The Life Of Iqbal And Child Labour

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Angelika Kalenchuk-Sweet


The Life Of Iqbal And Child Labour

Who was Iqbal Masih? What was his purpose? Why was he a child labourer? Was he truly stubborn and proud like the masters said he was? Who murdered Iqbal Masih? Why was he murdered? These are all good thoughts but to truly understand you must know about Iqbal Masih and his child labouring.

In this essay, you will learn about Iqbal Masih, there main subjects you will learn about is how greedy the masters are such as Hussian Khan , with the poverty of the children working. You will learn about Iqbal and his accomplishments such as winning awards , what child labour is like in the carpet factory and the working conditions in the carpet factory.

Many people around the world do not know much about child labour, but I’m sure if you read about Iqbal Masih it will open up your mind. The masters like Hussian Khan, aren’t caring about anyone but themselves they care about money and less about the children such as Iqbal. The masters such as Hussian Khan, guarantee a rupee everyday for hard work, and the children like Iqbal will get their debt erased if they work hard and Hussian Khan makes a lot of money yet he does not pay the labourers, like Iqbal himself so he and the rest are still poor. “ The debt is never erased no matter how good you are”(Iqbal, D’Adamo, 20). Hussian Khan lives in a house that is fairly big while the children get to stay and work in the dangerous place that is dirty and unsanitary. Masters are powerful and the children are scared to stand up to masters like Hussian Khan.

A child working is called labour, there are working conditions in the factories. In the brick factory, it’s unsanitary , hot and muddy. The children, like Salman did work with their families there for hours and hours to try and pay off the debt or money they owe. In the factories it’s small, hot and dangerous tools like Salman used to work, the space is squishy and no air conditioning. The working conditions cause scabies, diarrhea, wounds, sicknesses from over heating. “ The skin on his face and hands were pitted by three years work in a brick factory near Karachi”(Salman D’Adamo14).

Iqbal is a role model for many child labourers, he did wonderful things and accomplished a lot for one child. Iqbal won an award for doing a merit (doing something good for society) he claimed the prize in Boston, United States. Iqbal also freed many children from child labour, he stopped a lot of masters like Hussian Khan who got put in jail after wise. Iqbal wanted people to know about child labour so it could be stopped. Iqbal became known across the world and his want came true. He gave a speech in Sweden about child labour, and the crowd agreed and loved it. Because he brought awareness. Iqbal achieved what he could, he is known as a hero and a role model for child labourers.

Now that you know Iqbal’s story of child labour, you could do something to help out.

I talked about the greed of the masters, how they take all the money and only care for that. Also how Iqbal accomplished things, such as a prize in Boston for doing a merit ( a good thing ). I told about the working conditions which cause harmful diseases, and scars for life. People need to raise awareness, it’ll help or at least read labels on clothes, find out who and where their made. They could research about child labour, for a project or an essay to find more about it to “ Pay It Forward “. You could donate money for education which prevents child labour from happening, we could join We Day, and help out. Spreading about We Day, which they talk about effects and poverties of child labour. We could take part in the vow of silence, for all the children who have no voice, not physically always, but mentally and emotionally they have no right too speak. We can change this world using the simplest formulas.

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