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And we made them a precedent and instance of divine judgments to those who

came after them.
And when the Son of Mary was set forth as an instance of divine power, lo!

thy people cried out for joy thereat:

And they said, "Are our gods or is he the better?"15 They put this forth to

thee only in the spirit of dispute. Yea, they are a contentious people.

Jesus is no more than a servant whom we favoured, and proposed as an instance

of divine power to the children of Israel.

(And if we pleased, we could from yourselves bring forth Angels to succeed

you on earth:)16

And he shall be a sign of the last hour;17 doubt not then of it, and follow

ye me: this is the right way;

And let not Satan turn you aside from it, for he is your manifest foe.
And when Jesus came with manifest proofs, he said, "Now am I come to you with

wisdom; and a part of those things about which ye are at variance I will

clear up to you; fear ye God therefore and obey me.
Verily, God is my Lord and your Lord; wherefore worship ye him: this is a

right way."

But the different parties18 fell into disputes among themselves; but woe to

those who thus transgressed, because of the punishment of an afflictive day!

For what wait they but for the hour "to come suddenly on them, while they

expect it not?"

Friends on that day shall become foes to one another, except the God-


"O my servants! on this day shall no fear come upon you, neither shall ye be

put to grief,

Who have believed in our signs and become Muslims:
Enter ye and your wives into Paradise, delighted."
Dishes and bowls of gold shall go round unto them: there shall they enjoy

whatever their souls desire, and whatever their eyes delight in; and therein

shall ye abide for ever.
This is Paradise, which ye have received as your heritage in recompense for

your works;

Therein shall ye have fruits in abundance, of which ye shall eat.
But in the torment of Hell shall the wicked remain for ever:
It shall not be mitigated to them, and they shall be mute for despair

For it is not we who have treated them unjustly, but it was they who were

unjust to themselves.
And they shall cry: "O Malec!19 would that thy Lord would make an end of us!"

He saith: "Here must ye remain."

We have come to you with the truth (O Meccans), but most of you abhor the

Have they drawn tight their toils for thee?20 We too will tighten ours.

Think they that we hear not their secrets and their private talk? Yes, and

our angels who are at their sides write them down.

SAY: If the God of Mercy had a son, the first would I be to worship him:
But far be the Lord of the Heavens and of the Earth, the Lord of the Throne,

from that which they impute to Him!

Wherefore let them alone, to plunge on, and sport, until they meet the day

with which they are menaced.

He who is God in the Heavens is God in earth also: and He is the Wise, the

And Blessed be He whose is the kingdom of the Heavens and of the Earth and of

all that is between them; for with Him is the knowledge of the Hour, and to

Him shall ye be brought back.

The gods whom they call upon beside Him shall not be able to intercede for

others: they only shall be able who bore witness to the truth and21 knew it."

If thou ask them who hath created them, they will be sure to say, "God." How

then hold they false opinions?

And one22 saith, "O Lord! verily these are people who believe not."
Turn thou then from them, and say, "Peace:" In the end they shall know their


1 See Sura lxviii. I, p. 32.
2 Lit. it is in the Mother of the Book, i.e. the original of the Koran,

preserved before God.

3 That is, of the birth of a female.
4 Lit. which he imputeth to the God of Mercy, as his likeness.
5 To authorise angel-worship.
6 Supply, Mecca and Taief, we would have received it.
7 Lit. mercy, i.e. the gift and office of prophecy.
8 Lit. the two Easts, by which some understand the distance between the two


9 Comp. Suras xl. 77; xxiii. 97; x. 47; xxix. 53; xxxvii. 179; xiii. 42.

These passages clearly show that Muhammad had at this period�towards the

close of his Meccan period�full faith in his ultimate success, and in the

fulfilment of his menaces against the unbelievers.

10 Lit. ye shall be examined in the end.
11 This verse is said (see Nöld. p. 100, n.) to have been revealed in the

temple at Jerusalem on the occasion of the night journey thither. See also

Weil's Muhammed der Prophet, p. 374.
12 Lit. sister.
13 See Sura [lxxix.] xxviii. 39, n.
14 Comp. Gen. xli. 42.
15 This was a captious objection made to Muhammad by the idolaters of Mecca

when he condemned their gods (Sura xxi. 98), as if they had said, "Jesus is

worshipped as a God by the Christians: does he come under your anathema

equally with our idols? we shall be content for our gods to be with him."

16 That is, as we caused Jesus to be born without a human father.
17 At his return to this earth. Some refer this to the Koran as revealing the

last Hour. Lit. He (or It) is for knowledge of the Hour.

18 Jewish and Christian sects.
19 Malec is one of the keepers of Hell, who specially presides over the

torments of the damned.

20 Lit. if they have twisted tight or set firmly the affair, i.e. their plots

against thee and the truth.

21 Or, and they (the Infidels). The Commentators say that Jesus, Ezra, and

the angels, will be allowed to intercede.

22 Muhammad.


MECCA.�28 Verses
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
SAY: It hath been revealed to me that a company of
DJINN1 listened, and said,�"Verily, we have heard a marvellous discourse

It guideth to the truth; wherefore we believed in it, and we will not

henceforth join any being with our Lord;
And He,�may the majesty of our Lord be exalted!�hath taken no spouse neither

hath he any offspring.

But the foolish among us hath spoken of God that which is unjust:
And we verily thought that no one amongst men or Djinn would have uttered a

lie against God.

There are indeed people among men, who have sought for refuge unto people

among Djinn: but they only increased their folly:

And they thought, as ye think, that God would not raise any from the dead.
And the Heavens did we essay, but found them filled with a mighty garrison,

and with flaming darts;

And we sat on some of the seats to listen, but whoever listeneth findeth an

ambush ready for him of flaming darts.

And truly we know not whether evil be meant for them that are on earth, or

whether their Lord meaneth guidance for them.

And there are among us good, and others among us of another kind;�we are of

various sorts:

And verily we thought that no one could weaken God on earth, neither could we

escape from him by flight:

Wherefore as soon as we had heard 'the guidance' we believed in it; and

whoever believeth in his Lord, need not fear either loss or wrong.

There are some among us who have resigned themselves to God (the Muslims);

and there are others of us who have gone astray. And whoso resigneth himself

to God pursueth the way of truth;
But they who go astray from it shall be fuel for Hell."
Moreover, if they (the Meccans) keep straight on in that way, we will surely

give them to drink of abundant waters,

That we may prove them thereby: but whoso withdraweth from the remembrance of

his Lord, him will He send into a severe torment.

It is unto God that the temples are set apart: call not then on any other

therein with God.

When the servant of God stood up to call upon Him, the djinn almost jostled

him by their crowds.

SAY: I call only upon my Lord, and I join no other being with Him.
SAY: No control have I over what may hurt or benefit you.
SAY: Verily none can protect me against God;
Neither shall I find any refuge beside Him.
My sole work is preaching from God, and His message: and for such as shall

rebel against God and his apostle is the fire of Hell! they shall remain

therein alway,�for ever!
Until they see their threatened vengeance they will be perverse! but then

shall they know which side was the weakest in a protector and the fewest in

SAY: I know not whether that with which ye are threatened be nigh, or whether

my Lord hath assigned it to a distant day: He knoweth the secret, nor doth He

divulge his secret to any,
Except to that Apostle who pleaseth Him; and before him and behind him He

maketh a guard to march:

That He may know if his Apostles have verily delivered the messages of their

Lord: and He embraceth in his knowledge all their ways, and taketh count of

all that concerneth them.


1 This interview with the Djinn took place at Nakhla, probably the "Wady

Mohram" of Burckhardt, midway between Mecca and Ta�ef, when Muhammad was

driven from Mecca. A.D. 620.


MECCA.� 30 Verses
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
BLESSED be He is whose hand is the KINGDOM! and over all things is He potent:
Who hath created death and life to prove which of you will be most righteous

in deed; and He is the Mighty, the Forgiving!

Who hath created seven Heavens one above another: No defect canst thou see in

the creation of the God of Mercy: Repeat the gaze: seest thou a single flaw?

Then twice more repeat the gaze: thy gaze shall return to thee dulled and

Moreover we have decked the lowest heaven with lights, and have placed them

there to be hurled at the Satans, for whom we have prepared the torment of

the flaming fire.

And for those who believe not in their Lord is the torment of Hell; and

horrid the journey thither!

When they shall be thrown into it, they shall hear it braying:1 and it shall

Almost shall it burst for fury. So oft as a crowd shall be thrown into it,

its keepers shall ask them, "Came not the warner to you?"
They shall say, Yes! there came to us one charged with warnings; but we

treated him as a liar, and said, "Nothing hath God sent down: ye are in

nothing but a vast delusion."
And they shall say, "Had we but hearkened or understood, we had not been

among the dwellers in the flames;"

And their sin shall they acknowledge: but, "Avaunt, ye dwellers in the

But pardon and a great reward for those who fear their Lord in secret!

Be your converse hidden or open, He truly knoweth the inmost recess of your

What! shall He not know who hath created? for He is the Subtil,2 the

It is He who hath made the earth level for you: traverse then its broad

sides, and eat of what He hath provided.�Unto Him shall be the resurrection.

What! are ye sure that He who is in Heaven will not cleave the Earth beneath

you? And lo, it shall quake.

Or are ye sure that He who is in Heaven will not send against you a stone-

charged whirlwind? Then shall ye know what my warning meant!

And verily, those who flourish before you treated their prophets as liars:

and how grievous my wrath!

Behold they not the birds over their heads, outstretching and drawing in

their wings? None, save the God of Mercy, upholdeth them: for he regardeth

all things.
Who is he that can be as an army to you, to succour you, except the God of

Mercy? Truly, the infidels are in the merest delusion.

Or who is he that will furnish you supplies, if He withhold His supplies? Yet

do they persist in pride and in fleeing from Him!

Is he who goeth along grovelling on his face, better guided than he who goeth

upright on a straight path?

SAY: It is He who hath brought you forth, and gifted you with hearing and

sight and heart: yet how few are grateful!

SAY: It is He who hath sown you in the earth, and to Him shall ye be


And they say, "When shall this threat be put in force, if ye speak the

SAY: Nay truly, this knowledge is with God alone: and I am only an open

But when they shall see it nigh, sad shall wax the countenances of the

infidels: and it shall be said, "This is what ye have been calling for."

SAY: What think ye? Whether God destroy me or not, and those who follow me,

or whether he have mercy on us, yet who will protect the infidels from a

woeful torment?
SAY: He is the God of Mercy: in Him do we believe, and in Him put we our

trust; and ye shall know hereafter who is in a manifest error.

SAY: What think ye? If at early morn your waters shall have sunk away, who

then will give you clear running water?

1 Thus Shakespeare uses the word braying of clamours of Hell; and Milton

speaks of braying horrible discord. Comp. Sura xxv. 12-21.

2 Der alles durchdringt. Ullm.; perspicax. Mar.; sagacious. Sale. The primary

meaning of the Arabic root is to draw near; hence the above signification, in

the sense of God's presence as interpenetrating all things: hence also the

other sense of benign, as in Sura [lxxxiii.] xlii. 18.

MECCA.1�118 Verses
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Who humble them in their prayer,
And who keep aloof from vain words,2
And who are doers of alms deeds,
And who restrain their appetites,
(Save with their wives, or the slaves whom their right hands possess: for in

that case they shall be free from blame:

But they whose desires reach further than this are transgressors:)
And who tend well their trusts and their covenants,
And who keep them strictly to their prayers:
These shall be the heritors,
Who shall inherit the paradise, to abide therein for ever.
Now of fine clay have we created man:
Then we placed him, a moist germ,3 in a safe abode;
Then made we the moist germ a clot of blood: then made the clotted blood into

a piece of flesh; then made the piece of flesh into bones: and we clothed the

bones with flesh: then brought forth man of yet another make4�Blessed

therefore be God, the most excellent of Makers5�

Then after this ye shall surely die:
Then shall ye be waked up on the day of resurrection.
And we have created over you seven heavens:6�and we are not careless of the


And we send down water from the Heaven in its due degree, and we cause it to

settle on the earth;�and we have power for its withdrawal:�

And by it we cause gardens of palm trees, and vineyards to spring forth for

you, in which ye have plenteous fruits, and whereof ye eat;

And the tree that groweth up on Mount Sinai; which yieldeth oil and a juice

for those who eat.

And there is a lesson for you in the cattle: We give you to drink of what is

in their bellies, and many advantages do ye derive from them, and for food

they serve you;
And on them and on ships are ye borne.
We sent Noah heretofore unto his people, and he said, "O my people! serve

God: ye have no other God than He: will ye not therefore fear Him?

But the chiefs of the people who believed not said, "This is but a man like

yourselves: he fain would raise himself above you: but had it pleased God to

send, He would have sent angels: We heard not of this with our sires of old;�
Verily he is but a man possessed; leave him alone therefore for a time."
He said, "O my Lord! help me against their charge of imposture."
So we revealed unto him, "Make the ark under our eye, and as we have taught,

and when our doom shall come on, and the earth's surface shall boil up,7

Carry into it of every kind a pair, and thy family, save him on whom sentence

hath already passed: and plead not with me for the wicked, for they shall be

And when thou, and they who shall be with thee, shall go up into the ark;

say, 'Praise be unto God, who hath rescued us from the wicked folk.'

And say, 'O my Lord! disembark me with a blessed disembarking: for thou art

the best to disembark."'

Verily in this were signs, and verily we made proof of man.
We then raised up other generations after them;
And we sent among them an apostle from out themselves, with, "Worship ye God!

ye have no other God than He: will ye not therefore fear Him?"

And the chiefs of His people who believed not, and who deemed the meeting

with us in the life to come to be a lie, and whom we had richly supplied in

this present life, said, "This is but a man like yourselves; he eateth of

what ye eat,

And he drinketh of what ye drink:
And if ye obey a man like yourselves, then ye will surely be undone.
What! doth he foretell you, that after ye shall be dead and become dust and

bones, ye shall be brought forth?

Away, away with his predictions!
There is no life beyond our present life; we die, and we live, and we shall

not be quickened again!

This is merely a man who forgeth a lie about God: and we will not believe

He said, "O my Lord! help me against this charge of imposture."

He said, "Yet a little, and they will soon repent them!"
Then did the shout of the destroying angel in justice surprise them, we made

them like leaves swept down by a torrent. Away then with the wicked people!

Then raised we up other generations after them�
Neither too soon, nor too late, shall a people reach its appointed time�
Then sent we our apostles one after another. Oft as their apostle presented

himself to a nation, they treated him as a liar; and we caused one nation to

follow another; and we made them the burden of a tale. Away then with the

people who believe not!

Then sent we Moses and his brother Aaron, with our signs and manifest power,
To Pharaoh and his princes; but they behaved them proudly, for they were a

haughty people.

And they said, "Shall we believe on two men like ourselves, whose people are

our slaves?"

And they treated them both as impostors; wherefore they became of the


And we gave Moses the Book for Israel's guidance.
And we appointed the Son of Mary, and His mother for a sign; and we prepared

an abode for both in a lofty spot,8 quiet, and watered with springs.

"O ye apostles! eat of things that are good: and do that which is right: of

your doings I am cognisant.

And truly this your religion is the one religion;9 and I am your Lord:

therefore fear me."

But men have rent their great concern, one among another, into sects; every

party rejoicing in that which is their own;

Wherefore leave them till a certain time, in their depths of error.
What! think they that what we largely, bestow on them of wealth and children,
We hasten to them for their good? Nay, they have no knowledge.
But they who are awed with the dread of their Lord,
And who believe in the signs of their Lord,
And who join no other gods with their Lord,
And who give that which they give with hearts thrilled with dread because

they must return unto their Lord,

These hasten after good, and are the first to win it.
We will not burden a soul beyond its power: and with us is a book, which

speaketh the truth; and they shall not be wronged:

But as to this Book, their hearts are plunged in error, and their works are

far other than those of Muslims, and they will work those works,

Until when we lay hold on their affluent ones with punishment; lo! they cry

for help:

�"Cry not for help this day, for by Us ye shall not be succoured:
Long since were my signs rehearsed to you, but ye turned back on your heels,
Puffed up with pride, discoursing foolishly by night."
Do they not then heed the things spoken�whether that hath come to them which

came not to their fathers of old?

Or do they not recognise their apostle; and therefore disavow him?
Or say they, "A Djinn is in him?" Nay! he hath come to them with the truth;

but the truth do most of them abhor.

But if the truth had followed in the train of their desires, the heavens and

the earth, and all that therein is, had surely come to ruin! But we have

brought them their warning; and from their warning they withdraw.
Dost thou ask them for remuneration? But, remuneration from thy Lord is best;

and He is the best provider.

And thou indeed biddest them to the right path;
But verily they who believe not in the life to come, from that path do surely

And if we had taken compassion on them, and relieved them from their trouble,

they would have plunged on in their wickedness, wildly wandering.10
We formerly laid hold on them with chastisement, yet they did not humble them

to their Lord, nor did they abase them;

Until, when we have opened upon them the door of a severe punishment, lo!

they are in despair at it.

It is He who hath implanted in you hearing, and sight, and heart; how few of

you give thanks!

It is He who hath caused you to be born on the earth: and unto Him shall ye

be gathered.

And it is He who maketh alive and killeth, and of Him is the change of the

night and of the day: Will ye not understand?

But they say, as said those of old:�
They say,"What! When we shall be dead, and have become dust and bones, shall

we, indeed, be waked to life?

This have we been promised, we and our fathers aforetime: but it is only

fables of the ancients."

SAY: Whose is the earth, and all that is therein;�if ye know?
They will answer, "God's." SAY: Will ye not, then reflect?
SAY: Who is the Lord of the seven heavens, and the Lord of the glorious

They will say, "They are God's". SAY: Will ye not, then, fear Him?

SAY: In whose hand is the empire of all things, who protecteth but is not

protected? if ye know:

They will answer, "In God's." SAY: How, then, can ye be so spell-bound?
Yea, we have brought them the truth; but they are surely liars:
God hath not begotten offspring; neither is there any other God with Him:

else had each god assuredly taken away that which he had created,11 and some

had assuredly uplifted themselves above others! Far from the glory of God, be

what they affirm of Him!

He knoweth alike the unseen and the seen: far be He uplifted above the gods

whom they associate with Him!

SAY: O my Lord! If thou wilt let me witness the infliction of that with which

they have been threatened!

O my Lord! place me not among the ungodly people.
Verily, we are well able to make thee see the punishment with which we have

threatened them.

Turn aside evil with that which is better: we best know what they utter

against thee.

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