Thief: The Dark Project

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OQcataclysmplaq: "The Cataclysm Memorial

In Memory of the Hundreds Lost in that Historic Catastrophe"

OQcatacombsign: "This way to the Catacombs"
OQcateringlist: "Waldorf Mansion

4 Platters

20 Goblets

14 Knives

1 Punch Bowl


Mutton Leg for 20


Fig Pie

Liver Spread

OQchaliceletter: "Brother Herald- It brings be naught but woe to write it, but the Procession of the Sacrosanct Cup must be canceled this season. Perhaps forever. For 'tis no use to proceed without the Builder's Chalice, so recently stolen from us. I'm sure thou wilt agree. Later we must decide how to sort the worthy from the lesser. The absence of our holy relic weighs heavily upon us. May the Builder give us the strength to smite our foes.

In sadness,

Brother Askew"
OQcleanupnote: "Ramien- I got a job for you. There's a guy I just killed. The body's on the second floor of the Bloody Ears Tavern. I need someone to go to Docks, and dispose of the body so's no one will ever find it. Drop it in the water around there. Any water'll do. There's a lotta blood that's gotta be cleaned up too. Oh, yeah, here's the most important thing. Don't let anyone see you carrying the body around. Don't let nobody see that body at all, get it? Just drop it in the water and clean up the blood. It's gotta get done tonight. I'll put some money in the drop box outside your place when the job is done for you to pay whoever you hire to do the dirty work.


PS - Don't taffin mess this up. It's important."
OQclosedsign: "Will Re-open Soon Devoted patrons - we are closed on account of the terrible murder of our bartender. Please be patient while we make arrangements to find a replacement. The Management"
OQcradle: "To: Lord Percival Pitwick, landowner

From: C. Brackit and Sons, odd jobs

Dear Sir- About your request to enter into a contract to tear down the old Shalebridge Cradle building in Old Quarter - I must respectfully decline, as that building is cursed and worse than haunted, and I wouldn’t step foot near it, and I wouldn’t never send my sons there neither. Don’t you remember that awful fire there way back when? I say it was a demon fire, and so say the few survivors. Plus, there was poor Wallace Crumb, who I’m sure never made the acquaintance of a fine Lord like yourself, but who was a decent chap. He made a bet to spend a night in that place. Well, that was nine years ago, and I ain’t seen him since. Awful sorry we can’t be of help. But if you got any odd jobs round your house, you can count on Brackit and Sons."
OQfortironsign: "Fort Ironwood"
OQgravebafford: "In memory of Lady Olivia Bafford

Sister to Lord Bafford

Beloved of Many"
OQgravebevenshire: "Here lies E. Dowerty

Died in his sleep"

OQgraveburricks: "Ramirez

Loved his Burricks"

OQgravecomstock: "Morter / Dalius / Comstock"
OQgravefarkus: "Here lies Bernard Farkus

Murdered in cold blood before his time

Beloved brother of Emily and Clive"

"Here lies the mortal remains of Talia Ingram"

OQgraveoddbody: "Penelope Oddbody

May you find the peace in death that you never found in life"

OQgravequintus: "This is the grave of Samuel Quintus

Died in a brothel and brought shame to his family"

OQhauknorjounal: "Diary of R. Hauknor


The whole thing's running smoother than I could have hoped. Every night I show up, they hand over the stuff. I'm happy, and them? Well, they get to stay in business. It's a sweet arrangement, and the best part is, I'm the sole beneficiary of the deal. Don't have to add it to the City Watch pool - 'cause they don't know about it. See, it takes real brains to pull off a good profitable scam. And if nothing else, I got real brains.


I was just thinking to myself, why not drink a little of the stuff? Say, every third bottle or so. Won't cut in to my profits too much, and besides, I'd just end up spending the dough on liquor anyway. See, now that's real brains again. Probably just saved myself a bunch of coin."
OQholywater: "Brethren- This water, blessed by the Builder, is for thy use. Tis the job of the novices to replenish thy supply when it doth run low. Shouldst thou find it empty, speakst thou to Brother Kai, the Master of Novices."
OQlockedsign: "Attention! Zombies art about!

Keepeth this door closed and locked at all times!

Brother Archibald"
OQquarantinearticle: "The City Chronicle

Quarantine Lifted - City Watch gives the All Clear

The quarantine that had our City paralyzed was finally lifted yesterday, and officials report that all districts are 'safe and clear'. When asked what we are now safe from, however, officials still declined to comment. Commissioner Blaine told a group of reporters that the quarantine had been 'more successful than we could have hoped for', calling the City Watch officers who imposed the blockades 'heroes'. Although no mention of the ghost ship was made, sources confirm that the lifting of quarantine exactly coincided with the strange and sudden departure of the Abysmal Gale."
OQsecondfloor: "Stop! No Patrons Beyond This Point!

The Management"

OQshalebridgesign: "Shalebridge Cradle"
OQshamanjournal: "Moonsday

I made them enchantings with my magicer wand to raising them undead again. Them hammerheads bes battling them all day and nights! Bes a good thinger I do. It bes keeper them from burying friendsy Alfred in thems Hammerfool graveyard. Bes I no want him buried in a hammer spot. Bes I want him to resting in goodsy earth – where hims flesh can feeders them trees and vines. If I coulds just getting to them cornerstone - and bes starting the greensy. Then the hammery graveyard bes will turn greens and goodsie. Then will let friend Alfred bes buried there. But bes too risky – them hammers bes too manied. I bes must stay hidings in them sewers in Old Quarter for nows. It bes safe for me there – and I bes close enough to raising more undead with my magicer wand.


I bes not able to get to them cornerstone agains. Bes a hammerhead near theres. What bes I will do? At least I still havers my magicer wand – I bes will keep raisings them undead to stoppers them hammerheads. Them Woodsie Lord will guider me."

OQsplinternote: "Garrett- Return to your dwelling in South Quarter. Trust us, we will help you. We cannot risk saying anything further. A Friend"
OQthievesletter: "Grundholm- You dog! Those helmets you sold to us is junk! A feller is better off wearin a dainty kerchief on his head. We want our money back, or better helmets! You got until Friday. After that, if we ain't satisfied, then you're a dead man.

Fey Weaver – Thieves Guild"

OQtoauldsign: "To Auldale"
OQtodockssign: "To Docks"
OQtograveyrdsign: "To Graveyard"
OQtosmsign: "To Stonemarket"
OQtowerletter: "Brother Anvil- At thy services this morning, thou should address the issue of our fallen clocktower. Your flock will no doubt have heard of its toppling, and wilt be wondering if the Builder hast abandoned us. 'Tis not the case, for I feel His presence most heartily! Indeed, I believe the clocktower wast his way of calling us to war 'gainst the Pagans! For if we do not, then the whole city may fall as the clocktower did. Yes, the Builder hast sacrificed a beloved building to awake his sleeping flock! To arms 'gainst the heathens! Let thy hammers swing! Brother Agnus"
OQzombieletter2: "Brother Archibald Thou didst right in contacting me. As for the woman and her departed sibling, 'tis unlikely they art as pious as presented. For, to be sure, thou art sorely besieged with Trickster magics.

There is no remedy, save checking the area for any Pagan Shamans. Beware, these cursed purveyors of the Trickster's enchantments art dangerous indeed. Only a Shaman wouldst have the power to have set upon thee the plague of undead thou hast suffered.

I will pray thee finds the offending Shaman soon, and bringest unto him most forcefully, the teachings of the Builder. Brother Severence"
OQzombieletter: "Brother Severence- Twould be much appreciated if thou wouldst advise us on a matter that hast arisen here. A devout woman hast come to us and asked if her brother might be buried in our sacred burial ground. To this we readily agreed, as the woman dost come to services every day. But, no sooner didst we attempt the burial, when a plague of undead didst set upon us! Twas so many that we didst retreat to the safety of the chapel. After gathering forces anew, we smote the zombies – and right well! Yet each time we fell these putrid foes, a new wave of them dost arise from the ground. 'Tis a curse of some kind, to be sure. If thou hast some advice, then, I pray thee, bring it forth soon! Brother Archibald"
PAGbronzebeetle: "Reed- Keeper them Bronze Beetle with you always. Bes you never let it out of your sights. Dyan tolded me she had a visioning it would be stolen from us by a cityfool! Bes not let that happen. If you bes need to sleeps, then keepers it locked in something nearby – there bes a strongsy chest where we all sleepsies. May them Woodsy Lord -them greats and terrible Trickster - bes watching over you, and our precious Bronze Beetle. Shaman Woodbine"
PAGcobbleton: "Monday -

Well, we've made an arrangement with the – well I guess I'll call them the P's, for safety sake. They'll use our garden and such, with a fellow named Scythe tending the crops. Not sure why the wife and I were in such a giving mood. But those plums the woman brought were beyond delicious.

Saturday –

Dinner was a disaster. The spread was first rate, from the garden, but no sooner did we sit when that old biddy Lorna screams and jumps out of her chair. Points at the window, saying something was watching her. I tried to calm her, but then the 'something' let out a yowl. Everyone left in a panic - Harriet in tears.

Monday -

I don't want to worry Harriet, but I daren't go in the garden. I used to go and check on things, but now I'm an unwelcome stranger, and most of the crops I don't recognize. What do they need all those people for? I asked about a hole they were digging, and Scythe gave me a look. Put a chill right down my spine.

Thursday -

I'm going to confront Scythe. A man should be able to walk his own garden without fear. And for what, carrots and apples? This arrangement with the Pagans hasn't worked out, and now it ends. We never agreed to all these strangers coming and going! And we never agreed to those horrible things, whatever they are."

PAGcurses: "Cursings on the Manfools

Oh Woodsie Lord, oh Trickster, oh Greens and Leafy King, bes you giver my curses them power of them woods and the speed of them winds. Giver you my curses them potent of the seas. For the cityman who beated his horse. Be cursing him with them blackening sickness. I bes burn them cornsilks on that fullsy moon - and whisper them words that bringers on them bruising. He bes dead by next moon. For the cityman who choppered them trees. Be cursing him with them itchings. I bes offered them mice to the itch ivy patch - and they spirits be finders the cityman. First he bes itch and itch. Then soon the madness bes follow. Bes I thanker you, Trickster, greensy father of us all."

PAGdancingmen: "Mummy doesn't know who the dancing men are, but they come to my window and whisper as I comb my hair in the moonlight. They know things about olden times. Mummy doesn't know anything. Dancing men wants me to come with them, but I don't think Mummy would like it. I'm hiding my golden comb in my bedroom rafters. Just in case.

They wants me to come. Give plumsies and teases me. Warm nights coming, and long long summer."

PAGdetective: "Detective's Log

Tonight will investigate multiple reports from the vicinity - nighttime looting, strange chanting, drumming, odd smells, illegal animals. Unusual with Stonemarket and St. Edgar's Church so close by. No need for extra guards, I think I can handle this one on my own."

PAGhamstatue: "Woodbine- Bes you not touch the ruby Hammer Statuette you founded in them ruined factory wall. Bes it fullsy of Hammerhead magics and poison. It bes curses them earth all arounds it. Only them hand of them Trickster himself can takers it away. I bes feared what would happen if a Pagan touchered it. Them Hammerheads must have lefted it there on purpose to danger us, and tempting us with them golden shines. Dyan"
PAGheartoak: "All Shamans- To havering the Jacknall’s Paw, first must be done the Ritual of the Root. None can taker the Paw without the Ritual – which bes known only to us Shaman. If them Paw is tookered without the ritual, them Jacknall’s Paw bes will kills they that tookered it. The foolsy Pugleaf bes deaded this way, in his forgetting. Bes will none us ever forget agains. Shaman Woodbine"
PAGjackpaw: "The Ritual of the Root

Givers three gifts in the taproot cave. Givers them each on the Givering Altar markings .

-- Givers first the water, on the Givering Altar, for the Heartoak to takers for the Paw.

Bes the First and Olders of the gifts o' the Woodsie. Bes the water feeders the plants, bes the water feeders the birds and the foxers, bes the water feeders the Folk o' the Woodsie.

-- Givers next the moss, on the Givering Altar, for the Heartoak to takers for the Paw.

Bes the Second and Greeners of the gifts o' the Woodsie. Bes the moss to feeders the trees, bes the moss to smooth the earth.

-- Givers last the bloods or the fleshes, on thems bloody marking , for the Heartoak to takers for the Paw. Bes the Third and Greaters of the gifts o' the Woodsie. Bes the blood, bes the lifers of the man, bes feeders thems who eat hims and bes keeps the tellings o' the hearts."
PAGmapnote: "Fangwort

Maker you suresy Leafer bes getting them map of them sanctuary to me befores sunbreak. You not let him wasting time and hide in them sewers again. Woodbine"

PAGminenote: "Cress and Baccy- Finders you anyone or anything in them mines that bes NOT a Pagan - thenbes you deading it and feeder them fleshes to the bloodroots. Bes wemust stayer secreted. Shaman Singreen"
PAGshop: "I don't understand what is happening to the neighborhood. Custom has fallen off, and the noises at night... Where is the City Watch? Was the moon always so large, so bright? Master says we must look for a new location, and to close up shop. The valuable things will go in the basement. They can't have got in there, yet."
SEAbryantjournal: "Curtis's journal, page 38

I'd give my notice if it weren't for the widow - they'll rob her blind if I'm not around to stop it. As it is, I can't be everywhere at once. But heaven help the ones I catch! Have to face it - she's not in her right mind. This morning she handed me some old coin as a tip - it was the Captain's lucky coin and 200 years old if it was a day. She must have got into his old things, the poor dear. But if I give it back, she'll just give it to Standish. I'll bring it to the library and see if I can research what it's worth."

SEAcaptjournal: "Thursday

Will the storm never let up? We've been kept in port for three days, while the men stay on pay, lest they find other work. The treasure perplexes me. What manner of gold is it that gleams so, but does not dent? What does the strange symbol on it mean? Is it solid? No, not heavy enough – hollow then.


I endeavored to melt it, but the treasure shows no sign of warp or scorching. I've heard of things protected by wards and such - could this be such an item? I have placed it in the secret room for now, but this warrants further study when I return.


The weather finally broke, and tomorrow we'll set sail - if the Dock master is in the mood to take a bribe from an old marauder like me. Too bad I'll have to leave behind my fine gold telescope, the Nereid - the glass lens is chipped. If I were a superstitious man, I'd delay the trip. For now it will stay here – on display in the rotunda."

SEAlockstudy: "V- Keep looking, but don't draw attention to yourself. I heard there's something valuable in the downstairs study. It'll be locked, but that shouldn't stop us - not for long anyway. Meet me later, at the usual spot. -M"
SEAmoneynote: "Edwina- If you're reading this it's because I am gone. But fear not, for I have provided for you. The money in the chest will keep you surrounded by servants. There's a golden slab too, but it's a mystery to me. It could be some kind of fools gold, or enchanted. You won't need it though, not with that chest filled with coin. Yours forever, Robert"
SEAreceipt: "Receipt fer cargo ship Abysmal Gale

Capt. Moira, fer his regular due 40 parts per haul, to brung up to his howse the Overlook Manshon:

- 1 flask whale oyle

- 100 Haddocks on salt

- 1 gold slab, with a strange bit of writ on it, thit could naw be broke in parts, so Capt. M agrees to take less split on the other Haul

- 4 woven baskits

- 3 Bottles good brandy

Dooly signed and approved by

Emias Doolittle, Docker's Assistant"
SEArecipe: "Clams n' Noodles (Captain’s Favorite)

1 lb clams, scrubbed and set in strong wine for an hour

1 lb noodles


1 head Garlic

Boil the noodles and the soaked clams. Cook the garlic in the butter. Toss. Serve it up with more strong wine."

SEAstandjournal: "Tuesday

I thought he'd never leave. I ain't never cursed the weather so much. Almost done checking the upper floors – no sign of the captain's secret.


Got the news about the Abysmal Gale today. Good riddance is what I say. The captain ain't never did me no favors, else why am I still working like a dog. I guess Ginny will have to break the news to Mrs. Moira - but if she chickens out, I'll do it, and gladly.


With so many house guests about, I can't look for no secret room or anything, I gotta go on pretending to be Lapdog Standish. Somewhere the captain's ghost is laughing at me. If there ain't no treasure, I'll make off with that fine silver mirror in the widow's bathroom – she's in no state to miss it."

SEAviktrolanote: "Ginny- If something happens to me, if I’m lost at sea or am unable to return for some reason, then make sure Edwina listens to the message I recorded onto that old Mechanist viktrola I put in the master bedroom. It’s a sort of talking machine, and all she needs to do is turn it on, and she’ll hear my voice - and my farewell to her.

Yours, Capt. Moira

PS: Make sure no one else is in the room listening when she plays it. The farewell is just for her."
SM3aboutgarrett: "The Matter of Garrett

By Keeper Draco

Familiarizing yourself with Garrett's history and capabilities could prove essential should the time come when we no longer deem him necessary. Garrett studied with us until his early twenties at which time he was offered the chance to proceed with the Indoctrination Ceremony and become a Keeper. However, he lacked balance and instead expressed his intention to leave. The council voted we deal with him using the Enforcers, until Caduca informed us that Garrett was essential to overcoming difficult times ahead. And so our most promising acolyte left us.

Garrett pursued the life of a criminal, and with the Keeper training we had given him, he quickly became a master thief. His abilities did not escape attention of certain individuals, and he was lured into a Pagan plot that threatened the safety of the City. During that time Garrett's eye was removed and used to power The Eye, one of the Artifacts we are studying (see Ogilvy's Treatise on Sentients for more regarding the Artifacts). After the threat was neutralized, Garrett obtained a mechanical eye from the Hammerites.

Later his thieving abilities revealed an excessive imbalance within the Hammerite order (see The Mechanist Metal Age for more on this topic). True to Caduca's predictions, Garrett had the abilities necessary to remove the threat and overcome our second trial.

Now Caduca has predicted a third Dark Age, and she believes Garrett will play a critical role, though the glyphs have yet to reveal if he will influence the outcome positively, or negatively."

SM3abysmalgaleletter: "Talia- I want to run this by you before I bring it to an Elder. You know how we search for the Compendium of Reproach in our efforts regarding the Dark Age? Well, I recently scribed a passage in which the Compendium was mentioned. It said it will 'be borne by a Terrible Storm'. Then later, we heard that report about the ghost ship and all those undead. Completely unrelated to our work, right? Or is it? Because the name of that ship is the Abysmal Gale! Do you see? Abysmal Gale...Terrible Storm...they mean the same! Imagine if it were my own efforts that lead to the recovery of the Compendium! Tell me if you think I've got something here. Your friend, Scribe Elsan"
SM3acolytejournal: "The trouble started when I asked permission to leave the Library in order to visit the Compound and begin research for a new paper - a treatise on us, on Keepers - our history and founding principles. To my knowledge, no such book has been written yet, and it seemed a worthy endeavor. My proposal was well thought out and included chapters on Balance and the Powers of Glyphs. However, permission to visit the Compound was not granted me. In fact, my request was met with surprise and outright suspicion. Surely my idea was a good one, and I would be thorough in my research and truthful in my conclusions. But saying so only seemed to trouble the Elders further. Then today, my duties were reduced. Could it be related to my request? And if so, why? I'm afraid to press these questions further. Besides, who would I ask?"
SM3artifactnote: "Artemus- The passage I scribed below is all I could find on the subject you requested. Keeper Belios said there were other books, but we could not find them. Perhaps someone else is making similar inquiries.

Balance, Keeper Osteria

Sentients: Also known as Artifacts, Soul Stones, or Relics. A grouping of five objects possessing special powers and what is thought to be a consciousness normally only associated with living entities. Presumably created as part of an ancient safeguard against the forces of evil. Examples include the Heart and the Chalice (also called the Builder's Cup by the Hammerites). Efforts to confine all the Sentients to one place for study have failed. How and when they came into existence is not known. Recommend further study."
SM3caducamemo: "To: Elders

Regarding: Interpreter Caduca

From: FK Orland

Many have expressed frustration that the process of interpreting the glyphs regarding the Dark Age and the Brethren and Betrayer is taking too long. But be assured, Interpreter Caduca is consulting the books as much as her health allows. It should be said that the constant exposure to the books and the physical act of reading the glyphs has been a terrible strain on her. You will recall that Caduca is one of the younger Interpreters we have had, but already she has spoken of a successor due to the marked aging effect of the readings. For now, Caduca continues to have readings every day and believes she is close to important truths. For further concerns, please see me."

SM3darkageinstructions: "Notice from the Council regarding the impending Dark Age

Since it is of utmost importance that Interpreter Caduca continue her quest to uncover the identity of the Brethren and Betrayer, she should not be interrupted for any reason. Also, several Elders have been tasked with other urgent endeavors, including the search for the missing Compendium of Reproach, and the Glyph Key that unlocks it. The Compendium, a large golden slab, sealed with a glyph, may contain prophecies pertinent to the Dark Age problem and has been missing for well over a decade. It is useless without its Glyph Key, which we believe may have gone missing around the same time. If you have been assigned to one of the quest groups, an Elder will contact you."

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