They Cage the Animals at Night reading assignments

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They Cage the Animals at Night reading assignments:
Pages 1-48 due April 18

Pages 49-101 due April 23

Pages 102-162 due April 29

Pages 163-217 due May 2

Pages 218-293 due May 6

They Cage the Animals at Night assignments. Each student will receive 2 major grades for this unit: one writing assignment, one visual assignment.

Each student will submit one of the following writing assignments:

Choice 1.Character Essay. Choose a character other than Jennings to focus on. Write an essay about the character’s importance in the book and in Jennings’ life. Explain how Jennings’ life would have been different without this person (better and/or worse). Use examples from the book. Minimum two-three pages typed, double spaced.
Choice 2.Character Diary. Create a diary of at least 7 entries for one of the characters other than Jennings. Use specific details and refer to events in the book. Entries may vary in length, but together must total at least 5 neat handwritten pages, or 3 typed pages.
Each student will also submit one of the following visual assignments:
Choice 1. Create a collage of pictures/images (hand drawn, cutouts, computer graphics, photos, or any combination) to show as much information from this book as possible. Think about events, characters, settings, symbols, etc.
Choice 2. Create a comic strip of at least 12 frames depicting a scene from the book. Include captions (words) not just the pictures.

Both assignments are due no later than Friday, May 10. They do not have to be submitted at the same time. Take pride in your work and be sure it represents your best effort.

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