Thematic Essay: Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Theme

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Thematic Essay: Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

Theme: Contributions and Achievements

Throughout history, societies have made many political intellectual and cultural contributions. Two such societies were the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Romans.

Task : For both Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome

  • Discuss the political and two different cultural achievements

  • Explain how these achievements have contributed to Western society today.


  • Intro Paragraphs should include:

    • Address the theme: ________________________

    • Specify the topic: ________________, _______________, _______________, & impact on Western society today

    • Location: _________________ & ________________ & ____________________

  • Do not use “I, me, you, we, us, etc” in your essay”

  • If you want to talk about the United States and Western Europe- refer to it them as “Western society today”

  • Have lots of facts, examples, details, and analysis!

Bring this sheet tomorrow to write this essay. You may come prepared with an outline for this essay!

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Contribution to Western Society

Political Achievements

Cultural Achievements:

(Specify the element of culture)

Cultural Achievements:

(Specify the element of culture)

Outline: Complete a brief outline of what topics and examples you plan on covering in each paragraph of your essay. Record specific details, examples, or vocabulary you want to remember to use.

  1. Intro Paragraph

  1. 1st Body Paragraph

  1. 2nd Body Paragraph

  1. 3rd Body Paragraph

  1. Conclusion

Download 13.21 Kb.

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