The summer

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The gite is situated in the small village of Masclat, in the south of France. It is in the department of Lot of the French region.

The South West of France offers beautiful landscaped with vineyards, castles, river, caves, canyons, wooded hills and cultivated valleys. It is the home to many French delicacies such as foie gras and truffle, cepes, walnuts, plums and sunflowers. There are a lot of opportunity to engage in athleticism through canoeing, cycling, hiking, horse riding, climbing, caving and paragliding

The climate is particularly pleasant with rather mild winters, followed by a spring abundant with wildflowers and orchids. Summer is long and hot and autumn produces orange and gold hues.

The summer

January: 2-9

February 2-11

March 4-15

April: 6-17

May: 10-21

June: 13-25

July: 15-28

August: 15-27

September average: 12-24

October: 9-12

November 5-13

December: 3-10

Castle of Masclat

  • Castle from the 12th to the 17th century

Canoe or kayak hire in the Dordogne

Hermit’s Maze

Quercyland Water Park

haut Quercy scenic railway

Hot air balloon flight over Perigord

Adventure sightseeing on a river with a nature guide

Losse Castle and gardens

Waterfall expedition

Barge ride in the Lot Valley
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