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DUNnewhome: "After the Fall

Three clicks for the Kurshok. The Leaf Devil counted to bury us under the earth. Many perished, but we survived. Gruliac wears the crown still. We will find a way back above! Two clicks for our underground home for now. Gruliac counts that a new map must be made to show us which rooms survived the fall, and where they are now, and which caverns can be used to walk between. The theater renews our strength. The cave crystals there shine brightly and remind us of the sun. The former arena will serve as our new hatchery. Even now eggs are counted and placed there, and we prepare as we always have for the Hatchling Day that will come soon. The throne room is intact as well, and from there Gruliac can watch the rebuilding and oversee the survivors of the Great Fall. Tonight we celebrate our survival and curse the followers of the Leaf Devil. Tonight we sing songs about the open sea and the sky so hidden from us. Tonight we sing of how we will find a way back to the above world, to return when we are strong again, when our numbers count what they were before the Great Fall. We must teach the young ones to never forget the above world, in case the Leaf Devil imprisons us here for very long time."


"Us orderings: Finders them crown, taken long ago by thems Kurshok who betrayered the Leafy King. Checks for them Throne Room – bes might there. We takers us it back with us, returns it to Him that feeders us and drinks us in honeyed mead, them Woodsie Lord. Kills us any Kurshok or other getters in our way. Shaman Cornbriar"

DUNscout: "Bes a scouting report

Me findered a hatching place for Kurshok eggs, and it coulds be a goodsie place for foods.

Me bes finded no crowner yets.

- Berrythorn"


"Case No. 6: F. Topper

Patient History

Entry One: Brought in by City Watch, hysterical. Carries an urn that contains the ashes of what authorities think might be her own infant. Refers to self as Mama Topper. Could prove a difficult case to cure. – Doctor Sandbridge

Entry Two: Efforts to take the infant ashes away are always met with same self destructive behavior. For now we see no harm in allowing subject to carry them with her during a weekly walk in the Exercise Yard. Inform Dr. Hascomb I approve the use of his experimental heat therapy. - DS"
HHbalconyPlq: "Balcony"
HHbirdgirlfile: "Case No. 7: C. Pins

Patient History

Entry One: Admitted to hospital for observation and treatment by her family. Completely unresponsive to questions or the presence of others. Due to her sensitive age, recommend she be placed under Doctor Sandbridge’s expert care. – Doctor Hanscomb

Entry Two: Told the family today that subject will never be well enough to return home. As proof, I showed them her cell, which of course is grotesquely outfitted in the same way as the murder scene. I believe on some level they were relieved. DS

Entry Three: The board has decided to allow her continued visits to the Balcony with her 'bird house.'"
HHclockfile: "Case No. 4: A. Solzer

Patient History

Entry One: Patient admitted self to Shalebridge after a nervous episode. Probably not a danger to self or others. Will observe and allow patient to rest and recuperate. Will probably be released and be able to return to his clock-working job shortly. - Doctor Ranker

Entry Two: Patient accidentally given electrical treatments with unfortunate consequences. Total psychosis. Extremely dangerous to others. Unpredictable. Sandbridge recommends further treatments to mitigate results of initial treatments. Patient may be allowed his clock-working tools to perform repairs in the Shock Therapy room only – under supervision, of course. – Doctor Ranker"

HHdancerfile: "Case No. 8: V. Elliot

Patient History

Entry One: Admitted into hospital by her late husband's family. Apparently they wanted to avoid the scandal of a murder trial, especially since subject is completely unfit for public appearances of any kind. Recommend no glass or mirrors in her cell. – Doctor Sandbridge.

Entry Two: Have decided to allow the monthly dance recitals subject performs for the children in the Lobotomy Theater. She uses that old Mechanist viktrola of hers. However, these recitals should be supervised. DS

Entry Three: Almost lost our Dancer today when she was left alone in the treatment room during one of Doctor Hanscomb’s experiments. We should be more careful, especially when the subject is from a wealthy family. DS"
HHdoctorjournal: "The orphan girl’s murder seems to have caused a sort of mass unrest with the patients. The White Hall patients are especially agitated. It’s making it very difficult for the staff to search for the missing body. He's the instigator, I know it. Somehow he manages to direct the others. King No-One. That name just feeds his deranged narcissism. Someone must have tampered with the medicines. Or he's told them all not to swallow their pills. This has to stop. If I have to go down there myself and manage the situation, then so be it. Another sleepless night! Two days without their medications! The noise is near intolerable. I'll need to hire more orderlies if we're to get the situation back under control."
HHdoctornote: "Doctor Hanscomb- Another patient died today. Subjects should not be left alone, even for a brief period, during heat remedies. I had to remind Pettihue of much the same thing regarding his new water cures. As repugnant as it may be, we must collect data before, during, and after these experimental therapies in order to ascertain their soundness. Doctor Sandbridge"
HHdooreight: "No. 8"
HHdoorfive: "No. 5"
HHdoorfour: "No. 4"
HHdoornine: "No. 9"
HHdoorone: "No. 1


HHdoorseven: "No. 7"
HHdoorsix: "No. 6"
HHdoorthree: "No. 3"
HHdoortwo: "No. 2"
HHexerciseYardPlq: "Exercise Yard"
HHfireladyfile: "Case No. 9: A. Wrenfeld

Patient History

Entry One: According to City Watch, patient was present at the scene of several fatal fires. It seems unlikely that such a slight and unintelligent creature could be capable of arson, however we agreed to observe and treat her if necessary. Subject assigned to the care of Doctor Pettihue.

Entry Two: Treatments are ongoing. Little hope for reintroducing patient into normal society. For punishment of undesirable behaviors, keep the subject in the dark for prolonged periods. To reward good behavior, may be allowed to light the fire in the Lounge. Remember to remove fuel from her tinderbox afterward! – DP"

HHgoldteeth: "Stu- I got the whole thing worked out. First, ain’t no need for you to worry, I found a real good hiding place for the Bag of Gold Teeth. It’s real hard to find, and anyway, it’s in the morgue, and ain’t nobody goes there, unless they have to, or they’s dead. Know what I mean? I figure a couple more days, a week tops, and I’ll have yanked enough gold teeth from these poor dead loonies, to buy us something real fancy. You just have to do your part, which is find us a buyer. The kind that don’t ask too many questions. I mean, you can’t just walk into any old place and sell a bunch of gold teeth. Don’t let me down. Desmond"
HHgourmetfile: "Case No. 2: M. Gunter

Patient History

Entry One: Subject brought in by City Watch for observation. Found by officers eating a meal of questionable origin. Doctor Hanscomb to take the case.

Entry Two: Experimental treatments going poorly. Cure unlikely. Subject allowed to move about the hospital with escort. Recommend he be kept well fed at all times. Favorite area is the Meal Hall – may be allowed there as a reward for good behavior. Patient must not have access to metal utensils, especially knives. Blunt utensils only! Also, remind staff to discourage other patients from using Gourmet nickname. - Doc Hanscomb"

HHheatcurebook: "Heat Therapy to Ameliorate Dampness in Hyper-Emotive Patients

By Doctor William Hanscomb

Patients whom have lost touch with reality often have a marked dampness to their extremities - a clamminess of the hand, a sweatiness of the foot. These symptoms result from an excess of emotive humors that are trapped within the individual due to bile deficiency. Although electrical regimes are often used with this type of patient, I have also had great success with the application of heat. The heat must be of the dry variety, as hot water submersion only exacerbates symptoms by increasing emotive humors. The hot elements must be laid directly on the skin to draw away the excesses of moisture."
HHincidentreport: "INCIDENT REPORT

Type of Incident: Death

Patients/Staff Members Involved: Lauryl S., Orphan

Witnesses/Informants: H. Drept, Orphan

Description of Incident: Two orphans were playing in the attic of the asylum area, when one of the patients must have killed the girl. A large amount of blood marks the scene of the incident, but no body has been found. A search is underway. The girl’s playmate, Drept, insists the killer was some sort of hag, a “gray lady” – not a patient. However, since he is just a child, and without other witnesses or evidence to back up his story, we can only conclude that one of the patients killed the girl, then hid the body.

Conclusion(s): We must enforce the no orphans near the White Ward patient rule! We are lucky the girl has no family to make a fuss."

HHkingnoonefile: "Case No. 1: E. Poshtoll

Patient History

Entry One: Subject arrived via City Watch escort. Perpetrator of the infamous Tallow Man murders. Deemed unfit to stand trial. Wears wax mask to cover extreme facial deformities. Admitted for observation and treatment. – Doctor Sandbridge

Entry Two: Sedatives and electrical treatments ineffective. Possesses a cunning intelligence. Extremely dangerous. Refuses to answer to own name. Other patients taken to calling him

‘King No-One’. Natural leader. Recommend be kept in Seclusion Chamber. – DS

Entry Three: Tricked nursing staff into taking his medications. Nurse Sorrel dead. Nurse Lovewell remains in sick ward – we were unable to reach her before he disfigured her face. Where did he get the wax? – DS"

HHldiarydrept: "When it's warm I'm going to take some chalk from the lesson room and make a hopscotch. Drept says he wants to play hide and seek since we're stuck inside. I guess it'll be fun. But sometimes I'm scared to play up there."
HHldiarykitchen: "We snuck into the kitchen and found some bread, but that fat man was in there with his forks and knives. He's the one who shouldn't be allowed to wander around."
HHldiarynursery: "They moved us to the nursery tower. I guess they needed to make room for all those patients. Drept says not to cry so much because it makes Miss Arthur mad."
HHldiarypicture: "I didn't want to have my picture painted, but I was too scared to say no. I guess I did it right because he said I sat good and still."
HHldiaryrules: "It was better before. There are too many rules to remember. Don't go here. Don't touch that. Don't talk to the patients. The doctors are just as scary as the patients. Miss Arthur says orphans shouldn't complain."
HHlenseguyfile: "Case No. 5: J. Nuvio

Patient History

Entry One: Admitted to facility after a woman was attacked during a portrait sitting. Subject's studio filled with half finished works and suspicious buckets of red fluid and other evidence of foul play. Recommend observation and treatment. – Doctor Pettihue

Entry Two: Subject caught attacking another patient who was sitting for a portrait. Recommend increasing electrical therapy to twice a day. Patient carries a telescope – possibly for voyeuristic behavior. Patient may be allowed supervised visits to the Observatory – for now. Indulging these whims may not prove therapeutic. Doc P."

HHlobbyPlq: "Lobby"
HHlobotomynote: "Ranker- I was impressed with your report on the botched lobotomies. Sometimes mistakes such as these are our greatest learning tool. I shouldn't wonder that in the future they'll call this procedure the Ranker Lobotomy and use it on the most difficult cases. I'd enjoy the opportunity to observe you performing one soon. Pettihue"
HHlobotomyPlq: "Treatment Room B: Lobotomy Theater"
HHlockdownPlq: "Emergency Lockdown Portcullis

Can only be opened when power is restored"

HHloungePlq: "Lounge"
HHmealHallPlq: "Meal Hall"
HHmorguePlq: "Morgue"
HHnurseryPlq: "Nursery Tower"
HHobservatoryPlq: "Observatory"
HHpatientlist: "White Hall Patient Register

Patient No. 1 - Cell 1 (Seclusion Chamber)

Wears a wax mask to cover his missing features.

Confined to the Seclusion Chamber.

Answers to name 'King No One'. Dangerous and intelligent.

Patient No. 2 - Cell 2

Allowed to carry a set of blunt utensils.

Visits to the Meal Hall permitted, under escort.

Patient No. 3 - Cell 3

Keeps an unlit candle.

Patient has frequent episodes of sleepwalking that inevitably lead to the Morgue.

Patient No. 4 - Cell 4

Patient is allowed supervised access to his clockworking tools (in a wooden box).

He is allowed to perform repair tasks in the Shock Therapy room.

Patient No. 5 - Cell 5

Allowed to carry his telescope.

He is allowed to bring it up to the old Observatory once a month.

Patient No. 6 - Cell 6

Keeps the ashes of her stillborn child in an urn.

Permitted to take her baby for walks in the Exercise Yard.

Patient No. 7 - Cell 7

Patient is allowed to affix her wooden birdhouse to the Balcony, under supervision, twice a month.

Patient No. 8 - Cell 8

Permission has been granted for her to give dance recitals in the Lobotomy Theater with her viktrola.

Patient No. 9 - Cell 9

Permitted to keep her tinderbox, minus fuel.

Allowed to light the fire in the Lounge as a reward for good behavior."
HHrecordsPlq: "Hall of Records"
HHshockPlq: "Treatment Room A: Wet-Wrap and Shock Therapy"
HHsleepwalkfile: "Case No. 3: S. Izen

Patient History

Entry One: Delivered by City Watch under suspicion of murder. Patient has marked episodes of narcolepsy, during which sleepwalking and other behaviors occur, with no recollection of events when awakened. Admitted for observation and treatment. - Doctor Pettihue

Entry Two: Water treatments having good effect. Unclear whether the treatment itself is sound, or if the subject is merely feigning proper behavior in order to avoid further submergings. Patient allowed to keep an unlit candle. - Doc P.

Entry Three: Patient caught sleepwalking in the Morgue. If patient is developing an affinity for the Morgue – could be useful to withhold access as punishment. – Doc P."
HHstaffTowerPlq: "Staff Tower"
HHstormCellarPlq: "Storm Cellar"
HHsurgicalkit: "Doctor Ranker –

We all agree that lobotomizing several of the most violent cases may solve our uprising problem. Your Silver Surgical Kit is already in the lobotomy theater, awaiting your arrival. Several of the other physicians will be observing today, so that we can increase the number of procedures performed in the very near future. As you suggested, sometimes more can be learned from a surgery performed incorrectly, so we’ll keep the training to a minimum. I had a chance to look over your surgical kit. Custom made, eh? Must be quite valuable. Don’t let the patients know it’s silver – it’s sure to go missing. Sandbridge"

HHtoAtticPlq: "To Attic"
HHtreasurerPlq: "Treasurer's Office"
HHwhiteHallPlq: "White Hall"
HHwinehint: "Doctor Sandbridge- I suppose I have you to thank for the bottle of wine that was delivered to my office. Gravecourt Red - not an easy vintage to come by, or afford. If you think this sweetens the little arrangement we have – then you’re right. It does. Perhaps we should drink this fine wine together and discuss the particulars. Or perhaps it is too valuable to drink. Perhaps we should wait for a more special occasion. Until then it shall remain in my office. Regards, Treasurer Riley"
HIbarracksPlq: "Barracks"
HIbooks: "Brother Partis, I have gleaned what information I could about these volumes: -Homilies of the Jeremites, illustrated. Priory of the Forge.

-Glendower Volume. Missing in Karras' Upheavals.

-Glory of St. Edgar. Damaged but legible.

-Codex of the Admonitions. A gold-bound and valuable text. Stored in the prayer room on the west side of the church, top floor."

HIcageplaque: "Suspension Cage

The Chalice shouldst be kept suspended, away from the sullied earth, and in greater safety. Mayst be lowered only by permission."

HIceremony: "All brethren must receive the blessing of High Priest Greidus before morning. When thou seekest thy blessing, summon Greidus with the chapel bell. Until thy own flesh is purified, speak not to Greidus with thine own tongue, but use instead the iron tongue of the bell, forged and purified in flame, to speak for thee."
HIcompendium: "Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct, Vol. 112.

The chisel is but naught, save thou hast a hammer.

The hammer is but naught, save thou stretch forth thine arm.

The arm is but naught, save for thy will to serve the Builder.

If the Builder takes thy coin, dost thou renounce His work to beg on the street?

If the Builder crushes the walls that guard thee, dost thou flee to sleep in the rain?

If the Builder slays thine offspring, dost thou slay thyself?

Guard not that which thou hast made for thyself, more than the faith that burns in thy heart."

HIdreptfile: "Inspector Drept’s Notes- Mine investigation, in truth, continues apace into years long gone. More deaths hath I learned of that fit the pattern. The City Guards care for naught beyond the tips of their noses, so no connection didst they see. In a death thirty years past, the skin of the victim wast destroyed or removed. Another case twas six years later, and the report says only that the body wast 'mutilated', though it dost note a bent and aged woman was seen nearby."
HIdreptfret: "Journal of Inspector Drept Tis another winter gone by, and I hath found naught more of the hag. Couldst it have been mine imagination? Twas so long ago, mine memories dim. Couldst the hag have been but a figment? No. NO. I cannot doubt these beliefs, for none but me follow them. Lauryl, mine dear friend, wast killed, as so many others hath been in the years since, and if I do not seek justice, then there shalt be none. The crimes I pursue, surely they are more than children's rhymes and rumors. I wilt not turn aside."
HIdreptPlq: "Inspector Drept"
HIelecPlq: "Transform Regulator"
HIfactoryPlq: "Factory"
HIfirePlq: "Bellows Interchange Grill"
HIforge1: "And so did the son come unto his father, and sayeth he: ‘Woe unto me, for hath I nothing to eat. Father, give me that which I need.’

And so didst his father give to him an iron chisel and sayeth he: ‘Go into the world, and Builder grant thee the fruits of thy labor.’

The next day did the son come unto his father, and sayeth he: ‘Woe unto me, for I can do naught with this chisel. Father, give me that which I need.’

And the father didst give him a hammer of fine wood and metal, and sayeth he: ‘Go into the world, and Builder grant thee the fruits of thy labor.’

And so did the son return, and sayeth he: ‘Woe unto me, for I cannot eat these, I cannot use these to catch fish or gather crops. Father, give me that which I need.’

And the father didst cleave the begging hand from his son, and sayeth he: ‘The Builder hath granted thee the fruits of thy labor, which is naught.’"

HIforge2: "The Condemned Man spake upon his day of execution to the Brethren: ‘I am innocent! Do not cut off my head on this day!’

A wise brother tested the man, saying ‘If thou art innocent, thou canst set thy soul to rights by reciting the Builder's holy prayer.’

Fearful, the Condemned Man spake: ‘But I am too afraid to remember! I cannot!’

The wise brother replied: ‘Fear never visits the innocent man. Even if thou art innocent of crime, thou art surely guilty of heresy. A righteous death shall cleanse thee of sin.’

So was the Condemned Man's head cleft from his body, and was innocence visited upon him that day."
HIfurnacePlq: "Charnel Furnace"
HIgearmaking: "Brethren,

Be all of thee reminded, none may use the Stamping Machine, save they are permitted by Chief Worker Roland. Shouldst thou have permission, thou mayst obtain an unstamped gear from the Storage Area, but be sure to place the object squarely in the center of the machine and be wary the sparks and shards when the machine doth activate."

HIgettingrelics2: "Brother Roland,

Praise be, thou and High Priest Greidus hath secured the Chalice in the factory. I hath destroyed the stamped gear as thou instructed. Another canst be made in the stamping machine, but e'en a stamped gear is naught without High Priest Greidus's holy symbol to open the cage. Both must be used to activate the mechanism, thus while the symbol rests in High Priest Greidus's chambers, surely our relics can be no safer.

Brother Thorgrim"
HIgettingrelics: "High Priest Greidus,

Praise be, thou and Brother Roland hath secured the Chalice in the factory. I hath destroyed the stamped gear as instructed. Another canst be made in the stamping machine, but e'en a stamped gear is naught without thy holy symbol to open the cage. Both must be used to activate the mechanism, thus while the symbol rests in thy chambers, surely our relics can be no safer.

Brother Thorgrim"
HIglory: "The Glory of Saint Edgar

Twas the dawning of the last day of battle, and Saint Edgar didst see that his forces hadst but a few men left hale and unwounded. Then, didst he kneel before the Chalice, and didst give entreaty to the Builder to gift him with death to his foes, or his own death.

If it be thy will that the foe fall, grant me thy strength to seek victory for thee. If it be thy will that the foe overcome, give me death by Thy will now, for the foe shalt not have it.

Then he sup't from the Chalice, and didst light and glory fill his limbs, and the foe fell as winter before the spring. And Saint Edgar gave praise to the Builder, and didst he walk amongst the wounded and captured enemy, and didst he give them sup from the Chalice. And they wert consumed utterly by the fire of the Builder's forge, and the dead were beyond counting. That Saint Edgar shalt be praised above praise, and gloried above glory, was his visage graven and sculpt in purest gold, that all who saw it shouldst also know the glory of that day, and the value of his deeds."

HIholysymbol: "Brothers-

High Priest Greidus doth keep the Holy Symbol now in his chambers. The Holy Symbol of the Masterforger hath the imprint of the Builder's grace direct from blessed St. Edgar. Tis the mark of leadership, and hath many other uses. Pray for he who shoulders this burden, High Priest Greidus."

HIkarras: "All that is metal is not of the Builder alone, as all that is wood is not of the Trickster alone. Wood canst be shaped and carved, so that it serveth as part of a great house for the Master Builder.

Even iron canst serve contrary to its nature, for the glory and service of false gods. If thou doubtest these words, turn thine eye only to the ruin of Soulforge, where the Builder himself smote down the workings of the heretic Karras and his wicked crafts."

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