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M5WALLS: "Lord Ramirez -

The reinforced walls and steel door have been duly installed about your counting room, but I must warn you that we cannot guarantee them against burrick tunnelling. If you do not move the creatures out of the basement into a more distant area, we cannot be held responsible for the potential damages.

Tol Camrick & Sons"
"'Builds your roofs of dead wood. Builds your walls of dead stone. Builds your dreams of dead thoughts.

Comes crying laughing singing back to life, takes what

you steal, and pulls the skins from your dead bones shrieking.'

-- Clay tablet in an abandoned Trickster temple"
A woman from Shalebridge who was acquitted of charges of robbery in a city court last

week has been kidnapped by members of the Order of the Hammer. The woman is apparently

being held in squalid conditions in Cragscleft prison. Whereas the Hammerites did not

cite any official reason for the incarceration, one of the Order was quoted, saying,

"She hath sinned in The Builder's eyes, and thy slothful laws hath touched her not at all."
M6FLWR: "Compendium of Natural Magic, Chapter 15

Tatyana's Flowers

These flowers grow primarily in the icy mountain caves of the Esse range. By way of

defense, they have evolved a method of warming and swirling the magical energy of the

sentient plants and rocks discussed in the last chapter, lulling them to sleep. The

flowers are named after archemage Tatyana Yokobik who pioneered their use in the

temporary negation of magical spells and systems."
M6INC1: "Mr. Constantine:

I do hope that our final renovations have met with your approval, and

I would again like to thank you for your business. As one of the few

lay architecture houses in the city, we've found that we have quite a

bit of proving ourselves to do, and the patronage of someone such as

yourself is always appreciated. If there's anything else that you

would like built or modified, please let us know. Please also rest

assured that we have no objections to taking further payment in this

form, though we are, of course, deeply curious as to where you

obtained such a quantity of raw gold.

-Lionel Karthman"
M6POINT: "Master -

The one who trespassed your Greenhouse is chastised. He did not

know the rules, but spies there no longer."
M6RAKEL: "Rakel's Tome of Magic, Introduction
It is the erudite practitioner of magic who, in these days of pseudo-wizards carelessly

wielding enchanted materials, retains the secrets of commanding the powerful sorcery

found in the world of nature. For it was from listening to the hidden whispers of

ancient oaks, of creeping vines, of desert sandstone pillars, that civilized people

first learned the abstruse ways of magic."
"'Come the time of peril, did the ground gape, and did the dead rest unquiet 'gainst us.

Our bands of iron and hammers of stone prevailed not, and some did

doubt the Builder's plan. But the seals held strong, and the few did triumph,

and the doubters were lain into the foundations of the new sanctum.'

-- Collected letters of the smith-in-exile"
M7EVIL: "Warning: Great evil resides in this place, and it is no

longer fit for men. The doors are sealed, to protect us from that

which lies within. Do not remain here."
M7GRAVE: "The Watchman's Grave"
M7KEEP1: "Keeper Lukas,

We have received word of your fears, and we understand and indeed share them.

We did not lightly take the decision to involve ourselves in this matter. However, we

believe that we were compelled to act. Were the Trickster not opposed, he could bring

destruction upon the entire city, and upon us as well. We have endeavored to conceal

our efforts as best we can. I can only hope that we have been successful. With respect

to the Hammerites' possession of the Talismans of Earth and Air, we believe that they

have taken great pains to keep them secure.

Yours in knowledge,

Keeper Andrus"

M7KEEP2: "Keeper Andrus,

We are relieved to hear that you have successfully contained the destruction. It

was for just such a contingency that the Elemental Wards have been saved these many years,

and we support your decision to use them now, as the peril that you have described is

grave indeed. We urge you to hide the Talismans with great care, as their discovery could

lead to another such catastrophe. It concerns us that the Hammerites have insisted on

retaining two Talismans. Can they be trusted to guard them well? We worry also that

your actions have exposed the truth of our existence to the world, which we must not


Yours in knowledge,

Keeper Lukas"
M7KEY: "Constable Tule is a degenerate. Every time we have a blackout,

I have to go haul his ass out of the pub to get him to unlock the

maintainance cell for the Market Street power grid. If he wasn't the

Baron's nephew they would have fired him months ago."

M7LIGHT: "Department of Public Works, Work Order

The power grid control box for the neighborhood around southern Rubin St.

is located inside a residence. It should be in a Public Works

station like all other power grid control boxes. We may

need to build a new maintenance cell in that neighborhood. If so, be

sure to contact the Census Bureau so that they can update the map.

It is important that all Public Works stations be

marked on the map with the gear icon, but we haven't been vigilant enough

about this."
M7MAPHAK: "Soon this will be a cool-looking map. Stay tuned!"
M7MAPRM: "Upon this map are the locations of the Elemental Talismans, which alone can

unlock the Wards placed upon the cathedral door. Their locations are recorded here in

the event that we may one day find it necessary to re-enter the

cathedral. The Portal Key must be used to access the Talismans of Water and Fire, and is kept in the

library. The Talismans of Earth and Air are held by the Hammerites and can only be

obtained with their consent."

M7TIP2: "Those who fight undead fall into two groups - the resourceful,

and the slain. The well-prepared knight will arm himself well with

holy water. However,

a more convenient tactic, as well as one much less taxing on the purse, is

to take advantage of the zombie's antipathy for all living creatures,

and look for other convenient targets to divert a pursuer.

- excerpt from the Journals of Morgan,

declared anathema by the Smith-in-Exile."

M7TORC: "The foolish old man who currently owns the Serpentyle Torc lives on a

barren sidestreet west of the Cathedral Street drawbridge. I visited his small but wealthy

residence last week in order to purchase the Torc from him, but he obstinately deflected

my arguments and offers. He says it is a custom of his people to present a gift of such

beauty to their brides-to-be before marriage. At seventy years of age, I don't know what

sort of maiden he thinks will be tempted to wed him."

"I'm not sure if I should now proceed

to use force, or perhaps find a way to pilfer the Torc from him. I understand that there

is a thief one can hire who lives nearby, close to de Perrin street."
M7WALL: "Iendros:
The City Council is deeply grateful for the efforts of your men in the emergency

construction of this great Wall, which now begins to shield us from the dangers behind it.

We know of the hours of backbreaking labor you have already given us, but regret that we

cannot yet allow you any rest, as the work is of greatest urgency. You have our deepest

sympathies at the loss of your workers Barton and Adan to the zombies, but you must know

that your men number among the legion lost to this evil. As we regain our city, with the

undead put down and the wounded given succor, we have freed a watch of the Guard to


"your men as they finish, so do not let fear stop your efforts!
The City counts

on you - do not fail us in our hour of need.

-Lord Whitsimmon"
"'The knowledge of those who came before could neither be disseminated or destroyed.

Its power would be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands, but would also insure against future cataclysm.

At that time we chose to maintain it with

writings preserved in extant locations.'

-- Keeper Annals"
M9BENIIR: "Beniir has been informed that you ordered the sacrosanct

parchments moved to the archives beneath the great temple-palace, lest

they be destroyed by the angry and fiery breath of the earth. On the

morrow's eve we shall move ourselves there as well. Do not tarry."

M9BOOK2: "Deven decided to separate the two Talismans, but I argued

that it may not be the most wise thing to do. Nevertheless, not more

than a few hours ago, Shanti led a group back the way we came to

examine an area we passed by. She was more quiet than usual, but

accepted the task.

With them, they took the Talisman of Water.

We could bear it no longer. If the heat of burning rock

around us were not enough,"

"the Talisman of Fire was nearly

untouchable. We had just come upon a tall and sturdy tower, and it

was agreed upon that we should deposit the Talisman there. The

staircase to the top floor had collapsed some time ago which made

ascension difficult. Aeric had pointed out the ledge circling the

tower, suggesting that one of us place the Talisman out there. I

laughed at his comment uncaringly. This disturbs me."
"Tomorrow we

shall head back the way we came. I assume Shanti and her company had little trouble in finding a suitable spot for the

Talisman of Water, but I cannot keep myself from wondering why the

burning elementals stood at bay as we passed. Will they still now

that we no longer carry the Talisman of Fire?"
M9BOOK: "We've been careful to avoid the roaming elementals throughout

our sojourn, but today we've taken a serious blow. From out of

nowhere, a number of them assaulted the troupe. We fended them off

with our remaining supply of water crystals, but the price was heavy.

Hodge was relentlessly burned and may not live through the night. Both Yannis and Abner are dead."
"Hodge died this morning. I tried desperately to care for

him, but to no avail. He was delirious and gibbering and he cried out

in pain, clawing the alien abysmal ground beneath him. I tried to

calm him, but when he grabbed my hair and pulled my ear close to his

lips, he said but one thing before expiring... burning water."
M9MAILU: "Dear Mailu
The city is too grand for this unworthy country

lass. I visited the Emperor's colosseum. Such a

spectacle! The colosseum is bigger than our

village! The cheer is deafening when they extend

the bridge from below the royal balcony. Great

doors open and the combatants enter the

battlefield, a raised island in the middle of the

arena. Hundreds of magical fires float on the

surface of the water. I saw there a gladiator who

wrestled with a pair of lions, and the Emperor's son himself

tossed him a bag of gold! I will tell you more later, but Cherok calls.
M9MONEY: "From: Secretary of Protocol Weitan

To: Keeper of the Keys Fuquan

It is spoken that Va-Toran has closed the

coliseum for reasons other than piety. In a

year and a day of mourning Toran may devise

a way to make money from the building. As

cheering crowds were to his father, is the

clink of coins to Toran. To inter the key

with Va-Taraq is genius. None will touch it,

yet should it serve, it can be "lost" to

grave robbers. Our new master is wily. This

humble servant fears for Karath-din."

M9RAIN: "Fire rains upon us from the sky. At the Temple of N'Lahotep,

four hallowed geldings were offered to appease the acrimonious earth.

The sanguine overture has done nothing to pacify her."
M9RUITAN: "A speech given by Master Ruitan

to the Guild of Enlightenment.

The priests tell the ignorant that the earth

is crying for her departed brother, Va-Taraq.

We know that these tremors signify something

more ominous. Taraq would have listened to

us and evacuated the city, but his son is

less enlightened. The Guild must protect

what we can, by whatever magical and mundane

means we posses. The tower must not fall."

M9SCHOLR: "Despite hardships, I have welcomed

this opportunity to study the city of the

precursors. Their society was remarkable,

stratified like the bedrock, and seemingly as

stable. Above all was the Emperor, a divine

figure, answerable to none but their gods.

Emperors were seldom seen by the common

people and this distance gave rise to a

powerful and politically charged bureaucracy."
"The last Emperor but one, Va-Taraq seems to

have been different, an unprecedented

man of the people."
M9TIP2: "Sangar --

Let me know if you ever come across any good antiquities in

your, ah, explorations. I'd be particularly interested in any

ritual headresses and masks. The gold and enamel work from

Cyric is increasingly rare, and I needn't point out that if

you ever found something dating back to the Precursors, I'd

make you a rich man.

-- Bram Gervaisius"

M9TOMB: "Let the tomb be dug deep into the

earth, and filled with all manner of things

which are pleasing to serve him in his nether

days. Splendor shall follow our beloved

monarch to mark his glory. And woe to those

who would disturb his sleep! They shall be

imperiled from below, from above and from

that which is directly before their eyes."

M9VATORN: "To honor the life memory of our

departed father and king, Va-Taraq, Son of

the Sky, the coliseum he built for his people

will be closed for a year and a day. Let the

gates be locked and none make merry while

the sky and earth themselves do shake and

cry for their departed brother. This I decree

Son of the Sky"

M9WATER: "We must soon find a supply of water here

in the city. The Talisman of Fire needs to be

cooled, and our attempts to use the Water

Talisman for this purpose have come close to

destroying both of them. We have reached a

point where we must decide whether to drink or

carry the Talismans. Our water crystals have

been saved for emergencies, but we may soon

be forced to rely on them."
"Hopefully we

have not much further to go to the Tower."

"'Having pledged our honour as shield over Earth and Air, we must be ever mindful.

Let them be locked away and safe, but ever in view of the faithful.

Future generations are hostage to our care.'

-- Sermon of the Talismans"
M10DALE: "Here lies the unhappy Brother Dale: buried here as a symbol of lessons not learned."
M10HallPass: "As approved by his Eminence, the High Priest Markander, we deliver unto you this Novice, under the standard agreement of service. The Novice is sent with full status and

training as such, and should serve with humility and vigor to the best of his skills. He

will endure a standard three-year contract of service, at the end of which he will be

considered for indoctrination as an Elevated Acolyte.

The novice has been instructed in the rules and strictures of the Order, has sworn his warrants to be silent in his vigils, and knows to maintain the marked privacies (as indicated by the standard inverted red hammer sigil)."
"Please remit periodic evaluations of his conduct, as warranted or at six-month intervals.
May the Hammer fall on the unrighteous.

Brother Sachelman"

M10Instructions: "The cage containing the Talismans can only be opened when the five locks

have been released; the lock-releases are placed in various locations about this Temple.

One resides with Brother Mason. One is behind the Skull of St. Yora. One is in the

kitchen, by the oven. One is behind the rack which loosens men's tongues.

One is behind the Keystone Tree. The locks must be released within the span of five

minutes; when all of the locks are released, the Talisman Cage can be opened. Then, he

who removes the Talismans must first recite the Prayer of the Wallbuilder."
Novices, as per the official books, are not permitted keys, and are not allowed

to enter restricted areas for any reason. (These areas are to be designated by the standard red inverted

Temple Guardsman are not permitted keys, but may enter restricted areas in pursuit of their


"Temple Priests will be issued keys to most areas, and are allowed in restricted rooms

when authorized by the High Priest. They are also, of course, allowed in their own

quarters, but not in those of other Priests.
The High Priest is granted the Master Key, has no restrictions to access, and will keep in his possession

the Holy Symbol of the Temple."

M10Kitchen: "Terrence: We are almost done converting the old kitchens into the new treasury.

All of the kitchen stores have now been moved up from downstairs, and some of the church

valuables have been moved down. Work should be completed within the week. - Nolman."
M10MASON: "Here lies Brother Mason, truest of scholars."
M10molded: "'The Forge's Child.' This Hammer was the first to be cast out of a

mold. It was brought into the world by Father Tennor, now sainted."

M10NOTIC: "In light of the recent break-in at Cragscleft, all Temple patrols will be doubled until further notice."
M10oldham: "'The First Hammer,' symbol of our ascent from the Trickster's shadow."
M10SKULL: "The sacred Skull of St. Yora, a builder of vision and devout keeper of the faith."
M10TERR: "Here lies Brother Terrence: he fought the unrighteous to his last breath."
M10THEO: "Here lies Father Theol: a teacher without peer, yet ever a student of discipline."
M10TIP1: "Novices aren't allowed to carry personal weapons except on campaign,

so you'd better keep yours under your robes unless you need to use

M10VO2: "Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 2
When the thief did cry to the master "release me, for I repent, and

shall do good all my days" then did the master strike the thief's hand

from him with a blade. And the master said "Go now and do good, for

thy repentance has been paid."

M10VO7: "Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 7
When the Builder walks before thee and builds for thee a fortress,

wilt thou go inside and shut the door? Or wilt thou say "Yes, and now

I shalt raise one of mine own!"
M10VO12: "Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 12
The Builder gave thou the raw stuff of thy life - make thou a great

work of it or thou mockest His gifts."

M10VO36: "Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 36
Time once past, the harlot did say to the priest "Tarry a while, and

wait upon thy duties" and the priest did tarry."

"And then was the

harlot scourged with birch branches, and was the priest crushed

beneath the great gears, for the path of righteousness leads ever

upwards, to where it is perilous to fall."

M10VO39: "Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 39
Hadst I a hammer, wouldst I hammer in the morning. Wouldst I hammer

in the evening, all over this land."

M10VO53: "Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 53
To use thy chisel is to blunt its edge 'gainst the stone.

To not use thy chisel is to waste its edge."

M10VO77: "Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 77
What is a tree but a tower that withers and dies?

What is a pond but a cistern that stagnates and fills with muck?

What is a patch of ground but a road which cracks and washes away?"
M10VO94: "Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 94
Guard thy tongue from falsehood as thou gardest thy purse from a

jackablade. Guard thy hand from misdeed as thou gardest thy house

from firelighters."
"Guard thy heart from doubt as thou gardest thy

tools from corrosion, for thy faith and thy tools are the best that

thou hast."
M10VO108: "Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 108
Mortar cannot hold when the stone is not strong and clean. Before

beginning thy endeavors, look to thy material, both physical and

M10VO113: "Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 113
A stroke of thy chisel, once made, canst not be undone, but a stroke

thou dost not make from fear is a worse flaw. Be not cautious - be

M10VO141: "Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 141
When the Builder came amongst his children and asked "Who is it that

hath spoilt this work?" then didst his errant son answer "I do not


Then didst the Builder cast down his son and smite him with

his hammer. For is it not known that a mistake may be mastered, but a

lie lasteth forever on the tongue?"

M10VO170: "Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 170
The proof of the wall is that it stretcheth above the height of a man,

and lasteth beyond the span of a man. Our greatest works exceed us in

all ways."
M10VO199: "Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 199
A flaw in the gear will fate it to shatter. A flaw in the beam

harbors the termite. A flaw in a man's righteousness encompasses his

M10WAIN: "Here lies Brother Wainwright: May his wheels turn forever in the Hereafter."
M10Wallbuilder: "I am a Wallbuilder. Let my walls endure, from season to season, year to year,

and age to age. Let my walls stand, while families toil, armies march, and empires

fall. I am a Wallbuilder, and my walls will stand always as a shield against evil.

This I pray, that will the Master Builder grant."

"'And he did say, "Shall we not use this power, as our enemies used it unto us?

Do we not carve their wild forests into our beams and boards? Do we not tame

their raging streams to carry our boats?" And in their youth and foolishness,

did his brothers say, "Yes, let us."'

-- Collected letters of the smith-in-exile"

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