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Notes: Sutton’s Poe adaptation is prose heavy but beautifully drawn.
21. cover: Vic Prezo (May 1969)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: Lucifer’s Legions [Tom Sutton] 1p [frontis]

2) Point Of View [Archie Goodwin/Rocco Mastroserio] 6p reprinted from Eerie #6 (Nov. 1966)

3) Eerie Fanfare: Cauldron Contest/Once There Was A Planet [Bill Parente & Roger Solberg/

Mike Kersey & James King] 1p [text article/story]

4) Miscalculation [Bill Parente/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 7p

5) Terror In The Tomb! [Archie Goodwin/Rocco Mastroserio] 7p reprinted from Eerie #9 (May


6) Fatal Diagnosis [Bill Parente/Ernie Colon] 6p

7) Warrior Of Death! [Archie Goodwin/Steve Ditko] 8p reprinted from Eerie #10 (July 1967)

8) House Of Fiends! [Archie Goodwin/Jerry Grandenetti] 8p reprinted from Eerie #10 (July

22. cover: Vic Prezo (July 1969)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: The Minotaur [Archie Goodwin/Neal Adams] 1p [frontis] reprinted

from Eerie #11 (Sept. 1967)

2) H2O World! [Larry Ivie/Al Williamson & Roy G. Krenkel] 6p reprinted from Creepy #1 (Jan.


3) Family Curse [T. Casey Brennan/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 8p

4) The Devil To Pay! [Archie Goodwin/Donald Norman] 6p reprinted from Creepy #11 (Oct.


5) Permanent Members! [Bill Parente/Tom Sutton] 7p

6) Eerie Fanfare: Familiars/The Finish [Bill Parente & Mike Raab/Len Wein] 1p [text article/


7) Scooped! [Bill Parente/Ernie Colon] 8p

8) The Spirit Of The Thing! [Archie Goodwin/Steve Ditko] 8p reprinted from Creepy #9 (June


9) Vampirella Is Coming Ad [Bill Parente/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 1p

Notes: Size increase to 56 pages. Prezo’s cover of a bikini clad diver confronted by sea monsters at an undersea wreck was quite good. The story ‘Permanent Members’ appears to have been intended for, or perhaps inspired by, the cover to Creepy #22 from a year earlier. T. Casey Brennan made his professional debut here. Future comic writer Len Wein had his comics debut on the fan page as an artist. The Vampirella ad featured both Uncle Creepy & Cousin Eerie, but not Vampirella.

Warren’s Rebuilding
23. cover: Frank Frazetta (Sept. 1969)

1) Beyond Nefera’s Tomb [Bill Parente/Ernie Colon] 8p

2) The Dragon’s Tail [Kim Ball/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 8p

3) An Occurence At Owl Creek Bridge! [Archie Goodwin/Bob Jenney] 6p from the story by

Ambrose Bierce, reprinted from Eerie #9 (May 1967)

4) Eerie Fanfare: Hades/Total War/Cauldron Contest Winner: Edward French [Bill Parente &

Timothy Boertlein/Bruce Jones] 2p [text article/story w/photo]

5) Soul Pool [Edward R. French/Tom Sutton] 7p

6) Fair Exchange [Archie Goodwin/Neal Adams] 8p reprinted from Eerie #9 (May 1967)

7) Space Age Vampire [James Haggenmiller/Mike Royer] 8p

8) Vampirella Is Coming Ad [Bill Parente/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 1p

9) Easy Way To A Tuff Surfboard! [Archie Goodwin/Frank Frazetta] ½p reprinted from Eerie

#3 (May 1966)
Notes: Although reprints would continue for another 8 months or so, this issue, along with Creepy #29 and Vampirella #1, marked the beginning of Warren’s rebuilding from the quality quake of the previous two years. Size increased to 64 pages. Frazetta’s cover, ‘Egyptian Princess’, is one of his most famous paintings and justly so. A dynamic use of lighting and shadow (along with some nicely done near-nudity) made this cover a real eye-opener. The accompanying cover story ‘Beyond Nefera’s Tomb’ also displayed a remarkable amount of nudity for a 1969 comic. Even a black & white one. Bruce Jones made his second fan page appearance, only a few months before his professional debut in the rival horror magazine Web Of Horror.
24. cover: Vic Prezo (Nov. 1969)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: …Perchance To Dream! [Tom Sutton] 1p [frontis]

2) Head For The Lighthouse! [Bill Parente/Mike Royer] 8p

3) Pursuit Of The Vampire! [Archie Goodwin/Angelo Torres] 6p reprinted from Creepy #1 (Jan.


4) The Immortality Seeker [James Haggenmiller/Tom Sutton] 7p

5) Eerie Fanfare: Epilogue [Donald Lauzon/Joe Kovacs] 1p [text story]

6) Checkmate [Ron Parker/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 8p

7) Scavenger Hunt [Don Glut/Jerry Grandenetti] 6p

8) Demon Dictionary [Bill Parente/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 1p [text article]

9) Dracula’s Guest [E. Nelson Bridwell/Frank Bolle] 7p from the story by Bram Stoker, reprinted

from Christopher Lee’s Treasury Of Terror (Sept. 1966)

10) Wrong Tennant [Bill Parente/Reed Crandall] 7p
25. cover: Jim Steranko (Jan. 1970)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: Vampire! [Bill Parente/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 1p [frontis]

2) Isle Of The Vrukolakas [Don Glut/Ernie Colon] 6p

3) Mistake! [Buddy Saunders/Bill Black] 6p

4) Hijack To Horror [R. Michael Rosen/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 6p

5) To Pay The Piper! [Larry Ivie/Gene Colan] 6p reprinted from Eerie #2 (Mar. 1966)

6) Southern Exposure [Bill Parente/Tom Sutton] 5p

7) The Thing In The Cave [R. Michael Rosen/Mike Royer] 6p

8) Eerie Fanfare: I Gave Him Life!/To The Ends Of Inner Space [Paul E. King & Tom O’Boyle/

David Hubb] 1p [text stories]

9) House Of Evil! [Archie Goodwin/Jerry Grandenetti] 8p reprinted from Eerie #4 (July 1966)

10) Hex Marks The Spot [R. Michael Rosen/William Barry] 6p

Notes: Steranko’s sole contribution to Warren was nice, but gave the appearance of having been originally intended for the gothic paperback lines of the time rather than as an original painting done for the Warren line.
26. cover: Basil Gogos & Vaughn Bode (Mar. 1970)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: The Body Snatchers! [Tom Sutton] 1p [frontis]

2) I Wouldn’t Want To Live There! [Bill Parente/Jack Sparling] 7p

3) Southern Exposure, part 2 [Bill Parente/Tom Sutton] 7p

4) In The Neck Of Time [Al Hewetson/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 8p

5) Eerie Fanfare: Al Hewetson Profile/Death After Dark/Three Feet From Exit Four/Traitor’s

Reward [Al Hewetson, Mark Aubry, Mark Hatfield & Dennis Goza/Ernie Colon &

Steven Muhmel] 2p [text stories w/photo]

6) Spiders Are Revolting! [Bill Warren/Tom Sutton] 9p

7) The Scarecrow [Nicola Cuti/Frank Bolle] 7p

8) Tuned In! [Ken Dixon/Dick Piscopo] 7p

9) Cyked-Out! [Ken Dixon/Jack Sparling] 8p

Notes: This was the first issue since #10 to have all-original stories. The cover was quite ugly, yet strangely, was selected to be reprinted in the early 1980s! Future artist Ronn Sutton sent in a letter. Best story and art belonged to the Warren/Sutton story ‘Spiders Are Revolting!’
27. cover: Vaughn Bode & Jeff Jones (May 1970)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: The Golem! [Tom Sutton] 1p [frontis]

2) Journey Into Wonder [Bill Parente/Ken Barr] 10p

3) Amazonia [Gardner Fox/Miguel Fernandez] 7p

4) Eerie Fanfare: Neal Adams Profile/Poetry Corner/Surprise/The Forewarned [Bill Parente, Brad

Linaweaver, Gary Schnoebeden, Cathy Hill, Allen Arnold & Susan Wylie/Dale Stuckert

& ?] 2p [text article & stories, poems]

5) The Machine God’s Slave [Buddy Saunders/Ernie Colon] 6p

6) Swallowed In Space! [Bill Parente/Tom Sutton] 7p

7) Enter…Dr. Laernu! [R. Michael Rosen/Dick Piscopo] 6p

8) All Sewed Up! [Buddy Saunders/Mike Royer] 6p

9) Face It! [Nicola Cuti/Jack Sparling] 7p

Notes: In contrast to the previous issue, this Bode/Jones cover was quite lovely. Gardner Fox’s character Amazonia would reappear in Vampirella, illustrated there by Billy Graham. The best story here was easily Buddy Saunders’ ‘The Machine God’s Slave’ with art honors shared by Ernie Colon and by Mike Royer for his work on ‘All Sewed Up!’.
28. cover: Pat Boyette (July 1970)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: The Saucerians! [Tom Sutton] 1p [frontis]

2) The Hidden Evils! [James Haggenmiller/Dan Adkins] 9p

3) The Beast In The Swamp! [Bill Warren/Billy Graham] 8p

4) Eerie Fanfare: The Horror Of Biscayne Gardens/The Man On The Hill/By The Moon/Who Is

In The Shadows?/Poem/A Dragon’s Tale [mike Petit, Jeff Kadish, Peter MacKenzie,

Steven Teal, Danny Massoni & Brad Linaweaver/Mike Jasinski, Tony Bishop, Greg

Theakston & Arvell Jones] 2p [text stories & poems]

5) The Rescue Party! [Buddy Saunders/Jack Sparling] 7p

6) Follow Apollo! [R. Michael Rosen/Tom Sutton] 6p

8) Ice Scream [R. Michael Rosen/Bill DuBay] 7p

9) Pit Of Evil [Al Hewetson/Dick Piscopo] 7p

10) The Last Train To Orion! [Pat Boyette] 6p

11) Easy Way To A Tuff Surfboard! [Archie Goodwin/Frank Frazetta] ½p reprinted from Eerie

#3 (May 1966)
Notes: Editor: James Warren. Interesting cover & story from Pat Boyette but the best story was Bill Warren’s & Billy Graham’s ‘The Beast In The Swamp!’ This sword & sorcery effort (as well as the Amazonia stories in Vampirella) makes one wonder why Graham never got a chance to draw Conan. He’d have been great at it!
29. cover: Ken Kelly (Sept. 1970)

1) An Editorial To The President Of The United States And All The Members Of Congress

[James Warren] 1p [text article, frontis]

2) Loophole! [Nicola Cuti/Jack Sparling] 7p

3) The Fiend Planet [Buddy Saunders/Dan Adkins] 6p

4) The Bloodstaff [Rich Buckler] 7p

5) Gallery Of Horror [Buddy Saunders/Carlos Garzon] 7p

6) The Vorpal Sword [Nicola Cuti/Tom Sutton] 7p

7) Eerie Fanfare: The Tomb Of Ankh-Ra/Headsman [Virginia Jenkins & Don Allen/Phillippe

Druillet & Frank Frazetta] 2p [text stories] Frazetta’s art from the cover of Creepy #17

8) Strange Gateway! [T. Casey Brennan/Jack Sparling] 8p

9) Easy Way To A Tuff Surfboard! [Archie Goodwin/Frank Frazetta] ½p reprinted from Eerie

#3 (May 1966)

10) Snow Job! [Doug Moench/Jack Sparling] 7p

Notes: Archie Goodwin was listed as Associate Editor. Doug Moench made his professional comics debut. Famous French artist Phillippe Druillet made his only Warren appearance, but oddly enough it was on the fan page!?!
30. cover: Basil Gogos (Nov. 1970)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: BEM [Dan Adkins] 1p [frontis]

2) The Entail [Pat Boyette] 6p

3) October Weir: Mirror, Mirror [Nicola Cuti/Frank Bolle] 10p

4) Life Species [Bill DuBay] 4p

5) Eerie Fanfare: The Prophetic Dream/Escape Claws/Nuts To You!/The Mistake [Carmen

Minchella, David O’Dell, Rodney Schroeter, David E. Bruegel/Arthur Suydam & Gray

Morrow] 2p [text stories]

6) I, Werewolf [Ken Barr] 9p

7) Easy Way To A Tuff Surfboard! [Archie Goodwin/Frank Frazetta] ½p reprinted from Eerie

#3 (May 1966)

8) In Close Pursuit [Gordon Matthews/Jerry Grandenetti] 8p

9) The Return Of Amen-Tut! [Don Glut/Jack Sparling] 8p

10) The Creation [Doug Moench/Carlos Garzon] 8p

Notes: Price increase to 60 cents. Behind a not particularly good cover was a quite good issue! The BEM in Eerie’s Monster Gallery is old science fiction slang for ‘bug-eyed monster’. Future artist Tony Meers sent in a letter. Pat Boyette’s story ‘The Entail’ was not only quite good, but quite gruesome as well. Psychic detective October Weir had only two appearances, which was a pity, as his stories were good and Bolle was perfect as the artist. The classic SF tale ‘Life Species’ by DuBay is the kind of story that stays with you all your life. Future artist Arthur Suydam made his comics debut on the fan page.
31. cover: Richard Corben (Jan. 1971)

1) Point Of View [Buddy Saunders/Tom Sutton] 9p

2) The Drop [Chris Fellner/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 6p

3) The Devil’s Hand! [Bill DuBay] 6p

4) The Alien Plague! [Billy Graham] 10p

5) The Oasis [Buddy Saunders/Carlos Garzon] 8p

6) October Weir: Lady In Ice [Nicola Cuti/Frank Bolle] 7p

7) Eerie Fanfare: I, The Nightwatchman/Poem/The Pact/Down In Cannery Dough [Ed Fedory/

Danny Massoni, Michael Darrah & Craig Hill/Jeff Jones, ?, Greg Theakston & Arvell

Jones] 2p [text stories & poem]

8) The Killer Slime [Steve Skeates/Carlos Garzon] 8p

9) Easy Way To A Tuff Surfboard! [Archie Goodwin/Frank Frazetta] ½p reprinted from Eerie

#3 (May 1966) [on inside back cover]
Notes: Corben’s first Warren cover was quite good, featuring hairy, faceless monsters rising up from a dead body and pointing directly at the reader. Bill Fraccio’s & Tony Tallarico’s art was also good on the drug story ‘The Drop’. At the request of future editor J. R. Cochran, Ed Fedory would later rework his text story from the fan page into a comic strip that would appear in Creepy #46. The final October Weir story appeared.
32. cover: Richard Corben & [in insert] Tom Sutton (Mar. 1971) [Sutton’s art is from an interior story]

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: The Creature From…Beyond Ultima Thule! [Clif Jackson] 1p


2) Superhero! [Steve Skeates/Tom Sutton] 6p

3) The Warning Of The Hawk! [Gardner Fox/Clif Jackson & Syd Shores] 6p

4) The Wailing Tower [Larry Herndon/Frank Bolle] 7p

5) Bookworm [Gerry Conway/Richard Corben] 7p

6) I Fell For You [John Wolley/Jack Sparling] 7p

7) Eerie Fanfare: The Misunderstanding/Reversal/Ain’t It Not Funky Now Brother/Your Last

Child Is Leaving [Clayton Fox, Michael Carlisle, Craig Hill & Ken Haubrock/Kevin

Schaffer, Craig Hill, Steve Leialoha & Robert Monahan] 2p [text stories/poems]

8) Soul Power! [Don Glut/Mike Royer] 6p

9) Ice World [Bill DuBay/William Barry] 7p [art miscredited to DuBay]
Notes: While a mainstay nowadays of such comics as Astro City, Steve Skeates’ ‘Superhero!’ was the first comic story to link up a night time Batman-like superhero with the vampire mythos. Pretty good story, too. Best story and art goes to the Conway/Corben ‘Bookworm’. Steve Leialoha made his second appearance on a fan page, along with an odd editorial announcement {that was not written by Leialoha} to the effect that he was ready to work for any comic publisher that wants him.
33. cover: Larry Todd (May 1971)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: The Minotaur [Clif Jackson] 1p [frontis]

2) A Trip In Time! [Steve Skeates/Jack Sparling] 6p

3) 243 Blank Pages! [Steve Skeates/George Roussos] 7p

4) Whom The Gods Would Destroy [Marv Wolfman/Ken Barr] 11p

5) Escape Into Chaos [Steve Skeates/Ernie Colon] 7p

6) Starvisions [Larry Todd] 6p

7) The Pest! [Al Hewetson/Richard Corben] 8p

8) Eerie Fanfare: Dave Cockrum Profile/The Vampire/Wolf Star/From Beyond The Grave

[Dave Cockrum, David Nowicki, Jack L. Bannow & Harry Feinzig/Mike Roberts, R. Goodwin, Pat Broderick, Gerald Colucci, Mark Wallace & Rick Bryant] 2p [text stories/

poem w/photo]

9) The Painting In The Tower! [Gardner Fox/Pat Boyette] 7p

Notes: ‘The Pest!’ by Hewetson & Corben was the best story although Ernie Colon’s experimental art and Pat Boyette’s efforts were also worthy of note. Future artists Pat Broderick and Rick Bryant appeared on the fan page.
34. cover: Boris Vallejo (July 1971)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: The Man Who Played God! [Tom Sutton] 1p [frontis]

2) Parting Is Such Sweet Horror! [Tom Sutton] 7p

3) Eye Of Cyclops! [Buddy Saunders/Jaime Brocal] 7p

4) He Who Laughs Last…Is Grotesque! [Al Hewetson/Mike Royer] 7p

5) Food For Thought [Steve Skeates/Bill Fraccio & Tony Tallarico] 5p

6) The Vow Of The Wizard… [Ernie Colon/Ernie Colon & Frank McLaughlin] 7p

7) The Sound Of Wings [F. Paul Wilson/Carlos Garzon] 6p

8) Eerie Fanfare: Oh, To Be A Bat/The Mutant!/The Face Of Death! [Edgar Ellington, Robert J.

Hurris, Josheph Wiltz/Pat Broderick, Joseph Wiltz, Mitchell Brown & Tony Desensi] 2p

[text poem/stories]

9) Lair Of The Horned Man [Alan Weiss] 9p

Notes: Vallejo’s second Warren cover got a good deal more respect than his first had when it appeared in Vampirella, even though his barbarian swordsman looked somewhat disjointed. His harpy was quite terrifying. The fullscale Spanish Invasion of artists began in Eerie with the debut of Spanish artist Jaime Brocal. Al Hewetson delivered a story that would have fit right at home in the Horror-Mood of Skywald. SF writer F. Paul Wilson made his comics (and perhaps his professional) debut with ‘The Sound Of Wings’. Pat Broderick made his second appearance on the fan page.
35. cover: Enrich Torres (Sept. 1971)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: Monster Sightings! [John Cornell] 1p [frontis]

2) Retribution [Gardner Fox & Steve Englehart/Steve Englehart] 6p

3) The Comet’s Curse! [Buddy Saunders/Frank Brunner] 6p

4) The Tower Of The Demon Dooms! [Gardner Fox/Mike Ploog] 9p

5) I Am Dead, Egypt, Dead [Doug Moench/Victor de la Fuente] 8p

6) Cats And Dogs [Bill DuBay/Jerry Grandenetti] 7p

7) Eerie Fanfare: Sanho Kim Profile/Changing Sands/The Rats/The End [J. R. Cochran, John D.

Warner, John Ayella & David McElmurry/Robert Putnam, John Ayella, Ken Kelly &

Craig Edelblut] 2p [text stories]

8) Annual Warren Awards At The New York Comiccn… [Martin Greim] 2p [text article]

reprinted from Comic Crusader #10 (1970)

9) Money [Sanho Kim] 9p

10) Easy Way To A Tuff Surfboard! [Archie Goodwin/Frank Frazetta] ½p reprinted from Eerie

#3 (May 1966) [on back cover]
Notes: Editor: Billy Graham. Enrich Torres made a spectacular cover artist debut with one of the most striking covers of his career. Although it’s not generally well-known, comic writer Steve Englehart made his debut as an artist and, as is evident from the half dozen or so stories available, wasn’t bad at all. Mike Ploog began doing regular comics, after a stint as Will Eisner’s assistant on P*S magazine. The Eisner influence was very apparent in his artwork {and still is today}. Sanho Kim’s art was impressive, even more so when compared to the often rushed looking artwork he was doing for Charlton at the time. The Ken Kelly on the fan page (and on the letters’ page) is not the well known cover artist. A very strong issue.
36. cover: Enrich Torres (Nov. 1971)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: Atoms [T. Casey Brennan/Pablo Marcos] 1p [frontis]

2) Bad Moon On The Rise [Doug Moench/Tom Sutton] 10p

3) The Silence And The Sleep [Steve Skeates/Rubio] 7p

4) Prototype [Steve Skeates/Bruce Jones] 10p

5) Look What They’ve Done! [Steve Skeates/Esteban Maroto] 6p

6) Crocodile [Don Glut/Mascaro] 6p

7) The Trap [Greg Potter/L. M. Roca] 4p

8) Eerie Fanfare: Steve Skeates Profile/House Of Horror/Occupational Hazard [Steve Skeates,

Christopher Wolfe & Billie Fowler/Steve Skeates, Steve Lowe & Steve Cassman] 2p

[text article/stories]

9) Oh, Brother! [Steve Skeates/Dave Cockrum] 7p

Notes: Bruce Jones’ art was reproduced from pencils, something only Warren seemed able to do with any degree of care.
37. cover: Enrich Torres (Jan. 1972)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: Air Serpent [Bill DuBay] 1p [frontis]

2) The Other Side Of Atlantis [Steve Skeates/Jaime Brocal] 10p

3) Horror At Hamilton House [Lynn Marron/Ken Barr] 7p

4) The Ones Who Stole It From You [Don McGregor/Rafael Auraleon] 14p

5) A Rush Of Wings [Larry Herndon/Jaime Brocal] 8p

6) Eerie Fanfare: The Message!/Theory/My, Oh, My!/Final Conqueror/Interchange! [Ted Dasen,

Phill Jones, Vernon Shelton, Michael E. Tierney & Steven Taggart/Michael Gilbert,

Anthony DeSensi, Solano Lopez & James Kanhard] 2p [text stories]

7) Dethslaker [Doug Moench/Ernie Colon] 11p

Notes: Nice cover from Enrich. The best story and art was the ghoul story ‘The Ones Who Stole It From You’ by Don McGregor and Rafael Auraleon. McGregor was asked by J. R. Cochran to add the first two pages to the story as a prologue. Ernie Colon’s lettering for his story’s title was so ornate that it is impossible to read! Still, it was one of his best {and sexiest} art jobs for Warren. Brocal’s two art jobs clearly show the difference between an artist fully engaged in the story he’s illustrating {Atlantis} and one he’s just doing for the buck {Wings}. Michael Gilbert made his comics debut on the fan page, with a sample from a college comic strip he was drawing. Solano Lopez’s sample pages again landed up on the fan page.
38. cover: Ken Kelly (Feb. 1972)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: The Mothman Of West Virginia [Doug Moench/Jaime Brocal] 1p


2) Stake In The Game [Doug Moench/Jose Gual] 21p

3) The Carrier Of The Serpent [T. Casey Brennan/Jerry Grandenetti] 10p

4) 1971 Comiccon Awards Go To Frazetta And Goodwin… [J. R. Cochran?/?] 3p [text article]

5) A Stranger In Hell [T. Casey Brennan/Esteban Maroto] 7p

6) The Night The Snow Spilled Blood! [Don McGregor/Tom Sutton] 12p

7) Eerie Fanfare: Esteban Maroto Profile/The Shower!/The Night Desert/See Into The Future!/

The Brothers/The Farmer’s Friend [Bill DuBay, C. D. Stewart, Jim Erskine, Jarry

Bradman & M. Joseph Blattberg/Esteban Maroto, Brant Withers, Loper Sepi, Manuel

Sanjulian & Stephen Stanley] 2p [text articles/stories w/photo]

Notes: Ken Kelly’s cover was one of his best! A fanged humanoid struggles with a giant green serpent! Moody and dynamic! Future artist & letterer John Workman sent in a letter pleading for work! ‘Stake In The Game’ was one of the longest (thus far) stories in Warren history but, unfortunately, was none too good. T. Casey Brennan & Jerry Grandenetti turned in another philosophical story {something they were quite good at}. Esteban Maroto delivered the best art job on the excellent ‘A Stranger In Hell’ while Don McGregor’s ‘The Night The Snow Spilled Blood!’ was the best story. McGregor’s story also featured the second appearance of police detective Dave Turner.
39. cover: Ken Kelly (Apr. 1972)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: The Mysterious Men In Black! [Doug Moench/Richard Bassford] 1p


2) Head Shop [Don Glut/Jose Bea] 6p

3) Just Passing Through [Steve Skeates/Rafael Auraleon] 8p

4) The Disenfranchised [J. R. Cochran/Tom Sutton] 10p

5) Dax The Warrior [Esteban Maroto & ?/Esteban Maroto] 8p [story credited solely to Maroto]

6) Yesterday Is The Day Before Tomorrow [Doug Moench/Dave Cockrum] 7p

7) Eerie Fanfare: Pity The Stranger/House For Sale/The Coming Of Apollo/Welcoming

Committee [Greg Balke, Roy Decker, Gary Henry & Marcus Octavious/Steve Monsanto

& Jody Clay] 2p [text stories]

8) Ortaa! [Kevin Pagan/Jaime Brocal] 8p

Notes: Another fine Ken Kelly Cover! The best story & art was easily J. R. Cochran & Tom Sutton’s ‘The Disenfranchised!’ Maroto’s Dax character began an eleven chapter run in Eerie. These stories had originally been published in Europe a couple of years earlier. For this Warren run, the stories were translated and rewritten by American writers, none of whom were credited. Apparently, each scripter got only one story to adapt so the quality of the scripts would range from quite good to so-so.
40. cover: Manuel Sanjulian (June 1972)

1) Eerie’s Monster Gallery: Dracula’s Castle [Fred Ott/Rafael Auraleon] 2p [frontis & on inside

back cover]

2) The Story Behind ‘Stake In The Game’. [Doug Moench] 1/3p [text article on letters’ page]

3) The Brain Of Frankenstein [Fred Ott/Mike Ploog] 10p

4) The Once Powerful Prince [Steve Skeates/Jaime Brocal] 13p

5) Dax The Warrior: The Paradise Tree [Esteban Maroto & ?/Esteban Maroto] 8p [story credited

solely to Maroto]

6) Deathfall [Sanho Kim] 10p

7) The Prodigy Son [Don Glut/Jose Bea] 6p

8) Eerie Fanfare: Buddy Saunders Profile/Kingdom Come/The Grim Spectre/Snow/Puritan’s

Progress/The Story Behind The Story: ‘The Night The Snow Spilled Blood!’/Paradise

Lost!/Voice Of Doom [Buddy Saunders, James Charles, Rick Cook, Joe Letts, Jerry

Bradman, ?, Don McGregor, David Yates & David A. Wasyk/Bruce Waldman, Tom Sutton & J. A. Williams] 2p [text articles/stories w/photo]

  1. Pity The Grave Digger! [Buddy Saunders/Rafael Auraleon] 6p

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