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Vampirella Special

1. cover: montage of interior panels (1977)

1) Meet Pepe Gonzalez [Bill DuBay/Jose Gonzalez] 1p [frontis, text article]

2) Vampirella: Death’s Dark Angel [Archie Goodwin/Jose Gonzalez] 20p reprinted from

Vampirella #12 (July 1971)

3) Vampirella: The Lurker In The Deep [Archie Goodwin/Jose Gonzalez] 15p reprinted from

Vampirella #13 (Sept. 1971)

4) Vampirella: Isle Of The Huntress! [Archie Goodwin/Jose Gonzalez] 20p reprinted from

Vampirella #14 (Nov. 1971)

5) Vampirella: The Mummy’s Revenge [Mike Butterworth/Jose Gonzalez] 12p reprinted from

Vampirella #38 (Nov. 1974)

6) Vampirella: The Mountain Of Skulls [Mike Butterworth/Jose Gonzalez] 12p reprinted from

Vampirella #42 (May 1975)

Notes: Editor: Louise Jones & Josep Toutain. All of the Vampi strips were colored for this appearance. A hardcover edition, signed by Jose Gonzalez, was also offered at $12.50.


1. cover: Richard Corben (June 1978)

1) Remember The Good Old Days? Who Would Have Thought They’d Return…In 1984? [Bill

DuBay/Joe Vaultz] 1p [text article, frontis]

2) Last Of The Really Great, All-American Joy Juice [Bill DuBay/Jose Ortiz] 12p

3) The Saga Of Honey Dew Melons [Nicola Cuti/Esteban Maroto] 8p

4) Once Upon Clarissa [Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 8p

5) Quick Cut [Wally Wood & Bill DuBay/Wally Wood] 6p [story credited soley to Wood]

6) The Saga Of Xatz And Xotz [Bill DuBay/Alfredo Alcala] 1p

7) Bugs! [Bill DuBay/Joe Vaultz] 4p

8) Mutant World [Richard Corben] 8p [color]

9) Faster-Than-Light Interstellar Travel [Jim Stenstrum/Luis Bermejo] 12p

10) Angel! [Bill DuBay/Rudy Nebres] 12p

11) Momma, Can You Hear Me? [Nicola Cuti/Alex Nino] 8p

12) 1984 Ad [Joe Vaultz] 1p [on inside back cover]

13) Next Issue Cover Ad [Richard Corben] 1p [on back cover]

Notes: Publisher: James Warren. Editor: Bill DuBay. $1.50 cover price with 80 pages. No ads. Ahhh, what can you say about 1984? Put into the publishing pipeline when Jim Warren apparently panicked over the successful debut of Heavy Metal in 1977, this single magazine set out to pretty much confirm every parent, feminist, African-American, Native American, liberal, conservative, and just plain ol’ American Joe or Jane’s worst fears about comics. Juvenile, sleazy, scatalogical, racist, demeaning to women, heavy handed in its treatment of violence and lame in its sense of humor—all aptly describe 1984. Let me put it this way, Howard Stern would LOVE this magazine. And that’s just the stories. Behind the scenes, DuBay apparently rewrote other writers’ stories to make them even more sleazy than they originally were. A lawsuit was prompted when writer Harlan Ellison sued over an unauthorized (and disgused) adaptation of his story ‘A Boy And His Dog’, a suit that may have killed the entire Warren publishing company. At least one stellar writer/artist swore never to work for Warren again after his treatment in the pages of 1984. The George Orwell estate supposedly pressured Warren into changing the title midway through the run. Buying an issue of 1984 in 1978-1982 gave one about the same feeling as buying a Hustler. You might like comics, you might like skin magazines, but liking these two magazines was admitting that maybe you were a little bit of a sleazy dumbass too. Even today, I cringe a little, just knowing a complete set of 1984/1994 is stored in my closet. However, in its defense, 1984 published the best art {often quite spectacular art} of any Warren magazine during its run and DID publish some pretty decent stories. Now, as to this issue in particular, when you lead off with a story about collecting semen, the reader might get a negative idea of where the issue was going to go. That negative idea would be pretty much right on target, but there are some definite hightlights here. Rich Corben’s ‘Mutant World’ starts off a serial that any adult {not porn, but adult—there’s a difference} magazine in 1978 would have been proud to publish. Nicola Cuti managed to write a couple of worthwhile stories, even as they were nearly buried in silly sex antics. Jim Stenstrum delivered the best story of the bunch, a charming, silly, and adult story that managed to lightly tapdance its way past the open sewer that many of the other stories leaped into somewhat cheerfully. The artwork was very good, with Maroto, Corben, Nino & Bermejo providing great jobs. Good work was also seen from Alcala & Vaultz. However, Rudy Nebres, usually a very dependable artist, turned in one ugly set of pages while Ortiz’ work was just run of the mill. The Wally Wood story was another matter. Wood’s original story was entitled ‘The End’ and was 12 pages long. It was a part of his Wizard King series. Bill DuBay, without Wood’s ok or knowledge, split the story in two, rearranged pages & panels, rewrote Wood’s original script and presented the greatly altered work as two separate stories, changing Wood’s original rather charming adult oriented tale into shorter pieces that leaned heavily on the scenes {which were also in Wood’s orginal but not nearly so highlighted as their appearance here} of naked women in bondage being whipped & brutalized. Understandably, Wood was outraged and never worked for Warren again. He published the original version himself in his newsletter The Wood Gazette and that original version again appeared in the Wallace Woods series that Eclipse published in 1985 or 1986. Even today, it’s hard to understand why this happened. It’s easy to imagine a newcomer to comics being treated in such a fashion but in 1978 Wood was a major star in the comic field. He had worked on the Spirit, was one of the original EC artists and had done stellar work throughout most of his career. His original story would have looked just fine in Creepy or Eerie. Yes, it was somewhat tame according to the lights of 1984 but to see the original story and compare it to the two tawdy six page stories that appeared here is quite depressing. The ad on the back cover shows the original version of #2 cover before it was altered by DuBay.
2. cover: Richard Corben & Bill DuBay (Aug. 1978)

1) The Last Of The Red Hot Lovers [Bill DuBay/Jose Ortiz] 8p

2) Scourge Of The Spaceway [Bill DuBay/Esteban Maroto] 8p

3) …Sure-Fire Quick-Carnage Self-Decimation Kit! [Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 8p

4) One Night, Down On The Funny Farm! [Wally Wood & Bill DuBay/Wally Wood] 6p

5) The Janitor [Bill DuBay/Nebot] 9p

6) Mutant World, part 2 [Richard Corben] 8p [color]

7) Messiah [Bill DuBay/Rudy Nebres] 11p

8) Don’t Call Me…Maneater! [Bill DuBay/Alfredo Alcala & Jim Janes] 7p

9) The Microbe Patrol [Nicola Cuti/Abel Laxamana] 14p

Notes: For some reason, the brunette on Corben’s original cover was turned into a blonde by Bill DuBay. It doesn’t seem to have affected the thrust of the cover in any particular way. Best story & art here is the DuBay/Nino effort, which read a bit like a more violent version of the Jim Stenstrum/John Severin story ‘The Super-Abnormal Phenomena Survival Kit’ from 1976. ‘The Janitor’ was somewhat amusing, with the art & storyline looking like it would fit right into a modern day sex magazine like Sizzle. Nebres’ art is much better than in the previous issue. ‘Don’t Call Me…Maneater!’ was a spoof of Marvel’s version of Conan, with Alcala making the leading oaf in the story look like the dumb and dumber twin of the R. E. Howard creation.
3. cover: Patrick Woodroffe (Sept. 1978)

1) Squeezin’s [Bill DuBay/Jose Ortiz] 14p

2) Whatever Happened To Idi Amin? [Bill DuBay/Esteban Maroto] 11p

3) In The Beginning…! [written: Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 12p

4) Mutant World, part 3 [Jan Strnad/Richard Corben] 8p [color]

5) Bring Me The Head Of Omar Barsidian! [Bill DuBay/Jim Janes & Rudy Nebres] 6p

6) The Strange Adventures Of Doctor Jerkyll [Nebot] 5p

7) Scourge Of All Disneyspace [Bill DuBay/Alfredo Alcala] 6p

8) Commfu [Jim Stenstrum/Abel Laxamana] 7p [story credited to Alabaster Redzone]

9) The Harvest [Bill DuBay/Jose Ortiz] 8p

10) The Quickie Adventures Of Happy Jim Sunblaster [Jim Stenstrum & Bill DuBay/Herb Arnold] 1p [color, on inside back cover, Stenstrum’s contribution credited to Alabaster

Notes: Patrick Woodroffe was one of Warren’s best cover artists during this period and this cover is one of the reasons why. Striking and eerie. ‘Squeezin’s’ was a quite good story by the team of DuBay & Ortiz, while Corben’s ‘Mutant World’ picked up even more steam by adding scripter Jan Strnad. The ‘Idi Amin’ story boasted some of Maroto’s best art for Warren, unforturnately in service to a very dumb serial. The ‘Happy Jim Sunblaster’ stories were a combo of a new 1 page serial and a 1984 ad. Any good will that DuBay & Ortiz had acquired by ‘Squeezin’s’ was totally destroyed by the vile ‘The Harvest’ which related the happy adventures of a {white} father & son in a world where blacks were regarded as hunting animals. After they track down and kill a near term pregnant black woman, we’re treated to the lovely sight of them ripping her baby from her womb, holding the fetus above their heads in a spray of blood, while commenting on how they’re going to have “some prime veal!” Absolutely disgusting and something I have no problem placing in that section of “literature” called ‘violent & unneccessary pornagraphy.’

4. cover: Patrick Woodroffe (Oct. 1978) [wraparound cover]

1) The Last War…Of The Worlds! [Bill DuBay/Jose Ortiz] 16p

2) Idi And Me [Bill DuBay/Esteban Maroto] 10p

3) Mondo Megillah [Jim Stenstrum/Alex Nino] 12p [story credited to Alabaster Redzone]

4) Mutant World, part 4 [Jan Strnad/Richard Corben] 8p [color]

5) The Stunning Downfall Of Muhammad Reptillicus! [Jim Janes & Bill DuBay/Jim Janes &

Rudy Nebres] 8p

6) Ogre [Jan Strnad/Richard Corben] 8p [color]

7) Lullaby [Jim Stenstrum/Jose Gonzalez] 6p [story credited to Alabaster Redzone]

8) Boys’ Camp [Jim Stenstrum/Herb Arnold] 8p [story credited to Alabaster Redzone]

9) Rex Havoc & The Asskickers Of The Fantastic [Jim Stenstrum/Abel Laxamana] 10p

10) Happy Jim Sunblaster Rides Again! [Bill DuBay/Herb Arnold] 1p [color, on inside back

Notes: ‘The Last War…Of The Worlds!’ was a sequel to H. G. Wells’ novel, ‘War Of The Worlds’. Two color sections appeared this issue, with the ‘Ogre’ story’s art being composed of enhanced photos & clay models by Corben. Very nicely done. A sequel to this story, ‘Ogre II’, appeared in Fantagor #5 in 1983. ‘Mondo Megillah’ was the story Harlan Ellison considered a ripoff of his award-winning story ‘A Boy And His Dog’. The story goes that Warren Publishing was attempting to obtain the rights to the Ellison story and, in anticipation of getting them, Bill DuBay plotted & had Nino illustrate an actual adaptation. However, Ellison refused to allow the adaptation, so, after Nino changed his art to feature a monster instead of a dog and a girl instead of a guy {and some monster/girl humping, just for kicks}, the actual scripting of the story was handed off to Stenstrum, who may or may not have been aware of the Ellison connection. Ellison spotted the adaptation’s source material immediately and sued Warren Publications. He won his case and, within months of the win, Warren Publications went out of business. Whether the two are related are unknown. Outside of this embarrassment, Stenstrum had a pretty good time this issue, with the debut of his funny serial ‘Rex Havoc’, and the fine stories of ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Boys’ Camp’. ‘Lullaby’ featured the best artwork Gonzalez ever did for Warren and ‘Boys’ Camp’ featured some interesting work by Herb Arnold. Arnold was often mistaked for Corben, although I’ve never been sure why. Their art is similar but certainly not an exact match. It’s easy to tell the two apart.
5. cover: Patrick Woodroffe (Feb. 1979)

1) The Odd Comic World Of Richard Corben Ad [Richard Corben] 1p [frontis]

2) The Greatest Hero Of Time And Space! [Jim Stenstrum & Bill Dubay/Jose Ortiz] 8p

[Stenstrum’s contribution credited to Alabaster Redzone & DuBay’s to Strontium


3) Idi And The Ratmen Of Hunger Hollow [Bill DuBay/Esteban Maroto] 8p [DuBay’s story

credited to Strontium Whitehead]

4) Timothy Sternbach And The Multi-Colored Sunrise! [Gerry Boudreau/Alex Nino] 8p

5) I Wonder Who’s Squeezing Her Now? [Nicola Cuti/Ernie Colon & Wally Wood] 7p

6) Luke The Nuke Brings It In! [Jim Stenstrum/Rudy Nebres] 6p

7) Mutant World, part 5 [Jan Strnad/Richard Corben] 8p [color]

8) The Box! [Len Wein/Mike Nassar & Alfredo Alcala] 8p

9) Killman One [Jim Stenstrum/Herb Arnold] 8p [Stenstrum’s story credited to Alabaster


10) Rex Havoc & The Asskickers Of The Fantastic: The Spud From Another World! or: Who

Goes There? [Jim Stenstrum/Abel Laxamana] 14p

11) The Quickie Adventures Of Happy Jim Sunblaster Again! [Bill DuBay/Herb Arnold] 1p

[color, on inside back cover]

Notes: There was a five month gap between #4 & 5. Woodroffe’s cool, subtle cover also appeared as the cover to Jack Vance’s novel The Gray Prince. The letters’ page was four pages long with fantasy/sf artist Rick Berry and fan writer R. Fiore sending in highly critical letters. ‘I Wonder Who’s Squeezing Her Now?’ was done in 1971 and was originally intended for the never published POW! #1, under the title ‘Incident At Laurelhurst’. The Rex Havoc story, also the best story in this issue, spoofed John W. Campbell’s famous story & the equally famous Howard Hawks’ movie ‘The Thing From Another World’. All of Stenstrum’s stories, with the exception of ‘The Greatest Hero Of Time And Space!’ were quite good. The Boudreau/Nino story was also good. Best art honors go to Richard Corben.
6. cover: Jim Lauier (June 1979)

1) The Warhawks [Bill DuBay/Jose Ortiz] 17p

2) The Final Days Of Idi Amin! [Bill DuBay/Esteban Maroto] 11p

3) Liaison Aboard A Skylab [Jeff Rovin/Alex Nino] 9p

4) Mutant World, part 6 [Jan Strnad/Richard Corben] 8p [color]

5) Twilight’s End! [Jim Stenstrum/Rudy Nebres] 9p [Stenstrum’s story credited to Alabaster


6) Rex Havoc & The Asskickers Of The Fantastic: She Who-Must-Be-Okay! [Jim Stenstrum/Abel

Laxamana] 22p
Notes: Another long wait between issues. ‘The Warhawks’ was a rather harsh spoof on Quality & DC’s Blackhawks. Frank Thorne’s ‘Ghita Of Alizarr’ was previewed on the letters’ page. Best story & art in this issue goes to Rex Havoc.
7. cover: Patrick Woodroffe (Aug. 1979)

1) Teleport 2010 [Budd Lewis/Alex Nino] 14p

2) Freeze A Jolly Good Fellow! [Budd Lewis/Jose Ortiz] 6p

3) Kaiser Warduke And The Indispensable Jasper Gemstone! [Rich Margopoulos/Jimmy Janes &

Alfredo Alcala] 9p

4) Mutant World, part 7 [Jan Strnad/Richard Corben] 8p [color]

5) Twilight’s End!, part 2 [Jim Stenstrum/Rudy Nebres] 9p [Stenstrum’s story credited to

Alabaster Redzone]

6) Ghita Of Alizarr : Alizarr [Frank Thorne] 15p

7) Zincor And The Fempire [Gerry Boudreau/Alex Nino] 14p

8) The Quickie Adventures Of Happy Jim Sunblaster [Bill DuBay/Herb Arnold] 1p [color, on

inside back cover]

Notes: $1.75 cover price. Beneath a rather bizarre, although striking, cover painting of an alien by Woodroffe was a fairly interesting issue with ‘Teleport 2010’ and the latest installment of ‘Mutant World’ being the best stories. This issue featured the debut of Frank Thorne’s soft-porn reworking of his Red Sonja series from Marvel, ‘Ghita Of Alizarr’. Alex Nino delivered the best artwork here.
8. cover: Jim Laurier (Sept. 1979)

1) Painter’s Mountain [Bill DuBay & Budd Lewis/Alex Nino] 16p

2) Herma: All You Need Is Love [Bill DuBay/Jose Gonzalez] 8p

3) Twilight’s End, part 3 [Jim Stenstrum/Rudy Nebres] 13p [Stenstrum’s story is credited to

Alabaster Redzone]

4) Mutant World, part 8 [Jan Strnad/Richard Corben] 8p [color]

5) Ghita Of Alizarr, part 2 [Frank Thorne] 11p

6) Madmen And Messiahs [Bill DuBay/Abel Laxamana] 9p

7) The Rook Ad [Rudy Nebres, et al] 2p

8) Once Upon A Holocaust! [Nicola Cuti & Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 8p

9) The Miniscule Adventures Of Happy Jim Sunblaster! [Bill DuBay/Herb Arnold] 1p
Notes: With the conclusion of ‘Mutant World’ Corben ceased working for Warren, except for the occasional cover. He did leave on a high note. As a whole, ‘Mutant World’ was one of the best stories he’d ever done for Warren. The best single story here was ‘Painter’s Mountain’, which was surprisingly thoughtful and beautifully drawn. Herma was drawn in 1974 but remained unpublished until it appeared in a European publication shortly before its North American printing here. It was greatly rewritten by DuBay and the art adjusted to meet the larger dimensions of a magazine.
9. cover: Patrick Woodroffe (Oct. 1979)

1) Break Even [Kevin Duane/Alex Nino] 18p

2) Herma [Bill DuBAy/Jose Gonzalez] 8p

3) The Rook Ad [Rudy Nebres; et al] 2p

4) A Clear And Present Danger! [Gerry Boudreau/Jess Jodloman] 9p

5) Starfire [Bill DuBay/Frank Springer & Herb Arnold] 8p [color]

6) Rex Havoc & The Asskickers Of The Fantastic: Humungus [Jim Stenstrum/Abel Laxamana]


7) The Schmoo Connection [Bill DuBay?/Alex Nino] 8p
Notes: For the first time ads began to appear on interior pages. The Rex Havoc story spoofed the Godzilla movies. Schmoos were the creation of Al Capp in his comic strip ‘Li’l Abner’.
10. cover: Patrick Woodroffe (Dec. 1979)

1) The Whatever Shop! [Jim Stenstrum/Alex Nino]

2) Herma [Bill DuBay/Jose Gonzalez] 8p

3) The Little Spaceship That Could! [John Ellis Sech/Jose Ortiz] 7p

4) The Klanks Are Coming! The Klanks Are Coming! [Rich Margopoulos/Vic Catan] 10p

5) The Starfire Saga, part 2 [Bill DuBay/Rudy Nebres] 8p [color]

6) Ghita Of Alizarr, part 3 [Frank Thorne] 12p

7) Haxtur [Victor de la Fuente] 11p

8) Thinking Of You! [Nicola Cuti/Abel Laxamana] 9p
Notes: Comic artist Ronn Sutton sent in a letter. ‘Haxtur’ was done in 1971 and appeared all over Europe before being serialized here. Both ‘The Whatever Shop’ and ‘Thinking Of You!’ were superior stories. The artwork was generally fine throughout.
11. cover: Alex Nino (Feb. 1980) [title changed to 1994, cover credited to A2-120]

1) 1984 Magazine: A Eulogy! [Bill DuBay] 1/3p [text article, on letters’ page]

2) East Of Euthanasia [Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 10p [DuBay’s story credited to Will Richardson]

3) The Jewels Of Araknid [Rich Margopoulos/Jose Ortiz] 8p

4) Outpost 1017 [Rich Margopoulos/Michael Saentz] 8p

5) Live Large [John Ellis Sech/E.R. Cruz] 9p

6) The Starfire Saga, part 3 [Bill DuBay/Rudy Nebres] 8p [color]

7) Ghita Of Alizarr, part 4 [Frank Thorne] 15p

8) Haxtur, part 2 [Victor de la Fuente] 12p

9) Once There Was A…Masher! [Alex Nino] 3p

Notes: Editor Bill DuBay reinvented himself as Will Richardson for the next year or so. 1984 changeed its name, according to the letters’ page explanation so that newsstand readers wouldn’t confuse it with George Orwell’s novel 1984. To the more cynical, possibly so that the George Orwell estate wouldn’t sue Warren’s sleaziest title while they were already embroiled in a lawsuit with Harlan Ellison. Orwell’s novel was also given a strong plug in the title change essay. Other than the title switch, not much of anything changeed about the magazine, at least for now. After this issue, Haxtur moved to Eerie for the remainder of his run.
12. cover: Manuel Sanjulian (Apr. 1980)

1) The Seed! [Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 15p [DuBay’s story credited to Will Richardson]

2) Jailbreak…On Channel 69! [Bob Toomey/Jose Gonzalez] 4p

3) Over Four Billion Served [Kevin Duane/Delando Nino] 9p

4) The Starfire Saga, part 4 [Bill DuBay/Rudy Nebres] 10p [DuBay’s story credited to Will


5) Ghita Of Alizarr, part 5 [Frank Thorne] 10p

6) Baby Makes Three! [Kevin Duane/Abel Laxamana] 16p

Notes: ‘Baby Makes Three!’ was a good serial. The color section was dropped.
13. cover: Jose Bea (June 1980)

1) Imaginary Lover! [John Ellis Sech/Alex Nino] 11p

2) Cyberman [Rich Margopoulos/Delando Nino] 12p

3) The Crop! [Bill DuBay/Jose Ortiz] 12p [DuBay’s story credited to Will Richardson]

4) The Starfire Saga, part 5 [Bill DuBay/Rudy Nebres] 6p [DuBay’s story credited to Will


5) Ghita Of Alizarr, part 6 [Frank Thorne] 12p

6) Voyage To The Bottom Of The Barrel [Budd Lewis/Abel Laxamana] 11p

Notes: Bea, not seen on the Warren stage for some years, made a welcome return with a cover that recalled his excellent Eerie serial ‘Tales Of Peter Hypnos’. Comics artist Carl Potts sent in a letter. ‘The Crop!’ was just as offensive as #3’s ‘The Harvest’, while ‘Voyage To The Bottom Of The Barrel’ was a dumbass, jive-talking turkey of a story that was summed up in its own title quite accurately.
14. cover: Manuel Sanjulian (Aug. 1980) [Wraparound cover]

1) Womb With A View! [Nicola Cuti/Alex Nino] 10p

2) The Benevolence! [Jim Stenstrum/Jose Ortiz] 22p

3) The Galaxy Grand Prix [Jim Stenstrum/Vic Catan] 10p [Stenstrum’s story credited to

Alabaster Redzone]

4) Ghita Of Alizarr, part 7 [Frank Thorne] 16p

5) Baby makes Three, part 2 [Kevin Duane/Abel Laxamana] 6p
Notes: Ghita was cover featured in one of Sanjulian’s better covers. ‘The Benevolence!’ was such a good story that it stuck out like a healthy thumb in this issue. Ad pages begin creeping in on a regular basis.
15. cover: Alex Nino (Oct. 1980) [cover credited to A2-120]

1) Spearchucker Spade, Intergalactic Eye! [Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 21p [DuBay’s story credited

to Will Richardson]

2) Coming Out Party [Rich Margopoulos/Delando Nino] 8p

3) The Missionary [Carlos Gimenez] 8p

4) The Starfire Saga, part 6 [Bill DuBay/Rudy Nebres] 7p [DuBay’s story credited to Will


5) Baby Makes Three!, part 3 [Kevin Duane/Abel Laxamana] 9p

6) 1894 [Budd Lewis/Alex Nino] 6p
Notes: As with Eerie’s The Spook, DuBay again used a racial slur against blacks to name a character. Future comic artist Chas Truog sent in a letter.
16. cover: Jordi Penalva (Dec. 1980)

1) Sci-Fi Writer [Kevin Duane/Alex Nino] 9p

2) Dog Star [Bill DuBay/Delando Nino] 8p [DuBay’s story credited to Will Richardson]

3) Agony [Carlos Gimenez] 8p from a passage in the novel ‘The Stellar Diaries’ by Stanislaw


4) The Day After Dooms Day! [John Ellis Sech/Luis Bermejo] 12p

5) The Starfire Saga, part 7 [Bill DuBay/Rudy Nebres] 7p

6) Baby Makes Three!, part 4 [Kevin Duane/Abel Laxamana] 12p

7) Fruit Of The Grape! [Kevin Duane/Alex Nino] 8p
Notes: The cover was one of Penalva’s best for Warren. Duane’s humorous little ‘Sci-Fi Writer’ and the equally funny ‘Fruit Of The Grape!’ indicated that he was one of the better of the latterday Warren writers. Bermejo’s art was surprisingly quite poor. ‘Baby Makes Three!’ concluded in fine fashion. The adaptation of ‘Agony’ had the best story & art here.
17. cover: Jim Stenstrum & Bill DuBay (Feb. 1981) [DuBay’s art credited to Will Richardson]

1) Asshole Of The Universe! [Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 10p [DuBay’s story credited to Will


2) Mad Amy [Bill DuBay & Kevin Duane/Jose Ortiz] 14p [DuBay’s contribution credited to

Will Richardson]

3) Ghita Of Alizarr, part 8 [Frank Thorne] 16p

4) Kid Rust [Bill DuBay?/Jose Ortiz] 8p [color]

5) The Big Cerebration [Jim Stenstrum/Abel Laxamana] 4p

6) Man Is God! [John Ellis Sech/Alex Nino] 2p
Notes: 1994 joined the ranks of the regular magazines with $1.95 cover price for 64 pages. The Stenstrum/DuBay cover was quite colorful but otherwise this is a rather hoohum issue.
18. cover: H. R. Giger (Apr. 1981)

1) The Lost Loves Of Cranfranz P. Thitwacker [Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 10p [story credited to

Will Richardson]

2) Lone Wolf [John Ellis Sech/Delando Nino] 16p

3) The Mad Planet [Gerry Boudreau & Bill DuBay/Vic Catan] 8p [DuBay’s contribution

credited to Will Richardson]

4) Ghita Of Alizarr, part 9 [Frank Thorne] 16p

5) The Starfire Saga, part 8 [Bill DuBay/Rudy Nebres] 10p [DuBay’s story credited to Will

Notes: $2.00 cover price for 72 pages. H. R. Giger, famed for his alien designs for the movie Alien, contributed a typically creepy cover. From this point on, 1994 would have pretty much the same story to ad ratio as the other magazines in the Warren line. One John Hiatt {was the singer a comic fan?} sent in a letter.
19. cover: Jordi Penalva (June 1981)

1) Young Sigmund Pavlov, Psychoanalytic Itinerant Extraordinaire! [Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 11p [story credited to Will Richardson]

2) Fugue For A Ferrite Fugitive [Kevin Duane & Bill DuBay/Vic Catan] 9p [DuBay’s

contribution credited to Will Richardson]

3) The Holy Warrior! [John Ellis Sech & Bill DuBay/Delando Nino] 8p [DuBay’s contribution

credited to Will Richardson]

4) Ghita Of Alizarr, part 10 [Frank Thorne] 16p

5) Et Tu Casey! [Kevin Duane/Abel Laxamana] 7p [poem]

6) Exterminator: Steele! [Budd Lewis & Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 12p
Notes: Penalva’s cover was quite good. Nino’s art was gettings increasingly more bizarre. It was beautiful but often hard to read. The ‘Young Sigmund’ stories were generally of a somewhat higher quality then the usual raunchy fare. ‘Et Tu Casey!’ was a parody of the baseball poem ‘Casey At The Bat’. The ‘Steele’ story, printed sideways, told the tale of the first Exterminator and guest-starred Hunter. Different Exterminator stories had originally appeared in Eerie.
20. cover: Nestor Redondo (Aug. 1981)

1) Young Sigmund Pavlov! [Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 16p [story credited to Will Richardson]

2) Diana Jacklighter, Manhuntress! [Jim Stenstrum/Esteban Maroto] 8p [story credited to

Alabaster Redzone]

3) Little Beaver [Bill DuBay/Vic Catan] 11p [story credited to Will Richardson]

4) Ghita Of Alizarr, part 11 [Frank Thorne] 8p

5) Spearchucker Spade: Intergalactic Eye!, part 2 [Jim Stenstrum & Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 18p

[Stenstrum’s contribution credited to Alabaster Redzone & DuBay’s to Will Richardson]

Notes: Redondo’s cover was a beauty and so was all the interior art. One wishes one could say the same about the stories. ‘Diana Jacklighter’ is a pretty decent serial, if you mentally edited the juvenile style of profanity out.
21. cover: Alex Nino (Oct. 1981)

1) Lord Machina! [Bill DuBay?/Alex Nino] 12p

2) Diana Jacklighter, Manhuntress!, part 2 [Jim Stenstrum/Esteban Maroto] 8p

3) Love Is A Many Tentacled Thing [Bill DuBay?/Delando Nino] 8p

4) Ghita Of Alizarr, part 12 [Frank Thorne] 8p

5) Angel! [Bill DuBay/Rudy Nebres] 15p

6) Mars Bar: Tales Of The Red Planet Saloon [Gerry Boudreau?/Redondo Studio] 6p

7) Freefall! [Bill DuBay?/Alex Nino] 6p

Notes: Credits were left off the stories themselves and never identified in later issues so the writers’ credits here are largely a matter of guessing & logic {such as DuBay usually wrote Nino’s stories in 1994, etc.}. The ‘Angel’ series was not connected with the Angel story in #1. Jim Stenstrum was listed as co-editor along with DuBay for this issue only.
22. cover: Steve Fastner & Rich Larson (Dec. 1981)

1) Young Sigmund Pavlov! [Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 14p

2) Love Among The Ruins! [Bill DuBay & Timothy Moriarty/Delando Nino] 12p

3) Ariel Hart: Bringing Up Baby! [Bill DuBay/Peter Hsu] 8p

4) Angel, part 2 [Bill DuBay/Rudy Nebres] 10p

5) Mike Marauder: Knight Errant Of The Spaceways! [Rich Margopoulos/Rueben Yandoc] 8p

Notes: Fastner & Larson were credited with the cover on the titlepage but on the cover itself an additional credit entitled Egge can be seen below Fastner & Larson’s names. Larson & Fastner are better known today for their cheesecake pin-up books but Larson, at least, started out as a horror artist in the Steve Ditko vein for Charlton. He was good, too. This issue’s ‘Sigmund Pavlov’ pages created a long, dazzling and obscene single panel if laid end to end. Pun intended. In fact, this was probably the most explicit artwork that 1984 or 1994 ever produced. Open, shaved vulva, semi-erect penises & sex acts abound. Hsu’s art looked a lot like the covers from a porn paperback series issued by Greenleaf Press in the early to mid 1970s. Perhaps he had a hand in working on them?
23. cover: Alex Nino (Feb. 1982) [credited to A2-120]

1) Break Even [Kevin Duane/Alex Nino] 18p reprinted from 1984 #9 (Oct. 1979)

2) Painter’s Mountain [Bill DuBay & Budd Lewis/Alex Nino] 16p reprinted from 1984 #8 (Sept.


3) Teleport: 2010 [Budd Lewis/Alex Nino] 14p reprinted from 1984 #7 (Aug. 1979)

4) Zincor And The Fempire [Gerry Boudreau/Alex Nino] 14p reprinted from 1984 #7 (Aug.

Notes: All-reprint Alex Nino special. $2.00 for 64 pages.
24. cover: Steve Fastner & Rich Larson (Apr. 1982)

1) The Ugliest Woman In Creation! [Bill DuBay/Vic Catan] 10p

2) Diana Jacklighter, Manhuntress!, part 3 [Bruce Jones/Esteban Maroto] 8p

3) The Star Queen [John Ellis Sech/Delando Nino] 12p

4) Ghita Of Alizarr, Book II [Frank Thorne] 12p

5) Coming Of Age! [Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 10p

Notes: Editor: Timothy Moriarty. Writer/artists credits were left off the stories so the credits for writers are, again, an educated guess.
25. cover: Lloyd Garrison (June 1982)

1) The God Of The Month Club [Kevin Duane/Alex Nino] 10p

2) The God Of The Month Club Poster [Alex Nino] ½p

3) Diana Jacklighter, Manhuntress!, part 4 [Bruce Jones/Esteban Maroto] 12p

4) Ghita Of Alizarr, Book II, part 2 [Frank Thorne] 13p

5) Angel, part 3 [Bill DuBay, Rudy Nebres] 13p

6) Small World, Isn’t It? [Timothy Moriarty/Delando Nino] 8p
Notes: Nino goes crazy! The pages of ‘The God Of The Month Club’ form a single giant panel that can expand infinitely in space and, one would think, in time.
26. cover: Richard Corben (Aug. 1982)

1) Young Sigmund, Sr. [Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 10p

2) Paper Your Walls With Psychedelic Schizophrenia! [Timothy Moriarty/Alex Nino] 1p [text


3) Diana Jacklighter, Manhuntress!, part 5 [Don Hallassey & Bruce Jones/Esteban Maroto] 12p

4) Ghita Of Alizarr, Book II, part 3 [Frank Thorne] 7p

5) Little Beaver [Dan Hallassey/Vic Catan] 9p

6) The Trials And Tribulations Of Ariel Hart! [Bill DuBay/Peter Hsu] 7p

7) Retard [John Ellis Sech/Alex Nino] 10p
Notes: Corben’s cover was done in 1977. Nino’s art for ‘Young Sigmund, Sr.’ was another infinitely expanding panel. Ghita of Alizarr was cover featured. ‘Ariel Hart’ was almost straight porn.
27. cover: Terry Oates (Oct. 1982)

1) 94’s Nebulous Newspage [Timothy Moriarty] 1p [text article]

2) The Big Dollhouse Of Space! [John Ellis Sech/Delando Nino] 12p

3) Diana Jacklighter, Manhuntress!, part 6 [Dan Hallassey & Bruce Jones/Esteban Maroto] 12p

4) The Trials And Tribulations Of Ariel Hart!, part 2 [Bill DuBay/Peter Hsu] 11p

5) The Warhawks! [Bill DuBay/Abel Laxamana] 7p

6) Annabel Lee! [Rich Margopoulos/Jose Matucenio] 8p from the poem by Edgar Allan Poe

7) Vehicle 2315 [Rich Margopoulos/Joe Vaultz] 3p

28. cover: Steve Fastner & Rich Larson (Dec. 1982)

1) Young Sigmund Pavlov! [Bill DuBay/Alex Nino] 11p

2) Too Many Termarrows [Timothy Moriarty/Vic Catan] 9p

3) Ghita Of Alizarr, Book II, part 4 [Frank Thorne] 8p

4) Angel, part 4 [Bill DuBay/Rudy Nebres] 13p

5) Diana Jacklighter, Manhuntress!, part 7 [Dan Hallassey & Bruce Jones/Esteban Maroto] 14p

Notes: Both ‘Angel’ and ‘Diana Jacklighter’ concluded their runs this issue. If you excused the juvenile cursing and sniggering sex jokes that ran through almost all 1984/1994 stories, ‘Diana Jacklighter’ was a decent enough serial.
29. cover: John Berkey (Feb. 1983)

1) Grandmother Running Box [Bill DuBay/Vic Catan] 11p

2) The Noxious Newspage [Timothy Moriarty] 1p [text article]

3) Goddess [Timothy Moriarty/Peter Hsu] 13p

4) Ghita Of Alizarr, Book II, part 5 [Frank Thorne] 10p

5) Farmed Out [John Ellis Sech/Delando Nino] 14p

6) The Warhawks, part 2 [Bill DuBay/Abel Laxamana] 8p
Notes: Final issue. $2.25 for 64 pages. John Berkey was a major SF cover artist of the 1960s & 1970s. ‘Grandmother Running Box’ was a supporting character to the ‘Little Beaver’ strip and Little Beaver has a cameo in this start for a never completed serial. Vic Catan’s art was absolutely gorgeous for both of these strips and it’s a shame the stories were so dreadful. In fact, considering all the stories presented here, this is a pretty crappy issue to go out on.

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