The personal essay or statement

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Admission Committees, among other things in your application, put a lot of weight on this essay. It is in short, an opportunity to talk about yourself, sell yourself to them, be very compelling & persuasive convincing them you are what they need. If you cannot make a stimulating & influential case for yourself, why will they want to talk to you in person?
You want to make them really want to speak with you and therefore grant you an interview! If you are a borderline student, with just about average GPA & test scores, being granted an interview could depend solely on this essay!
When Admission Committees read personal essays they seek to answer these questions regarding the applicant:

  • Does this applicant have a unique or unusual background or life-history?

  • Is there evidence for unique and varied life/work experiences?

  • Has this essay showed specific examples of why this applicant wants to pursue this profession?

  • Has this essay exemplified the motivation, accomplishments, dedication, commitment, maturity, altruism and enthusiasm behind the applicant in serving the community?

  • Is there evidence of what really drives, motivates and sustains the applicant’s desire to pursue this profession?

  • Does this essay show evidence of leadership skills in the applicant and the desire for life-long learning?

  • Finally, does this essay show some projections/directions of future goals, aspirations and objectives (where & how you plan to practice once you become a professional)?

Above all:

No sloppiness, No humor, No typos, No grammatical mistakes, No cleverness. Be honest with yourself – provide a clean, well-written, well thought-of and very well organized essay of your story.


Download 4.17 Kb.

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