The new holocaust started in 2009, and will go wild in June 2015; do you wanna see a holocaust? Blue Blood Is Black Blood (1100-1848)

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The new holocaust started in 2009, and will go wild in June 2015 ;
Blue Blood Is Black Blood (1100-1848)

The Blue blood Is Black Blood (1100-1848) and the Suriname Blue Blood is Black Blood Museum are based on historical research by Egmond Codfried and states that Europe was ruled by a brown and black complexioned noble and bourgeois native elite, which oppressed the whites, the third estate, till 1848, when the newly emancipated whites had all old master portraits altered to show white instead of brown faces.

maandag 12 augustus 2013


The age-old immigrant’s problem and the dreaded final solution

When I write about the Netherlands and Europe as a result of my own investigations into cases in the media or about the similarities of 1933-1945 with today or about the personal descriptions of the European elite (1500-1789) as black people, I am accused by the Dutch of insults, discrimination and racism. It seems rather that white Dutch are perhaps not allowed to hear what black and colored Dutch citizens think about these matters, which concerns them as well. As if their views in this supposed democracy, are totally relevant to the white master race. So I write as researcher who wants to give something back to his nation, not with the intent to insult or to hurt and discriminate, but to give arguments against the daily barrage of lies, the hatemongering and stigmatizing in the media of groups of citizens I also belong to. Thus I reserve the right, for myself as part of the seriously beleaguered groups to defend myself.


To this purpose my attention was recently drawn to the period 1881-1914 when by fierce anti-Semitic propaganda and pogroms, a great exodus of Jews from Europe took place. This also gave further rise to the Zionist movement and eventually to the founding of Israel. It struck me that the next period of Jewish hatred of 1933-1945 already succeeded after 52 years. Today 65 years after the previous run-up to the actual genocide and genocide in Europe there are serious suspicions and accusations again addressed at some minority groups like Blacks and Muslims. Everywhere sounds the call for their departure and expulsion from Europe. Switzerland recently chose for a banning of Minarets which to me evokes associations with the Kristallnacht in Germany when during a national pogrom synagogues went up in flames, stores of Jewish Germans were vandalizing and Germans were forbidden to do business with Jews. The murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh is reminiscent of the murder of a senior Berlin Nazi after which all Berlin Jews together had to pay a ransom. All Jews were regarded as complicit in this murder as today all Moroccans and Muslims would be guilty of the murder of Van Gogh. With the rise of the Nazis there already people who understood what was to come and many wealthy Jews and others brought their belongings in safety and departed on time from Germany and Europe. In time before fleeing had been made impossible. Just like the assimilated Jews then, today the supposed lack of integration of the fully integrated Blacks and Muslims is in discussion. They are also held liable as a group, for street crime. An issue that they, as individual and ordinary citizens can do nothing about. Indeed, in a modern society, law enforcement, crime prevention and crime investigation are exclusive tasks of the government and the police. The central question is whether we are heading to a Holocaust in the Netherlands and Europe and what is in store for the direct victims.

Stigmatization by the State

Jews were almost 600 years in Europe but were each time the accused perpetrators of social evils. And of disasters which they could not possibly have been guilty of, or of which they themselves had suffered damage. The national government made them the scapegoats for every administrative failure, economic downturn such as the collapse of trade fairs. And of natural disasters like the Black Death. Nevertheless, Jews were, throughout the centuries repeatedly explicitly invited by various national states and asked to help build the local economy. During the Middle Ages, the import of luxury goods from the Orient for the kings and nobility was outsourced to them. While the Jews were denied citizenship the national government gave them so called privileges, like "freedom of faith and the right to live in special districts. After some time as the Jews of the second and third generation effectively integrated and were socially successful the objections started against them began to accumulate and the Jews had to leave. In fear for their lives and leaving behind their possessions. The expulsion of Muslims from 16th century Spain, described in Black Renaissance gives a detailed picture of how the removal of a minority works. What is striking is that after the forced conversion to Christianity Spanish Muslims and Jews were called New Catholics, and up till the third generation were forbidden to hold public office. They were now completely assimilated, and met all the demands that society placed on them, were Catholics and ate the sumptuous pork dishes specially invented for ex-Jews and ex-Muslims, but were still not really a part of society. Their eventual expulsion and especially the looting of their wealth, was planned from the beginning. It seems to me that today we can recognize the same pattern against Blacks and Muslims. We have Blacks and Muslims brought here without the intention of the Dutch state that they would remain here. The complaint that they do not want to integrate is arguably a big lie with historic overtones.

The exploitation of immigrants

In the Netherlands one recognizes a similar pattern after they had invited the wealthy Portuguese Jews who were expelled from Portugal and lived there as' New Catholics. "William of Orange (1533-1585) was financed by Jewish donors, including one classmate who first had a Christian name. This country gave them only entrepreneurship in the slave trade, exploitation of slaves on plantations in the American colonies and the trade in products of slave labor, said Job Cohen. They paid for this privilege through high taxes. Nevertheless in the beginning they had no citizenship and lived in separate parts of towns. In Suriname the Jewish plantations were segregated in the Jewish Savannah on Suriname River. As in other European states the elite took loans from them, which were not repaid. There are historical precedents of special legislation which forbade paying back of these loans. These loans look to me as a legalized form of extortion and protection money to the elite in power. Many centuries later when Germany occupied the Netherlands, the Dutch cooperated to such a extent with the Germans that 75% of the Dutch Jews were murdered. They had been already one hundred forty-five years Dutch citizens, but were nonetheless considered 'subhuman' and killed as 'human animals' in the Nazi extermination camps. From my perspective, the Germans appealed to existing and already strong hatred against Jews in Dutch, which was updated and further fuelled by racist propaganda via the cinema, schools and media. Recently, during the Rembrandt Year, we even heard of a Nazi propaganda film that presented Rembrandt as victims of the Amsterdam Jews. It is therefore totally unacceptable to me when Dutch and Germans claim that they "we did not know, we just did our job." While it may be clear that the Nazi State, threatened all citizens and many non-Jewish were victimized as well. Besides the daily hatemongering like comparing Jews with rats, a disease spreading vermin, there were urban ghettos established, the Judenviertel. Already at the railway stations, at the beginning of the transport to the extermination camps the humiliation and violence began. While the Jews were stuffed in animal wagons for all to see. These are things that every citizen could see for himself or could have knowledge of. Queen Wilhelmina made at the beginning of the war three times, in her radio speeches from London, references to the German extermination camps. After which she kept silent on the fate of her Jewish subjects. So it is completely implausible to me that the Dutch knew nothing, as some still claim. The so-called ‘PolitioneleActies’ in Indonesia, was the genocide on the Indonesians who had declared independence after centuries of exploitation by the Netherlands, shortly after The Netherlands were liberated from occupation by a foreign power constitutes a further illustration of the argument in this essay. It’s this national lie, the denial of the national responsibility for the Holocaust which is of great concern to me today.

Immigrants outlawed?

Around this time, in the run-up to the Council Elections began the lawsuit against Geert Wilders of the PVV because of discrimination and incitement to hatred against minority groups. The prosecution initially refused to prosecute, but found itself compelled to do so by an Article 12 procedure by the Surinamese Dutch lawyer, Mr.G. Spong. At the beginning of the trial the District Attorney declared to consider an acquittal. Wilders wanted call on a lot of expert witness. So it appears that despite all the declarations, discourses and objections against Wilders because of his incitement to hatred, the campaign of Wilders does not appear to displease the Dutch State. It will rather give him a courtroom podium and thus make his victims, the immigrants, outlaws. He will now be openly supported by the State to stigmatize foreigners as enemies to the Netherlands. Wilders was right from the start supported by the media and journalism in the state media, which constantly presenting immigrants as thieves, drug smugglers, traffickers, pimps, rapists, and murderers and gay-bashers, in writing, image and sound. What is striking is that each immigrants group is accused of a different type of wrongdoing, so they view each other with distrust and even hatred. The old divide and conquer politics. This strategy also aims to eliminate all possible feelings of solidarity with well-meaning white Dutch and prevent existing attempts at dialogue. Even white gay men are pitted against Blacks and Muslims, while it’s a established fact that the Dutch government gives the churches the right to discriminate against gay people, to refuse and to dismiss. Gay people have always known that they can’t raise complaints of discrimination with Dutch police because it is the police themselves who harass them in the gay venues. Approaching them in an intimidating and humiliating way or at night in parks with sudden bright headlights shining into the bushes. And jeering them away from police stations as complainants of violence and threats. If there are immigrant gay-bashers than it is only because, at the lower secondary professional education in the Netherlands, the VMBO, they were taught that this can be with impunity. By stigmatizing persons who are in fact our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children, as gay and as 'different', the oppressed and intimidated people are further divided.


In recent times, around 1960, Surinamese, mostly Christians and Muslims like Turks and Moroccans were invited to the Netherlands to increase the (un) skilled workers arsenal. These groups were typically put to work in hazardous occupations like those in the steelworks factories. Meanwhile, after so many years, it appears that people who live around the Hoogovens exhibit a higher cancer rate, which does not bode well for the factory workers themselves. The new arrivals were immediately isolated in separate geographic areas and were not offered any language classes for integration. When the first generation after 1980, more than 30 years after their arrival, w ready to bring their families with growing children to the Netherlands, the scenario of negative stereotypes, social isolation and passive expulsion was started. The State began with the definition of certain groups as 'allochtoon' and started a 'allochtonen policy' by which a different policy was made for every single ethnic group. If the goal was integration and citizenship, why should Surinamese, Turks, Moroccans, Tunisians, Berbers and Kurds then have to integrate separately? This resulted in categorical and cultural institutions, distinguished by ethnicity, a further form of imposed social segregation. Then came the false accusation of refusal to integrate, after the government itself put these minorities at a disadvantage. Then followed the empty accusation that was constantly repeated in the media that members of ethnic groups were violent and were criminals. In addition after the attacks in New York on September 11, 2001 started the typecasting of Muslims in the role of religious fanatics and terrorists. Blacks were also stigmatized as drug smugglers and preparations for a policy was made to record their ethnicity. That would be followed by the registration of Roma and Sinti Dutch citizens who apparently 65 years after the Holocaust of the Roma and Sinti apparently still not have been integrated. The Dutch State started a new educational system of inferior education, the VMBO, with among the normal students, also those pupils who need special education because of behavioral problems and other learning constraints. So there can be no orderly education. VMBO also leads to nowhere; it does not offer a diploma. The children have not learned a single subject, let alone that they can write a normal letter. This has been done to put black, colored and Muslim students at a disadvantage and to establish and insure that the road to upward social mobility for them through education is cut off. Also, this creates a permanent underclass, a class of uneducated people, who in every way can be lied to, manipulated and exploited.

The Allochtonen Question

In the year 2010 there is an Allochtonen Question, just as centuries there existed a Jewish Question. Today we hear on radio and television how political leaders outdo each other in the sowing of hatred against those ethnic groups. Even worse in these to last week leading to the Municipal Elections on the 3rd of March. Meanwhile Polish workers are brought to the Netherlands at the expense of Dutch workers. They are also segregation, and excluded from social rights, healthy working conditions, fair wages, free housing and social services. Ultimately the Nazis chose in 1933 for a "Final Solution" an "Endlösung" by secretly preparing for a Holocaust against all European Jews. As "useless people" were identified the sick, the elderly and the disabled who were then concentrated in state institutions and killed. The hatred of Nazism turned against any other unwanted "animal people" as their own white German disabled citizens, black Germans, Roma and homosexuals. Black Germans were sterilized and had jobs as camp workers before they were gassed themselves. Netherland sent Jewish refugees back to Germany despite that the government was aware of the extermination camps. What is striking today is that the white commentators, the white men and women with high salaries who allowed commenting, discuss the matter very abstract. As if we a dealing with a purely legal philosophical problem. They always seem to leave in the middle how they really think about the arguments and how they look at immigrants and the future of the immigrants in the Netherlands. It seems like they keep all options open, by which in fact opt for the status quo and therefore in favor of the rejection of foreigners. In my experience, given the strange circumstances surrounding the mentally disturbed offender, the murder of Van Gogh was by the state to turn intelligentsia against the immigrants. If necessary, even compelled by the threat of murder. Every informed and rational people understand that you cannot regard a whole Moroccan nation as criminals and that the events of todays are suspiciously similar to those around the last Holocaust......

Repeating history?

The readers can now identify which stages in the process of dehumanization and expulsion of foreigners are already deployed. After the German invasion the Dutch population was groomed by a propaganda campaign that stigmatized Jews as exotic, as monsters, parasites and rats, which cause famine and war and who seduce Christian virgins. In 1940 Dutch officials helped the Nazi occupier to identify Dutch citizens as Jews according to Nazi regulations. The Jews were then dismissed from state service, and had to wear a yellow star. Then the liberal professions were forbidden to them. The Jews had to submit all their valuables and securities, with the sly promise that they would be reimbursed. Circumvention of these laws and regulations made people immediately punishable. Next they were forbidden to use public transport and bicycles, and the Dutch could no longer work for Jews. After this rapid social segregation the Jews were next concentrated in specific Jewish neighbourhoods, the Judenviertel. The comfortable furnished houses were taken over by members of the NSB party. Then they were deported to concentration camps after they had been already mistreated, and stiffed into animal wagons. After arrival a part was were immediately gassed or injected with poison in the heart. The residents living around the camps were witness to the terrible smell and ongoing outpouring of white ash from the destruction ovens. Meanwhile, there were constant raids, violent street arrests and public executions. Even small babies who were given in hiding by their Jewish parents were arrested and deported to the camps which proofed that the Jews were not sent to labour camps. The aim was the destruction of ALL Jews but this could not cost the State any thing. That’s why the robbing of Jewish property was an essential part of the operation. A part of the Dutch Jews survived the camps and after the liberation of The Netherlands returned home they were confronted with "De kleineSjoah (The Little Shoah)" which according to Isaac Lipschits made them notice that they were not welcome. Their goods with returned with great difficulty. Even what the Dutch government itself had seized, was not readily returned to the Jewish owners But soon after it was taught to the Dutch to claim about this period "that they had not known and they had simply done their job". The result is that 75% of Dutch Jews perished while until today, according to GertMak, the Dutch do not know the cause. The cause must therefore be sought in the existing hatred of Jews and the great help the Dutch have offered to the Germans receiving a fee from Nf 7.50 to Nf 40 per Jew. Of course, there were many non-Jewish victims, many principled Dutch giving hiding and were part of the Resistance. But that group is too small to determine the image, just like almost everyone today is silent about the right of immigrants to a life in the Netherlands. It is as if all the Dutch people are already reconciled with the idea of foreigner’s free Netherlands.

Should we flee?

Unlike the Jews, the Blacks and Muslims today at least in theory, have a homeland but they are in majority 'foreigners' born of mixed marriages and / or raised in The Netherlands. So the half-immigrants and immigrants to use Nazi jargon, have therefore no significant ties with the Third World countries of their one parent or grandparents. These countries are in no way prepared to harbor the influx of refugees. The local population sometimes has a negative outlook on these immigrants because they have become Europeans and are, almost always, promoting European interests. Yet they have to flee because the jinni is already out of the bottle and the Netherlands clearly dashing to a "final solution.’ It looks intently at the success of the Wilders' PVV party with whom others just hope to cooperate instead of fight. Green Left, FemkeHalsema (Groen Links) is against the closure of the Red Light district where illegal women are prostituted by force but she is "concerned" about "oppressed" Muslim women with headscarves. The SP in The Hague misuses a hype about 'corporal punishment' during language lessons in mosques for children c to stigmatize Muslims as bullies, and thus offers an alternative to Wilders in the upcoming municipal elections. This reminded me of the medieval allegations of the Jews of abducting Christian children to bleed them to death for the preparation of matzos breads.

Revisionism and State Racism

After thirty years of residence and the discovery in 2008 of my Blue Blood is Black Blood Theory (1500-1789) and thus the cause of racism against Blacks, I understand that it is no coincidence that "allochtonen" are systematically isolated and put at a disadvantage. My theory which states that racism can be deconstructed as an exaggerated liberation ideology to liberate Europe from a black, noble and royal domination. The elite of this period is described as black and colored, black, brown, more brown than white, the black boy, swarthy, black as chimney, chimney sweeper, basané, not the white hands, bad complexion, very dark; but in museums today are shown as white. They applied whitewashed to images that sometimes are authentic black portraits or created whitened copies for propagandistic motives, because the white underclass constituted a numerical majority. With whitewashed portraits or by wearing white makeup, the dominant black elite gave an illusion of legitimacy. There was however an Reversed Apartheid, so all the big names from this period can be associated with black portraits. William of Orange, Elizabeth I, Louis XIV, Charles V Habsburg, Voltaire, Rousseau, Van Beethoven and Goethe. The French Revolution put an end to the Ancien Regime, which is a black and colored regime where the high nobility identified with the many images of the Moor (another name for classical Africans) and the heraldic Moors. Today European scientists claim not to know why there are so many images of Moors in western art. The kings and nobles were apparently also recognizable by their black and colored looks as nobility. Reasons why in the lead up to the French Revolution they were painting their faces white as a sign of equality. The highest nobility is called blue blood, which was a reference to blue men as how the Blacks in the European Middle Ages were called. White Europeans are only 6000 years in Europe and come from Central Asia. Whites, who are descendants of albinos, differ from Blacks only in color. Were the first Europeans who were Africans had been 43,000 in Europe, proofed by the discovery of the Grimaldi Man. Europe's high nobility and kings were descendants of the original black Europeans and were an intermarrying fixed ‘mulatto race’ between very light and very black. Some, like William of Orange and his brother John VI, Count of Nassau, also with a black or dark brown skin and strong classical African features.

White supremacy

White supremacy is the belief that white people are carriers of civilization and intellectual, moral and physical advantage over Blacks and colored people and is based on whitewashed and faked portraits of rulers, scientists and intellectuals who identified themselves as black and were described and depicted as blacks. Racial science and a racial hierarchy between races - there are no races, only phenotypes - is designed to hide the domination by blacks Europeans. This black elite Europe gave civilization, but was also cruel and despotic in maintaining its power. Their appreciation for their white citizens was best illustrated by the use of human skin for the binding of valuable works. The strive for acceptance of the Declaration of the Rights of Human Rights was to free whites from black supremacy. The revolutionary elite declared the symbol of the Moor, a important symbol of black superiority, as animalistic, ugly, cruel, morally inferior, afflicted with diseases too; and therefore racism is a liberation ideology. Whites regard themselves as superior because of racist indoctrination by the State today and are convinced of their ethnic superiority. Today, in Amsterdam-West foreign schoolchildren will be "medically screened" to give them an early stamp of mental inferiority compared to their white peers. The whites and their House Negroes, benefit from a situation of inequality so they will never take action to end the disparity between black and white. They always respond with great denial, anger and even mockery to people and arguments that go against white supremacy. Experience shows that even the mildest mannered white person becomes a fire-breathing Nazi when I start on that William of Orange and his many wives were black and colored women Europeans. They react with fear when I say that Beatrice descended from black European people, and the classical type of Africans in looks. There is really absolutely no possibility of a rational exchange with white people when white superiority comes into question. As if they have learned through education and media that blacks are never right. Sometimes people say openly that if the whites do not oppress Blacks, the Blacks will suppress the whites. This can be attributed to the Ancien Regime, a black regime. The question is whether this threat is still playing after many hundreds of years. It is very strange to me as person when I present personal descriptions of King Charles II Stuart (1633-1685) as The Black Boy, a tall black man and The swarthy Stuart and also four engravings that show a man with a pitch-black to black skin tones, whites still insist they see no black man. Or that he would be a black Caucasian, or an African Caucasian like Somalis and Ethiopians would be: thus belonging to the Whites. These are often pitch-black people, sometimes with narrow noses and thin lips that nonetheless are part of the white master race. J.A. Rogers (1941) found that these so-called African Caucasian on arrival in America are never treated as whites, but like Blacks.

Origin of the white skin color

Further, whites respond very strange on my assertion that whites are descended from albinos. In nature, all white life forms come from albinism. Albinos are, compared with the colored types completely normal, but should only take precautions before they go into the sun. This is due to the inability to make melanin, which protects the internal tissues and organs from the harmful effects of the rays of the Sun. White flowers are obtained by breeding albino seedlings among themselves over several generations until pure, sustained white seed is won. Human albinism also has a hereditary factor because there are complete albino families. 25% of the offspring of two albinos’ can be albino too. The majority of albinos are found in Africa and in Tanzania the highest percentage. Whites are only 6000 years in Europe and came from Central Asia. Blacks have been 43,000 years in Europe proven by the remains of the Grimaldi Man The Moors in many European images of Western art, Black Madonna’s, and many paintings of a black Jesus, are further indications that the European elite (1500-1789) was black. They considered blacks superior to whites, so a white god meant nothing to them. Perhaps the white DNA, like with migratory birds, was attracted to sunless northern climates which are more consistent with the albino phenotype. Albinism is indeed a radical adjustment to the environment, perhaps a survival mechanism that was acquired through the long road that human DNA's travelled from the beginning of life on earth. Since the first Man was black, all human phenotypes are present in the black man so there is no way the whites are superior to Blacks.

State Racism

Because of this knowledge, the experience of living among the Dutch and a long list of scientific facts, I think Europe has a long tradition of State Racism. That there is a recurring pattern of expulsion, pogroms and Holocaust on minorities since the French Revolution. Museums were apparently founded on the need of imposing state racism and revisionism. After the revolution there were periods of restoring the black identified nobility and the intellectual elite. The emancipation of white Europeans probably occurred only after 1848. Interestingly, "Great Men" as William of Orange, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and the Classical composers only where "discovered" well into the 19th century, after being whitewashed, and only then became part of history. Romanticism was a movement for an "authentic" European civilization and broke with the rationality of the Ancien Regime. Romantism chose instead 'feelings and emotion." Today it looks like these irrational "feelings and emotions” are back in full swing and are used against immigrants. It is therefore perhaps no coincidence that today, when the second and third generation immigrants are fully integrated and ready to enjoy the fruits of the labor of their parents and grandparents, they suddenly declared undesirable. The entire Dutch media is one united front against this group and they are not offered a podium to defend themselves. There is no opportunity for a rational assessment of the role and position of former guest workers and of the people from the colonies who were brought to remedy shortages of labor in The Netherlands.

My motives for writing this essay

Who writes, remains. I have also been severely harassed and obstructed in the publishing and publicity of my writings. Viruses were implanted to destroy my electronic manuscripts. I want to make the Surinamese and others aware of the dangers that threaten them and therefore give them a choice for flight to save their life and property. But, perhaps familiarity with the hazards which also threaten ordinary, white Europeans may lead to a change. Yet I’m afraid we are looking at the next ‘we did not know generation, we were just doing our job.’ It is important to realize that the genocide was planned on the foundation that its victims had to finance and execute their own destruction. Culemborg can be seen as a dress rehearsal of how two minorities, the Moluccans and the Moroccan as we observe how they actively or passively incited against each other. There is sufficient evidence and scientific studies that Jews were part of Hitler's army and actively involved in the genocide of Jews. A main instrument were the Jewish Councils (JoodseRaden) which loyally executed the Nazi orders against the Jews, even telling Jews not to flea or go into hiding. I therefore conclude that today the educated Black and Muslim leaders act like agents of the racist and genocidal state. Just like the former Jewish Council and its supporters who were ‘spared’ for some time, before they themselves were finally gassed. A sudden flight of foreigners, because the genocidal plans will not be announced via NETWORK or NOVA, to Suriname, Morocco, Turkey, Ghana, Somalia and Pakistan should lead to a forced sale of property at much lower prices. By the decision not to prosecute as expressed by the OM against Wilders, the Dutch state is de facto making discrimination against foreigners legal. And immigrants can no longer count on an equal treatment by the legal system. People will, if they can still get away, leaving their beautifully furnished homes, and arrive destitute in a country like Suriname and will be homeless without any help from the Surinamese. Who themselves are very poor, and kept on a tight leach by their own unpleasant elite. The Holocaust was a inter-European affair so the danger can come from outside the Netherlands as well. I like to believe that I am wrong, I like to believe the people who say that it will not go this way, that power is distributed diffusely in the Netherlands." That it will be all right. That such a thing today is no longer possible. Unfortunately this is precisely the fate of the black Surinamese in the Netherlands like Anton de Kom, the German Jews, Germans blacks who are today never mentioned, gay’s, Roma’s, Poles, Jehovah's Witnesses and the disabled were told in 1933-1945, and see the result.

Den Haag

January 2010

09-04-2012, 10:10 AM


This historical essay is part of a 30 page, illustrated brochure, which offers many bibliographical sources and general, background articles regarding the Holocaust. And uniquely, offers research about the 50.000 Black nazi victims who are never mentioned in the conventional WWII research and celebrations. It offers little known facts that are withheld from the public at large, as this would enable them to fully understand what really happened during the last Holocaust. And shows that the today migrants, like the Jews; were never intended to become Europeans. A detailed description of events and measures against the Polish and German Jews offer signs to look for, to evaluate if or when to flee. The Dutch Surinamese, as intended victims, are hereby offered a fair chance. The Surinam government is invited to prepare for 100.000 refugees.

The Holocaust was not an unfortunate incident but a recurring event staged by the State, after every two generations; to rob and kill its already segregated ethnic and other minorities. Always a carefully prepared long time plan, preceded by a judicial infrastructure, supported by all the state institutions, inter-European, and with close collaboration by the leaders of the victimized groups themselves. Although ostensive but misleadingly presented as against the Jews, many other groups were targeted during WWII, like Blacks, while the robbing of the victims was the first priority, before murdering them, and collecting their golden tooth fillings.

The main objective is to warn all the intended victims of the next Holocaust: Black, colored and Muslim Europeans, and what they may expect. My intention is also to warn the government of Suriname that a great part of the 700.000 Dutch Surinamese, many borne and indoctrinated in a Dutch oriented worldview, may arrive as traumatized and destitute refugees. Many will be half-whites, who never saw Suriname; with potentially unreasonable expectations. But there will be less destabilizing political wrangling and hardship if detailed preparations are made for their temporary housing, resettlement, re-education and speedy re-absorption. Because of the treaties; Surinam will find itself forced to grant these essentially Dutch Europeans full citizenship rights after just two years of stay. This uprooted and unhappy group will also be permanently cut off from the privileged rights and benefits that went with a Dutch passport, including the right to return to Europe to reclaim their lost property.

Since my visionary essay was published in January 2010 a lot has come to pass. Suicide bombers, allegedly shouting ‘Allah’ have reached the shopping streets of Sweden. The genocidal US is throwing up its own smokescreen by unleashing documents through the fake Wikileaks, the so-called whistle blower site. A victorious Bouterse became president to ‘all the Surinamese’ to the great dismay of the Dutch minority government and its housenigger minions. As financial grants are stopped to punish the Surinamese for democratically electing Bouterse, the Surinam intellectual leadership is automatically turned against the new policies. As they were the true beneficiaries of these financial crumbs anyway, a microscopic part of the 50 billion euros the Dutch have reaped from Suriname in 350 years of slavery and colonial exploitation.

One American political trend watcher of note, Gerald Celente was quoted on the 20th of September that there will be ‘Ethnic Cleansing on a large scale against Muslims in Europe’ between 2012-2016. Which confirms my research that such would happen within 5 years. But like the last Holocaust, not only against this ostensive accused group, as were the Jews then, but against all minorities: ethnic, sexual, the disabled and the senior citizens who criminally overstay their allotted pension period and needlessly drain the dwindling pension funds by refusing to die. Again the accused group is pinpointed as the cause of the present economic and security crises, which they have nothing to do with as they lack either economic or political power. They are now simply accused of threatening Christendom, democracy, and support ‘terrorism;’ as how the national liberation seeking international Black and Arab activist are labeled. There is much to do about dual citizenship, but only in regard to Turks and Moroccans.

There are Black Surinamese who have a strong believe that as integrated citizens, pious Christians no less, and Dutch passport holders; they are immune against any of these harms. But then they have not considered the disturbing press reports about ethnic registering of the Dutch Antilleans (Blacks and colored’s) who have always remained colonized Dutch citizens. As well as the still marginalized, Dutch Roma and Sinti, whose ancestors the Nazi’s actively murdered.

Most alarmingly; the ‘they are criminals’ accusation is now completely replaced by a whole sale stigmatizing of Muslims that the Koran is a violent book and Muslims are ‘programmed’ by their creed to colonize Europe. So now, even the fully integrated, law-abiding and secularized majority of Muslims are a dangerous fifth Colonna. Suicide attacks by men calling ‘Allah’ in Sweden, should be considered the final stage before actual violence is unleashed against minorities. The always active neo-Nazi youth, and those mighty Europeans who have always openly praised the Nazi’s and the Holocaust; might have shed their thug like image, but will be the next violent Hitlerjugend. This time there will be even more dead bodies, as we have for long time been desensitized to violence and dead.

As predicted, Wilders is now the most powerful Dutch politician, because of a fractured election result and a ‘royal’ sleight of hand, which scrambled The Netherlands into a minority VVD/CDA Cabinet, propped up by Wilders’ PVV party. His party remains a single-issue party with no party-membership, no ministers or any executive positions. Anti-minority measures are proposed like there is no tomorrow. As if European states compete as crusaders; who will have the greatest historical distinction to have cleansed Europe from its foes. The German Angela Merkel, like a present day Queen Isabelle de Castile, did her bit and patiently urged Muslims to learn German. Then, it was a final warning to the Spanish Muslims who were next given three days to leave, with only the few belongings they could carry themselves.

The fixed case against Wilders was declared invalid from the start because of alleged prejudices with the court against Wilders. The court-president amateurishly remarked on Wilders’ tendency to walk away from any discussion when challenged, as Wilders asserted his lawful right to remain silent. And, for good measure, there were next instances of influencing the defense by the prosecution during private meetings. Even when they prepared to sue for ‘not guilty,’ anyway. On it’s postponement, Mohamed Rabbae, a complainant, said; ‘The fight against fascism starts now.’ FemkeHalsema has blessedly quit politics, her wholly unrealistic dreams of political éclat; to join a patchwork government; dashed. Other so-called leftist parties, rather oddly, refuse to join forces against the blatantly Holocaust mongering forces. She rather foolishly supported the armed Dutch presence in US occupied Afghanistan, which disgusts the Dutch.

Surprisingly Job Cohen, the new and uninspiring PVDA leader, whose study about Dutch Jews is referred to in my essay, commented in December that the ‘exclusion’ of the Moroccans today could be compared to that of the Jews during 40-45. Critics considered this as ‘defaming’ and not credible because this should be followed next by ‘a terrible harm’ against Moroccans. An occurrence, these critics do not judge feasible. Again echoes of the past: it will not happen, it’s not possible, and Europe is a civilized continent. However, opposition leader Cohen apparently never said such a thing, as he would be a blatant opportunist. His enemies rather seek to unmask him and dared him to speak out against the impending Holocaust. As during his city major tenure of Amsterdam he never ceased to stigmatize Moroccans. Claiming that the pressure to conform did well for Jews in the 19th century. I have always wondered how he then explained the 1881-1914 pogroms, and 1933-1945; that followed after the forced assimilation of Jews? With the first pogroms half of Antwerp’s Jewry, took flight to Amsterdam, and next; 50% being murdered in the concentration camps. Today the Dutch Jews seem pressured to show they deserve to be considered worthy and ‘true’ Dutch and to join with the half-Indonesian Dutch against the Muslim enemy. Joining hands with the renegade South Africans who dominate lily-white Dutch police. Poles are imported to fill positions from intentionally dismissed Dutch workers. After only a week in the Netherlands they piously announce they do not like Turks, Dutch citizens, having never met Turks before.

In my essay and appendices I have pointed out studies that show Jews fully participating in the Holocaust against fellow Jews. Like the little known, but diligently nazi collaborating Jewish Council of Amsterdam (1941-1943), before it’s members were gassed themselves. But this is the nature of these mass killings, to employ elements of the targeted groups to execute the murderous plans. Perhaps why Jews in general prudently keep silent. Like how Africans sold and how African-Europeans exploited their African brethren in slavery. The slave mongering European elite was Black, described as brown and black complexioned, and self-identified as Black. Another warning to the Surinamese to be wary of leaders like parliamentarian Ferriër who choose to remain part of the CDA; even while it’s PVV partner proposed active discrimination and removal of Muslim citizens. While her CDA colleague, the Turkish Cöruz, a human rights specialist, was indignant that people expected him to speak out against a government supported by PVV.

We can surmise that the corresponding Third World Countries are pressured; their corrupt elite paid off, not to interfere with these murderous plans. Perhaps the true reason for Holland’s uncompromisingly hostility against the Bouterse regime. It seems that the white Dutch are for now instructed to view the Surinamese in Holland as good, and integrated, hardworking people. But most likely history will repeat itself and Blacks will be used to murder Moroccans, before they themselves will be targeted. Meanwhile Surinam has been re-colonized by Holland, and this time by invitation, with the Dutch embassy underwriting every cultural event and even a Human Rights meeting with the local gay group.

Yet I was re-informed about the ToescheidingsOvereenkomst (1975) treaty, that regulates the free personal traffic between the two nations. The TO was suspended in 1980, when the Dutch suddenly imposed visa-regulations, ending the unrestricted travelling. And next because Suriname refused implementing Article 5.2 to automatically grant returning Dutch Surinamese the Surinam nationality and full citizen’s rights. Like the right to elect and be elected; after only two years of residence or simple stay. I now understand that a wholesale flight of the Surinamese back home, will result in an involuntary lost of the Dutch nationality after only two years of stay. And the forfeit of rights and social benefits, like pensions. Surinam can be held ransom by withholding UN refugee aid, if they condemn these refugees to ‘statelessness. ’ This supports my analyses that the imported minorities were never intended to become part of Europe. Their exploitation, the stealing of their goods, the expulsion, and their murder was already foreseen, as it forms an essential part of what Europeans call civilization.

Finally, my Blue Blood is Black Blood (1500-1789), also explains the hatred of Blacks as an essential element of whiteness, is further corroborated by my ‘Was Jane Austen (1775-1817) Black?’ research. As Austen herself is described as dark brown and not pink; she insistently wrote all her personages as brown or black of complexion, and discusses black oriented issues like Black beauty in Pride and Prejudice, The Watsons and skin bleaching in Persuasion, race-mixing in Emma, revisionism against Blacks and the loss of political power by the European Black elite in Emma and slavery in Mansfield Park, during the Regency Era, after the French Revolution (1789-1795). There are also a few sophisticated references to gayness in Sense & Sensibility, Mansfield Park, and Emma. Although she wrote political, self-help books for Blacks, today she has been miraculously turned into the epitome of white superiority, and improbable heterosexual virginity too.


December 2010


Beste NVVE,

Ik vraag mij al lange tijd af waarin de praktijken van de NVVE en haar 31 euthanasie teams verschillen van het nazie euthanasie programma (1933-1945).

Ik lees in de media zelf van gevallen waar zo een team een persoon bezocht die een verklaring getekend zou hebben, maar bij nader inzien niet dood wilde.

En dat men nu ook de rechter gaat inschakelen om te bepalen of zo een persoon toch dood moet.

Dit doet mij werkelijk aan een nieuwe holocaust denken, om eerst alle 'mensendieren' op te ruimen.

Egmond Codfried


Aan de NVVE

Geachte heer Frans Janssen,

Bedankt dat u de tijd nam om mij te antwoorden. Van mijn kant maak ik de vergelijking met de nazi praktijken sinds 1933 omdat ik mij geen andere referentie kan bedenken. Temeer daar ik niet eens ben met het algemene, geaccepteerde verhaal over de Tweede Wereld Oorlog, welke ik kwalificeer als een gevaarlijke fantasie. Ik ga ervanuit dat de euthanasiepraktijk in Nederland eeuwenlang goed ging tot de regering onlangs aan het systeem ging rommelen, uit hoofde van bezuiniging op de Zorg. (1)Vanuit mijn eigen onderzoek, neergelegd in een historisch essay ‘Komt er weer een Holocaust?’(2009) geloof ik dat de Europese staten zelf deze holocausten organiseren, als een reset, (2) en bij de laatste, Duitsland de rol op zich nam om de Joden te vergassen, die door de staatspolities waren verzameld en op transport gesteld. (3)De Franse regering en de stad Brussel hebben inmiddels al toegegeven dat het verzamelen van Joden door hen op eigen initiatief gebeurde en niet onder druk van de bezetter, Duitsland. (4)Hoewel de Europese geschiedenis bol staat van Jodenhaat, Jodenvervolging, pogroms, verjaging etc. beweert men in Nederland, dat zij niet wisten wat de Joden (1941-1943) in Duitsland te wachten stond. Terwijl men tevens oma’s van 70 jaar en baby’s van 6 maanden op transport stelden naar vermeende ‘werkkampen.’ (5)De Duitser Heinz Liepmann schreef al in 1934 ‘Het Vaderland’ waarin hij het nazi geweld tegen Joden en in de concentratie kampen in Duitsland beschreef. Maar hij werd op last van Duitsland in Amsterdam veroordeeld voor het beledigen van een buitenlands staatshoofd. Men wist dus al in 1934 wat er in Duitsland speelde. (6)Tevens lees ik in Nienke Hondius ‘Return’ en in Isaac Lipschitz ‘De kleine Sjoa’ dat de Nederlandse staat al vóór, tijdens en ná vertrek van de Duitse bezetter anti-Joodse maatregelen nam. (7)De Joden die de kampen overleefden werden beslist niet met open armen verwelkomd, maar men sprak spijt uit dat ze aan vergassing waren ontsnapt. (8)Verder heeft men ook Roma, Sinti en Zwarten vermoord, en over de Zwarten praat men nooit alsof hun uitroeiing te rechtvaardigen is. (9)Nadat men klaar was met de bejaarden, de zieken en gehandicapten die men uit menslievendheid zou hebben ‘geholpen;’ werden ook de zogenaamde ‘asocialen’ waaronder de homo’s vergast. Kortom, ik denk dat wanneer de NVVE en haar ijverige 31 ambulante euthanasie teams klaar zijn met de zieken, bejaarden, en de geïnstitutionaliseerde: zij hun aandacht aan gezonde, maar anderszins ongewenste burgers zullen schenken. Ondergetekende? Allochtonen, wellicht? Bedrijfsdoelstellingen en prognoses moeten immers gehaald worden zodat mensen als u werk zullen hebben en inkomen, om uw hypotheek te betalen b.v. Het venijn zit in de reden van deze nieuwe euthanasie woede, namelijk bezuiniging en wegwerken van wachtlijsten. De rijken en hun bedrijven betalen geen belasting, en kunnen niet gedwongen worden omdat de rijken alle instituties beheersen en geen rechter hen ergens toe kan dwingen, dus zoekt de staat financiële ruimte door het aantal hulpbehoeftige burgers te verminderen door euthanasie. Vanwege het kinderverkrachtingsschandaal in de katholieke kerk weten wij hoeveel gewone burgers in Nederland in te brengen hebben en hoeveel bescherming zij van de staat krijgen. Dus vanuit die uitgangspunten kiest de staat voor euthanasie dat net als in de nazi tijd als een weldaad voor de zieken wordt gepresenteerd. U hebt het zelfs over ‘emancipatie.’ De NVVE heeft een jubelende documentaire laten maken en lees ik, en beschouwt 2012 als een ‘top jaar.’ De juridische vereiste van ‘instemming’ is in Nederland wettelijk losgelaten. Men heeft ook eerst alle goedwillende artsen kopschuw gemaakt door willekeurige rechtszaken, zodat de staat alle ruimte heeft om zelf op grote schaal te gaan euthanaseren, wat al leidde tot een verhoging van het suïcide cijfer in Nederland. Ik denk niet dat een discussie verder zin heeft, maar van mijn kant zal ik mijn bezorgdheid en bezwaren kenbaar blijven maken. Ik dacht dat de E in NVVE stond voor Euthanasie.
Hoogachtend. Egmond Codfried



Van: Frans Janssen
Verzonden: dinsdag 30 juli 2013 17:34:40
Aan: '' (
Frans Janssen


Aan: ''
Geachte heer Codfried,
 Ik zal kort op uw mail reageren, al weet ik dat een serieuze discussie veel en veel overwegingen vraagt.
De kern van de visie van de NVVE is de vrijwilligheid en instemming van betrokkene. Veel mensen willen onder omstandigheden van slechte gezondheid voor euthanasie in aanmerking komen.  De Nederlandse wet kent sinds 2002 de mogelijkheid dat artsen onder zorgvuldige eisen aan zo’n verzoek gehoor mogen geven.
In de visie van den NVVE is dat een vorm van emancipatie: mensen krijgen meer regie over hun levenseinde.  Daarbij komt geen enkele vorm van dwang te pas. Inderdaad is het mogelijk dat mensen een euthanasieverzoek opstellen, maar dat later weer intrekken.
Hoe zo’n regeling precies vorm moet krijgen en hoe de uitvoering in de praktijk precies verloopt is uiteraard voor discussie vatbaar – er wordt in de maatschappij ook veel over gepraat, maar vergelijking met de nazi’s en holocaust slaat de deur behoorlijk dicht.
U hoeft helemaal geen voorstander te zijn  van welke vorm van euthanasie dan ook, maar het onderscheid tussen gedwongen (massa)moord en een wettelijke regeling over zelfgekozen levenseinde is toch wel een minimaal vereiste.
Mocht u een discussie met de NVVE willen over dit ontwerp, dan kan dat. Maar graag aan de hand van overwegingen die aansluiten bij de praktijk zoals die deze jaren in Nederland bestaat.
 Met vriendelijke groet,
 Frans Janssen, Hoofd bedrijfsvoering NVVE

 NVVE: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Vrijwillig Levenseinde



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