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His, the keys of the Heavens and of the Earth! He giveth with open hand, or

sparingly, to whom He will: He knoweth all things.

To you hath He prescribed the faith which He commanded unto Noah, and which

we have revealed to thee, and which we commanded unto Abraham and Moses and

Jesus, saying, "Observe this faith, and be not divided into sects therein."

Intolerable to those who worship idols jointly with God

Is that faith to which thou dost call them. Whom He pleaseth will God choose

for it, and whosoever shall turn to Him in penitence will He guide to it.

Nor were they divided into sects through mutual jealousy, till after that

"the knowledge" had come to them: and had not a decree from thy Lord gone

forth respiting them to a fixed time, verily, there had at once been a

decision between them.3 And they who have inherited "the Book" after them,

are in perplexity of doubt concerning it.
For this cause summon thou them to the faith, and go straight on as thou hast

been bidden, and follow not their desires: and SAY: In whatsoever Books God

hath sent down do I believe: I am commanded to decide justly between you: God

is your Lord and our Lord: we have our works and you have your works: between

us and you let there be no strife: God will make us all one: and to Him shall

we return.

And as to those who dispute about God, after pledges of obedience given to

Him,4 their disputings shall be condemned by their Lord, and wrath shall be

on them, and theirs shall be a sore torment.
It is God who hath sent down the Book with truth, and the Balance:5 but who

shall inform thee whether haply "the Hour" be nigh?

They who believe not in it, challenge its speedy coming:6 but they who

believe are afraid because of it, and know it to be a truth. Are not they who

dispute of the Hour, in a vast error?
Benign is God towards his servants: for whom He will doth He provide: and He

is the Strong, the Mighty.

Whoso will choose the harvest field of the life to come, to him will we give

increase in this his harvest field: and whoso chooseth the harvest field of

this life, thereof will we give him: but no portion shall there be for him in

the life to come.7

Is it that they have gods who have sanctioned for them aught in the matter of

religion which God hath not allowed? But had it not been for a decree of

respite till the day of severance, judgment had ere now taken place among

them; and assuredly the impious shall undergo a painful torment.

On that day thou shalt see the impious alarmed at their own works, and the

consequence thereof shall fall upon them: but they who believe and do the

things that are right, shall dwell in the meadows of paradise: whatever they

shall desire awaiteth them with their Lord. This, the greatest boon.

This is what God announceth to his servants who believe and do the things

that are right. SAY: For this ask I no wage of you, save the love of my kin.

And whoever shall have won the merit of a good deed, we will increase good to

him therewith; for God is forgiving, grateful.

Will they say he hath forged a lie of God? If God pleased,
He could then seal up thy very heart.8 But God will bring untruth to nought,

and will make good the truth by his word: for He knoweth the very secrets of

the breast.
He it is who accepteth repentance from his servants, and forgiveth their sins

and knoweth your actions:

And to those who believe and do the things that are right will he hearken,

and augment his bounties to them:9 but the unbelievers doth a terrible

punishment await.
Should God bestow abundance upon his servants, they might act wantonly on the

earth: but He sendeth down what He will by measure; for he knoweth, beholdeth

his servants.
He it is who after that men have despaired of it, sendeth down the rain, and

spreadeth abroad his mercy: He is the Protector, the Praiseworthy.

Among his signs is the creation of the Heavens and of the Earth, and the

creatures which he hath scattered over both: and, for their gathering

together when he will, He is allpowerful!
Nor happeneth to you any mishap, but it is for your own handy-work: and yet

he forgiveth many things.

Ye cannot weaken him on the earth: neither, beside God, patron or helper

shall ye have.

Among his signs also are the sea-traversing ships like mountains: if such be

his will, He lulleth the wind, and they lie motionless on the back of the

waves:�truly herein are signs to all the constant, the grateful;�
Or if, for their ill deserts, He cause them to founder, still He forgiveth

But they who gainsay our signs shall know that there will be no escape for

All that you receive is but for enjoyment in this life present: but better

and more enduring is a portion with God, for those who believe and put their

trust in their Lord;
And who avoid the heinous things of crime, and filthiness, and when they are

angered, forgive;

And who hearken to their Lord, and observe prayer, and whose affairs are

guided by mutual COUNSEL, and who give alms of that with which we have

enriched them;
And who, when a wrong is done them, redress themselves:
�Yet let the recompense of evil be only a like evil but he who forgiveth and

is reconciled, shall be rewarded by God himself; for He loveth not those who

act unjustly.
And there shall be no way open against those who, after being wronged, avenge


But there shall be a way open against those who unjustly wrong others, and

act insolently on the earth in disregard of justice. These! a grievous

punishment doth await them.
And whoso beareth wrongs with patience and forgiveth;�this verily is a

bounden duty;

But he whom God shall cause to err, shall thenceforth have no protector. And

thou shalt behold the perpetrators of injustice,

Exclaiming, when they see the torment, "Is there no way to return?"
And thou shalt see them when set before it, downcast for the shame: they

shall look at it with stealthy glances: and the believers shall say, "Truly

are the losers they who have lost themselves and their families on the day of

Resurrection! Shall not the perpetrators of injustice be in lasting torment?"

And no other protectors shall there be to succour them than God; and no

pathway for him whom God shall cause to err.

Hearken then to your Lord ere the day come, which none can put back when God

doth ordain its coming. No place of refuge for you on that day! no denying

your own works!
But if they turn aside from thee, yet we have not sent thee to be their

guardian. 'Tis thine but to preach. When we cause man to taste our gifts of

mercy, he rejoiceth in it; but if for their by-gone handy-work evil betide

them, then lo! is man ungrateful.

God's, the kingdom of the Heavens and of the Earth! He createth what He will!

and he giveth daughters to whom He will, and sons to whom He will:

Or He giveth them children of both sexes, and He maketh whom He will to be

childless; for He is Wise, Powerful!

It is not for man that God should speak with him but by vision, or from

behind a veil:

Or, He sendeth a messenger to reveal, by his permission, what He will: for He

is Exalted, Wise!

Thus have we sent the Spirit (Gabriel10) to thee with a revelation, by our

command. Thou knewest not, ere this, what "the Book" was, or what the faith.

But we have ordained it for a light: by it will we guide whom we please of

our servants. And thou shalt surely guide into the right way,

The way of God, whose is all that the Heaven and the Earth contain. Shall not

all things return to God?

1 See Sura lxviii. 1, p. 32.
2 Mecca.
3 Jews and Christians.
4 Or, nachdem ihm (Mohamed) die Lehre geworden. Ullm. Postquam responsum fuit

illi (id est, Mahumeto de Religione manifestanda). Mar.

5 The law contained in the Koran.
6 Isai. v. 19.
7 Comp. Gal. vi. 7, 8.
8 That is, deprive thee of the Prophetic mission; or, fortify thee with

patience against the calumny of forging lies of God. Thus Mar. If this latter

interpretation be adopted, the remainder of the verse must be rendered: And

God will abolish the lie and, etc.

9 Lit. he will increase them. Comp. Ps. cxv. 14.
10 Thus Beidhawi.


MECCA.�109 Verses
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
ELIF. LAM. RA.1 These are the signs of the wise Book!
A matter of wonderment is it to the men of Mecca, that to a person among

themselves We revealed, "Bear warnings to the people: and, to those who

believe, bear the good tidings that they shall have with their Lord the

precedence merited by their sincerity." The unbelievers say, "Verily this is

a manifest sorcerer."
Verily your Lord is God who hath made the Heavens and the Earth in six days�

then mounted his throne to rule all things: None can intercede with him till

after his permission: This is God your Lord: therefore serve him: Will ye not

Unto Him shall ye return, all together: the promise of God is sure: He

produceth a creature, then causeth it to return again�that he may reward

those who believe and do the things that are right, with equity: but as for

the infidels!�for them the draught that boileth and an afflictive torment�

because they have not believed.

It is He who hath appointed the sun for brightness, and the moon for a light,

and hath ordained her stations that ye may learn the number of years and the

reckoning of time. God hath not created all this but for the truth.2 He

maketh his signs clear to those who understand.

Verily, in the alternations of night and of day, and in all that God hath

created in the Heavens and in the Earth are signs to those who fear Him.

Verily, they who hope not to meet Us, and find their satisfaction in this

world's life, and rest on it, and who of our signs are heedless;�

These! their abode the fire, in recompense of their deeds!
But they who believe and do the things that are right, shall their Lord

direct aright because of their faith. Rivers shall flow at their feet in

gardens of delight:
Their cry therein, "Glory be to thee, O God!" and their salutation therein,

And the close of their cry, "Praise be to God, Lord, of all creatures!"

Should God hasten evil on men as they fain would hasten their good, then were

their end decreed! So leave we those who hope not to meet Us, bewildered in

their error.
When trouble toucheth a man, he crieth to us, on his side, or sitting, or

standing; and when we withdraw his trouble from him, he passeth on as though

he had not called on us against the trouble which touched him! Thus are the

deeds of transgressors pre-arranged for them.

And of old destroyed we generations before you, when they had acted wickedly,

and their Apostles had come to them with clear tokens of their mission, and

they would not believe:�thus reward we the wicked.
Then we caused you to succeed them on the earth, that we might see how ye

would act.

But when our clear signs are recited to them, they who look not forward to

meet Us, say, "Bring a different Koran from this, or make some change in it."

SAY: It is not for me to change it as mine own soul prompteth. I follow only

what is revealed to me: verily, I fear, if I rebel against my Lord, the

punishment of a great day.
SAY: Had God so pleased, I had not recited it to you, neither had I taught it

to you. Already have I dwelt among you for years, ere it was revealed to me.

Understand ye not?
And who is more unjust than he who coineth a lie against God, or treateth his

signs as lies? Surely the wicked shall not prosper!

And they worship beside God, what cannot hurt or help them; and say, "These

are our advocates with God!" SAY: Will ye inform God of aught in the Heavens

and in the Earth which he knoweth not? Praise be to Him! High be He exalted

above the deities they join with Him!

Men were of one religion only:3 then they fell to variance: and had not a

decree (of respite) previously gone forth from thy Lord, their differences

had surely been decided between them!
They say: "Unless a sign be sent down to him from his Lord. . . ." But SAY:

The hidden is only with God: wait therefore: I truly will be with you among

those who wait.
And when after a trouble which you befallen them,4 we caused this people to

taste of mercy, lo! a plot on their part against our signs! SAY: Swifter to

plot is God! Verily, our messengers note down your plottings.
He it is who enableth you to travel by land and sea, so that ye go on board

of ships�which sail on with them, with favouring breeze in which they

rejoice. But if a tempestuous gale overtake them, and the billow come on them

from every side, and they think that they are encompassed therewith, they

call on God, professing sincere religion:�"Wouldst thou but rescue us from

this, then will we indeed be of the thankful."

But when we have rescued them, lo! they commit unrighteous excesses on the

earth! O men! assuredly your self-injuring excess is only an enjoyment of

this life present: soon ye return to us: and we will let you know what ye

have done!

Verily, this present life is like the water which we send down from Heaven,

and the produce of the earth, of which men and cattle eat, is mingled with

it, till the earth hath received its golden raiment, and is decked out: and

they who dwell on it deem that they have power over it! but, Our behest

cometh to it by night or by day, and we make it as if it had been mown, as if

it had not teemed only yesterday! Thus make we our signs clear to those who

And God calleth to the abode of peace;5 and He guideth whom He will into the

right way.

Goodness6 itself and an increase of it for those who do good! neither

blackness nor shame shall cover their faces! These shall be the inmates of

Paradise, therein shall they abide for ever.
And as for those who have wrought out evil, their recompense shall be evil of

like degree, and shame shall cover them�no protector shall they have against

God: as though their faces were darkened with deep murk of night! These shall

be inmates of the fire: therein they shall abide for ever.

And on that day will we gather them all together: then will we say to those

who added gods to God, "To your place, ye and those added gods of yours!"

Then we will separate between them: and those their gods shall say, "Ye

served us not:7

And God is a sufficient witness between us and you: we cared not aught for

your worship."

There shall every soul make proof of what itself shall have sent on before,

and they shall be brought back to God, their true lord, and the deities of

their own devising shall vanish from them.
SAY: Who supplieth you from the Heaven and the Earth? Who hath power over

hearing and sight? And who bringeth forth the living from the dead, and

bringeth forth the dead from the living? And who ruleth all things? They will

surely say, "God:" then SAY: "What! will ye not therefore fear him?

This God then is your true Lord: and when the truth is gone, what remaineth

but error? How then are ye so perverted?

Thus is the word of thy Lord made good on the wicked, that they shall not

SAY: Is there any of the gods whom ye add to God who produceth a creature,

then causeth it to return to him? SAY: God produceth a creature, then causeth

it to return to Him: How therefore are ye turned aside?

SAY: Is there any of the gods ye add to God who guideth into the truth? SAY:

God guideth into the truth. Is He then who guideth into the truth the more

worthy to be followed, or he who guideth not unless he be himself guided?

What then hath befallen you that ye so judge?

And most of them follow only a conceit:�But a conceit attaineth to nought of

truth! Verily God knoweth what they say.

Moreover this Koran could not have been devised by any but God: but it

confirmeth what was revealed before it, and is a clearing up of the

Scriptures�there is no doubt thereof�from the Lord of all creatures.
Do they say, "He hath devised it himself?" SAY: Then bring a Sura like it;

and call on whom ye can beside God, if ye speak truth.

But that which they embrace not in their knowledge have they charged with

falsehood, though the explanation of it had not yet been given them. So those

who were before them brought charges of imposture: But see what was the end

of the unjust!

And some of them believe in it, and some of them believe not in it. But thy

Lord well knoweth the transgressors.

And if they charge thee with imposture, then SAY: My work for me, and your

work for you! Ye are clear of that which I do, and I am clear of that which

ye do.
And some of them lend a ready ear to thee: But wilt thou make the deaf to

hear even though they understand not?

And some of them look at thee: But wilt thou guide the blind even though they

see not?
Verily, God will not wrong men in aught, but men will wrong themselves.

Moreover, on that day, He will gather them all together: They shall seem as

though they had waited but an hour of the day! They shall recognise one

another! Now perish they who denied the meeting with God, and were not guided

Whether we cause thee to see some of our menaces against them fulfilled, or

whether we first take thee to Ourself,8 to us do they return. Then shall God

bear witness of what they do.

And every people hath had its apostle.9 And when their apostle came, a

rightful decision took place between them, and they were not wronged.

Yet they say, "When will this menace be made good? Tell us if ye speak

SAY: I have no power over my own weal or woe, but as God pleaseth. Every

people hath its time: when their time is come, they shall neither retard nor

advance it an hour.

SAY: How think ye? if God's punishment came on you by night or by day, what

portion of it would the wicked desire to hasten on?

When it falleth on you, will ye believe it then? Yes! ye will believe it

then. Yet did ye challenge its speedy coming.

Then shall it be said to the transgressors, "Taste ye the punishment of

eternity! Shall ye be rewarded but as ye have wrought?"

They will desire thee to inform them whether this be true? SAY: Yes! by my

Lord it is the truth: and it is not ye who can weaken Him.

And every soul that hath sinned, if it possessed all that is on earth, would

assuredly ransom itself therewith; and they will proclaim their repentance

when they have seen the punishment: and there shall be a rightful decision

between them, and they shall not be unjustly dealt with.

Is not whatever is in the Heavens and the Earth God's? Is not then the

promise of God true? Yet most of them know it not.

He maketh alive and He causeth to die, and to Him shall ye return.
O men! now hath a warning come to you from your Lord, and a medicine for what

is in your breasts, and a guidance and a mercy to believers.

SAY: Through the grace of God and his mercy! and in this therefore let them

rejoice: better is this than all ye amass.

SAY: What think ye? of what God hath sent down to you for food, have ye made

unlawful and lawful? SAY: Hath God permitted you? or invent ye on the part of

But what on the day of Resurrection will be the thought of those who invent a

lie on the part of God? Truly God is full of bounties to man; but most of

them give not thanks.
Thou shalt not be employed in affairs, nor shalt thou read a text out of the

Koran, nor shall ye work any work, but we will be witnesses over you when ye

are engaged therein: and not the weight of an atom on Earth or in Heaven

escapeth thy Lord; nor is there aught that is less than this or greater, but

it is in the perspicuous Book.
Are not the friends of God, those on whom no fear shall come, nor shall they

be put to grief?

They who believe and fear God�
For them are good tidings in this life, and in the next! There is no change

in the words of God! This, the great felicity!

And let not their discourse grieve thee: for all might is God's: the Hearer,

the Knower, He!

Is not whoever is in the Heavens and the Earth subject to God? What then do

they follow who, beside God, call upon deities they have joined with Him?

They follow but a conceit, and they are but liars!
It is He who hath ordained for you the night wherein to rest, and the

lightsome day. Verily in this are signs for those who hearken.

They say, "God hath begotten children." No! by his glory! He is the self-

sufficient. All that is in the Heavens and all that is in the Earth is His!

Have ye warranty for that assertion? What! speak ye of God that which ye know

SAY: Verily, they who devise this lie concerning God shall fare ill.

A portion have they in this world! Then to us they return! Then make we them

to taste the vehement torment, for that they were unbelievers.

Recite to them the history of Noah,10 when he said to his people,�If, O my

people! my abode with you, and my reminding you of the signs of God, be

grievous to you, yet in God is my trust: Muster, therefore, your designs and

your false gods, and let not your design be carried on by you in the dark:

then come to some decision about me, and delay not.
And if ye turn your backs on me, yet ask I no reward from you: my reward is

with God alone, and I am commanded to be of the Muslims.

But they treated him as a liar: therefore we rescued him and those who were

with him in the ark, and we made them to survive the others; and we drowned

those who charged our signs with falsehood. See, then, what was the end of

these warned ones!

Then after him, we sent Apostles to their peoples, and they came to them with

credentials; but they would not believe in what they had denied aforetime:

Thus seal we up the hearts of the transgressors!
Then sent we, after them, Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh and his nobles with our

signs; but they acted proudly and were a wicked people:

And when the truth came to them from us, they said, "Verily, this is clear


Moses said: "What! say ye of the truth after it hath come to you, 'Is this

sorcery?' But sorcerers shall not prosper."

They said: "Art thou come to us to pervert us from the faith in which we

found our fathers, and that you twain shall bear rule in this land? But we

believe you not."

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