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1. cover: Frank Frazetta (Oct. 1969)

1) Vampirella’s Welcome [Bill Parente/Frank Frazetta] 1p [frontis] art reprinted from Creepy

#29 (Sept. 1969)

2) Vampirella Of Draculon [Forrest J. Ackerman/Tom Sutton] 7p

3) Death Boat! [Don Glut/Billy Graham] 6p

4) Two Silver Bullets! [Don Glut/Reed Crandall] 6p

5) Goddess From The Sea [Don Glut/Neal Adams] 6p

6) Last Act: October! [Don Glut/Mike Royer] 8p

7) Spaced-Out Girls! [Don Glut/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 6p

8) Room Full Of Changes [Nicola Cuti/Ernie Colon] 6p

Notes: Publisher: James Warren. Editor: Bill Parente. 64 page issue. This was the first all original Warren issue since Eerie #11 (Sept. 1967). Frazetta’s cover of Vampirella was a substitute for the original cover by European artist Aslan. That cover also featured Vampirella, but was rejected over fears that Vampi looked rather anemic (not good for a vampire, one would guess). That cover was eventually used as the cover for the Vampirella 1972 Annual. Vampirella’s costume and hair style was designed by artist Trina Robbins. The first Vampirella story was a horror spoof rather than a straight horror tale, as was made obvious by the first two pages being taken up with a sequence of a nude Vampirella taking a shower for no particular reason, except for good clean fun. Several years later, this origin tale was greatly rewritten to fit the more horrific manner of her later tales. Best stories are the Graham, Crandall & Adams’ stories, all written by Don Glut. Adams’ story was in pencils only. The question arises of exactly who edited this first issue? Bill Parente is listed on the masthead but he doesn’t appear with a single written story. Unusual for an issue edited by him. Forrest Ackerman created, or at least had a strong hand in creating, Vampirella and he clearly had a major influence in shaping the light-hearted bad girl story style of this issue as well. Neal Adams remembered that Archie Goodwin was the person calling up artists for this issue and that this was the main reason a very busy Adams agreed to do his story. That makes sense. Goodwin & Warren had a close relationship and only months later, Goodwin would be back on the masthead as a contributing editor. It’s even possible that all three, along with publisher Jim Warren, had an editorial hand in shaping this issue. Regardless, this was a pretty good start. Not up to the later Warren issues from the Goodwin Era but a giant step up from the previous two years.
2. cover: Bill Hughes (Nov. 1969)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: The Bride Of Frankenstein [Tom Sutton] 1p [frontis]

2) Evily [Bill Parente/Jerry Grandenetti] 10p

3) Montezuma’s Monster [R. Michael Rosen/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 6p [story

miscredited to Don Glut]

4) Vampirella: Down To Earth! [Forrest J. Ackerman/Mike Royer] 8p

5) Queen Of Horror! [Don Glut/Dick Piscopo] 9p

6) The Octopus [Nicola Cuti/William Barry] 6p

7) One, Two, Three [Nicola Cuti/Ernie Colon] 7p

8) Rhapsody In Red! [Don Glut/Billy Graham] 7p

Notes: Hughes’ cover was quite good, depicting the witch Evily. Evily, who only appeared twice, was listed as Vampirella’s cousin, although how that could be, seeing as how they’re from different planets, is never unexplained. Vampirella does gueststar in Evily’s story. Vampirella’s own story {just as much a horror spoof as the previous one} is narrated in a one-shot appearance by Vampirella’s twin sister, Draculina. Vampirella & Draculina are identical twins except that Draculina is a blonde, rather than a brunette, and her bat birthmark is on the opposite breast from Vampirella! ‘Rhapsody In Red!’was easily the best story/art here, although the Evily story also has some nice Grandenetti art. Otherwise, this issue was a big letdown in quality, both story and artwise, from the previous issue.
3. cover: Vaughn Bode & Larry Todd (Jan. 1970)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: Queen Of Outer Space! [Forrest J. Ackerman/Dick Piscopo] 1p [frontis]

2) Evily: Wicked Is Who Wicked Does! [Bill Parente/Tom Sutton] 7p

3) Blast Off To A Nightmare! [Al Hewetson/Jack Sparling] 10p

4) Eleven Footsteps To Lucy Fuhr [Terri Abrahms & Nick Beal/Ed Robbins] 7p

5) I Wake Up… Screaming! [Billy Graham] 8p

6) The Caliegia! [Nicola Cuti/Dick Piscopo] 7p

7) Didn’t I See You On Television? [Billy Graham] 4p

8) A Slimy Situation! [R. Michael Rosen/Jack Sparling] 6p
Notes: Although it’s not that hard to find, this issue unaccountably is very expensive to acquire! Future comic writer Doug Moench sent in a letter. Billy Graham’s ‘I Wake Up…Screaming!’ featured characters with the likenesses of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Paul Newman, James Dean, David Niven, Kirk Douglas, Sammy Davis, Jr., Bill Cosby, Robert Culp, Robert Vaughn, David McCallum & David Janssen. For all that hoop-de-do, the best story here was ‘Eleven Steps To Lucy Fuhr’. With the exceptions of Sutton & Graham the artwork is still substandard.
4. cover: Vaughn Bode & Jeff Jones (Apr. 1970)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: Burned At The Stake! [Tom Sutton] 1p [frontis]

2) Forgotten Kingdom [Bill Parente/Ernie Colon] 10p

3) Closer Than Sisters [Nicola Cuti/Mike Royer] 7p

4) Moonshine! [Don Glut/William Barry] 13p

5) Vampi’s Fan Page: Dick Piscopo Profile [Dick Piscopo/Alan Weiss] 1p [text article w/photo]

6) Come Into My Parlor! [R. Michael Rosen/Dick Piscopo] 6p

7) Run For Your Wife! [Richard Carnell & Jack Erman/Jack Sparling] 7p

Notes: Nice SF cover from the team of Bode & Jones. Best art was Mike Royer’s snazzy job. Future artist Alan Weiss made his first comics appearance as the untitled fan page debuts. Fans were encouraged to help name that feature.
5. cover: Frank Frazetta (June 1970)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: The Satanic Sisterhood Of Stonehenge! [Tom Sutton] 1p [frontis]

2) The Craft Of A Cat’s Eye [Don Glut/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 9p

3) Scaly Death [Don Glut/Billy Graham] 6p

4) An Axe To Grind [Jeff Jones] 7p

5) Vampi’s Flames: Billy Graham Profile/The Sorrowful Hounds/Double Feature/A Pain In

The Neck [Billy Graham, John Pitts & James Perry/Richard Charron] 2p [text article &

stories w/photo]

6) Avenged By Aurora [Bill Parente/Tom Sutton] 9p

7) Ghoul Girl [Don Glut/John Fantucchio] 6p

8) Escape Route! [T. Casey Brennan/Mike Royer] 6p

9) Luna [Don Glut/Jack Sparling] 8p

Notes: Striking Frazetta cover showing a caveman & woman menaced by a T-Rex. Fan page regular Anthony Kowalik named the fan page Vampi’s Flames. Very nice art & story by Jeff Jones. Also good work by Billy Graham, Tom Sutton and John Fantucchio.
6. cover: Ken Kelly (July 1970)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: The Centaur [Dan Adkins] 1p [frontis]

2) The Curse Of Circe [Gardner Fox/Jerry Grandenetti] 6p

3) The Brothers Death [Nicola Cuti/Jack Sparling] 7p

4) Darkworth! [Nicola Cuti/Mike Royer] 7p

5) New Girl In Town! [Gardner Fox/Dan Adkins] 4p

6) Victim Of The Vampire! [Vern Bennett/Frank Bolle] 7p

7) Vampi’s Flames: Untitled/The Bat [Ron Fisher & Brian O’Malley/Ron Fisher, Ken Christie,

Jerry Conessa, Anthony Kowalik, Jack Becker, Toby Caputi, Chris Haug, Richard

Cherron & Ed Shea] 2p [text stories]

8) One Way Trip [Larry Herndon/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 7p

9) The Wolf-Man [Buddy Saunders/Frank Bolle] 7p

Notes: Editor: James Warren. Ken Kelly debuts his first cover art. Comic Book Artist has printed layouts for this cover done by Ken’s mentor, Frank Frazetta. Best story & art belonged to ‘Darkworth!’ with Mike Royer’s best & sexiest renderings! Story revolved around a stripper—always a good subject for a comic strip! Frank Bolle also had two good strips here.
7. cover: Frank Frazetti (Sept. 1970)

1) An Editorial To The President Of The United States And All The Members Of Congress

[James Warren] 1p [text article, frontis]

2) Why A Witch Trilogy? [Archie Goodwin?/Frank Frazetta & Billy Graham] 1p [text article]

3) Prologue: Three Witches [Nicola Cuti/Tom Sutton] 1p

4) The White Witch! [Nicola Cuti/Tom Sutton] 7p

5) The Mind Witch [Nicola Cuti/Ernie Colon] 7p

6) The Black Witch! [Nicola Cuti/Billy Grahma] 7p

7) Epilogue: Three Witches [Nicola Cuti/Tom Sutton] 1p

8) Plague Of The Wolfe [Doug Moench/Frank Bolle] 7p

9) Terror Test! [R. Michael Rosen/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 7p

10) Vampi’s Flames: Dan Adkins Profile/The Morning Sun/Then Wednesday Afternoon Club

[Dan Adkins/Brian Carrick & Ted Dasen/Toby Caputo] 2p [text article/stories]

11) The Survivor [Buddy Saunders/Ernie Colon] 6p

12) The Collection Creation [R. Michael Rosen/Jerry Grandenetti] 6p [miscredited to Tony


Notes: An excellent issue! Archie Goodwin became an Associate Editor. Frank Frazetta’s corker of a cover showed a witch/shaman with her sabre-tooth cat. The Three Witches stories by Cuti were all quite good and very well drawn. Grandenetti’s work on ‘The Collection Creation’ was worthy of note as well.
8. cover: Ken Kelly (Nov. 1970)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: Love! [Tom Sutton] 1p [frontis]

2) Vampirella: Who Serves The Cause Of Chaos? [Archie Goodwin/Tom Sutton] 21p

3) Amazonia: The Demon In The Crypt! [Gardner Fox/Billy Graham] 6p

4) Easy Way To A Tuff Surfboard! [Archie Goodwin/Frank Frazetta] ½p reprinted from Eerie

#3 (May 1966)

5) Out Of The Fog…And Into The Mist! [Steve Skeates/Ken Barr] 5p

6) Snake Eyes [Nicola Cuti/Jack Sparling] 7p

7) Vampi’s Flames: Do You Want To Be A Queen?/Queen Of The Night [Steven Teal & Patrick

Boles/Robert Thivierge, Toby Caputi, Phillippe Druillet, Peter Sedeky, Tony De Sensi &

John Wojick] 2p [text stories]

8) Signs Of Sorcery [Don Glut/George Roussos] 7p

9) The Gulfer [Nicola Cuti/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 6p
Notes: The first real Vampirella story appeared as her character was revamped into a more serious mode. I should go on record here and state I don’t think Vampirella was ever a strong character. In fact, although generally drawn well, her stories were usually quite bland and often lacking in logic. However, she started up here with a trio of very strong stories from Archie Goodwin & Tom Sutton. Some of the best art Sutton produced for Warren. Amazonia moved here from her previous appearance in Eerie. Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico delivered the best art job they did for Warren. Phillippe Druillet contributed a rendering of Vampirella but for some reason it appeared on the fan page. Peter Sedeky’s fan page illustration was later reworked into the cult underground comic character Octobriana, who later also appeared in Bryan Talbot’s Luther Arkwright series. Another solid issue.
9. cover: Boris Vallejo & Wally Wood (Jan. 1971)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: Lilith [Nicola Cuti/Jeff Jones] 1p [frontis]

2) Vampirella: The Testing! [Archie Goodwin/Tom Sutton] 12p

3) Monster Bait! [Don Glut/Joe Wehrle] 6p

4) Fate’s Cold Finger! [Doug Moench/Ken Barr] 6p

5) The Curse [Wally Wood] 8p

6) Jack The Ripper Strikes Again [Chris Fellner/Jerry Grandenetti] 8p

7) The Boy Who Loved Trees! [Gardner Fox & Barry Smith/Barry Smith] 6p

8) Vampi’s Flames: Vampi’s Vindication/To Die, To Sleep/The Trap [Archie Goodwin?/Michelle

Knight & Charles Collins/Bruce Holroyd, Peter Hsu, Carlos Maria Federici, Ronald A.

Stringer & Peter Iasillo] 2p [text article & stories]

9) The Work Orders For The Day! [Alac Justice] 7p

Notes: Vallejo’s North American debut cover was shrunk to insert size and surrounded by the splash page artwork from Wally Wood’s interior story. Not sure why this was done since it was a decent enough, if not particularly strong, cover. This issue was a striking mix between very good and pretty much lousy story and art. Not surprisingly, the best work was by the pros—Wally Wood, Jeff Jones, Jerry Grandenetti, Archie Goodwin, Tom Sutton, Gardner Fox and Barry Smith {nowadays Barry Windsor-Smith, here making his only Warren appearance}. The Fox/Windsor-Smith & Wood stories were the best. Future artist Peter Hsu made his comics debut on the fan page. Goodwin’s editorial on the fan page regarded a plagiarized story that had appeared on #8’s fan page.
10. cover: Bill Hughes (Mar. 1971)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: The Face Of Medusa [Billy Graham] 1p [frontis]

2) Fiends In The Night! [Buddy Saunders/Tom Sutton] 8p

3) The Marriage [Steve Skeates/Ralph Reese] 5p

4) Eye Of Newt, Toe Of Frog [Gerry Conway/Frank Brunner] 7p

5) The Soft, Sweet Lips Of Hell! [Denny O’Neil/Neal Adams & Steve Englehart] 10p

6) War Of The Wizards [Wally Wood] 8p

7) A Thing Of Beauty! [Len Wein/Billy Graham] 7p

8) Vampi’s Flames: The Night/The Protective Father/The Telephone Terror!/Results Of The

First Miss Vampire Contest! [Diane Reed, henry C. Brennan, Susan Coakley & ?/Bob

Garrison & Kevin Richert] 2p [text stories/article]

9) Regeneration Gap [Chuck McNaughton/Tom Sutton] 7p

Notes: Future comics writer Mike Barr sent in a letter. The Vampirella story was skipped, presumably due to deadline problems, with two other Tom Sutton drawn stories put in as replacements. This strong issue led with artistic strength from Sutton, Ralph Reese, Frank Brunner (although the Conway story was noticeably weak), Wally Wood, Billy Graham and Neal Adams. Top stories came from Len Wein, Steve Skeates, Denny O’Neil & Buddy Saunders. Steve Englehart made his professional debut here as an artist. The Conway/Brunner story was originally intended for Warren rival Web Of Horror.
11. cover: Frank Frazetta (May 1971)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: The Devil’s Daughter! [Tom Sutton] 1p [frontis]

2) Vampirella: Carnival Of The Damned! [Archie Goodwin/Tom Sutton] 14p

3) The Escape! [Larry Herndon/L. M. Roca] 6p

4) Prisoner In The Pool! [Buddy Saunders/Dave Cockrum] 6p

5) She’ll Never Learn! [Steve Skeates/Ken Barr] 7p

6) The Green Plague [Nicola Cuti/Jerry Grandenetti] 8p

7) Vampi’s Flames: The Deep/The Elevator [Stephen Darner & ?/Anthony Kowalik, Dave

Manak, Pam Presnell, Richard Bassford, Ed Romer & R. Charron] 2p [text stories]

8) Dragon Woman [Sanho Kim] 9p

Notes: Frazetta’s cover ‘Woman With Scythe’ was one of his most popular. Vampirella returned, and from here on out, would appear in every issue. Richard Bassford’s art on the fan page was a preview for an upcoming six page story that never appeared. Sanho Kim’s art & story were particularly impressive.
12. cover: Manuel Sanjulian (July 1971)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: The Sirens! [Frank Brunner] 1p [frontis]

2) Vampirella: Death’s Dark Angel [Archie Goodwin/Jose Gonzalez] 20p

3) Amazonia And The Eye Of Ozirios! [Gardner Fox/Billy Graham] 8p

4) The Quest [Jeff Jones] 7p

5) Annual Warren Awards At The New York Comicon… [Martin Greim/Ernie Colon] 2p [text

article] reprinted from Comic Crusader #10 (1970)

6) Vampi’s Flames: Join Me!/The Leaking Bath Tub! [David Reiffal & Carl Daigrepont, Jr./J.

Haney, Maria Hearley, Hollis Williams, Carlos Federici, James King & Brian Bunick]

2p [text poem/story]

7) To Kill A God! [Wally Wood] 8p
Notes: Editor: Billy Graham. The Spanish invasion began. Jose Gonzalez debuted on Vampirella, and while he was immediately praised, this effort was only so-so, with somewhat scratchy looking art and mediocre storytelling abilities. Same goes for the accompanying cover by Sanjulian. Nice work from Jeff Jones but the real prize here was Wally Wood’s ‘To Kill A God!’ Just superb work! Gardner Fox’s character, Amazonia, made her final appearance. Carlos Federici was a professional artist from South America, stuck side by side with amateur American artists on the fan page. Future comic artist Brian Bunick debuted his work on the fan page.
13. cover: Manuel Sanjulian (Sept. 1971)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: Lamiae [Gary Kaufman] 1p [frontis]

2) Vampirella: The Lurker In The Deep! [Archie Goodwin/Jose Gonzalez] 15p

3) From Death’s Dark Corner! [Gerry Conway/Steve Hickman] 7p

4) The Silver Thief And The Pharaoh’s Daughter [Dean Latimer/Jose Bea] 11p

5) The Frog Prince! [Bill DuBay] 5p

6) Vampi’s Flames: Official Contest/Children Of The Atom/The Leaking Bath Tub!, part 2 [J. R.

Cochran, J. G. Barlow, Carl Daigrepont, Jr./Gregg Davidson, Clyde Caldwell & John

Ayella] 2p [contest rules/poem/text story]

7) Eye Of The Beholder [Gary Kaufman] 7p

8) Easy Way To A Tuff Surfboard! [Archie Goodwin/Frank Frazetta] ½p reprinted from Eerie #3

(May 1966)

Notes: Sanjulian’s cover was of much higher quality than the previous issue’s. Some good stories & art here but the real prize was the American debut of Jose Bea. Future cover artist Clyde Caldwell also debuted his work on the fan page.
14. cover: Manuel Sanjulian (Nov. 1971)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: Ladies Of Misfortune [Tom Sutton] 1p [frontis]

2) Vampirella: Isle Of The Huntress! [Archie Goodwin/Jose Gonzalez] 20p

3) The Wedding Gift [Nicola Cuti/Mike Ploog] 7p

4) The Sword Of Light [Sam Glanzman] 9p

5) Deadman’s Treasure! [Lynn Marron/Tom Sutton] 9p

6) Vampi’s Flames: Doug Moench Profile/The Crimson Heel!/The Prisoner/The Entity/The Last

Blast! [Doug Moench, Fuat Ulus, Ron Lovett, John Kaska & Dan McGee/Cara Shorman, Robert Shugrue, Jose Munoz, Vivian Jane Amick & Glen Abrams] 2p [text article/


7) Wolf Hunt [Joe Wehrle/Esteban Maroto] 7p

Notes: Great issue! True, the Vampirella story was no great shakes (but then, they rarely were) but the rest of the issue was dazzling. Sanjulian’s cover was one of the best of the early Vampirella run. Esteban Maroto made his first Warren appearance (and it’s a beaut!) in ‘Wolf Hunt’. Mike Ploog illustrated a darn good Cuti story. The legendary Sam Glanzman turned in his only Warren work and it’s a fine, fine job! Lynn Marron made her professional debut with a solid story and Tom Sutton, who probably illustrated more stories by first time writers than anyone else at Warren, provided her with an equally solid art job. Another South American pro, this time the great Jose Munoz, saw his sample art stuck on the fan page.
15. cover: Manuel Sanjulian (Jan. 1972)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: Metifa! [Bill DuBay/Richard Corben] 1p [frontis]

2) Vampirella: The Resurrection Of Papa Voudou! [Archie Goodwin/Jose Gonzalez] 20p

3) Quavering Shadows [Doug Moench/Jose Bea] 11p

4) A House Is Not A Home [Dave Mitchell/Nebot] 6p

5) 1971 Comicon Awards Go To Frazetta And Goodwin… [?/?] 3p [text article]

6) Vampi’s Flames: Bill DuBay Profile/Return To Nowhere/Revenge/ Demon’s Curse/Final Log

[Bill DuBay, Richard Lysaght, Kenneth Leggett, Jr., Paul E. King & Robb Wilson/Tom

Vaughn, T. O. Mears & Andres Bakells] 2p [text article/stories w/photo]

7) Welcome To The Witches’ Coven [Don McGregor/Luis Garcia] 12p

Notes: A rather poor issue with ‘Welcome To The Witches’ Coven’ and ‘Quavering Shadows’ being the top stories and art. Interesting, if somewhat clumsy, airbrush art appeared on Creepy’s Loathsome Lore. A rather crappy looking Dracula appeared on the last page of the Vampirella strip. The Vampi story was ok, but the artwork was middling to downright poor there. Nebot’s poor art here is particularly awful.
16. cover: Manuel Sanjulian (Apr. 1972)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: The Gray Women [Jan Strnad/Rafael Auraleon] 1p [frontis]

2) Vampirella: …And Be A Bride Of Chaos [Archie Goodwin/Jose Gonzalez] 22p

3) Purification [Nebot] 3p

4) Gorilla My Dreams [Gus St. Anthony/Esteban Maroto] 6p

5) Girl On The Red Asteroid [Don Glut/Bill DuBay] 6p

6) Lover! [Pat Boyette] 6p

7) Vampi’s Flames: Jose Gonzlaez Profile/Vampire/Another Night Shot/Spectral Vengeance

[J. R. Cochran, Clint Banks, Mary Lou Jurina & Gurn Lee/Jose Gonzalez, Tom

Blackshear, Charles L. Pauly & Lloyd Fukuki] 1p [text article/stories]

8) How Our Artists See Themselves… [J. R. Cochran/Bill DuBay, Dave Cockrum, Richard

Corben, Jerry Grandenetti & Billy Graham] 1p [Self-portraits]

9) Cilia [Nicola Cuti/Felix Mas] 7p
Notes: Another sub-standard issue, with only Pat Boyette’s tasty ‘Lover!’ rising to the level of a quality story. Future comic writer David Michelinie sent in a letter. Goodwin’s decent script for Vampirella was again brought low by inappropriate and awkward art. In fact, Gonzalez’ artwork on this issue’s fan page was considerably better than what he was producing for the Vampirella strip at this point. The lame Dracula appearing in Vampi’s story claims to be the same Dracula from the Goodwin/Crandall story ‘The Coffin Of Dracula’ from Creepy #8 & 9 and, thus, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but he looked and acted nothing like the ‘Coffin’ Dracula. He’s short, paunchy and looks a bit like an aged Italian count. According to J.R.Cochran, in a 1974 letter to the fanzine Canar #21-22 (May-June 1974), the feature page effort ‘How Our Artists See Themselves’ was the cause for the departure of editor Billy Graham when Jim Warren strongly objected to the appearance of the finished page, which had been based on a layout Warren himself suggested.
17. cover: Enrich Torres (June 1972)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: The Story Of Arachne [Jan Strnad/Rafael Auraleon] 1p [frontis]

2) The Story Behind The Story: ‘Quavering Shadows’ [Doug Moench] ½p [text article on letters’

page & fan page]

3) Vampirella: …Beware, Dreamers [T. Casey Brennan/Jose Gonzalez] 20p

4) Tomb Of The Gods: Horus [Esteban Maroto] 8p

5) Death In The Shadows [Doug Moench/Luis Garcia] 8p

6) A Man’s World [Mike Jennings/Jose Bea] 8p

7) Love Of The Bayou [Jan Strnad/L. M. Roca] 8p

8) Vampi’s Flames: Rafael Auraleon Profile/Reflections Of The Dead/The End!/The Last

Room/Revenge Of The Dead/The Second Age [J. R. Cochran, Robert R. Arbuthnot, P. R.

Seamon, Mark Collins, Doug Moench, Jim Martincie & Bob Siegal/Rafael Auraleon,

Dave Carrigan, Thomas J. Golash & Brant Withers] 2p [text articles/stories]

9) The Wedding Ring [Steve Skeates/Jerry Grandenetti] 7p

Notes: Editor: J. R. Cochran. Price increase to 75 cents and page increase to 72 pages. Don McGregor sent in a letter complaining about Vampirella’s comments at the end of his ‘Witches’ Coven’ story from #15. Maroto’s ‘Tomb Of The Gods’ series was printed in Europe around 1969 or 1970. His artwork had improved a great deal since then, making this series look somewhat undercooked. This was a much better issue than the previous two with Garcia and Roca providing the best artwork. Strnad’s story ‘Lover Of The Bayou’ was the best story.
18. cover: Enrich Torres (Aug. 1972)

1) Vampi’s Feary Tales: Nymphs [Kevin Pagan/Luis Garcia] 1p [frontis]

2) Inside 18/The Story Behind The Story: ‘Girl On The Red Asteroid’ [J. R. Cochran & Don Glut]

½p [text articles on letters’ page]

3) Vampirella: Dracula Still Lives! [T. Casey Brennan/Jose Gonzalez] 20p

4) Tomb Of The Gods: Kali [Esteban Maroto] 8p

5) Song Of A Sad-Eyed Sorceress [Don McGregor/Luis Garcia] 12p

6) Won’t Get Fooled Again [Doug Moench/Rafael Auraleon] 9p

7) Vampi’s Flames: Kevin Pagan Profile/Eye Of The Skull/Vampire/Hidden Danger/The

Assassin/Drink, My Love [Kevin Pagan, Thomas Pallanta, Lloyd M. Auerbach, Eric W. Flesch, Bill Cantey & George Siessel/? Garcia, William Barry, Mike Ploog, Felix Mas, FrankVillano, Jr., Seaward Tuthill] 2p [text article/stories]

8) The Dorian Gray Syndrome [Don Glut/Felix Mas] 6p

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