Thief: The Dark Project

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M16b06creed: "So like we once were, are these who now inhabit this land. They are the chrysalis that shall become. We have adopted those few who have shown potential for enlightenment.
-from the notes of Archmage Garod's Prophecies"
M16b07tali: "Notes from council session of the Inner Circle
- Due to a disastrous experiment by Archmage Jabu Ibn Lani the Water Tower will be closed until further notice due to flooding. All future experiments using water elementals are forbidden by mutual consent of the Inner Circle until we can devise stronger wards.
- Our keep must remain unified and maintain tradition. Each Tower holds the key of another to maintain the Doctrine of Trust. Since the key to the Tower of Water was lost controlling the accident, the fire mages have no symbol to guard."

"Therefore the fire mages shall keep the key to the chamber in the Central Tower that holds our treasured possession. The key to the Tower of Earth shall remain in the Tower of Water, since the water mages are the only ones who can survive entering the flooded areas.

- Archmage Kreos"
M16b08exit: "I can finally get back to work, my apologies for being behind schedule on the new round of vivisection. The workmen have finally cleared out, having just finished walling up the last main entrance to those infernal sewers. The old sewers are still largely unmapped, but present too much of a security risk to be left. I find it amazing that they reach back to the city despite our distance from it. There is still the one secret entrance that we can use to traverse the sewers. The guards that patrol it will deal with anything unfortunate enough to struggle out of that muck.
- Adept Haseki Beyzar"
M16b09medal: "Recovering the golden medallion of Saint Burringden will reward all the sweat I put into the endless hunt for those damned talismans. By selling it I will surely make some profit off of this ordeal. In all my years of service to the Hand I have never seen their efforts so thoroughly stymied. It’s almost as though one of their own had taken and hidden the talismans so completely that not even the archmages can find them.
- Capt. E. F. Regalio"
M16b10shp: "Cellarer Abrucha,
We urgently need the chemicals last requested. Two days hence we’ll be sending young Lucca to the city. Have one of your helpers accompany him. Also, see if you can add 3 goats, a camel, and a burrick to the animals gathered for the next round of experiments.
- Adept Haseki Beyzar"
M16b11tower: "Notice to all servants and guards,
Herein let it be known that the four towers of MageKeep are sacrosanct and thus off limits to the Commons. Only those Adept may enter. Guards may enter the tower foyers on business, but may not proceed upwards.
- Archmage Ibn Al Haroud"
M16b12pain: "To read these words is to know pain. To know pain is to live in fear. To fear is to travel the false path. You must face your fear to see the truth. The truth is that there is no pain. To know this truth is to walk the enlightened path.
-The Book of Paths 6:13"
M16b13open: "Instructional treatise:

Listen well, oh novice, to the lore of your elders. The Ritual of Opening shows the way and the true path. We use the ritual as the ceremonial guide for all our work. The guarding wards and our wondrous towers all lock using this, the natural order of the elements.

The Ritual of Opening

Dark waters surged flooding the world as they bore life,

Hard earth then rose giving substance and strife,

Storm breath blew binding the land in halos of wrath

Last came raging flames cleansing minds for the final path.
--Inner Circle"
M16b14emerg: "The Tower of Water has been closed due to recent disasters. None may pass by orders of the Inner Circle. All important work from this tower has been moved to the Central Keep.
--Inner Circle"
M16b15lock: "At night the four towers are locked and unlocked by the Elemental Tower Keys. None may enter or exit except by following the order of the Ritual of Opening. The keys must be gathered, one from each tower, in the order the Ritual proscribes. Each Tower Key unlocks the next tower till all are open and the path is once more clear.
--Inner Circle"
m16reward: "Eight old men up in a tower

Eight old men, only one with power

turn away from the hand with the sword

count seven and find your reward"

"'Blindness is the manfools theys gathers up treasures

and greeders themselves on gold rocks and fetters

The Woodsie One wreaks thems with lilacs and nettles

and gathers theys bones for His porridge and feathers.'

-- Text Unattributed, Sumac on Parchment"
M17cook: "Cook-
Remember to serve the ballerinas only a
light supper the night of a performance,
lest we have a repeat of little Catherine's
unwelcome addition to Thursday night's show.
Consider this your first and only warning.
-Mr. Cribs, Director of Music"
M17FKEY: "My most enchanting Lady V -
I will cherish the flute always. Its outward
beauty is matched only by its glorious tone.
I must endeavor to keep it safe. However I
will be somewhat indisposed at home until this
confounded furuncle heals. I hope I do not
impose too much upon you - but will you
look after this key to my wall safe
while I recover? The flute is there,
of course. I hope to return to my duties as
music director before the new moon.
Your friend and colleague -
Ian Cribs"
M17flut: "Mr. Cribs, Ian, Dearest -
These are great times for thinkers such
as ourselves. I am certain that the secrets
of the artifact will soon be mine. With its
powers, and the power unleashed by your music,
I am more and more convinced that our day is near.
Please accept this flute as a token of my
continued appreciation. Appreciation for our
special friendship, and for your tireless
dedication to the opera.
Yours always - Lady Valerius"
M17GIFT: "Carmella -
A stellar performance as usual.
I write in hopes that you will consent to a stroll
this evening on the 2nd floor promenade.
I promise I will not arrive empty handed.
Please do not refuse me, I will wait all night
if need be. A short stroll and some pleasant
conversation is all I ask, and in return
I have for you a most special gift -
one fit for a queen.
Awaiting you on the promenade,
I remain,
Your most ardent admirer,
Lord B."
M17GIRY: "More spiders arrived today.
That makes twelve this week.
I have no time to puzzle
over this strange migration.
I must pack up my belongings
and move elsewhere on the morrow. - Giry"
M17GUARD: "Captain Colliard and men of the Opera Guard -

Two guards will at all times, day and night,

be posted outside my office suite.
In case of trouble or commotion of any kind
in the opera house, then send two more
to stand guard directly inside the suite.
The artifact must be protected.
I will tolerate no lapses in security.

-L. Valerius"


or The Tragical Tale of Forbidden Devotion

Betwixt Our Hero Reginald, Hammerite Novice,
and the Sprightly Conandra, Forest Denizen and
Ruler of all Trees.

Libretto and Music by Ian Cribs.

ACT 1: The Forest Edge.

REGINALD has been sent to cut

wood. He sings:

'I am but a simple novice,
sent here to bring
wood from forest,
happy is this sunny day,
if only it could stay
this way.'"
M17pbll: "To Captain Colliard, from Lady Valerius-
I have received word of the
shrine and treasure room you have
found during your mission to
eradicate our little spider problem.
I look forward to receiving
whatever bounty lies there, and
will not tolerate any more excuses
about mysterious traps or other
Success - Lady V."
M17PKEEP: "I fear to go on. The rest of the
expedition have gone on ahead, and I was
to follow directly. But when the last of them
disappeared beneath the surface of the water,
all my strength and courage disappeared with
them. When they see that I do not follow,
they will surely send someone back for me.
I need only wait a moment more,
or perhaps at most an hour."
"Dark thoughts haunt me.
What is time in a place that sees
no sun or moon? What good are tears
in a place that is all water?
I must rest now.
Oh to have a spot dry enough
to recline upon comfortably!"
M17SPID: "Mr. Colliard: It is not enough
to kill the spiders brazen enough to
enter the basement; you must tell your
men to descend into the sewers and below.
They must kill every spider they see.
They must search until no more spiders
are found. It does not concern me if men
are lost, or if they are afraid to 'venture
past the sewers into the tunnels beyond.'
If your men cannot complete this simple task,
I will find men more suitable to the work.
And are you so sure you can get other work,
without a recommendation from the Opera?
I think not. Report to me on the morrow
regarding your progress.
L. Valerius"
M17SUNRM: "I am beginning to suspect that I do not have revenge in my blood. For if I did, I would go now and steal from Lady Valerius all the contents of her office suite. She doesn’t know about the secret passageway that leads there from the 2nd floor rotunda. She doesn’t know about the key that works the lock. When she took over here and dismissed my whole staff, all knowledge of the secret passages and rooms left with us. I return here now and then to obtain provisions, always with the thought of exacting some revenge - but I fear I carry with me a terrible flaw - I do not have revenge in my blood.
M9BOOK2: "We had just come upon a tall and sturdy tower, and it was agreed upon that we should deposit the Talisman there. The staircase to the top floor had collapsed some time ago which made ascension difficult. Aeric had pointed out the ledge circling the tower, suggesting that one of us place the Talisman out there. I laughed at his comment uncaringly. This disturbs me."
"Tomorrow we shall head back the way we came. I cannot keep myself from wondering why the burning elementals stood at bay as we passed. Will they still, now that we no longer carry the Talisman of Fire?"
M9BOOK: "We've been careful to avoid the roaming elementals throughout our sojourn, but today we've taken a serious blow. From out of nowhere, a number of them assaulted the troupe. We fended them off with our remaining supply of water crystals, but the price was heavy. Hodge was severely burned and may not live through the night. Both Yannis and Abner are dead."

"Hodge died this morning. I tried desperately to care for him, but to no avail. He was delirious and gibbering and he cried out in pain, clawing the abysmal ground beneath him. I tried to calm him, but when he grabbed my hair and pulled my ear close to his lips, he said but one thing before expiring... burning water."

E3Mage1: "Archmagus Kesthul allows that we should stay on in this ruin to our liking. The molten veins provide energy for enchantments. Our quest, then, was not full a failure, though uncovering the Talisman of Fire could not be. Spells of divination reveal it stolen from the Tower by the city thief known as Garrett, which accounts his access to the Hammer's Cathedral months ago. The fool is dangerous to all around him, believes not in knowledge. We shall track him down to confess how he disposed of the Talisman when use to him expired."
E3MAGE2: "The location you devise will suffice until warding spells are cast. None is about to thieve the artifact, and only one as us who walks on fire would have able."
"'Having pledged our honour as shield over Air, we must be mindful.

Let it be locked away and safe, but ever in view of the faithful.

Future generations are hostage to our care.'

-- Hammerite Sermon of the Talisman"


THIEF: The Metal Age
"'It is not a question about what the Law is, but rather what it is not. The Law is neither noble, nor an end in itself. It is not for the weak-minded or the squeamish. The Law is simply a means for those who control it, namely me, to acquire that which I want. One with your wealth and connections, who is prepared to sacrifice to have a troubling problem resolved, need only describe to me in detail the favor you are requesting.' --Gorman Truart, correspondence"
"'The Master Builder came unto us. He built for us a new house, and the house was like His house. And he gifted us with knowledge, and we learned to use Boiler and Gear. That unto us would come His Paradise, and there would be no pain.' --from Mechanist Rote Texts for Novices"
"'Twice moons face darks us showed

Twice thems jackals singsie

Thrice Him harvest failsy blights

Thrice we weeps and chillsing...' --Unattributed, Ink on Parchment"
"'Our focus shifted to those who presented two faces: one manifest yet false, the other hidden yet true. To interfere directly would bring ruin, still, the glyph warnings were absolute.' --Keepers Annals"
"'Reliance upon others is weakness for the strong, but strength for the weak.

Wisdom and balance lie in knowing your own nature over time.'

-- Chronicle of the Metal Age"
Miscb01.str: "Dunya -

Sometimes I think I miss the days when ‘crime ruled the streets,’ as the Sheriff would have it.

Either way, we walk in fear - but before, we lost at most a purse, while now we may be shut up in irons simply for seeing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Give me the old days back again, and a pox upon Truart and all his thugs!"
"'Blessed be the forge, which gives shape unto metal, and steam unto the boiler.

Blessed be the fire of the Builder and the Forge of Karras.'

-- Mechanist Common Prayer"
M02tip.str: "D.M. Gilver is one of the city's most popular merchants and he keeps his base of operations in Bld-A of Rampone's Dockside Warehouses. Porter is also a tenant of Building-A. He runs a tiny art gallery that sells cheap statues and vases. Most of your loot can be found in these areas."
M02b01.str: "Weekly Financial Report
T. M. Blackheart - Rent paid in full.

Lucky Selentura - Rent three weeks overdue.

D. M. Gilver - Rent paid in full.

Venik Kilgor - Rent due next week.

E. B. Bramrich - Rent paid by D. M. Gilver last week.

Cid Capezza - Rent Paid by Mechanists.

Lord Porter - Rent paid in full.

Lady Angelica - Rent due next week.

Sven Mynell - Rent paid in full.

Noah Jerm - Rent paid in full.

Main Office"

This device is now configured for thee so that the managers of the warehouse mayst easily enter any tenant's area at any time. When thou wishest to open such a locked area, thou must needst enter the four numerals of its address into this keyed device. When thou hast entered the correct number, see that it shalt display on the dials to thy left - this shalt cause the large green bay door of thy desired area to open. Thou mayst only open one door at one time, and if thou open another door, the first shalt close. If thou hast any questions, direct them at once to me.

-Friend Capezza, 0457"
M02b03.str: "I was recently contracted by the Mechanists to develop special lenses for them. I just received a small shipment of rare and valuable Addonizio Crystal for this purpose. For security reasons, I would like to request the installation of a metal face into my area within the next week. I don't have the funds to replace the crystals if they get stolen, and I hear Mechanists can be unforgiving.

-Noah Jerm"

M02b04.str: "The last year has been very interesting. The Hammerites used to be my most profitable contract.

I've been making weapons for them since I went into business, but now I rarely make anything for them. Their orders started to fall off about a year ago, and I became concerned about my future finances. My concerns didn't last very long because I was contracted by the new City Watch to produce their swords and armor. The only problem I have now is I have nowhere to put all these old hammers that I got stuck with."


Our shipment to be exported overseas to Governor Horridge is ready. It is waiting over in Gilver's area and will be shipped out tomorrow afternoon. Having to replace last month's shipment that was lost at sea is putting the company in serious financial trouble. Gilver took out a loan from the First City Bank and Trust to cover the extra expenses. If we don't increase profits next month then we won't have enough money to stay in business. Fortunately, we just received an unexpected order this morning, and this will bring in some extra money that we can use to pay back the loan. I just had a new batch of shipping labels printed out, and I will bring them over to Gilver in the morning.

M02b06.str: "JOURNAL ENTRY # 4279

I don't know what is happening to my business. Every attempt to gain extra profit only leads me to more loss. On paper, every business plan that I devise with Bramrich seems flawless, but in practice, they always fall through. Last month's overseas export to Governor Horridge was supposed to make us rich, but the ship never made it to its destination. I suspect piracy. I had to take out a loan just to cover last month's losses. I was hoping to have this reshipment to the Governor out the door two days ago, but my workers seem to have a hard time toting that barge and lifting that bale when I really need them. I would fire them all in a second, but I wouldn't be able to find anyone to work for what little I can afford to pay. I just finalized the Governor's shipment, and I had my secretary run over to Bramrich's office to grab the shipping label so that it can be attached to the outgoing crate. I'm going over to the Crippled Burrick for a drink, then it's back here for more paperwork."

M02b07.str: "Profits for our dockside warehouses have been tremendous ever since my brother Jason convinced me to let the Mechanists use Building-B for their needs. They have taken over and converted all four storage bays to contain their machinery and incoming cargo. This has really hurt my shipping contracts. I lost 12 contracts recently because the cargo had to be stored outside instead of the now occupied storage bays. Mechanists are now using my work force to move their cargo and assist in their various projects, and I have barely any workers left to handle my remaining contracts. They have more than compensated us for our losses, but still, they worry me. They threatened me harm when I refused to evict Gonzalez, one of the longtime tenants of Building-A, so one of their inventors could set up a machine shop. The new machine shop happens to be right under my poor brother's office, and he's been complaining about the noise constantly. I guess I should be happy about the money the Mechanists are paying me, but I feel like they are taking over and I don't even get a say as to what happens on my own property anymore."
M02b08.str: "INVOICE

10 pounds of rare Addonizio Crystal.

6 grinding stones.

10 sacks of fine sand.

Polishing Rags.




Iron Ore.





M02b10.str: "Davidson,

Smuggling spice has become difficult since Rampone let the Mechanists use this building.

Hide the spice in the usual location, and take your payment.

M02b11.str: "CAPTAIN'S LOG

Make port we did at Rampone's Dockside Shipping. No safe harbor, this, but the reward is surely worth the risk. We need to unload the spice right quick and stash it among the crates inside that Building-B. Our cut of the bounty should be in the safe inside Osterlind's office, as usual.

I'll stash the spice while the crew unloads Rampone's cargo. I'm eager to cast off and set sail for our rendezvous point, where we can join with Captain Carr's sloop. From there it's on to the hunting grounds -- that fool Gilver continues to send out unarmed merchantmen, just ripe for the plunderin'."
M02b12.str: "You have been evicted. Take two days to clear out your things or they will be removed by the management."
M02b13.str: "Our tenant, Lucky Selentura, has not paid his rent in quite a while. No one has seen him for weeks, and I've seen wanted posters in the city streets with his picture on it lately. I've been suspicious of him for quite a while, and I'd bet you his golden dice that he was running a gambling ring out of that space. I don't think he'll be back with the Bluecoats looking for him. I have put an eviction notice on his area, 0266, and I plan on clearing out the place in a few days to rent it to Gonzalez.

I felt bad that we had to throw Gonzalez out to make room for Capezza, so I cut him a deal on this space seeing that it's smaller than his old area. Speaking of Capezza, could you ask him to keep the noise down? -J. Rampone. Vice-President."

M02bb14.str: (NOTE: "The Madam's Hitlist version A.")
"Today's Appointments

Jon Laliberte, his usually dirty things.

Chris Laskowski, cuddling and dirty pillow talk.

James Geiger, the usual.

Adam Ellis, new client, charge discount.

Mark Ullucci, find a reason to refuse him, I think he's an undercover bluecoat.

Norman Druart, intense relaxation therapy.

Jerrett Brunelle, tickling and whipping.

Mistress Carrie, domination training.

Shawn Dejesus, The bouncing burrick was requested.

-Lord Porter"
M02b14.str: (NOTE: "The Madam's Hitlist version B incase A is to much. Ship this one")
"Today's Appointments

Jerrett Brunelle, charge 150.

Chris Laskowski, charge 150.

James Geiger, charge 175.

Adam Ellis, new client charge discount rate of 100.

Norman Druart, free of charge as usual.

Jon Laliberte, feel free to charge this guy as much as you want. He's weird.

Mistress Carrie, she's here for instruction.

Shawn Dejesus, charge 125, he tips better when we charge less.

Mark Ullucci, find a reason to send him away, I think he's an undercover bluecoat.

-Lord Porter"
M02b19.str: "Our yearly inspection of your space was last week. Our inspector found that he could not get to the second floor because the elevator button on the first floor was broken. Why didn't you report this problem? Please see me about this matter. I don't like it when a piece of equipment on my property is not working. We have also been receiving complaints from E. B. Bramrich. He rents the office space below your second floor office and he claims to be hearing odd noises late at night. Please look into that. -J. Rampone, Vice President."

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