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The Next Step

  • Junior Info Session
  • Speaker: Mr. Giordano


  • The application process
  • The college selection process
  • The cost
  • Realistic choices “Will I get in?”
  • Getting to know the college
  • The SAT and ACT
  • Deadlines
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Resources
  • The Application Process

The Application Process

  • Step one – Conduct research and develop a list of at least 6-10 colleges
  • Step two - Visit those colleges by attending an open house and/or college fairs.
  • Step three – Speak with an admissions or financial aid rep. regarding scholarships. Visit school websites for scholarship info.
  • Step four – The student must complete the online application. This includes, if required, the essay and/or personal statement.
  • Step five – Submit payment online, or provide the check/money order to the college counselor to be mailed out with student transcript. If you qualify for a fee waiver, then make sure that it is included with your transcript once you have requested one.
  • Step six – The student must submit a transcript request form to his guidance counselor.
  • Step seven – The student must submit an envelope addressed to each institution that he has applied to. Envelopes can be found in the college counselor office. No postage required. **If the student HAS used the COMMONAPP or the SUNY-APP to submit the application, then a transcript will be sent automatically (no transcript request form is required).
  • Step eight – The student must be sure to submit any materials (essay, personal statement, application supplements, letters of recommendation, etc..) that he would like sent out with the transcript.
  • The Selection Process

What do I want to be when I grow up?

  • Look at interests and hobbies
  • Most students enter college undecided
  • Being undecided IS OK and expected, which is why the best college experience emphasizes broad-based liberal arts curriculum for the first two years
  • Career interests changes an average of four times
  • For more information on possible careers visit or
  • If the student has low math grades and/or low SAT math scores, he may not want to initially select pre-med/engineering as an indtended major. This may result in a more critical review of his application. Consider undecided or social science as an alternative.

The College Selection Process

  • Always keep in mind that the best college for the student may not be the MOST selective one, but the one that best matches your students’ desires, goals, objectives and abilities.

Narrowing the Choices

  • Competitiveness
  • Career/Major
  • College Visits

Some friendly advice

  • Consider limiting your choices to 8-10 applications. Applying to too many schools can be overwhelming
  • Students that apply to too many schools often miss important deadlines and receive less scholarship money.
  • Focusing on fewer schools makes it easier to track the applications and often results in a more favorable outcome and more financial aid.

Approach to Ranking

  • First Choice
    • Dream School
    • Most Competitive
  • Second Choice
  • Third & Fourth Choice
    • Most of the characteristics looking for
  • Fifth & Sixth Choice
    • Safety Net

Things to Consider During the College Search Process

  • G.P.A./Test Scores of average student compared with that of your child
  • Location and Environment
  • Type of University
  • University size
  • Type of Student Body
  • Cost
  • Miscellaneous considerations
  • All of this info. is easily accessible at

Types of Universities

  • State Universities (SUNY)
  • 4 year/2 year
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Technical Schools
  • City Universities (CUNY)
  • 4 year/2 year
  • Colleges
  • Community Colleges
  • Private Universities
  • 4 year
  • Wide range of private schools
  • Out-of-State Public Institutions
  • 4 year/2 year
  • Pay out of state tuition (Penn State, UConn, Rutgers)

Where can I get this information?

  • The website is a one-stop-shop for information about individual institutions.

Admissions for (S)tudents (W)ith (D)isabilities

  • If you have been diagnosed with a developmental or physical disability be sure to inform the college admissions staff early on in the process.
  • Many schools offer special admissions programs for SWD as well as grants and scholarships.
  • Be sure to update your testing prior to your senior year. Most institutions of higher learning will require testing to have been updated/completed within one year of admissions.
  • For more information please visit the Department of Education at
  • The Cost

State Universities

  • SUNY Albany
  • SUNY Alfed University
  • SUNY Alfred State College
  • SUNY at New Paltz
  • SUNY at Oswego
  • SUNY at Potsdam
  • SUNY at Stony Brook University
  • SUNY Binghamton University
  • SUNY Buffalo State
  • SUNY Canton
  • SUNY Cobleskill
  • SUNY College at Brockport
  • SUNY College at Old Westbury
  • SUNY College at Oneonta
  • SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
  • SUNY Cortland
  • SUNY Delhi
  • SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology
  • SUNY Geneseo
  • SUNY Fredonia
  • SUNY Maritime
  • SUNY Morrisville State College
  • SUNY Orange County Community College
  • SUNY Plattsburgh
  • SUNY Purchase College
  • SUNY University at Buffalo
  • SUNY Westchester Community College
  • Application completed online
  • One application for all SUNY schools.
  • $50 per school.
  • Some schools require supplements.
  • Supplements can be found and completed on the SUNY website.
  • Transcripts and recommendations are submitted electronically.

2010-11 Typical Expenses for Undergraduate Students at a SUNY College (Best buy for a student in New York)



  • I will be happy to review your most recent (2011) 1040 to determine eligibility.
  • To apply for EOP be certain to check the appropriate box on the SUNY application online.

Binghamton University

University at Albany (My Alma mater)

University at Albany (My Alma mater)

University of Stony Brook

SUNY Geneseo

2011 Best Values in Public Colleges

How did I get this information?

  • Go to
  • Type in the schools name under search.
  • Go to table of contents
  • Click on rankings
  • The same can be done with any institution.

City Universities

  • Baruch College
  • Baruch College
  • Borough of Manhattan Community College
  • Bronx Community College
  • Brooklyn College
  • City College
  • College of Staten Island
  • Queens College
  • Queensborough Community College
  • York College
  • Hostos Community College
  • Hunter College
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  • Kingsborough Community College
  • LaGuardia Community College
  • Lehman College
  • Medgar Evers College
  • New York City College of Technology
  • New Community College TBA July 2012
  • CUNY application filed online.
  • $65 dollars for 6 schools.
  • Don’t require supplements, recommendations, or essays.
  • Only Baruch College recommends a supplement found on their web site
  • List schools in rank order.
  • One transcript sent out to CUNY UAPC. Labels in my office
  • ALL CUNY schools require SAT
  • Will most likely require an assessment test for admission

Average cost of attending a CUNY in 2010 is $11,398

SEEK and College Discovery

  • (S)earch for (E)ducation, (E)levation, and (K)nowledge (SEEK) SEEK was designed to open the door to higher education for New York City students who have the ability to obtain a college education, but have not demonstrated their academic potential and have been impeded by the lack of economic resources. SEEK offers eligible students financial aid, academic support, and advising services while attending college. SEEK is only available at CUNY's senior colleges (4-year programs).

SEEK and College Discovery

  • (C)ollege (D)iscovery (CD) College Discovery was designed to provide individual support to students who desire a college education, but are academically and financially challenged. CD offers academic support, financial aid, workshops, and counseling services to participants. CD is only offered at CUNY's community colleges (2-year programs).


  • To apply for these programs be certain that when filling out the CUNY Online application you check the appropriate box and fill in the required income information.

CUNY Baruch College

CUNY Queens College

CUNY City College

Private Universities

  • Applications should be filled out online.
  • Range in price from free to $80. Payable by check, credit card, money order or fee waiver.
  • May require essays and recommendations.
  • Check website for details.
  • Adelphi University
  • Babson College
  • Berkeley College
  • Boston College
  • Boston University
  • Bowdoin College
  • Brockport College
  • Canisius College
  • Catholic University
  • Clarkson University
  • Colgate University
  • College of Mount Saint Vincent
  • College of Staten Island
  • Columbia University
  • Concordia College
  • Daemen College
  • Daniel Webster College
  • Delaware State University
  • Dominican College
  • Drexel University
  • Fairfield University
  • Felician College
  • Fordham University
  • Hartford University
  • Hartwick College
  • Hofstra University
  • Western Connecticut State
  • Iona College
  • Ithaca College
  • LaSalle University
  • LeMoyne College
  • Long Island University
  • Manhattan College
  • Marist College
  • Marymount College
  • Molloy College
  • New York Institute of Technology
  • New York University
  • Niagara University
  • Pace University
  • Polytechnic University
  • Post University
  • Quinnipiac University
  • Rochester Inst. Technology
  • Sage College of Albany
  • Seton Hall University
  • St. Bonaventure University
  • St. Francis College
  • St. Francis College
  • Xavier University
  • St. John's University
  • St. Michael's College
  • St. Peter's College
  • St. Thomas Aquinas College
  • Syracuse University
  • U S Military Acad. @ West Point
  • University of Bridgeport
  • University of California
  • University of Chicago
  • University of New Haven
  • University of Rochester
  • University of Scranton
  • University of Vermont
  • US Naval Academy at Annapolis
  • Utica University
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Villanova University
  • Wells College

Average cost of attending a private school

  • Tuition costs, including room and board, on average cost $34,132 per year.
  • Tuition alone on average costs $25,143.
  • Many college students don't pay sticker price. 63 percent of students receive some form of aid, either loans, grants or both.
  • On average, full-time students at private institutions get about $9,600 in aid in the form of grants and tax benefits.
  • About 56 percent of students enrolled at four-year colleges or universities attend institutions that charge tuition and fees of less than $9,000 per year.

(H)igher (E)ducation (O)pportunity (P)rogram

  • Similar to SEEK/EOP Financial guidelines, but for select New York State Private Schools.
  • Each school will inform you if you qualify based on information provided on the FAFSA.
  • Be certain to check the HEOP box on the online application.
  • For a full list of schools visit

2011 Best Values in Private Colleges

  • Best Values:
  • Other Rankings:

The Common App.

  • The Common Application is a not-for-profit organization that serves students and member institutions by providing an admission application – online and in print – that students may submit to any of our nearly 300 members.
  • One application for over 300 schools.
  • Requires supplements for each school. Supplements can be found at common app. Website.
  • There is no charge to students to use the Common Application. The only fee involved is the specific institutional application fee, payable directly to the college/university. Some schools waive or reduce the application fee for those students who apply electronically. You can use Common App Online ( ) to apply via the Internet.
  • Many colleges offer fee waivers for applicants from low-income families. If you have participated in the College Board's SAT Program Fee Waiver Service, you may also be eligible to waive application fees at the colleges to which you are applying.

The Commonapp and Forms

  • Students can request that their teachers and guidance counselors submit transcripts and recommendations online. For this year’s current seniors I have submitted all documents electronically for commonapp schools.
  • Students are reminded that all other non-participating private schools require that transcripts and recommendation letters are sent through the mail.

The Commonapp counselor recommendation

  • Anyone using the commonapp will be required to obtain a counselor recommendation. For this to occur, the student must enter the counselor’s name and e-mail address under the forms section of the application. It is also recommended that the student email a copy of their resume and a short bio to their counselor or you can complete the college questionnaire from my website at
  • Can I get in?

Considerations for College Admission Boards

  • Academic achievement/class rank
  • Test scores: SAT/ACT
  • Personal profile

Other Considerations . . .

  • Grades
  • Test Scores
  • Activities
  • Essay
  • Letter(s)
  • of
  • Recommendation
  • Interview
  • Class Rank
  • Awards
  • Ability
  • to
  • Pay

Extracurricular activities

  • Extracurricular activities are only good if they are consistent and complement a strong academic record.
  • Do not sacrifice grades for activities.
  • Grades and SAT scores are still the most important factors in the admissions process.
  • Habitat for Humanity, National Honor Society and other such organizations can help in the application process, but only if the grades and SAT scores are in the range of what the school is looking for.

Incoming Freshmen un-weighted G.P.A.’s and SAT (CR+Math) Scores for Non-(H)EOP applicants

  • Highly competitive - *3.8/93/1300 (Ivies)
  • Very competitive - *3.6/91/1200
  • Competitive - *3.5/90/1100
  • Somewhat competitive -*3.0/85/1000
  • Open - High School Diploma
  • Core GPA - English, Math, Science, History, and Foreign Language
  • * Scores may differ for special programs such as (H)EOP.


  • With the number of applications being considered at each school on the rise, the process has become more competitive.
  • As a result of this, a student’s Mid-Year Senior grades have played an increasingly important role. In fact, senior grades can easily make or break an admissions decision.
  • Remind your student to stay focused during his senior year. Make sure he receives his early vaccination for Senioritis.
  • Getting to know the college

Meeting with Representatives

  • College Visits in designated classrooms.
  • Visit colleges on your own! Information Sessions/Open Houses. (Visit school websites to find out the dates of upcoming open houses.)
  • Most schools will allow you to tour their facilities on a daily basis. Call ahead for information. Consider Scheduling a road trip to visit several schools at once.

Big Apple College Fair

  • Workshops on Financial Aid
  • One-to-One Counseling
  • Over 200 institutions
  • DATES & LOCATIONS TBA (Expect dates in October)


  • Location: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center of New York Hall 1A 655 W. 34th Street New York, NY 10001-1188 212/216-2000 Transportation and Directions Parking
  • Fair Hours: Sunday, April 22, 2012 11:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

Riverbank State Park College Fair

  • When: Saturday March 3rd, 2012
  • Time: 12 Noon – 4 PM
  • Where: Riverbank State Park, 145th Street and Riverside Drive, Manhattan
  • Cost: Free
  • Free workshops in admissions prep, SAT, financial aid, careers in medicine, opportunities in the music industry, and more.
  • For additional information contact: Pat Vitucci, College Fair Coordinator, 212

SUNY College Nights:

  • SUNY Center for Student Recruitment (CSR) 33 West 42nd Street - New York, NY New York, NY
  • Which SUNY Are You?
  • Date
  • Start Time
  • Location
  • 03/28/2012
  • 5:30 pm
  • SUNY Center for Student Recruitment (CSR)  College of Optometry, Schwarz Theater  New York, NY  View Location Information  View Special Program Notes
  • Register Now!
  • 04/11/2012
  • 5:30 pm
  • SUNY Center for Student Recruitment (CSR)  College of Optometry, Schwarz Theater  New York, NY  View Location Information  View Special Program Notes
  • Register Now!
  • 05/02/2012
  • 5:30 pm
  • SUNY Center for Student Recruitment (CSR)  College of Optometry, Schwarz Theater  New York, NY  View Location Information  View Special Program Notes
  • Register Now!

Other Fairs

  • NYC National Hispanic Day 1 College Fair
  • Mon, Apr 16, 2012 9:30 am-12:30 pm
  • Lehman College Apex Center- Auxiliary Gym 250 Bedford Park Blvd. West Bronx, New York 10468
  • NYC National Hispanic Day 2 College Fair
  • Tue, Apr 17, 20129:30 am-12:30 pm
  • Lehman College Apex Center- Auxiliary Gym 250 Bedford Park Blvd. West Bronx, New York 10468
  • Latino College Expo
  • Mar 17,2012 12pm-3pm
  • New York University


  • Both the SAT & the ACT can be taken this year.
  • The majority of schools will accept either the SAT or the ACT.
  • Must include TAPCo School code (330838) during registration in order to include SAT/ACT scores on student’s transcript.
  • Juniors should register for the May 5th SAT by April 6th to avoid late fees.
  • Juniors can also register for the June ACT or the SAT II Subject tests

SAT Continued

  • All juniors should have an account at This is the website used to register for the SAT.
  • In order to register for the SAT your son must remember his username and password. If he does not remember, do not create a duplicate account. This may prevent him from registering.
  • To retrieve a username or password follow the instructions at the Collegeboard website. If you are experiencing technical difficulties contact collegeboard at 1-888-SAT-HELP (728-4357)
  • Once logged in, follow the instructions to “register for SAT I”
  • It is not recommended for Juniors to take the SAT II unless required by their teacher. Some Colleges require taking at least two SAT IIs which can be taken in their senior year. An SAT II is a subject area exam administered by the Collegeboard.
  • 2012 SAT Test Dates
  • SAT Date
  • SAT Subject Tests Available
  • Register-By Date*
  • Late Registration*
  • Changes By*
  • Register
  • Mail
  • Phone/ Online
  • Mar 10
  • SAT Test
  • Feb
  • 10
  • Feb
  • 24
  • Feb
  • 24
  • Feb
  • 22
  • Learn how
  • Register Late
  • May 5
  • SAT Test
  • Subject Tests
  • Apr
  • 6
  • Reminder
  • Apr
  • 20
  • Apr
  • 20
  • Apr
  • 18
  • Learn how
  • Register Now
  • 44 days left
  • Jun 2
  • SAT Test
  • Subject Tests
  • May
  • 8
  • Reminder
  • May
  • 22
  • May
  • 22
  • May
  • 16
  • Learn how
  • Register Now
  • 76 days left

SAT and ACT Cont…

  • To sum up, I recommend taking:
  • The May 5th 2012 SAT I
  • The June 2nd SAT Subject tests (If applicable)
  • The October, 2012 SAT I
  • The November SAT IIs if required OR
  • The SAT I if you were not satisfied with previous scores.


Options Program @ Goddard Riverside Community Center

  • 593 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10024
  • 212-873-6600 212-595-6498 or,
  • Free or reduced cost College and Career Guidance and Counseling & SAT Prep!!!!!! Serving teens, mostly high school seniors, as well as adults. The program includes the following:
    • Counseling regarding college and career choices for teens, mostly high school seniors
    • Preparation for the SAT and other college entrance tests
    • Assistance with college applications
    • Assistance with scholarships and financial aid
    • Counseling regarding college and career choices for adults who want to return to school or change careers
    • "Early Awareness" counseling for junior high school students, to help them select the right courses and "track" in high school
    • $20 deposit required. This deposit is refunded upon completion of the program.

Let’s Get Ready @ Fordham University

  • AFFILIATION: This program is coordinated and taught by Fordham University student volunteers in collaboration with the Fordham Partnership Schools Organization.
    • Classes will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 to 7:30. A mandatory family/student orientation will be held on Tuesday, February 7. An intro session for students will be held on Thursday, February 9.
    • All participating students must attend practice SATs on Saturday, February 11 and Saturday, April 21.
    • All students must sign up for the May 5 SAT.
  • LOCATION: Fordham Leadership Academy for Business and Technology, 500 East Fordham Road, Bronx, NY 10458. Directions.
  • HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: The spring program is open to high school juniors. Priority consideration will be given to students who exhibit economic need and are first-generation college bound who attend partner schools. To apply click here.
  • COLLEGE STUDENTS: If you'd like to coach, click here to apply.
  • FOR MORE INFO: Contact Denisse and Rose at or contact Steve .

THE DOOR SERVICES: Offers young people ages 12-21 comprehensive educational (including free SAT prep), health, nutritional and counseling programs, as well as legal services for young people in need of civil legal representation. More information:

  • THE DOOR SERVICES: Offers young people ages 12-21 comprehensive educational (including free SAT prep), health, nutritional and counseling programs, as well as legal services for young people in need of civil legal representation. More information:
  • COLLEGE DIRECTIONS PROGRAM at Kingsbridge Heights Community Center SERVICES: CDP provides Bronx residents with college preparation, information, and assistance. See website for full list of services. All services are free of charge. More information:
  • EXPANDED HORIZONS SERVICES: The goal of Expanded Horizons is to help disadvantaged young people achieve acceptance into college. The program empowers youth by engaging them in educational, recreational, and preparatory activities ranging from college trips and SAT preparation classes to individual counseling and workshops. More information:
  • MINDS MATTER SERVICES: Minds Matter pairs high-achieving, low-income high school students with dedicated mentors to achieve academic excellence and expand educational horizons. By working with their mentors and attending top-tier summer college prep programs, Minds Matter's students gain academic and social enrichment while strengthening their college applications. Program activities include researching and selecting summer programs and/or colleges/universities, preparing applications, applying for scholarships and financial aid, and attending weekly Test Prep and Writing & Critical Thinking classes. Applicants apply during the spring of their freshman year. More information:
  • THE OPTIONS PROGRAM at Goddard Riverside Community Center SERVICES: Free SAT preparation and can make free counseling with well-trained private college counselors. Available for all grade-levels. More information:
  • BRONX HIGH SCHOOL OF SCIENCE SERVICES: They have compiled a thorough list of resources on their website. Calling any one of the centers listed on this site will lead you to someone who can help guide you to find a program that is right for you. More information:
  • THE HARLEM CENTER FOR EDUCATION SERVICES: Free summer classes for SAT and college prep. More information:
  • LEARNING LEADERS SERVICES: Places tutors in NYC public schools with knowledge ranging from SAT prep to GED tutoring. More information:
  • THE COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY DOUBLE DISCOVERY PROGRAM SERVICES: A range of free services that include taking free SAT prep classes, having access to Columbia University tutors to help with their academic work, and college or career information. More information:

Third Party Prep. Programs

  • Average cost $1,000+

After creating a collegeboard account be sure to click on “my college quickstart” to enter in your online access code which is found at the top right hand corner of your PSAT score report.

  • Your Online Access Code
  • After creating a collegeboard account be sure to click on “my college quickstart” to enter in your online access code which is found at the top right hand corner of your PSAT score report.
  • Entering your online access code will permit you access to your PSAT online.
  • My College Quickstart
  • Free, personalized college and career planning kit:
  • My Online Score Report
  • My SAT Study Plan (for high school students)
  • My College Matches
  • My Major & Career Matches


  • Many schools will allow you to go "test optional."  This means that you can tell a school that you do not want them to use your SAT scores during the review of your application.  Some schools that allow this will ask you to either write an additional essay or submit a graded writing sample such as a paper.  Be sure to keep your graded papers, particularly if you received a high grade.  Follow this link to see which schools are "test optional."  Some schools include: The Fashion Institute of Technology, Long Island University Brooklyn, Manhattanville, Marist, NYU, Saint Lawrence University, SUNY Potsdam, SUNY Delhi, Union College, Utica College, and Wagner College.  

Application Deadlines

  • Early Decision
  • Binding agreement--if admitted student MUST attend--usually 11/1 or 11/15. Most schools are moving away from this option.
  • Early Action
  • Non-binding early application, student decisions are made early. Usually in November.
  • Rolling Admission
  • No fixed deadlines, decisions are made from 11/1 - 4/1
  • Fixed Deadlines
  • Deadlines vary – Check at the institution’s website for details.


  • Answer: It depends…For example at NYU the acceptance rate for all applicants was 28.4%, whereas for early decision it was 33.3%.
  • A higher percentage were accepted under early decision.
  • Not always the case
  • Some schools will defer you to regular admissions if you are not accepted under early decision, others will not. Contact the admissions office to clarify.


  • If your student plans on participating in Division I or Division II athletics he must register with the NCAA.
  • This process costs $60
  • It involves an evaluation of the students GPA and SAT/ACT scores on a sliding scale.
  • Register at
  • After registration print out the transcript request form an have your son bring it to my office.
  • Fee waivers are available to students who were income eligible for a fee waiver for the SAT.
  • If your son is not being actively recruited by college coaches, chances are that he will not be able to play at the Division I or II level.

Fear you'll never be able afford college tuition? Schools are feeling your pain. More colleges and universities, both public and private, are trying to make themselves less expensive -- and more attractive -- by experimenting with ways to offset rising costs and mounting debt.

  • Fear you'll never be able afford college tuition? Schools are feeling your pain. More colleges and universities, both public and private, are trying to make themselves less expensive -- and more attractive -- by experimenting with ways to offset rising costs and mounting debt.
  • Approximately 50 higher-education institutions, from Amherst College to Yale University, are making attempts to lower the burden. New programs include freezing tuition, offering grants over loans, and changing financial-aid formulas to lower families' contributions. Unlike past efforts that mostly focused on helping lower-income students, these new moves are also aimed at helping more affluent families feel less pain. 
  • In 2001, Princeton was the first to announce it would replace ALL STUDENT LOANS with GRANTS and not ask low-income families to contribute funds for undergraduate education. Other Ivies like Harvard, Yale and Columbia soon said they would do the same. Harvard does not ask families with incomes under $60,000 to contribute ANYTHING, and it also reduced the expected contribution amount for families making $60,000 to $80,000.

Financial Aid...To be continued in December…Exact Date and Time TBA

  • Used to qualify for ALL federal aid. (
  • Required at all institutions
  • Available online in December. Make sure it is for the 2013-2014 school year.
  • Must be filed beginning January 1, 2013 using 2012 1040.
  • Plan to have 1040 completed in January in order to meet financial Aid Deadlines
  • Deadlines vary per institution.
  • www.FAFSA.GOV NOT .com
  • CSS Profile required for some schools. Deadline for Profile precedes FAFSA
  • 2 step process
  • Required at most private institutions, and for other scholarships
  • The fee for the initial application and one college or program report is $25. Additional reports are $16. Payment may be made via credit card, debit card (Visa or MC) or online check. A limited number of fee waivers are granted automatically — based on the information entered on the PROFILE application — to students who are first-time college applicants and are from families with very low incomes and assets.

Institutional Scholarships

  • Some institutions offer scholarships to students, both merit (for academic achievement) and need-based (based on 1040).
  • Every school differs.
  • Usually all scholarships require completion of FAFSA, regardless of income.
  • Visit the school’s website. (usually located under the admissions sections of website.)
  • Apply Early!!!!!! Usually by December BUT AS EARLY AS OCTOBER .


  • To download this presentation and other materials visit my website at:

Fall 2012 Reminders

  • Students should narrow college choices--6 to 8 applications should suffice. CUNY counts as one.
  • Register for October SAT (date TBA).
  • Turn in all paperwork to guidance office
  • Get going on the Essay! (English and/or computer teachers will assist in class). Essays vary per school. Essays usually ask for a personal statement about the students life. For an idea of college essays visit to create an account.
  • Ask teachers to write recommendations (ASAP). Use the teacher recommendation form located in Mr. Giordano’s office. Be sure to give teachers enough time, usually one month notice. The more time they have to write the letter and the more information they have on you the better the quality of the letter. Consider creating a resume to hand in with your recommendation request.
  • Students must be sure to schedule an appointment to meet with their college advisor in the fall…BE PREPARED.

Sources of Information



  • If you have any questions please contact me at a later date.
  • Contact Information:
  • James Giordano
  • Also visit me on facebook.
  • **Best way to contact me is through e-mail!!

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