The Lynne Witkin/cpfa scholarship

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The Lynne Witkin/CPFA Scholarship

Concerned Persons for Adoption

Lynne Witkin was a social worker, adoptive parent and volunteer advocate for adoption. She saw the need for an annual gathering of professionals and parents and in 1979, pioneered New Jersey’s first “Let’s Talk Adoption” Conference. She also served as president of Concerned Persons for Adoption, the adoptive parent support group which has continued to coordinate this conference since her death.

The scholarship is offered in the hope of helping and encouraging qualified social work majors who are interested in pursuing a career in the area of adoption/child welfare. There are currently over a half million children in the U.S. in foster care. More than 100,000 of these are waiting for adoptive parents. There is a critical need for caring, capable social workers to enter the field of child welfare – protective services, foster care, adoption, post-adoption services and the like, especially at this time in New Jersey.

The winner will be invited to attend and receive their check at the October 25, 2014 “Let’s Talk Adoption” Conference at Rutgers University in Piscataway, NJ.

We are offering one $1,500 Scholarship

Deadline for application submission is September 30, 2014

ELIGIBILITY: Current undergraduate OR graduate social work major in a NJ BSW or MSW program. Student must be in good standing and planning to enter the human services field in the area of adoption/child welfare.

CRITERIA: Meets eligibility requirements and has demonstrated interest and/or accomplishments in the above mentioned areas.

Name of applicant_________________________________Date____________

Current address___________________________________

City______________ State_______Zip_______ Telephone________________

Home address____________________________________


Email address______________________________________

Student at what college______________________________________________ or

By the fall of 2014 which college will you be attending______________________

Freshmen____Sophomore_____Junior____Senior____Graduate Student_____

Expected Year of Graduation_____Degree_______________________________


Scholarship Guidelines

Please submit a) this application form, b) Two letters of reference, at least one from a teacher/advisor at your current school and a second from a teacher/advisor or an employer/supervisor in the field and, c) a short essay with the following information:

  1. Career goals

  2. Description of any volunteer or paid positions held in which you gained experience in the field of child welfare or adoption related area (e.g. work with children, teaching, mentoring, foster care, etc.) Please state if you have personal experience (e.g. you were in the foster care system, are an adoptee, have adopted or relinquished a child for adoption) or knowledge in this area.

  3. Explain any additional reasons why you feel you can contribute to the field of adoption/child welfare.

Signature of Applicant_____________________________Date__________________

All applications MUST be received by September 30, 2014

CPFA c/o Barbara Podstawski

60 Marion Ave Butler, NJ 07405

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