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And we said, "O Adam! dwell thou and thy wife in the Garden, and eat ye

plentifully therefrom wherever ye list; but to this tree come not nigh, lest

ye become of the transgressors."
But Satan17 made them slip from it, and caused their banishment from the

place in which they were. And we said, "Get ye down, the one of you an enemy

to the other: and there shall be for you in the earth a dwelling-place, and a

provision for a time."

And words of prayer learned Adam from his Lord: and God turned to him; for He

loveth to turn, the Merciful.

We said, "Get ye down from it, all together: and if
Guidance shall come to you from me, whoso shall follow my guidance, on them

shall come no fear, neither shall they be grieved:

But they who shall not believe, and treat our signs as false-hoods, these

shall be inmates of the fire; in it shall they remain for ever."

O children of Israel! remember my favour wherewith I shewed favour upon you,

and be true to your covenant with me; I will be true to my covenant with you;

me therefore, revere me! and believe in what I have sent down confirming your

Scriptures, and be not the first to disbelieve it, neither for a mean price

barter my signs: me therefore, fear ye me!
And clothe not the truth with falsehood, and hide not the truth when ye know

And observe prayer and pay the legal impost, and bow down with those who bow.

Will ye enjoin what is right upon others, and forget yourselves? Yet ye read

the Book: will ye not understand?

And seek help with patience and prayer: a hard duty indeed is this, but not

to the humble,

Who bear in mind that they shall meet their Lord, and that unto Him shall

they return.

O children of Israel! remember my favour wherewith I shewed favour upon you;

for verily to you above all human beings have I been bounteous.

And fear ye the day when soul shall not satisfy for soul at all, nor shall

any intercession be accepted from them, nor shall any ransom be taken,

neither shall they be helped.
And remember when we rescued you from the people of Pharaoh, who had laid on

you a cruel chastisement. They slew your male children, and let only your

females live: and in this was a great trial from your Lord:
And when we parted the sea for you, and saved you, and drowned the people of

Pharaoh, while ye were looking on:

And when we were in treaty with Moses forty nights: then during his absence

took ye the calf and acted wickedly:

Yet after this we forgave you, that ye might be grateful:
And when we gave Moses the Book and the Illumination19 in order to your


And remember when Moses said to his people, "O my people! verily ye - have

sinned to your own hurt, by your taking the calf to worship it: Be turned

then to your creator, and slay the guilty among you;20 this will be best for

you with your creator:" Then turned He unto you, for He is the one who

turneth, the Merciful:
And when ye said, "O Moses! we will not believe thee until we see God

plainly;" the thunderbolt fell upon you while ye were looking on:

Then we raised you to life after ye had been dead,21 that haply ye might give

And we caused the clouds to overshadow you, and we sent down manna and quails

upon you;�"Eat of the good things we have give you for sustenance;"�and they

injured not us but they injured themselves.22

And when we said, "Enter this city,23 and eat therefrom plentifully, at your

will, and enter the gate with prostrations, and say, 'Forgiveness;' and we

will pardon you your sins, and give an increase to the doers of good:"�
But the evil-doers changed that word into another than that spoken to them,24

and we sent down upon those evil-doers wrath from heaven, for that they had

done amiss:
And when Moses asked drink for his people, we said, "Strike the rock with thy

rod;" and from it there gushed twelve fountains: each tribe25 knew their

drinking-place:�"Eat and drink," said we, "of what God hath supplied, and do

no wrong on the earth by licentious deeds:"

And when ye said, "O Moses! we will not put up with one sort of food: pray,

therefore, thy Lord for us, that He would bring forth for us of that which

the earth groweth, its herbs and its cucumbers and its garlic and its lentils

and its onions:" He said, "What! will ye exchange that which is worse for

what is better? Get ye down into Egypt;�for ye shall have what ye have

asked:" Vileness and poverty were stamped upon them, and they returned with

wrath from God: This, for that they disbelieved the signs of God, and slew

the Prophets26 unjustly: this, for that they rebelled and transgressed!

Verily, they who believe (Muslims), and they who follow the Jewish religion,

and the Christians, and the Sabeites27�whoever of these believeth in God and

the last day, and doeth that which is right, shall have their reward with

their Lord: fear shall not come upon them, neither shall they be grieved.

Call to mind also when we entered into a covenant with you, and lifted up the

mountain28 over you:�"Take hold," said we, "on what we have revealed to you,

with resolution, and remember what is therein, that ye may fear:"
But after this ye turned back, and but for God's grace and mercy toward you,

ye had surely been of the lost! Ye know too those of you who transgressed on

the Sabbath, and to whom we said, "Be changed into scouted apes:"29
And we made them a warning to those of their day, and to those who came after

them, and a caution to the God-fearing:

And when Moses said to his people, "Verily, God bids you sacrifice a COW;"30

they said, "Makest thou a jest of us?" He said, "God keep me from being one

of the foolish." They said, "Call on thy Lord for us that He would make plain

to us what she is." He said, "God saith, 'She is a cow neither old nor young,

but of the middle age between the two:' do therefore what ye are bidden."
They said, "Call on your Lord for us, that he would make plain to us what is

her colour." He said, "God saith, 'She is a fawn-coloured cow; her colour is

very bright; she rejoiceth the beholders.' "
They said, "Call on they Lord for us that He would make plain to us what cow

it is�for to us are cows alike,�and verily, if God please, we shall be guided

He said, "God saith, 'She is a cow not worn by ploughing the earth or

watering the field, sound, no blemish in her.' " They said, "Now hast thou

brought the truth:" Then they sacrificed her; Yet nearly had they done it

And when ye slew a man, and strove among yourselves about him, God brought to

light what he had hidden:
For we said, "Strike the corpse with part of her." So God giveth life to the

dead, and sheweth you his signs, that haply ye may understand.

Then after that your hearts became hard like rocks, or harder still: for

verily, from rocks have rivers gushed; others, verily, have been cleft, and

water hath issued from them; and others, verily, have sunk down through fear

of God: And God is not regardless of your actions.

Desire ye then that for your sakes31 the Jews should believe? Yet a part of

them heard the word of God, and then, after they had understood it, perverted

it, and knew that they did so.
And when they fall in with the faithful, they say, "We believe;" but when

they are apart32 one with another, they say, "Will ye acquaint them with what

God hath revealed to you, that they may dispute with you about it in the

presence of your Lord?" Understand ye their aim?

Know they not that God knoweth what they hide, as well as what they bring to

But there are illiterates among them who are unacquainted with the Book,33

but with lies only, and have but vague fancies. Woe to those who with their

own hands transcribe the Book corruptly, and then say, "This is from God,"

that they may sell it for some mean price! Woe then to them for that which

their hands have written! and, Woe to them for the gains which they have

And they say, "Hell fire shall not touch us, but for a few days:"34 SAY: Have

ye received such a promise from God? for God will not revoke his promise: or,

Speak ye of God that which ye know not?
But they whose only gains are evil works, and who are environed by their

sins,�they shall be inmates of the fire, therein to abide for ever:

But they who have believed and done the things that be right, they shall be

the inmates of Paradise,�therein to abide for ever.

And when we entered into covenant with the children of Israel, we said,

"Worship none but God, and be good to your parents and kindred, and to

orphans, and to the poor, and speak with men what is right, and observe

prayer, and pay the stated alms." Then turned ye away, except a few of you,

and withdrew afar off.
And when we made a covenant with you that ye should not shed your own

blood,35 nor expel one another from your abodes, then ye ratified it and

yourselves were witnesses.
Then were ye the very persons who slew one another; and ye drove out a part

of your own people from their abodes; ye lent help against them with wrong

and hatred; but if they come captives to you, ye redeem them!�Yet it was

forbidden you to drive them out.36 Believe ye then part of the Book, and deny

part? But what shall be the meed of him among you who doth this, but shame in

this life? And on the day of the Resurrection they shall be sent to the most

cruel of torments, for God is not regardless of what ye do.
These are they who purchase this present life at the price of that which is

to come: their torment shall not be lightened, neither shall they be helped.

Moreover, to Moses gave we "the Book," and we raised up apostles after him;

and to Jesus, son of Mary, gave we clear proofs of his mission, and

strengthened him by the Holy Spirit.37 So oft then as an apostle cometh to

you with that which your souls desire not, swell ye with pride, and treat

some as impostors, and slay others?
And they say, "Uncircumcised are our hearts." Nay! God hath cursed them in

their infidelity: few are they who believe!

And when a Book had come to them from God, confirming that which they had

received already�although they had before prayed for victory over those who

believed not�yet when that Koran come to them, of which they had knowledge,

they did not recognise it. The curse of God on the infidels!

For a vile price have they sold themselves, by not believing what God hath

sent down, envious of God's sending down his grace on such of his servants as

he pleaseth:38 and they have brought on themselves wrath upon wrath. And for

the unbelievers is a disgraceful chastisement.

And when it is said to them, "Believe in what God hath sent down," they say,

"In that which hath been sent down to us we believe:" but what hath since

been sent down they disbelieve, although it be the truth confirmatory of

their own Scriptures. SAY: Why then have ye of old slain God's prophets,39 if

ye are indeed believers?
Moreover, Moses came unto you with proofs of his mission. Then in his absence

ye took the calf for your God, and did wickedly.

And when we accepted your covenant, and uplifted40 the mountain over you, we

said, "Take firm hold on what we have given you, and hearken." They said, "We

have hearkened and have rebelled:" then were they made to drink down the calf

into their hearts for their ingratitude. SAY: A bad thing hath your faith

commanded you, if ye be indeed believers.
SAY: If the future dwelling place with God be specially for you, but not for

the rest of mankind, then wish for death, if ye are sincere:

But never can they wish for it, because of that which their own hands have

sent on before them!41 And God knoweth the offenders.

And thou wilt surely find them of all men most covetous of life, beyond even

the polytheists. To be kept alive a thousand years might one of them desire:

but that he may be preserved alive, shall no one reprieve himself from the

punishment! And God seeth what they do.

SAY: Whoso is the enemy of Gabriel�For he it is who by God's leave hath

caused the Koran to descend on thy heart, the confirmation of previous

revelations, and guidance, and good tidings to the faithful�
Whoso is an enemy to God or his angels, or to Gabriel, or to Michael, shall

have God as his enemy: for verily God is an enemy to the Infidels.

Moreover, clear signs have we sent down to thee, and none will disbelieve

them but the perverse.

Oft as they have formed an engagement with thee, will some of them set it

aside? But most of them believe not.

And when there came to them an apostle from God, affirming the previous

revelations made to them, some of those to whom the Scriptures were given,

threw the Book of God behind their backs as if they knew it not:
And they followed what the Satans read42 in the reign of Solomon: not that

Solomon was unbelieving, but the Satans were unbelieving. Sorcery did they

teach to men, and what had been revealed to the two angels, Harut and Marut,

at Babel. Yet no man did these two teach until they had said, "We are only a

temptation. Be not then an unbeliever." From these two did men learn how to

cause division between man and wife: but unless by leave of God, no man did

they harm thereby. They learned, indeed, what would harm and not profit them;

and yet they knew that he who bought that art should have no part in the life

to come! And vile the price for which they have sold themselves,�if they had

but known it!

But had they believed and feared God, better surely would have been the

reward from God,�if they had but known it!

O ye who believe! say not to our apostle, "Raina"43 (Look at us); but say,

"Ondhorna" (Regard us). And attend to this; for, the Infidels shall suffer a

grievous chastisement.
The unbelievers among the people of the Book, and among the idolaters, desire

not that any good should be sent down to you from your Lord: but God will

shew His special mercy to whom He will, for He is of great bounty.
Whatever verses we cancel,44 or cause thee to forget, we bring a better or

its like. Knowest thou not that God hath power over all things?

Knowest thou not that the dominion of the Heavens and of the Earth is God's?

and that ye have neither patron nor helper, save God?

Would ye ask of your apostle what of old was asked of Moses? But he who

exchangeth faith for unbelief,45 hath already erred from the even way.

Many of the people of the Book desire to bring you back to unbelief after ye

have believed, out of selfish envy, even after the truth hath been clearly

shewn them. But forgive them, and shun them till God shall come in with His

working. Truly God hath power over all things.

And observe prayer and pay the legal impost:46 and whatever good thing ye

have sent on before for your soul's sake, ye shall find it with God. Verily

God seeth what ye do.
And they say, "None but Jews or Christians shall enter Paradise:" This is

their wish. SAY: Give your proofs if ye speak the truth.

But they who set their face with resignation Godward, and do what is right,�

their reward is with their Lord; no fear shall come on them, neither shall

they be grieved.
Moreover, the Jews say, "The Christians lean on nought:" "On nought lean the

Jews," say the Christians: Yet both are readers of the Book. So with like

words say they who have no knowledge.47 But on the resurrection day, God

shall judge between them as to that in which they differ.

And who committeth a greater wrong than he who hindereth God's name from

being remembered in his temples, and who hasteth to ruin them?48 Such men

cannot enter them but with fear. Their's is shame in this world, and a severe

torment in the next.

The East and the West is God's: therefore, whichever way ye turn, there is

the face of God:49 Truly God is immense and knoweth all.

And they say, "God hath a son:" No! Praise be to Him! But�His, whatever is

in the Heavens and the Earth! All obeyeth Him,

Sole maker of the Heavens and of the Earth! And when He decreeth a thing, He

only saith to it, "Be," and it is.

And they who have no knowledge say, "Unless God speak to us, or thou shew us

a sign . . . !" So, with like words, said those who were before them: their

hearts are alike: Clear signs have we already shewn for those who have firm

Verily, with the Truth have we sent thee, a bearer of good tidings and a

warner: and of the people of Hell thou shalt not be questioned.
But until thou follow their religion, neither Jews nor Christians will be

satisfied with thee. SAY: Verily, guidance of God,�that is the guidance! And

if, after "the Knowledge" which hath reached thee, thou follow their desires,

thou shalt find neither helper nor protector against God.

They to whom we have given the Book, and who read it as it ought to be read,�

these believe therein: but whoso believeth not therein, shall meet with

O children of Israel! remember my favour wherewith I have favoured you, and

that high above all mankind have I raised you:

And dread the day when not in aught shall soul satisfy for soul, nor shall

any ransom be taken from it, nor shall any intercession avail, and they shall

not be helped.
When his Lord made trial of Abraham by commands which he fulfilled, He said,

"I am about to make thee an Imâm to mankind:" he said, "Of my offspring

also:" "My covenant," said God, "embraceth not the evil doers."
And remember when we appointed the Holy House50 as man's resort and safe

retreat, and said, "Take ye the station of Abraham for a place of prayer:"

And we commanded Abraham and Ismael, "Purify my house for those who shall go

in procession round it, and those who shall abide there for devotion, and

those who shall bow down and prostrate themselves."
And when Abraham said, "Lord! make this secure land, and supply its people

with fruits, such of them as believe in God and in the last day:" He said,

"And whoso believeth not, for a little while will I bestow good things on

him; then will I drive him to the torment of the Fire!" An ill passage!

And when Abraham, with Ismael, raised the foundations51 of the House, they

said, "O our Lord! accept it from us; for thou art the Hearer, the Knower.

O our Lord! make us also Muslims, and our posterity a Muslim people; and

teach us our holy rites, and be turned towards us, for thou art He who

turneth, the Merciful.
O our Lord! raise up among them an apostle52 who may rehearse thy signs unto

them, and teach them 'the Book,' and Wisdom, and purify them: for thou art

the Mighty, the Wise."
And who but he that hath debased his soul to folly will mislike the faith of

Abraham, when we have chosen him in this world, and in the world to come he

shall be of the Just?
When his Lord said to him, "Resign thyself to me," he said, "I resign myself

to the Lord of the Worlds."

And this to his children did Abraham bequeath, and Jacob also, saying, "O my

children! truly God hath chosen a religion for you; so die not unless ye be

also Muslims."
Were ye present when Jacob was at the point of death?53 when he said to his

sons, "Whom will ye worship when I am gone?" They said, "We will worship thy

God and the God of thy fathers Abraham and Ismael and Isaac, one God, and to

Him are we surrendered (Muslims)."

That people have now passed away; they have the reward of their deeds, and ye

shall have the meed of yours: but of their doings ye shall not be questioned.

They say, moreover, "Become Jews or Christians that ye may have the true

guidance." SAY: Nay! the religion of Abraham, the sound in faith,54 and not

one of those who join gods with God!
Say ye: "We believe in God, and that which hath been sent down to us, and

that which hath been sent down to Abraham and Ismael and Isaac and Jacob and

the tribes: and that which hath been given to Moses and to Jesus, and that

which was given to the prophets from their Lord. No difference do we make

between any of them: and to God are we resigned (Muslims)."
If therefore they believe even as ye believe, then have they true guidance;

but if they turn back, then do they cut themselves off from you: and God will

suffice to protect thee against them, for He is the Hearer, the Knower.55
Islam is the Baptism of God,56 and who is better to baptise than God? And Him

do we serve.

SAY: Will ye dispute with us about God? when He is our Lord and your Lord! We

have our works and ye have your works; and we are sincerely His.

Will ye say, "Verily Abraham, and Ismael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and the

tribes, were Jews or Christians?" SAY: Who knoweth best, ye, or God? And who

is more in fault than he who concealeth the witness which he hath from God?

But God is not regardless of what ye do.

That people have now passed away: they have the reward of their deeds, and

for you is the meed of yours; but of their doings ye shall not be questioned.

The foolish ones will say, "What hath turned them from the kebla which they

used?" SAY: The East and the West are God's. He guideth whom he will into the

right path.
Thus have we made you a central people,57 that ye may be witnesses in regard

to mankind, and that the apostle may be a witness in regard to you.

We appointed the kebla which thou formerly hadst, only that we might know him

who followeth the apostle, from him who turneth on his heels: The change is a

difficulty, but not to those whom God hath guided. But God will not let your

faith58 be fruitless; for unto man is God Merciful, Gracious.

We have seen thee turning thy face towards every part of Heaven; but we will

have thee turn to a kebla which shall please thee. Turn then thy face towards

the sacred Mosque,59 and wherever ye be, turn your faces towards that part.

They, verily, to whom "the Book" hath been given, know this to be the truth

from their Lord: and God is not regardless of what ye do.
Even though thou shouldest bring every kind of sign to those who have

received the Scriptures, yet thy kebla they will not adopt; nor shalt thou

adopt their kebla; nor will one part of them adopt the kebla of the other.

And if, after the knowledge which hath come to thee, thou follow their

wishes, verily then wilt thou become of the unrighteous.
They to whom we have given the Scriptures know him�the apostle�even as they

know their own children: but truly a part of them do conceal the truth,

though acquainted with it.60

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