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STEM in the NT – My STEM Project

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STEM in the NT – My STEM Project

This category encourages reflection through STEM activities. In this category students are encouraged to submit a reflection on a STEM Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) project they have completed at their school, which may include photos or a record of each step of the process. The STEM project needs a real world focus with integration of learning areas.

As educators you need to design and implement a STEM Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) project as per your schools everyday teaching, learning and assessment cycle. The resource engineering design process is a series of steps that could be used to guide students as they solve problems. Educators could encourage students to follow the steps of the design process to strengthen their understanding of open-ended design and emphasize innovation, problem solving and practicality.

Students are encouraged to submit a REFLECTION on how developing the following attributes assisted them to be successful in their STEM project. As part of the project, and during each phase of the project ask students to complete a reflection based on the five guidelines listed below.

In my STEM project I was:

  1. Creative – I used my imagination and my original ideas

  1. Compare the ideas in the initial prototype or design with the final solution

  1. Innovative – I tried new ways of thinking, working and doing

  1. What did you do differently in this project?

  1. A problem solver – I focussed on finding solutions

  1. How did you overcome obstacles in the project

  2. Critically evaluate the problem solving strategies you used

  1. A critical thinker – I used reason and logic and relied on evidence to form opinions

    1. What did you know?

    2. What did you need to know?

    3. How did you access the information?

    4. What did you do with that information?

  1. Collaborative: I worked and consulted with others

    1. Who did you seek knowledge or assistance from?

    2. How did you work as a team member?

If you require any assistant regarding the STEM Project please contact

Gail Barwick NTCET and Year 10 Consultant or (08)89449313

Entries may be submitted in the form of annotated photos of student work (early childhood), recounts, diary entries, posters or multi modal formats demonstrating evidence of the students’ voice in the reflection. A suggested mode for students STEM Project reflections is as follows:

Early Childhood - birth to pre-school - artefact

Early Childhood - Years T-3 – A3 poster
Primary Years - Years 4-6 – 2 minute video or blog 
Middle Years - Years 7-9 – multimedia presentation
Senior Years - Years 10-12 – 800 word report

A Critical Thinker ….

The Engineering Design Process

Download 398.68 Kb.

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