinner we are having on Saturday.

Lady Einhorn"
M06B07: "Master Gaspar:
Thy name was mentioned to our lord Karras as one who might be welcoming

to the future. Perhaps thou hast heard of the Mechanists, but thou

may be confusing us with our hoary forebears, the Hammers. Where they

spurned thou and thy kind, the Mechanists embrace those with a voice

in the city's future. Perhaps thou might attend a sermon at Angelwatch?

There be many wonders we would be happy to show thee in our workshops.

Friend Tickspring"
M06B08: "Karras --
I received your note. I think you worry too much. I shall be there

in good time for our meeting, assuming that your loyal disciples are

willing to let me all the way in to your meeting hall this time.

There is much work to be done between now and tomorrow at twelve, so

leave me in peace until then.
Gorman Truart, Sheriff"
M06B09: "Friends,
If thou wouldst make a mold, press thine item into the wax press. Such impression being made, use the putty knife to scrape away the top layer of wax. Use this method, friends, to make molds of most small articles -- keys, cogs, gears, springs, and the like.
To create a tool of hardened steel, give thy mold to Brother Mendelus, whose place it is to work the fires of the forge.
-- Coltus"
M06B10: "Friend Coltus,
Recent experiments have confirmed my fears -- mere water can indeed halt the Builder's Children! If a significant amount of moisture pools in the aft boiler, the result is complete paralysis! The weather has been agreeable of late, but if a thunderstorm were to strike....

Coltus, I task you with fixing this problem immediately. Water poured directly into the boiler may shut the Children down, but you must at least be competent enough to protect them from a simple rain shower!

-- Father Karras"
MISCB18: "Friends-

Know thou that our Lord Karras was most disappointed

by the attendance at his sermon two nights past. Though

thine own faces were well seen, it is not sufficient in the

Builder's eyes for thee to come alone. Know that all of

thee must not only attend in thine own person, but must

seek to bring as many of the city's elite as thou canst

turn the ear of. Master Karras desires this patronage, and

I know his disciples shalt not disappoint."
"'Bricky roads they trappers grass,

stoney walls they trappers wind,

iron stove it trappers fire.

Trappers is we by the works of hands,

and forget us we were ever free...'

-- Inked grass scroll"

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