The Perfect Meal

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The Perfect Meal

Katie White has always been one for finding the perfect restaurant, especially when she’s hungry. She loves every food from squash to spaghetti and that is why Katie decided she was going to try something new. She had been hearing nothing but positive comments about this particular restaurant, and was ready to give it a whirl. Katie decided to eat at the Olive Garden and was ready for some great Italian cuisine. She drove up and parked her car in anticipation of being blown away by a delicious dinner. Now all Katie had to do was step inside, and the restaurant would do the rest.

As she walked in, Katie could tell that she was going to have an amazing meal. The vines came pouring out of the wall, making it look as if she was in Italy standing outside of a vineyard. The colors and paintings of the area gave her a feeling of being in Italy, too. Rich reds and greens filled the room along with extravagant pictures of Italian scenery. Not only did the appearance have Katie’s eyes scaling the walls, but the smell of the restaurant was haunting. When Katie inhaled, it was almost as if her nose was devouring the breadsticks Olive Garden is so famous for. Each breath Katie took in gave her a sense of satisfaction because the aroma was so enticing. As Katie was walking to a table, her nose was greeted with a variety of smells. Garlic, cheese, and the smell of fresh cooked pasta lingered in the air. Katie had never been so excited to crack open a menu and start browsing for her dream meal.

The menu was exploding with different combinations that Katie knew would drive her taste buds wild. Just thinking about foods like the creamy fettuccini, smothered in Parmesan cheese was enough to make her stomach burst through the kitchen doors and attack everything in sight. Katie scanned the menu, and the meals kept sounding richer and more decadent. Just as she thought she was going to need to order the entire menu, her eyes stopped. They were fixated on what Katie’s stomach had been yearning for as soon as she stepped through the doors—The Tour of Italy. This meal had the creamy fettuccini, a mouthwatering chicken Parmesan breast topped with melted cheese, and a large heap of lasagna all on one plate! So Kate ordered the Tour of Italy and began to wait in anticipation of her ideal meal.

As soon as Katie ordered, she began imagining how fantastic her food was going to be. Her mouth watered at the thought of biting into each item. Minutes began to pass and the moans and groans coming from Katie’s stomach grew louder and louder—it wanted to feast! Just as Katie was about to go insane from the anticipation of her food, she saw her waiter heading around the corner with what looked like heaven on a plate. He delivered her food and as soon as the plate was on the table, her fork was in the food. Her first bite rushed to her taste buds and immediately made Katie’s face develop a smile and a sense of satisfaction. Katie’s lasagna, which looked like layers and layers of rich and creamy sauce mixed with ricotta cheese, was disappearing by the second. Her succulent, lightly breaded chicken Parmesan exploded with flavor each time she took a bite, and her creamy, freshly made fettuccini did the same. In a matter of minutes, Katie’s plate went from fully loaded to nearly empty. Katie, on the other hand, went from being on the brink of starvation to completely stuffed. Katie had never felt more satisfied from a meal; she was just upset it was almost over.

Katie almost began to tear up thinking about her perfect meal coming to an end, but thoughts of her next trip back to The Olive Garden surfaced and she knew she would be okay for the rest of the night. She pulled out her money, paid the bill, and made her way to the front door. Just as she was about to leave, she grabbed the hostess’s hand, smiled and said; “I’ll see you tomorrow for round two!” After that, Katie began brainstorming what she would feast on next time she went there to eat. She had so many options including the decadent chocolate fudge cake and the freshly made tiramisu. She knew both desserts had to be jam packed with flavor, and would satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth. Those desserts had Katie excited for the next day, and she left The Olive Garden happier than she could have ever imagined.

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