The Reservoir Dogs and Sad Dam (Who`s Sane?): An Essay From a constructionalist Point Of View

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The Reservoir Dogs and Sad Dam (Who`s Sane?): An Essay From A Constructionalist Point Of View

The Middle East has been a crisis zone since the British and the Israelis in 1956, without the support of the Americans, invaded Egypt in order to take back the Suez canal from President Nasser, who had nationalized it. Nasser wanted to place a toll upon the usage of the canal in order to construct the Aswan dam, which was necessary for controlling the annual flooding of the Nile river that, traditionally, is the source of well water for the crops and of the Egyptian farming communities, and therefore of the economic well-being of Egypt.

The dogs of war, unleashed against Saddam in the Gulf Wars (1990-1, 2001-3), symbolically and concretely, are the `reservoir dogs`, `reservoir` being what is created by a dam. In the movie The Reservoir Dogs (1992) the action is evil, that is, it`s about murderers who are men. I belong to a church in Budapest called the Hít Gyulakazet, which turns away lesbians on the grounds that they are `unnatural` and men with a penis aren`t. But the perception that a woman that wants her own species is for hellfire and eternal unendurable pain (because the men say so) is without foundation in scripture. If a woman had a penis, she would be `man` in definable terms, and there are many such. In short, women are a species and men may be perceived as a parasitical virus that perpetuates itself by using her species as a host womb. Jesus` mother Mary perceives this in giving birth as a virgin by means of parthenogenesis so that men have no input in terms of Jesus` conception. She represents the archetypal mother that doesn`t want her offspring to have STDs, and so she`s anti-AIDS, as it were, which is what men mean to her from the point of view of protecting her child. POV is important, because from the POV of Mary men are either self-perpetuating, self-devouring parasitical organism viruses (POV as boy sons - poisons), or parasitical orgasm viruses (POV as STDs - AIDS), and she doesn`t want them for Jesus, not least because she wants God`s POV from him.

At the Hít Gyulakazet, the churchmen believe that they are employed by God, and lesbians who aren`t are those for whom the fire of hell is being prepared, that is, from a woman`s point of view the men of the church are those who want to`fire us`. The delusion is that the men are employees of God and employers of women who may `fire us`, but the reality is that they are a `virus` that wants us to believe that they are superior because they have a penis and are capable of STDs such as AIDS, which for me isn`t preferable to Sophie Moone , the beloved lesbian Hungarian pornstar having sex with another beautiful woman (with or without a penis – as beautiful futanar women have).

The Gulf conflict and American superbowl are analogous constructs in terms of our understanding of God`s plan. In American superbowl the quarterback who throws the successful touchdown or TD is performing against the offense of the other team, and that may be construed as the sins from which Jesus has redeemed mankind, that is, he represents the QB that has beaten the offense. In Britney Spears` (1982-) Oops I Did It Again the QB is translated into the astronaut who makes touchdown on Mars where he redeems himself in her eyes by giving her a gift, and then in traditional superbowl receiver style he walks backwards from within the end zone to celebrate his triumph, that is, in the video he is depicted as walking backwards to his `position` - as QB.

American football is about `offense` and how to beat it, and the analogous situation is ICBMs aimed at Russia and extrapolating how to survive a first strike and hit back, which is what the sport of US football is perceived by some as being designed to examine. In the Gulf conflict, the US are perceived to have built the Iraqi army until it effectively represented Iraqi US, and the Americans in the Gulf were Army US, but insofar as they were there to fire at each other they represent `fire US`, that is, men as a viral parasitical organism that functions like this – a virus (`fire US`). In short, Britney Spears in her red suit on Mars is Redemption because Jesus has redeemed the astronaut because he is the chosen QB who has beaten the offence. But it is not about `beating the rap` as the criminals say. Britney Spears is Redemption because she is a species, that is, woman, whereas the QB is a viral parasite. In other words, Britney Spears is Redemption because she is a redeeming creature, whereas men are a virus. She is not the offence. It is the virus that seeks to penetrate the woman, the woman does not seek to penetrate the virus, and cannot because, in purely sexual terms, she doesn`t have a penis and so cannot commit the offence of sodomy - which is what American football posits as the unspoken goal. The ball is the woman`s egg through which the men want to sexually transmit their disease, that is, self-perpetuation as a viral parasite by means of a host womb. They are STDs that would self-replicate, if they could, by inserting their penis into each others` anus, which is how the STD AIDS emerged. In other words, they help each other to hijack the woman – offensively.

For woman and Britney Spears it is about perception, that is, Britney`s Spears-eption. Man is redeemable if Redemption is possible. Her name means `those which penetrate` - and woman with a penis (futanar) are penetrative in terms of sexual reproduction within woman as a species, which excludes men as viral parasitical organisms. Only if man perceives that, as Jesus says, `love thy neighbor as ye would love thyself` because you are your neighbor, is it possible to comprehend, that is, Britney Spears with a penis would be you if you were able to perceive Jesus` conception of `God is love` as meaning that, if Sophie Moone had a penis, she`d be fucking Britney Spears, and both of them could be you (as, indeed, they are). In short, Redemption for men consists in the redeeming knowledge that they are their woman`s penis, which is why it`s possible to be on the side of God rather than the Might of Saddam (Sodomite) in the Gulf and have redemption despite being `fire US` (virus); because the `little woman` at home is their real penis and they`re just standing in for her as God. It is as it has always been understood. Love for woman is the sine qua non of redemption because she is the instrument of `God`s love` upon the Earth. If you perceive yourselves as `fire US` (virus) and turn women away from God and Jesus because she loves other women who are her species and not a viral parasite, that is, men, then you are the `fire US` from another angle, that is, you would consign woman to unendurable eternal pain because you are a virus in the word of God as transmitted by you as STDs and Satan`s AIDS.

At the Hít Gyulakazet they are saying that they are employed by God and those who are not employed by God are doomed to eternal unendurable pain, that is, fire, because they as God`s employees may put them there. In other words, all those who are not God`s employees are for the fire. But woman is God`s species and men are for the fire; because they want to `fire us`, the women, from God`s employment and as God`s employees, whereas it`s the women that are employed by God and the AIDS of Satan are those who would replicate themselves as STDs and `fire us`, that is, sentence us to unendurable pain forever. But they can`t, because women are human and those who would `fire us` are Satan`s virus – and can`t employ us anyway because we`re God`s species.

I was `born from the waters of the spirit` at the Hít Gyulakazet in 1994 and it occurred to me that Adam was created in the form of `a dam`, that is, a reservoir of God`s spiritual nature against `reservoir dogs` such as Saddam Hussein (1934-). The name Eve, created by God from the side of Adam, means `that which precedes`, and therefore is the future of the spirit of humanity. Traditionally, water is associated with the immortality of the spirit, and of life. Especially in Christian baptism, and in the ancient Egyptian myth of Osiris, who is the Christ-like figure believed to be `resurrected` when the beneficial waters of the river Nile cause the crops to grow. In the myth Osiris is cut into pieces by his `brother` Set, who is evil personified. Isis, representative of the female principle, restores Osiris. She fashions a penis – effectively the penis of Isis – and Osiris is `risen` as Horus, who returns to heaven.

In the Christian tradition, Jesus may be understood as the incarnation of God as the God Man with the penis of Isis` Osiris, who is not born of man but of woman (the Virgin as Isis), and men who did not accept the teachings of Jesus, for example, that `God is love`, crucifed him - again. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is a `corn god`, which means he represents bread and water, whereas in the Christian tradition Jesus is associated with wine. He `changes` water into wine at the `wedding at Canaan` and, at the `last supper`, offers wine and bread to the disciples as his `body and blood` with the perception that one of them will `betray` him. However, in Islam, alcohol (even wine) is forbidden or `haraam`, so water and bread are more important, which is why Osiris is a `god of corn` and not of malt whisky.

According to the structuralist Claude Levi-Strauss (1908-2009), the signs of culture may be constructed as a triangle in which fruit and meat form the base (one at each corner), and at the apex is that which is produced through patience and understanding (wisdom), that is, cheese and vinegar, for example, are the result of corruption and rottenness – wine producing vinegar and milk producing cheese. In structural anthropology, therefore, Jesus belongs at the zenith because, in transubstantiation terms, that is, the procedure for accepting the Holy Spirit as the `teacher` and the promise of a physically immortal body in heaven, he is the wine (which was water at the marriage in Canaan) and the bread – as a sign of his body and blood – but also the `cheese`, that is, Cheesus. This may seem facile, but Jesus imbibed milk at the breast of his mother Mary, and the structuralism of Claude Levi-Strauss says that, just as patience is a virtue attributed to the Madonna, so patience is required if milk is to become, as it were, despite rottenness and corruption, cheese.

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