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HIplaque: "LAURYL


HIprisoners: "We didst take another pagan today. The wretch had no dignity; his screams didst summon forth a crowd of gawking onlookers as he wast carried inside. But I didst note the flower peddler nearby, that she showed not vacant curiosity but a more intent concern. I shalt have her taken and put to the question in the next sweep. Mine thoughts turn again upon the prisoners. 'Tis proper they be put to work, but canst still be proper to work them past the point of honest effort, that they die of the labor, and rise as the accurst undead? Still, hadst they been faithful, 'twould never have come to such a pass."
HIreliquaryPlq: "Reliquary"
HIstampingPlq: "Stamping Machine"
HIstatue: "MasterForger Greidus: Twice in the span of this week hath I spied Brother Reginald pass by the statue of Saint Edgar, without pause to offer a prayer of thanksgiving. So that he may achieve penitence with toil in the Builder's name, I hath sent him to work a doubled shift at the factory. I trust this has thy blessing. I have also a matter of doctrine for thee. Knowst thou of the smaller effigy of St. Edgar that the Lady Warwick hath bestowed upon us. Dost this artifact require also the recitation of the prayer? Wilt the value of the object compensate for the lack of size? I shall secure it near my bed in the bunkroom til I hear back from thee. Roland."
HIstoragePlq: "Storage Area"
HItoken: "High Priest Greidus, Thou hast served tirelessly these twenty years to impart thy wisdom to the world. Indeed, there hast been no initiate to leave St. Edgar's without the mark of thine own particular brand of teaching, blazoned in the stripes upon their backs. In recognition thereof, this token, a jeweled cat o' nine tails. Carry it ever with thee, as needs must thou use it often. Brothers Imbrel, Partis, Mendus, Raphael"
INNcooknote: "My Friend and honored Lord Julian, I will meet you in the Lancaster Room tonight. I trust you will be mindful of the risks involved, and be generous. Morris, the Cook"
INNfrontdeskPlq: "Front Desk"
INNlancasterPlq: "Lancaster Room"
INNpeonyPlq: "Peony Suite"
INNrooms: "Guest List

Lord Julian - Peony Suite

The Earl of Warwick, and friends - Cotillion Suite

Aloysius Griggs - Dun Room

Baronet Mowbray, and companion - Cabriolet Suite

Dame Jalla and companion - Crystal Suite

Haefirth MacDugal - Bungalow Room

Master Vorig and Apprentice - Cityview Room

Lord Pocrates - Wisteria Room"
KCambush: "Garrett - Surprised, are we, to see a note, a paper naming you by your very own name? Are you answering your questions, or are you simply questioning your answers?

I know what you seek, and you seek what I know."

KCanalects: "The Imbris Analects finally arrived by ship, undamaged by the salt spray. Our agents were able to secure it, though the price was quite steep. The captain seemed surprised that the package contained no platinum or diamonds, as he could conceive of no objects of greater value. It has been brought to the Scribe Room for immediate transcription."
KCartemus: "Journal of Keeper Artemus

There is indeed something amiss with Garrett, but I am not convinced of his guilt. The prophecies do not lie. The clocktower speaks ill of the future. First Keeper Orland acts hastily.

The balance is no longer within him, and I fear for the future of our order. I could use my Keeper Ring to open the passages leading to his quarters, but suppose I found nothing to validate the intrusion? I can only hope that my night journeys uncover something before I am discovered acting outside protocol.

Keeper Morrow has gifted the Order with a set of golden scales. It speaks to what we have become, that such a trinket, precious only for its metal, is so valued.

They have been placed on display in the Elder's Library - perhaps I am mistaken, and they will serve to inspire. At last, I may have learned something of the one who lies dormant. My investigation may take several days, and I must leave without permission. Will I be the next to be accused of treachery? It hardly matters. I do not even bring my robes and my ring with me, for fear that if I die, our secrets may be compromised."
KCartifacts: "Ogilvy's Treatise on Sentients, Section 24

To trace the history of the Artifacts is to trace a history of strife and chaos. Where they appear, war follows, or catastrophe. Several factions have ascribed a beneficent purpose, or even a religious origin to the Artifacts that fall into their hands, but they delude themselves. An Artifact serves no master but itself. To name them 'Artifacts', as if they shared one origin or motive, is misleading. Several are sentient, but whether they share a common sentience is unknown. They have never gathered in one place. To speculate what might happen is beyond current knowledge - the end of the world, or the beginning of something entirely new. Following the movements of these elusive objects is relatively easy, as each subsequent owner falls prey to their influences. An exception to this is The Crown, the whereabouts of which is unknown. References to it can be found in Pagan mythologies, who believe it was given by the Trickster to an offshoot race, though we can find no evidence that this race ever existed."

KCbafford: "Keeper Emory, I spied an initiate reading the Bafford Chronicles in the Dining Hall this eve. Such travesties of the written word may have their place in a nobleman's store, but are inappropriate here. The monetary value of this book matters not to a scholar. See to it that the book is removed from the hall and destroyed."
KCblueflame: "The Blue Flame

Requires no fuel yet burns without ceasing"

KCCaducaPlq: "Caduca's Chambers"
KCcouncilPlq: "Council Room"
KCdictionary: "Compiled Lexicography, Volume IV: Religion

Malcontent (Hammer) - A member of the lower class who has publicly spoken against the worship of the Builder.

Malefactor (Hammer) - One who has actively tried to harm the religion of the Builder. Could theoretically be applied to a Hammerite actively trying to harm the religion of the Wood Lord, but not applied to such by the Hammerite church.

Manfool (Pagan)- A non-believer, especially an urban resident.

Mechanist Religion - A schism of the Hammerite Religion (see) formed by the prophet Karras. The Mechanists were characterized by a focus on machinery and technology, and an overwhelming desire to destroy elements of nature. After the destruction of their primary cathedral Soulforge and the death of Karras, the religion was disbanded. See Hammerite Heresy Trials, The for more information."
KCdiningPlq: "Dining Hall"
KCdoors: "Until further notice, all Glyph Doors shall be sealed. Until the Brethren and Betrayer has been dealt with, we cannot allow unfettered travel through our compound. Acolytes should take care to travel in pairs, and remain vigilant."
KCdormPlq: "Dormitory"
KCelderLibPlq: "Elder's Library"
KCgrandHallPlq: "Grand Hall"
KCnorthTowerPlq: "North Tower"
KCnote1: "I have given the matter consideration. Direct Garrett to steal the Jacknall's Paw from the Pagans, and the Builder's Chalice from the Hammer fanatics, for study. This will prove him worthy to hear the prophecies, and will reflect well upon you that directs him, and we will gain valuable knowledge from their secrets."
KCnote2: "I am sure you have been concerned as well as I over Garrett's motives, and I applaud your caution. I advise that you restrict his access to the upper libraries in particular. Those books are our most prized repositories of knowledge, and we cannot risk them being ill-used."
KCnote3: "Now is the time to act with decision and certainty, and see that things fall as you wish. If you arrange for Garrett to escape, then Keeper law and custom will brand him a traitor ever more strongly than you can alone. And then you shall have no choice but to call for his demise. -C."
KCoddglyphs: "Glyphwarden Ruehan- Have you heard of any further untoward behavior on the part of the glyphs in the Scribarium? Be sure to make note of exactly which scribes and which glyphs have proved difficult. Notify me immediately should any further changes occur."
KCoqPassagePlq: "The Old Quarter Passage"
KCorland: "Journal of First Keeper Orland

I wonder if Caduca keeps secrets even to herself. Twice, she has sent me a note with instructions, but said nothing in council. But she speaks little beyond prophecy. I am not pleased that the Council allows Garrett back into our midst. He cares nothing for balance, or the knowledge we guard. Even Artemus will rue this decision. I take no joy in being proven right about Garrett, for it resulted in the death of my most trusted colleague. Had I stood more strongly against him, Caduca would not now be dead. And none has the skill to take her place as Interpreter. Gamall is far untrained, but she is all we have. I must make arrangements for her promotion. Another note has arrived in the hand I knew as Caduca's. If it is her - no, that is madness. If not her, then who have I obeyed for so long? Our halls are not safe. I am binding the Keeper Door Glyphs shut so all must pass in full view. The Enforcers have had no luck destroying Garrett - he has learned more of our secrets than we thought.

Tonight, I shall see if I still remember the art of the unseen. If Garrett is in the City, I shall find him, and the Enforcers will finish this. With the Binding Seal still in place and kept safely in my room, no one may enter through the Old Quarter passage. Only when Garrett is dead shall I melt the seal with fire, lest our safety be compromised."
KCpendulum: "The blue flame blazes, the deadly shadows amass, the pendulum swings in wider and wider arcs. Our efforts have garnered not balance, but chaos, and the Unwritten Times will be upon us. The first sign was mapped out in darkness in the return of the Trickster. The Eye was opened, and the City seemed sure to fall into madness.

The balance tipped from civilization towards savagery. While the darkness was defeated by the True Keeper, trickery thrown back onto the Trickster himself, the balance shifted, and the second sign was graven in steel. Iron triumphed over flesh and leaf, and the Hammer faction stood in full force behind a mad prophet.

The machine fell to its own power, and the prophet's tongue was stilled, but the pendulum swings yet. Both factions, greenwood and machine, will again strive against each other and the world will turn between them. All will be darkness and shadow, and the future shall be unwritten forever."
KCreport: "City Report, #236

Factional discontent is rising. The pagans, long in hiding, have begun to move covertly, co-opting the weak and unwary into their schemes. The Hammerite temples have begun to send out patrols openly again, ostensibly to guard against pagans, but they are not above taking action against other sinners they encounter.

City Report, #237

Several Hammer patrols have been pelted with garbage and offal; a tavern believed to house a pagan storehouse was burned to the ground. I renew my recommendation, that a concerted effort be made to turn both Pagan and Hammerite energies elsewhere, before it is too late.

City Report, #238

At all times of the day, honest citizens fear to walk alone, lest they be mistaken for one faction or another. First Keeper Orland, you cannot continue to ignore these reports because they are inconvenient! The wrong catalyst might throw the City into open war. This is not balance, but chaos. Where are we?"

KCscribeRmPlq: "Scribe Room"
KCstatuesPlq: "Hall of Statues"
KCthreesigns: "Keeper Kasadra- I am anxious to see what is happening in the City of late. Bring me a copy of your reports as quickly as possible. Artemus will use his Keeper Ring to provide you access to the passages leading to my quarters. -First Keeper Orland"
KCtoCaducaPlq: "to Caduca's Chambers"
KCtoLowerLibPlq: "to Lower Libraries"
KCtoStatuesPlq: "to Hall of Statues"
KCtranscriptions: "Transcription of received volumes must be current, with at least three true copies of all new works, and four true copies of Compendia. Acquisition of knowledge is an arduous journey; to lose what we have learned takes but a moment. The brethren and betrayer seeks to destroy all that we have. Do not let sloth become his ally."
KCunwritten: "The coming of the Third Dawn shall be seen upon the land as the beginning of the end, as the opening of the Unwritten Times. The order of the glyphs shall be touched by the ancient and the wretched, and the words of the glyphs shall unwind."
MUSatriumPlq: "Main Atrium"
MUSclivecase: "Sir Clive Mandrake Inks on Paper, Vanessa Remington"
MUScornelian: "Carved Cornelian Oddities Antique. From the early period. A donation of the Captain and Mrs. Moira."
MUScrown: "The Crown

This exquisite example of the pre-imperial style of goldworking was purchased by the Museum with funds donated by the Bafford and Rutherford Families. The artisan is unknown, but from the detail, one cannot help but note the influences of the greats."

MUScrownplaque: "The Crown"
MUScuratorPlq: "Curator's Office"
MUSduchesscase: "The Duchess Ambrose Oil on Canvas, Clarence D'Abergene"
MUSeastWingPlq: "East Wing"
MUSexhibits: "Welcome to the Wieldstrom Museum of Arts and Antiquities Exhibits of particular note are now on display in the East Wing, the West Wing, and the Main Atrium. Please refrain from touching any of the exhibits, as it may damage them and decrease their value. Thank you, Curator Milton"
MUSeyeplaque: "The Eye"
MUSguests: "Tuesday

We thought that refreshments would be served. Otherwise, the collection is adequate. -Lord and Lady Van Vernon

Interesting. Might any of the objects be available for sale? -Lady Valerius

A very fine time. Very fine. - Lord Bafford


I think that the space would avail itself nicely to a party of some sort. I should like to know if the museum is available for private evening events. -Lady Rumford

Muriel, you should call on me, I have some pieces that might be more safely held here at the museum. I find your safeguards fascinating, and indeed, they do seem utterly thief-proof. Regards -Lord Gervaisius


We thought there would be more paintings. We like paintings. -Lord and Lady Randall

Ironwork, really? It looked more valuable than that to me. -Countess Von Crete"

MUSheart: "The Burrick's Heart Ruby The Heart was donated by the Warwick family after the death of Master Clive Warwick, of a wasting disease. This stone is the largest ruby in known existence, usually deep red in appearance, but lapis in certain light. The origin of the stone is unknown, and the Warwick family could offer no explanation."
MUSheartplaque: "The Burrick's Heart Ruby"
MUSironwork: "Early Ironwork Jewelry Donated by the Countess Von Crete, whose servants found them while excavating a new wine cellar. Origin and artisan unknown. Probably pre-dates early period antiquities."
MUSjade: "Antique Jade and Alabaster Plates, Goblets, and Vases From the Early Period. A donation of the Bafford Family."
MUSladycase: "The Taciturn Lady Oil on Canvas, Francis Orbetti"
MUSlostfound: "Lost: One red silk lady's glove, reported by Lady Angelina. Found on Tuesday, under a display case. Returned via messenger. Lost: One man's dress hat, reported by Lord Wishmont, says it's black and needs to return it to his cousin before he sees that he borrowed it without asking."
MUSmechanist: "Mechanists Though short-lived, the Mechanist movement brought advancements into wealthy households, until both the sect and the technology associated with it came to an abrupt end. Now curiosities, these steam and lightning powered niceties comprise some of the labor saving and security devices deployed by the Mechanists."
MUSmedallion: "Curator Milton I was very impressed with some of your new exhibits, in particular, the Cyclopean Magistrate Statue in Tesero Hall. How large! How solemn and impressive! Hanging the Coethe Medallion around its neck was a brilliant touch. One cannot but help to think of the Baron himself. The medallion has found, at last, a suitable spot in which to flaunt its rare beauty. Bravo to you for displaying something so inestimable in such a daring manner. However did the Museum function before you arrived? Fond Regards,

Lord Gervaisius"

MUSmonocle: "Curator Milton- You left your monocle in Porter Hall when you were examining the Cornelian Oddities exhibit. I’ll leave it right where you left it, so you’ll know where to retrieve it - and so I don’t get any smudgy fingerprints on it, like last time. Come get it as soon as you can, I hate leaving valuables out in the open. Richard"
MUSnetherworld: "Visitor from the Netherworld Marble and onyx, Grace Averill"
MUSnewpaper: "The City Chronicle – Evening Edition

Museum Proves Thief-Proof, Would-Be Thieves Dead, Curator Milton Couldn’t Be Happier

A robbery attempt at the Wieldstrom Museum failed when two intruders were killed by the security mechanisms recently installed there. According to Officer Mitchell of the City Watch, the two men were identified as Morgan and Eddy Graham, petty street criminals and lifelong hoodlums of the worst sort. Their mother, Widow Graham, was not available for comment. Museum officials would not expound on the robbery attempt and subsequent deaths, but Curator Muriel Milton did offer this brief statement:

‘We at the Wieldstrom Museum hope these events will serve as a warning to all the other criminals out there. We are completely thief-proof, and my decision to upgrade our security has been vindicated completely. I couldn't be happier.’

When asked how the brothers got past the gate and into the Museum in the first place, both Museum officials and members of the City Watch had no comment.- C. Mavenstock"
MUSoilpainting: "P- I’ve just been to the second floor of Porter Hall, and you’re right! The painting’s a forgery. If you hadn’t pointed it out, I never would have known. Just think of the implications! Francis Orbetti’s greatest painting, The Taciturn Lady, the most valuable portrait in the museum – a forgery! But I’m convinced it would fool anyone – even an art dealer. This gives me an idea – The Taciturn Lady is going to be our meal ticket for the next few months. I’ll need another week or so to work out the details. In the meantime, don’t discuss that painting with anyone else - and burn this note when you’re done with it! K"
MUSorb: "The Eye

The Eye is the gemstone you see held by the imposing statue before you. This piece was donated by an unknown benefactor. Its shape suggests both a claw and a human eye. The composition of The Eye is unknown, but experts suspect a combination of onyx, quartz, and bloodstone. Some suggest that proximity to the stone has a deleterious effect on the weak-minded, who claim to hear voices in its proximity, but this is unlikely."

MUSorbbak: "The Eye

This piece was donated by an unknown benefactor. Its shape suggests both a claw and a human eye. The composition of The Eye is unknown, but experts suspect a combination of onyx, quartz, and bloodstone. Some suggest that proximity to the stone has a deleterious effect on the weak-minded, who claim to hear voices in its proximity, but this is unlikely."

MUSpowernote: "To: All Museum Personnel

From: Curator Milton The new security systems are now operational. As a reminder, there are two power stations. One in the northwest corner of Porter Hall (top floor), and the other in the southwest corner of Tesero Hall (on the second floor). If the power is shut off, all electric security and lights in the corresponding Hall will be disabled. However, power will resume automatically within a reasonable time period. Security gates reset to their default positions when power comes back on. If you have questions, please consult the watchman in charge."

MUSpowerPlq: "Power Station"
MUSstatueplaq: "Cyclopean Magistrate Statue"
MUSsuperiority: "Knowledge begets Superiority Marble with gold inlay, Mansfield Underhill"
MUStoCuratorPlq: "To Curator's Office"
MUStoPorterPlq: "To Porter Hall"
MUStoTeseroPlq: "To Tesero Hall"
MUStriumph: "The Triumph of the Upper Classes Marble, Margot Clayton"
MUSwedding: "Wedding attire of the Lady Isabel Martingale White silk with embroidered filigree. Note the detail on the gloves and matching shoes. A donation of the Martingale family."
MUSwestWingPlq: "West Wing"
OQalfredgrave: "Alfred Hurley

Beloved brother of Alyssa, a devout citizen and pious woman who dost attend services most regular. May the Builder find a place in his House for him."

OQalyssagrave: "Alyssa Hurley

Here lies a pious woman, killed most wrongly in the prime of life. May the Builder welcome her into the House he hast built."

OQarchitectgrave: "MORESY BLANDER


May His Troubles Be Over"
OQarchitectwill: "Last wishes of Moresy Blander

Being of sound mind and failing body, I hereby set down on paper my last will and testament. For my possessions, of which there are few, that they be given to charity, as I have no family. For my entombment, I wish only to be buried with my map - my architectural layout of the Shalebridge Cradle. The design of that great building was my life’s work. Additionally, I wish for an ordinary burial, with no specifications - except that I have a fondness for the Catacombs underneath the Hammerite Fort, if there is room. And, if there is time, I would consider it quite satisfactory if someone were to say a few words at my funeral about the Shalebridge Cradle, something pleasant - perhaps that its design is most sublime."

OQbodyfound: "Ramien you burrick brain- I told you that no one should ever find that body! Well, it's been found. Or seen by somebody, I dunno. But I do know there's a whole investigation, City Watch and all! You're a dead man! If I ever see you around, you'll be sorry. Real sorry! I'm gonna pull your teeth out one by one, then stick a knife in your chest.


PS - I TOLD you not to taff it up!"
OQbridgeclosed: "Stop! Murder Investigation Under Way.

Bridge to Auldale Temporarily Closed.

No Passing. No Loitering. By order of Inspector Drept of the Hammerites.

(In co-operation with the City Watch.)

No inquiries please."
OQburiedseedletter: "Brother Severence- 'Tis gone from bad to worse! We managed to bury the body - finally! But the graveyard hast become quite o'ergrown with plants of all types. No manner of ax nor blade can halt their unnatural growth. We fear 'tis Pagan magics. But we know not how they accomplished it! Do please advise us, if thou hast any idea how to proceed.

Most vexedly,

Brother Archibald"
OQburntreenote: "Brother Vault It hast come to our attention that the Pagans art after a small tree that recently arrived by boat to thy district, Docks. 'Tis imperative they don't obtain it! If 'tis anything like the Pagan magics thus far, 'twill be bad for us indeed. The cursed thing is being held by the City Watch. Methinks they must side with the Pagans, or perhaps greed hast o'ercome their sense of righteousness. If though thinkest an offer of more money would set things aright, then 'twould be a goodly plan. Brother Ondilot thinkest we should burn the tree in a furnace. That the furnace, most blessed vessel of the will of the Master Builder, will destroy the tree and consume its terrible magics. 'Tis a furnace in the Tavern there in Docks--and perhaps, by the Builder's grace, 'twill do the job. Though, 'tis a poor substitute for a Hammerite furnace.

Brother Constance"

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