The Territory’s Young Scientists Awards

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CREativity in Science and Technology

  • CREST is an awards program which encourages and supports primary and secondary school students to choose, organise and undertake their own practical science or technology project.

  • CREST helps students develop scientific and technological skills and processes.

  • Students gaining CREST Awards must demonstrate that they have been Creative, they have Persevered and they have carried out research into a topic which has Applications in the everyday world.

  • At higher levels links are made with industry or community workers and students gain a new understanding of the role of science and engineering in the community.

  • CREST includes extensive written support material for both students and teachers as well as a comprehensive program of professional development for teachers.

  • CREST Awards are nationally recognised and each student who completes a CREST project receives an attractive certificate and at most levels also a medallion.

  • More than 6000 students achieve CREST Awards each year.

For more information contact:

National CREST Coordinator

Phone 1800 626 646

or visit

Download 398.68 Kb.

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