The Office of School-Community Partnerships Application Information and Procedures Elementary, Secondary, and All-level Student Teaching

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The Office of School-Community Partnerships
Application Information and Procedures
Elementary, Secondary, and All-level Student Teaching
All students in Elementary, Secondary Education, and NK‑12 programs are required to complete student teaching. In order to student teach, you must:

  • be accepted to the Professional Program prior to submitting an application;

  • have and maintain a 2.7 cumulative grade point average;

  • complete a student teacher application and necessary paperwork;

  • submit student teacher application with all accompanying documents by the deadline – September 15 for the spring semester; February 15 for the fall semester.

  • have completed all prerequisite courses; only those courses that are listed as concurrent requirements are permitted during the student teaching semester.

The deadline for the spring semester is September 15; the deadline for the fall semester is February 15.
Please note: After your completed application has been submitted on Taskstream, you must make an appointment in person in Barnard 334 in order to complete and sign required documents. We are not obligated to honor late applications.

About the Student Teacher Application

Instructions for completing the application:
All applications must be submitted on the Taskstream website. If you have not yet registered on Taskstream, you must do so before you can submit the application for student teaching. The application consists of:

  • The resume is based on your teaching experiences to date. It is recommended that you follow the format of the sample resume on our website. Remember, the Career Service Office in Willard Hall Room 100 offers several resume writing workshops to help you develop your resume.

  • Autobiographical essay, emphasizing your work with children and/or students.. Please be advised that the essay is your opportunity to be read by district facilitators, principals, and teachers. Convey what you would like them to know about you.

  • A copy of your complete and up-to-date unofficial transcript from CCSU.

Why do I Need to Write an Essay as Part of the Application Process?

Teachers and principals are interested in how well you communicate your thinking. One effective way to demonstrate this ability is through your writing. It is imperative that you spend time drafting and finalizing the essay or that you are asked to write. We will not accept essays that have any errors in spelling, punctuation, or syntax. Each semester some students are rejected by cooperating teachers due to errors on the application. It is beneficial to have someone proofread the application before it is submitted.

Which Address do I Use? Do I Need to Travel to do Student Teaching?

Be sure to indicate where you will be living during student teaching (home or university address). If you live a long distance from CCSU, it is to your advantage to maintain your university address since the vast majority of placements are made in the central part of the state.

Arranging transportation to the assigned school is the responsibility of the teacher candidate. Due to a shortage of cooperating teachers in some areas, you may be required to commute a longer distance than you prefer. This is beyond our control.

Reminder – Registration for Student Teaching

Once an application has been accepted, teacher candidates are required to register for student teaching as usual via the Banner web system. Student teaching courses (EDEL 430, EDSC 413, 414, 415, 417, 420, 429, 435) may not be repeated without permission of the Coordinator of the Office of School-Community Partnerships.

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