Thief: The Dark Project

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M11ALCH: "The priests shall no longer doubt their decision to give me allowance to

convert the unused storage room in the winter tunnels into an alchemy laboratory.

This day my research hath yielded much, as I have created a most useful explosive

device. It is my belief that in times of war we will be able to use such explosives

to force open the gates of the strongholds of our foes. The device is quite

dangerous, so I have stored it in the armory in the cathedral attic."

M11BCKGD: "Though these be perhaps the final moments of our beloved cathedral

and mine mortal life, I shall faithfully chronicle to the end. A great evil

magic hath befallen us, and we battle with demon-kind on all sides. Our own fallen

brethren rise from death and turn on us, cold light aflame in their eyes. Our mighty

doors availed us naught, for the assault was from within. Soon I shall be found and

slain, like the others. May The Builder save our souls."

M11CGATE: "When attending public services, some members of the

congregation hath made entry through the cloister gate. The proper

way for the public to access the grounds is through the cathedral

gate. Access to the city via the cloister gate doth exist for the

convenience of members of the Order only."
M11CLSTR: "Cloister"
M11ELEV: "I mislike the wisdom that so many of the mechanical systems

in the compound doth rely upon the proper functioning of the machine

room in the cathedral cellar. Our enemies might attempt sabotage,

turning our short sight 'gainst us. Let us set about re-engineering

such that each mechanical system is powered by more local equipment."
M11EXPLO: "Beware! This object is a powerful explosive device! Only authorized

demolitions personnel should employ it. Place close to the target gate or

portcullis. Trigger the device with fire. Take adequate cover before detonating.

Note: the explosion is not of sufficient power to destroy walls; be sure to target

gates and other weak structures."
M11EYE: "Brother Gerard,

The behavior we hath

repeatedly seen exhibited is truly most

troublesome. The Eye hath been moved once

again to the vault in the cellar. This eve,

please you post two sentinels to guard

it. Thus we shall determine how it is

that we find it floating o'er the high altar each morn."

M11HSYMB: "Kindle,

Thou art a naive novice at times. The craftsmanship

of the holy symbol thou hast created is not flawed. Thy problem is

that a mere initiate such as thyself cannot perform the blessing that

implores the Builder to transform thy symbol from simple metal into

a holy artifact. I wouldst suggest thou ask one of the priests to

bless thy holy symbol for you, or it will be of no use. If thou'rt

embarassed, thou couldst visit the observatory at the top of the

tower in St. Jenel's and talk to Brother Renault. He knows of

another way to instill holy symbols with the Builder's blessing."

M11JEN: "St. Jenel's"
M11MAGRV: "Here Lies Brother Martello"
M11MUGRV: "Here Lies Brother Murus"
M11MULTM: "Step one - Position one of the molds on the 4 pegs in front of

the smelting cauldron.

Step two - Push the left lever back to close the mold.
Step three - Pull the right lever forward to tip the cauldron. When the

gauge on the wall indicates that the mold is full, tip the cauldron back up

by pushing the right lever back.
Step four - Pull the left lever forward to open the mold. Remove the newly

manufactured item. Builder Be Praised!"

M11MURS1: "A novice passing the cemetery yestereve said he saw a strange glowing figure

walking therein, but upon investigating found that the apparition had vanished. Those

who heard his story laughed and blamed his vision on an excess of ale, but I am not so

quick to dismiss it. I remember the burial of our beloved Brother Murus last week and

the feeling that something was wrong. I shan't relate the story to Brother Martello,

since he was much attached to Brother Murus, and mourns his loss still."

M11MURS2: "I am wracked with the agony of guilt. The Master Builder cannot spare the

cursed coward that I have become. If only I could bring myself to confess what I

know about the death of Brother Murus. His soul will never rest unless we perform

the Ritual of Consecration upon his grave. But the priests will surely ask why

such a thing need be done, and I am too weak a Builder's servant to face their wrath."
M11OBSRV: "The Master Builder doth surely gaze favorably upon our

crusade to subjugate the wild forces of nature with tools built in His

name. Here in this tower, with these optic machines, I have learned

much about the movements of the lights the Builder hast set above.

The divine power of the moon and stars hath been focused into a pool

of water, which I name the Lunar Pool. I hadst hoped the water would

show the"
"same properties as holy water, but it doth not. However, it

must hold the Builder's grace, for it doth bestow the Builder's

blessing upon holy symbols immersed in the pool. I shall investigate

this further, drawing forth knowledge for the glory of the Builder.

-Brother Renault"
M11POOL: "Lunar Pool"
M11PRAYR: "The Prayer of Consecration
O Master Builder! We ask Thee to bless our brother who hath died in Thy

service. Forgive him the transgressions of his living days, and look with favor on

his works in Thy name."
"Plumb and plane, fire and forge, purify his spirit and draw

from him all which does not meet Thy plan. Take him to serve with Thee in Thy Home

where he may rest in peace eternal."
M11RGRV: "Here Lies Brother Renault"
M11TEN: "St. Tennor's"
M11TIP1: "The cathedral had numerous mechanical systems. Who knows what

state of disrepair they are in now. I can't count on anything working

for me."
M11TIP2: "The cathedral was known for having a fountain with healing

properties. If things get sticky, that could be of use."

M11VALE: "St. Vale's"
M11YORA: "St. Yora's"
"'Danced we in joys and triumphs. With us the Woodsie Lord danced the stringsie

foolsie man Rose the storms in shouty glee, the darkness in feary glooms, the

fires in happy greed. Danced we away, and fed the sad stringsie manfool to

their devourings for our thanks.'

-- Final fragment of the 'Notyets' manuscript"
M12DPROJ: "The world as I once knew it was a place of magic - full of mystery and

inhabited by creatures of glamour and terror. The men who lived there lit their

bonfires and wondered at what crept and lurked in the darkness outside their weak

circles of light. All their dreams, their aspirations and dreads,

come from that darkness.
Now, as the forces of ‘progress’ cover the meadows in brick and cobblestone, as they

replace the majestic loft of tree with the blocky ponderousness of building, they also

light the world in their electric, actinic glare. With the lighting of the shadows, man

loses his ability to fear, and to dream."

"The night, once the font of the unknown,

becomes only the lack of the sun. I have conceived of a plan to revive the darkness,

to bring a resurrection of the ability to fear and dream. And, once my dark project is

realized, they shall know again to fear and love their Lord.

M12RITL: "Draws the scribed Star, marks the Compasses. The Eye, shows the

marksey lines of power.

Marks the Compass Borning, the Compass Leaf, the Stormsie Compass, the

Flamesie Compass, the Compass Tidestream, the Compass Stone, the

Compass Darkness.
Weights each Starsie point with Elements of the Compass, with pure

truest. Weights the Center with the Eye, fed mansblood, sees the

Compasses and the bloodtrail to the trueworld."
"Each Compass walks the Elements forth, paints to the Eye colors of

heartsmaw Chaos, for follow the Eye back to the mansie world.

Binds the Eyevisions, gathers the sights the glories, open fulls the

Eye to See forth the world, bloodcalled, compasspainted, chaosfed,

paintings on the world the image is showed."
"'The stone cannot know why the chisel cleaves it; the iron cannot know why the fire scorches it. When thy life is cleft and scorched, when death and despair leap at thee, beat not thy breast and curse thy evil fate, but thank the Builder for the trials that shape thee.'

-- The Hammer Book of Tenets"
m13chisel: "Then didst the Builder lay down His Hammer, and take His Chisel to hand. Smoothed he the rough gem, and shaped it to His will. For each task hath its tool, and every tool, a task."
"'The weights in each pan of the balance had increased greatly.

As he approached his triumph, our foe had made himself vulnerable.

We were unable to directly influence, and could only watch and wait

to see whether his pridefully chosen pawn would prove his undoing.'

-- Keeper Annals"
M14HINT: "Garrett:

All we can offer you in aid are these crystals and this passage from

one of our oldest books:
"The Trickster's works, such as they are, are made of the unformed

stuff of the world, not the proper materials the Builder hath taught.

Fire and water, earth and air -- these are for the Trickster as brick

and beam are to us. But, like their master, they are flawed.

His Maw is anchored by raw elements, and therein lies its weakness.

Destroy each of its anchors with its opposite, and the Maw must

then follow in their wake."
M14TIP2: "Garrett: Dost this help thee aught?"
"'Ware thee the rock of crystal, the song of doom. The

heart of mortal man is weak 'gainst its siren call, and temptation

beckons. As nearer thou drawest, the rock waits, until thy heart is

close for its strike, and thy fate is sealed."

'Tis a fragment found in an old record warning of the Maw."
QUOTES: "Quotes from the Dark Team


during the development of

Thief: The Dark Project"

"Chris: "I don't feel like a nut. Earlier I had no choice."
Mahk: "I should do work. Someone bring me my computer."
Tom: "You know, you're lucky I'm not wearing a g-string."
Chris: "Yeah, well, it's better to suck half as much."

Greg: "...than never to have sucked at all."

"Mahk: "Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! I'm the bug fairy!"

Tim: "You're half right."

Dorian (to Mahk): "Where ya goin' with that pumpkin, son?"
Mahk: "Yeah, I just save cows."
Doug: "Just think, around November 5th, it will be tragically funny and suicidally grim no matter what."
"Dorian: "Doncha be quotin' me, ya scurvy land-lubber! Arg!"

Randy: "Uh, pirates don't say 'quote.'"

Randy: "It could use some paprika."

Chris: "Paprika's the happy spice!"

Mahk: "I want to take damage, and possibly even shout when I take damage."

Dorian: "That can be arranged."

"Dorian: "You know, I'm wearing tights right now."
Tim: "Mahk, you are one queer-ass freak."

Mahk: "You know, part of me wishes that that's the first time someone's told me that this week."

Mahk: "I don't know which flow brushes to delete. I suggest you just blast them all and let God sort them out."
Dorian: "When am I going to start kicking it's ass?"

Laura: "Seven to ten days."

Dorian: "But it's been seven to ten days!"

Laura: "Then you're starting to kick it's ass."

"Mahk: "Why don't we all just Xerox our asses and ship THAT?"
Mahk: "So Laura says that my ranting is Environmental Sound and not Speech."

Tim: "What's that buzzing noise?"

Dorian: "It greatly affects one's workflow when one dies."
Mahk: "Guns don't kill people, _slay events_ kill people!"
"Tim: "Where does the player arm come from?"

Mahk: "Well, there's a mommy player arm and a daddy player arm.."

Tim: "...and they both love each other very much. And the daddy player arm has a seed..."
Tim: "It may be that he finds the sound of the arrow entering his body slightly suspicious."
Mahk: "Qu'est-ce que c'est le frequency, Kenneth?"
"Doug: "Is map.pcx you?"

Mahk: "Uh, it's not _identically_ me..."

Doug: "Well, I didn't mean it in the 'is map.pcx in his office' sense".
Mahk & Doug: "You're a Newtonian grinder!"

Chris: "I'm a what?"

Mahk: "It's like an organ grinder, but without the monkey."
"Dorian: "You should have five servings of fruit a day."

Ken, endearingly: "Dorian, you're MY fruit of the day."

Tim: "We want the endgame to be the climax of the mission. And you can't sustain a climax for 45 minutes. At least I can't."
Doug: "It may be stupid, but it's a well-oiled stupidity."
"Tim: "It has a certain 'Je ne sais quoi', but I don't know what it is."
The Management: "The team bananas will be kept in my office until they ripen, so that Mike doesn't eat them. Thank you."
Nate: "I had four of these [points to BIG cup] full of coffee today, and actually saw and spoke to God...and he likes how the project's going."
Laura: "My arm won't come off!"
Tim: "It all came down to sheep."
Tim (to Kate): "I revoke your brain!"
Kate: "Your arm's only physical when you're thinking about it."
Tim: "There are no 'licking' attacks in this game."
"Kate: "It's an unnatural thing to get back up from the dead anyway."
Mahk: "The physics system is a harsh mistress."
Randy: "Dorian is literal about everything."

Dorian: "No I'm not...'everything' is too strong a word to use."

"Dorian: "Nobody uses the word 'ruly'."

Tim: "I know, I'm just feeling gruntled."

Dorian: "Next thing you know, you'll be plussed."
Kate: "It's his butt that has the velocity."
Mahk: "Yeah, I get killed all the time, these days."
Greg: "Hey! Where'd the humans go?"
Tim: "I'm very wary of the dangers of stacking objects, myself."
Guard: "Enough dancing!"

Dorian: "More singing!"

Greg: "There's a fine line between serenity and ennui."
Mahk: "If you're talking about me, I didn't touch the brain."
Tim: "[It's] like fingernails on the chalkboard of your soul."
Doug: "In my level, I've been using a bush and a rolling pin as a lockpick."
Mahk: "The quote list sure isn't going to help me convince my mom that I'm not gay.""


"'In the beginning we lived as thieves,

Stealing fur and fang of beasts for survival.

Then came the Builder who brought us the Hammer,

And with it we forged a new way of life.

To reject the Hammer is to denounce the Builder.'

-- The Hammer Book of Tenets"
m15accpay: " 334

100 Bribe to Servant Gilpen

1,000 Gerwitz contract

124 Tools

500 Bonus Downwinder Verrilli

864 Lord Brosius job

1,500 Monthly payment to Sheriff

320 Supplies

172 Rat poison

2,185 Bar tab for guild party

600 Steinkrauss Contract

400 Bonus for Downwinder Rafael to offer Hammerites a bribe

84 Rafael's funeral"

" 433

768 Entertainment Exp.

236 Info from Viktoria

494 Cleaning

982 Air Freshener

245 Surveillance

385 Bribe to Deputy Meffan

100 Info from Court Jester Teichholtz

150 Bribe to Capt. Pearsall

362 Lady Caughlin job

1,300 Kickback for Constable Mahk

625 Deliveries from Lesser Hrabota

320 Downwinder Solus contract "

" 534

137 Lady Lamer job

123 Duke Leonard job

100 Bribe to Lord Church

300 Kickback to Magistrate Gilby

89 Lord Meuse job

112 Surveillance

167 Lord Randall job"

M15BANN: "For the last time, tell the maid to stay out of the banner room, and don't touch ANYTHING in it! It is the room where I can have peace of mind. My collection is too precious to risk any clumsiness from cleaning."
m15creed: "We chose our profession in defiance of the greed of the monarchy.

We will not live for the sake of taxes to fatten the noble’s pockets. We

choose to live the only life available to those who would truly be free.

We are Thieves.

--Creed of the Downwinders"
m15donalh: "Donal's House: No Entry
Pay tributes at Magrin's quarters, in the southeast Arches."
M15FIGHT: "Davey
Till Donal and Rueben quit their bitchin, best we just stick to our own turf. I'm too much Donal's man to risk it northside."
M15KEY: "Keep a close eye on the key. Lose it and the Randall job will have been nothing but a sight seeing trip. I swear, that Donal gives thieves a bad name!"
M15LED1: " 334

100 Bribe to Servant Gilpen

1,000 Gerwitz contract

124 Tools

500 Bonus Downwinder Verrilli

864 Lord Brosius job

1,500 Monthly payment to Sheriff

172 Rat poison

2,185 Bar tab for guild party

600 Steinkrauss Contract

400 Bonus for Downwinder Rafael to offer Hammerites a bribe

84 Rafael's funeral"

m15ledg2: " 433

768 Entertainment Exp.

236 Info from Viktoria

494 Cleaning

982 Air Freshener

245 Surveillance

385 Bribe to Deputy Meffan

100 Info from Court Jester Teichholtz

150 Bribe to Capt. Pearsall

625 Deliveries from Lesser Hrabota

1,300 Kickback for Constable Mahk

320 Downwinder Solus contract"

m15ledg3: " 534

137 Lady Lamer job

123 Duke Leonard job

100 Bribe to Lord Church

300 Kickback to Magistrate Gilby

89 Lord Meuse job

112 Surveillance

167 Lord Randall job"

m15magrin: "Magrin,
Use the back door -47- if you must visit. I don’t give a damn what it does to your clothes; I will not risk Rueben's scum following you in. Until I get my key back and the vase is sitting on my mantelpiece, you’re just going to have to tolerate the inconvenience.
M15RBKEY: "Thom,
You are my number one man. I trusted you to select my personal staff and you have witnessed for each and every one of them. I've also trusted you with the only key to my mansion because of your unmatched loyalty. But don’t think that my faith in you means that I will ignore your responsibilities. Consider this a friendly reminder...

If Donal's people get into my home and get the key to his Master Safe, YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE! And you know I always collect my debts.

- Rueben"
M15REST: "Deliveries to the back door only."
M15REUBH: "Reuben's House. No Entry.
Pay tributes at Thom's quarters, in the northside maintenance rooms."
m15sdoor: "NOTES TO SELF
- Fence loot from Lord Brosius job

- Transfer funds to foreign accounts

- Have Fredrik killed for disloyalty

- Feed kitty

- Meet with Lady Vallerius for info on Lord B.

- Hide key to Donal's Master Safe behind the secret panel in my room"

m15taffer: "I think you've been down in the sewers too long. It's rotting your brain. Even if you found where Rueben hid the key to his Master Safe, and got the vase from Donal, you’d be dead before sunrise. You just don’t have the kind of connections to pull a job like that. Besides you have no idea where Donal's Master Safe is. You think he's gonna have it somewhere people can just look around for it? Look just meet me in the casino for a drink, and forget about the vase. It just ain’t worth it."
M15THOM: "Stiff Rueben and you're gonna end up worm food. Look Cavey, freelancing is just too damned risky. We pay Reuben, and he keeps the heat off us, helps us move the merchandise, and gives us a place to crash. I guarantee ya' the streets won't give you such a sweet deal. Now get yer ass northside, and pay your tribute."
M6littlebig: "Men often say, 'Heavy is the head that wears the crown.' For once they speak the truth. I've told the poor lads over and over, come NOT into my private retreat. Do they listen? Do they hear? If they fall victim to my sanctum, so be it."
"'From unknown origins they came

They live isolated beyond the city

The extent of their arcane power is unknown

We must be very cautious in dealing with them

Close observation must continue'

-- Keeper Xavier, Treatise on Mages"
M16b01azr: "Mage Verlin,
Azaran’s interest in Necromancy has not diminished, despite his banishment. His study of the black arts continues at his spire in Dayport. We fear that his experiments with the reanimation of rats and insects will lead to more disturbing depths. He has even endeavored to recruit others on a crusade to recover The Book of Ash.

The Book of Ash must remain a thing of the past. Azaran’s ambition has blinded him to this, and he has proven himself a threat to our existence. His expulsion has only made him more resilient. "

"It is the decision of the Inner Circle that greater measures be taken to correct this matter.
Archmage Corino"
M16b02air: "Air elementals often speak to us by extinguishing certain lights in a sequential pattern. It is important that we study these patterns so that we may understand the wisdom of their message.
-The Inner Circle."
M16b03earth: "Cool earth wraps tightly around us. Constrictive veins of tower tunnels caress beating heart of grinding rock. In mastery of my element, I leap from stone to falling stone. Boulders float as feathers.
- scribbled poetry, Adept Aroun's notebook"
M16b04fire: "To Adept Al-Hayr,
Lt. Scarle disobeyed Capt. Regalio’s specific orders and ventured into the Tower of Fire. Needless to say he was ill prepared to deal with the trials of flame and lava that await all entrants. The charred corpse was brought to the laboratories where it will be put to good use. The fire can cleanse us, but it is not for the Commons. See to it that this incident serves as an example to others.
-Archmage Kahmin Ramin"
M16b05water: "Mastery of Water requires that you return to the ways of your beginning. For nine moons you lived in Water, and then were born to a world of Air and Earth. You have forgotten your past but we will teach you to remember. Put away mortal thoughts of breath and discover the ways of the sea. Do not walk the path with your limbs; instead allow your body to flow within it and become part of it.

Until you have gained full

mastery over Water, return to

the Air, oh adept, and cherish

its protective succor. In time

you will feel the warm embrace

of Water, traversing the entire

system without need of breath.

- The Book of Coral and Scale 7:12"

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