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The Sabin Collection

Fiche Listing

Coyner, David H.

The lost trappers a collection of interesting scenes and events in the Rocky Mountains : together with a short description of California : also, some account of the fur trade especially as carried on about the sources of Missouri, Yellow Stone, and on the waters of the Columbia, in the Rocky Mountains.

Cincinnati : J.A. & U.P. James. 1847

Geography, Travel, and Exploration

255 p. ; 20 cm.; Sabin No.: 17319.

Fiche: 1-3
Funeral eulogy and oration.

New-London [Conn.] : Printed by Samuel Green. 1800


17 p. ; 20 cm.; Sabin No.: 33974.

Fiche: 4
Adams, Edwin G., 1821-1877.

An historical discourse in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the formation of the First Congregational Church in Templeton, Massachusetts with an appendix, embracing a survey of the municipal affairs of the town.

Boston : Crosby, Nichols. 1857

Religion and Philosophy

vi, 175 p. ; 24 cm.; Sabin No.: 194.

Fiche: 5-7
Allen, George, 1792-1883.

Resistance to slavery every man's duty a report on American slavery, read to the Worcester Central Association, March 2, 1847.

Boston : W. Crosby & H.P. Nichols. 1847


40 p. ; 24 cm.; Sabin No.: 70068.

Fiche: 8
United States. Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Indian treaties, and laws and regulations relating to Indian affairs to which is added an appendix, containing the proceedings of the old Congress, and other important state papers, in relation to Indian affairs / compiled and published under orders of the Department of War of the 9th February and 6th October, 1825.

Washington City : Way & Gideon. 1826


xix, 529 p. ; 22 cm.; Sabin No.: 34481.

Fiche: 9-15
Plain practical man.

Remarks upon the auction system, as practiced in New-York to which are added numerous facts in illustration.

New York : [s.n.]. 1828

Economics and Commerce

56 p. ; 21 cm.; Sabin No.: 69527.

Fiche: 16
Texas (Provisional Government, 1835).

Journal of the proceedings of the General Council of the Republic of Texas held at San Felipe de Austin, November 14th 1835 [-March 11th, 1836].

Houston : National Intelligencer Office. 1839

Political Science, Government and Law

363 p. ; 22 cm.; Sabin No.: 94958.

Fiche: 17-21
A New and impartial collection of interesting letters from the public papers many of them written by persons of eminence, on a great variety of important subjects, which have occasionally engaged the public attention : from the accession of His present Majesty, in September 1765, to May 1767.

London : Printed for J. Almon. 1767


2 v. ; 21 cm.; Sabin No.: 52446.

Fiche: 22-30
Texas (Provisional Government, 1835).

Ordinances and decrees of the consultation, Provisional Government of Texas and the convention, which assembled at Washington March 1, 1836 by order of secretay [sic] of state.

Houston : National Banner Office, (Houston : Niles & Co.). 1838

Political Science, Government and Law

156, iii p. ; 21 cm.; Sabin No.: 94959.

Fiche: 31-32
Republican Party (Va.). State Convention (1839 : Richmond).

Proceedings of the Republican convention Monday, March 18-[Wednesday March 20] 1839.

[Richmond? : [s.n.]]. [1839]

Political Science, Government and Law

24 p. ; 22 cm.; Sabin No.: 70026.

Fiche: 33
Cotton, John, 1584-1652.

Christ the fountaine of life, or, Sundry choyce sermons on part of the fifth chapter of the first epistle of St. John preached by that learned judicious divine, and faithful minister of Jesus Christ, Mr. John Cotton.

London : Printed by R. Ibbitson. 1651

Religion and Philosophy

256 p. ; 19 cm.; Sabin No.: 17053.

Fiche: 34-36
General Association of Connecticut.

The ancient platforms of the Congregational churches of New England with a digest of rules and usages in Connecticut, and an appendix, containing notices of congregational bodies in other states.

Middletown : E. Hunt. 1843

Religion and Philosophy

vi, 351 p. ; 16 cm.; Sabin No.: 52621.

Fiche: 37-40
Adams, Hannah, 1755-1831.

An abridgement of the history of New-England for the use of young persons.

Boston : Printed for the author by Homans & West. 1805


iv, 185 p. ; 18 cm.; Sabin No.: 207.

Fiche: 41-43
Norwood, Abraham, 1806-1880.

The acts of the elders, commonly called the book of Abraham containing a revelation made to him at a protracted meeting, to which is appended a chapter from the book of religious errors.

Boston : Published for the purchaser. 1842

Religion and Philosophy

160 p. : ill. ; 18 cm.; Sabin No.: 148.

Fiche: 44-45
Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends.

Discipline of the Society of Friends, of Indiana Yearly Meeting revised by the meeting held at White Water in the year 1854 and printed by direction of the same.

Cincinnati : A. Pugh, Printer. 1854

Religion and Philosophy

104 p. ; 19 cm.; Sabin No.: 34497.

Fiche: 46-47
Abbott, J. (Joseph), 1789-1863, ed.

Philip Musgrave, or, Memoirs of a Church of England missionary in the North American colonies.

London : J. Murray. 1846

Religion and Philosophy

vi, 158 p. ; 18 cm.; Sabin No.: 30.

Fiche: 48-50
Clinton, DeWitt, 1769-1828.

The Republican crisis, or, An exposition of the political Jesuitism of James Madison, president of the United States of America by an observant citizen of the District of Columbia.

Alexandria : Printed for the author. 1812

Political Science, Government and Law

56 p. ; 24 cm.; Sabin No.: 70028.

Fiche: 51
Woodward, Joseph Janvier, 1833-1884.

Reports on the extent and nature of the materials available for the preparation of a medical and surgical history of the rebellion.

Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott. 1865

Science and Technology

166 p., [7] p. of plates : ill. (some col.) ; 31 x 25 cm.; Sabin No.: 66954.

Fiche: 52-54
Report of the examination of the Shakers of Canterbury and Enfield before the New-Hampshire legislature at the November session, 1848, including the testimony at length : several extracts from Shaker publications : the bill which passed the House of representatives : the proceedings in the Pillow case : together with the letter of James W. Spinney / from notes taken at the examination.

Concord, N.H. : Printed by Ervin B. Tripp. 1849

Religion and Philosophy

100 p. ; 22 cm.; Sabin No.: 69858.

Fiche: 55-56
New London Navy Yard Committee.

A reply to a pamphlet issued by the Assistant Secretary of the Navy in favor of League Island, showing the vastly superior advantages of the site on the Thames River, near New London, for a navy yard for iron clad vessels, with a brief comment on the course of the Secretary of the Navy on this question.

New London : [s.n.]. 1866


66 p., [1] folded leaf of plates : map ; 23 cm.; Sabin No.: 69688.

Fiche: 57
Gilbert, Pedro, d. 1835.

A report of the trial of Pedro Gilbert ... [et al.] before the United States Circuit Court, on an indictment charging them with the commission of an act of piracy, on board the brig Mexican, of Salem.

Boston : Russell, Ordiorne & Metcalf. 1834


80 p. ; 23 cm.; Sabin No.: 69915.

Fiche: 58-59
Report of the dinner given to Charles Dickens, in Boston, February 1, 1842 reported by Thomas Gill and William English.

Boston : W. Crosby. 1842

Literature and Fine Arts

66 p. ; 17 cm.; Sabin No.: 69854.

Fiche: 60
New commission of the governor of Quebec and other instruments of authority, derived from the Crown, relative to America.

[London : J. Almon]. [1779?]


82 p. ; 22 cm.; Sabin No.: 52579.

Fiche: 61-62
The Republican songster for the campaign of 1864.

Cincinnati : J.R. Hawley. 1864

Political Science, Government and Law

64 p. ; 15 cm.; Sabin No.: 70042.

Fiche: 63
Baxley, Henry Willis, 1803-1876.

Republican imperialism is not American liberty.

[S.l. : s.n.]. [1863]

Political Science, Government and Law

43 p. ; 23 cm.; Sabin No.: 70032.

Fiche: 64
Remarks upon the report of the committee appointed by the Carlisle Presbytery to review the work entitled Duffield on regeneration together with some additional extracts from the minutes, not published in the official extracts.

Philadelphia : Wm. F. Geddes. 1832

Religion and Philosophy

40 p. ; 22 cm.; Sabin No.: 69536.

Fiche: 65
Resolutions and extracts from the journals of the Hon. the Congress relative to the Continental Loan-Offices in the several states : and certain letters, passed between Robert Morris, Esq., and Abraham Yates, Jun. Esq., late Commissioner of the Continental Loan ... Office of the State of New-York.

Albany : Charles Webster. 1786

Economics and Commerce

31 p. ; 17 cm.; Sabin No.: 70072.

Fiche: 66
Republican opinions about Lincoln.

[S.l. : s.n.]. [1864]

Political Science, Government and Law

16 p. ; 24 cm.; Sabin No.: 70036.

Fiche: 67
Smith, Sydney Kerr, 1850.

Life, army record, and public services of D. Howard Smith by Sydney K. Smith.

Louisville, Ky. : Bradley & Gilbert. 1890


211 p., [1] leaf of plates : port. ; 24 cm.; Sabin No.: 84322.

Fiche: 68-70
Puelles, José María de Jesús.

Informe que se dio al Excmo. Sr. presidente de La Republica Mejicana sobre limites de la provincia de Tejas, con la de la Luisiana.

Zacatecas : Impre del Supremo Gobierno, à cargo del c. P. Piña. 1828


iii, 38 p. ; 20 cm.; Sabin No.: 95094.

Fiche: 71
The Legion of liberty remonstrance of some free men, states, and presses, to the Texas rebellion, against the laws of nature and of nations.

Albany : Sold at the Patriot Office. 1843


[168] p. : ill. ; 19 cm.; Sabin No.: 95097.

Fiche: 72-73
Committee to Recruit the Ninth Army Corps.

Report of Committee to Recruit the Ninth Army Corps February to August, 1864.

New York : John W. Amerman, Printer. 1866


16 p. ; 23 cm.; Sabin No.: 69751.

Fiche: 74
Great Britain. Board of Trade.

A report of the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council, appointed for all matters relating to trade and foreign plantations on the commerce and navigation between His Majesty's dominions and the territories belonging to the United States of America.

[London : s.n.]. [1791]


11, lxi p. ; 29 x 22 cm.; Sabin No.: 69880.

Fiche: 75-76
Smith, Sydney, 1771-1845.

The wit and wisdom of the Rev. Sydney Smith a selection of the most memorable passages in his writings and conversation.

London : Longmans, Green. 1865

Literature and Fine Arts

New ed.; viii, 355 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.; Sabin No.: 84318.

Fiche: 77-81
Smith, Stephen Rensselaer, 1788-1850.

Historical sketches and incidents illustrative of the establishment and progress of Universalism in the State of New York by S.R. Smith.

Buffalo : James S. Leavitt. 1848

Religion and Philosophy

2d ser.; 248 p. ; 26 cm.; Sabin No.: 84283.

Fiche: 82-84
Smith, Stephen Rensselaer, 1788-1850.

Historical sketches and incidents, illustrative of the establishment and progress of Universalism in the State of New York by S.R. Smith.

Buffalo : Steele's Press. 1843

Religion and Philosophy

iv, 249 p. ; 16 cm.; Sabin No.: 84282.

Fiche: 85-87
Terry, John Orville, 1796-1869.

The poems of J.O.T. consisting of songs, satire, and pastoral descriptions, chiefly depicting the scenery, and illustrating the manners and customs of the ancient and present inhabitants of Long-Island.

New-York : George F. Nesbitt. 1850

Literature and Fine Arts

292 p. ; 16 cm.; Sabin No.: 94894.

Fiche: 88-91
Crafts, William, 1787-1826.

An oration on the influence of moral causes on national character delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society on their anniversary, 28 August, 1817.

Cambridge [Mass.] : University Press, Hilliard and Metcalf. 1817

Religion and Philosophy

16 p. ; 24 cm.; Sabin No.: 17343.

Fiche: 92
Philips, John, fl. 1740.

An authentic journal of the late expedition under the command of Commodore Anson ... by John Philips, midshipman of the Centurion.

London : J. Robinson. 1744

Geography, Travel, and Exploration

516 [i.e. 512] p. ; 21 cm.; Sabin No.: 62458.

Fiche: 93-98
Lucett, Edward, 1815-1853.

Rovings in the Pacific, from 1837 to 1849 with a glance at California.

London : Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans. 1851

Geography, Travel, and Exploration

2 v. : col. ill. ; 20 cm.; Sabin No.: 73525.

Fiche: 99-108
Ortiz, Tadeo, 1788-1833.

México considerado como nación independiente y libre, ó, Sean algunas indicaciones sobre los deberes mas esenciales de los mexicanos por Tadeo Ortiz.

Burdeos [France] : Impr. Carlos Lawalle Sobrino. 1832


598 p. ; 21 cm.; Category: CTRG10135006-B; Sabin No.: 57724.

Fiche: 109-115
Ross, Joel H.

What I saw in New-York, or, A bird's eye view of city life by Joel H. Ross.

Auburn, N.Y. : Derby & Miller. 1852

Geography, Travel, and Exploration

2nd ed.; 326 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill. ; 19 cm.; Sabin No.: 73368.

Fiche: 116-119
Bouton, John Bell, 1830-1902.

Round the block an American novel.

New York : D. Appleton. 1864

Literature and Fine Arts

468 p., [4] leaves of plates : ill. ; 19 cm.; Sabin No.: 73474.

Fiche: 120-125
Searle, January, 1815-1889.

The American republic and human liberty foreshadowed in Scripture by George S. Phillips.

Cincinnati : Poe & Hitchcock, for the author. 1864

Political Science, Government and Law

236 p. ; 20 cm.; Sabin No.: 62484.

Fiche: 126-128
United States. Army. Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment, 5th (1776-1783).

Orderly book of the northern army, at Ticonderoga and Mt. Independence, from October 17th, 1776, to January 8th, 1777 with biographical and explanatory notes, and an appendix.

Albany : J. Munsell. 1849


vii, 224 p., [2] leaves of plates (1 fold.) : ill., map ; 22 cm.; Sabin No.: 57496.

Fiche: 129-131
Osgood, Frances Sargent Locke, 1811-1850.

Poems by Frances S. Osgood.

New York : Clark & Austin. 1846

Literature and Fine Arts

iii, 252 p., [1] leaf of plates : ill. ; 19 cm.; Sabin No.: 57779.

Fiche: 132-134
Philips, Miles, fl. 1568-1582.

The voyages and adventures of Miles Philips, a west-country sailor containing a relation of his various fortune both by sea and land : the inhuman usage he met with from the Spaniards at Mexico, and the savage Indians of Canada and other barbarious nations.

London : Printed for T. Payne ... [etc.]. 1724

Geography, Travel, and Exploration

216 p. ; 16 cm.; Sabin No.: 62460.

Fiche: 135-137
O'Neill, Neal John.

The guide to Texas observations, historical, geographical, topographical, statistical, descriptive and political : local and commercial advantages of the country ... : the constitution of the Republic of Mexico and of the states of Coahuila and Texas : also, the laws of the general and state governments relating to colonization.

Dublin : Printed for the principal booksellers in England, Ireland, and Scotland. 1834


xii, 176 p. [4] leaves of plates (1 folded) : map ; 24 cm.; Sabin No.: 57349.

Fiche: 138-140
Ordronaux, John, 1830-1908.

Report to the U.S. sanitary commission on a system for the economical relief of disabled soldiers, and on certain proposed amendments to our present pension laws.

New York : Sanford, Harroun. 1864


163 p. ; 23 cm.; Sabin No.: 57539.

Fiche: 141-142
Voyage pittoresque dans les deux Amériques résumé général de tous les voyages de Colomb, Las-Casas, Oviedo.

Paris : L. Tenré. 1836

Geography, Travel, and Exploration

xiv, 568 p., ca. 268 leaves of plates : ill., maps ; 28 cm.; Sabin No.: 57458.

Fiche: 143-152
Rowson, Mrs., 1762-1824.

Reuben and Rachel, or, Tales of old times, a novel by Mrs. Rowson.

Boston : Printed by Manning and Loring, for D. West. 1798

Literature and Fine Arts

iv, 364 p. ; 17 cm.; Sabin No.: 73613.

Fiche: 153-157
United States.

New Almaden mine statement of case, arguments of counsel, and opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States, in the case of the United States vs. Andrés Castillero, determined at December term, 1862.

Philadelphia : King & Baird, Printers. 1863

Political Science, Government and Law

209 p. ; 23 cm.; Sabin No.: 52437.

Fiche: 158-160
The Republican campaign songster a collection of lyrics, original and selected.

New York : Miller, Orton and Mulligan. 1856

Political Science, Government and Law

108 p. ; 15 cm.; Sabin No.: 70022.

Fiche: 161-162
Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Convention of Domestic Missions.

A report of the minority in the convention on domestic missions held in Cincinnati, November, 1831.

Cincinnati : Printed at the Cincinnati Journal Office. 1831

Religion and Philosophy

48 p. ; 21 cm.; Sabin No.: 69885.

Fiche: 163
The Resolutions of the House of Commons, on the great constitutional questions between the privileges of the House of Commons and the prerogative of the Crown from the 17th of December 1783, to the 10th of March, 1784.

London : Printed for J. Debrett. 1784

Political Science, Government and Law

51 p. ; cm.; Sabin No.: 70077.

Fiche: 164
Massachusetts (Colony). Provincial Congress.

Resolves and orders of the Congress, Council, and General Court of the State of Massachusetts-Bay collected for the use of the Committees of Correspondence, Insiection [sic] and Safety, of the several towns in said state.

Boston : Printed by Powers and Willis. [1777]

Political Science, Government and Law

16 p. ; 19 cm.; Sabin No.: 70081.

Fiche: 165
Remarks upon a late pamphlet intitul'd The two great questions consider'd I. What the French king will do with respect to the Spanish monarchy : II. What measures the English ought to take.

London : [s.n.]. 1700


27 p. ; cm.; Sabin No.: 69516.

Fiche: 166
Newcastle, Thomas Pelham-Holles, Duke of, 1693-1768.

The resignation, or, The fox out of the pit, and the geese in, with B----g at the bottom.

London : [s.n.]. 1756


24 p. ; 21 cm.; Sabin No.: 70065.

Fiche: 167
Society for the Diffusion of Political Knowledge (New York, N.Y.).

Reply to President Lincoln's letter of 12th June, 1863.

New York : The Society. 1863

Political Science, Government and Law

8 p. ; 23 cm.; Sabin No.: 69699.

Fiche: 168
New York (State). Provincial Congress.

Resolutions of the Provincial Congress, of the colony of New-York, for the encouragement of manufactories of gun powder, musket barrels, musket locks and salt.

New-York : Printed by John Holt. 1776


7 p. ; 21 cm.; Sabin No.: 70078.

Fiche: 169
Hutchings, Robert Chadwick, d. 1891.

The usurpations of the federal government the dangers of centralization / speech of Hon. Robert C. Hutchings, of New York, on the governor's annual message, delivered in the House of Assembly of the state of New York, February 26th, 1863.

Albany : Atlas & Argus print. 1863


16 p. ; 24 cm.; Sabin No.: 34046.

Fiche: 170
Committee on the Subject of Pauperism and a House of Industry (Boston, Mass.).

Report of the Committee on the subject of Pauperism and a House of Industry in the town of Boston.

[Boston? : s.n.]. 1821

Social Sciences

20 p. ; 22 cm.; Sabin No.: 69833.

Fiche: 171
Report on the subject of a communication between Canandaigua Lake and the Erie Canal made on the 21st December, 1820, at a meeting of the citizens of Canandaigua and its vicinity.

Canandaigua : Printed by J.D. Bemis. 1821

Economics and Commerce

23 p. ; 23 cm.; Sabin No.: 69937.

Fiche: 172
Resources, advantages and productions of the counties of Brown, Door, Oconto and Shawano, in the State of Wisconsin prepared and published by order of the County Board of Supervisors.

Green Bay : Robinson & Bro., Printers. 1870

Geography, Travel, and Exploration

33 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.; Sabin No.: 70083.

Fiche: 173
Committee Appointed for the Peace Convention.

Report on the injustice and inequality of the Militia Law of Massachusetts, with regards to the rights of conscience.

Boston : Printed by Isaac Knapp. 1838

Political Science, Government and Law

16 p. ; 16 cm.; Sabin No.: 69933.

Fiche: 174
Cotton, John, 1693-1757.

Ministers of the Gospel should speak, not as pleasing men, but God who tries their hearts a sermon preach'd at the ordination of the Rev. Mr. Ward Cotton, at Hampton, in New-Hampshire, June 19th, 1734, when he was ordain'd a colleague-pastor with the Rev. Mr. Nathaneal Gookin, Pastor of the First Church there.

Boston : Printed by B. Green. 1734

Religion and Philosophy

23 p. ; 21 cm.; Sabin No.: 17097.

Fiche: 175
A Reply to some remarks on A letter to a gentleman relating to the office of ruling elders at the request of a friend.

[Boston : s.n.]. [1731?]

Religion and Philosophy

16 p. ; 16 cm.; Sabin No.: 69700.

Fiche: 176
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. Committee to Enquire into the Several Proceedings in the Colony of Massachusetts's Bay.

The report of the Lords committees, appointed by the House of Lords to enquire into the several proceedings in the Colony of Massachusett's Bay, in opposition to the sovereignty of His Majesty, in his Parliament of Great Britain, over that province and also what hath passed in this House relative thereto, from the first day of January, 1764.

London : Charles Eyre and William Strahan. 1774


35 p. ; 39 cm.; Sabin No.: 69877.

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