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The Headteacher’s Report for the Spring Term 2018

Pupil Movement:
New Arrivals

Year 7 Eliyohu Goldman - Manchester Mesivta

Year 10 Sarah Goldman - Beis Malka Girls School

Year 7 Chava Ambuehl - London

Year 8 Mika Hyman - London

David Radai - Israel

Jade Thomas - Bramhall High School

Year 9 Shraga Ambuehl - London

Yehoshua Salomon - Manchester Grammar School

Year 10 Nechama Ambuehl - London

Liam Koller-Iglinsky - Israel

Year 13 Louis Marks - Apprenticeships

Prospective New Pupils
At the time of writing we have 117 pupils who have accepted places for entry into the High School in September 2018. We have also received applications from most of our Year 11 King David pupils, as well as applications from other schools, for our Sixth Form in September 2018, totalling 136 to date.

Please see attached list of pupils on roll, as at 23rd March 2018.

New members of staff:

Mrs L Valla - Maths part time maternity cover

Staff leavers:

Miss M Sbeglia - PE part time

We thank her for her contributions to the school and wish her all the best for the future.

The pupils, as always, have been very generous with their donations. Year 9 pupils have worked very hard with numerous fundraising initiatives and they are collecting money to take to Israel with them in aid of Magen David Adom. The school campus has already raised £8,200 towards its target of £12,000. Students have been leading a number of different initiatives including a Yavneh Girls sponsored run, sponsored haircuts, sale of cookbooks, running tuck shops and other small enterprises. 

Educational Trips/In School Events:

As well as the extra curricular activities (list attached) within the school, there have been many successful events this term and thanks go to those staff who have arranged and given so much of their time to these events which include the following:

Parents’ Evenings:

This term there have been evenings for parents of pupils in the Main School and Yavneh Boys and Yavneh Girls. All these evenings were well supported and highly informative for parents.

Taster Days:

Year 6 Children from our feeder schools and other schools enjoyed spending the day in the Main School and Yavneh. As always, lunch in the canteen was a special highlight for them all!

Main School:

Aish has been inspiring our students to engage with their traditions and love their Judaism by presenting an array of activities in school.  The activities range from ‘Lunch and Learns’ to trips away.  This term Years 12 & 13 have been privileged to hear from Bobby Neumann, Ray Hill, Rabbi Zvi Gefen, Paul Martin and Rabbi Eli Birnbaum.


Eight A Level Art students from Year 13 attended an Exam Research Day at the Whitworth Art Gallery.  Students were given the opportunity to use the galleries resources to help their research and explore printing techniques as part of Component 2 for their A Level exam project.

Two groups of Year 10 art students from King David and Yavneh Girls took part in separate workshops for the Manchester Yom Hashoah project.  Caroline Slifkin an experienced Holocaust Educator led the workshops exploring the theme of the ‘The Power of Words’.  The artwork created will be exhibited at the Yom Hashoah Event to be held in the community on the 12th April, 2018.

As part of Israel 70, Year 8 pupils created a series of drawings based on the idea of Blackout Poetry.  Each pupil was given a photocopy of the English translations from the Singers prayer book, which they embellished with their drawings.  The project is running in collaboration with the Babylonian Jewish Museum where the pupils work will be exhibited in Israel as part of an International Art Project.

Rosa Rubin from Year 12 took part in the Regional Final Articulation Competition.  She presented her thoughts and ideas of ‘How the portrayal of domestic abuse has changed over time.’  Although she was not chosen as the overall winner for the North West, she won a travel award of £50.

Check out the Art Department on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram – search for kdhslovesart and hit FOLLOW.

Bat Chayil

The Bat Chayil girls this term have been very involved with doing acts of Tzedaka (charity) for GIFT. They have enjoyed making their own stuffed unicorn teddies to sell to raise much needed funds to help the charity and they’ve also enjoyed decorating glass candle holders for girls of the same age, living in Israel, who are less fortunate than themselves, as a gift for their Bat Mitzvah.

The girls are now working on projects about influential people and the Midot (character traits) they can learn from them in preparation for their upcoming Bat Chayil Ceremony.

The students are currently being shortlisted for ‘TCS Oxford Computing Challenge’ which will go live this week. The Computing Department are promoting an awareness drive in coding, with particular focus on Year 7 using ‘Micro Bits’ which is designed by the BBC for use in computer education. This is ongoing every Wednesday until the end of term.

Next term we hope to start a lunch time club to enhance students’ creative skills in computing. The club will be open to Years 7,8 and 9. We are also planning to enter another team of young talented Year 10 students -- led by Ethan Hofton and comprising Woody Jeffay, Noah Goodman, Franky Fallon and  Mia Levene-- for the annual event by the technology firm for a ‘Raspberry Pi’ national competition next term.
Duke of Edinburgh

This term has seen the continuation of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award training for the Bronze and Silver groups, and has been very well received by all the students with help from the two new King David School Duke of Edinburgh coordinators, Miss Roberts and Mr Warning. 

All Year 9 pupils in the Main School, Yavneh Boys and Yavneh Girls took part in a whole Duke of Edinburgh Training Day, thus helping to encourage more participants to sign up who would not otherwise have decided to. They have learned many new transferable skills including navigation, first aid, menu planning and caring for equipment.   Many pupils have registered for their expeditions which will be taking place over the Summer Term. 

Once again this year a group of 7 students undertook their Gold Expedition training in February with JLGB. This was a five-day residential trip, at a new training venue in the Peak District, which helped them with their navigation and teamwork skills.  These students completed many challenges during that week and they will be completing their Practice and Assessed Expeditions in the Brecon Beacons over the summer, taking them one step closer to completing their Gold Duke of Edinburgh award. We wish everyone luck over the expedition season.  Thanks, as ever, go to the JLGB team for helping to make all of this possible.


There have been a record number of performances in the Drama Department over the past term. The Year 11 GCSE exam class rehearsed and presented fifteen extracts from a selection of modern and classical plays, demonstrating their skills, talents and ability to perform varying genres.  Play texts included Pygmalion, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Antigone, Yerma and The Importance of Being Ernest.  This term also saw acting performances from the ‘A’ students who presented scenes from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and Ubu Rex by Alfred Jarry, as well as devised plays influenced by DV8 Physical Theatre Company and the Russian director Meyerhold.  Drama Club has been proving more popular than ever, with over forty students attending the weekly role-play creative sessions. With the school being an accredited LAMDA centre, assessments are on the horizon and candidates are busy rehearsing and perfecting their exams in voice, speech and drama. Finally, our amazing Ms Burberry from the Drama Department will be taking maternity leave this month and so we wish her good health and look forward to her return.


Year 11 enjoyed a performance in school of An Inspector Calls  by The Manchester Actors Company. The department is busy offering revision opportunities and intervention sessions to help students prepare for their Language and Literature GCSEs. Miss Earner and Miss Burberry are now both on maternity leave and we have welcomed Mr Watson and Mrs Atherton to provide cover for them.


Mr Faraday, Mr Chappelle, Miss Ainsworth and Mr Sleeman led Year 11 pupils on a field trip to Manchester City centre to look at varying levels of environmental quality and deprivation.

Government and Politics

Year 12 students have had an interesting term investigating the ideologies on which UK political parties were founded. Heated debates have taken place over the importance of liberalism in establishing democracy in the UK; the extent to which parties are unified over key issues and the roles thinkers such as Marx and Giddens have had in shaping the modern Labour party.

The students were also visited by Yair Zivan who worked as a political aid to Shimon Peres. He now is the English language spokesperson for Yesh Atid. He spoke about the importance of pragmatism in politics; his admiration for centrists such as Emmanuel Macron and governing in the Knesset. The students were very engaged throughout the talk and enjoyed probing Yair on his personal politics.

Year 13 students have been working hard to complete their final module on US Politics. They have particularly enjoyed learning about the role pressure groups such as the NRA and NAACP have played in shaping both the historical and political landscape of the United States.

Head Boy/Head Girl Initiatives:

The Main School Heads team reports: As we come ever closer to A Level exams next term, we have been less able to dedicate the time to our roles than we would like. That being said, the Head Team has still progressed in our aims. The end-of-year prom, yearbook and leavers’ hoodies are all but finalised and arranged – this will ensure a great end to the year, and appropriate goodbyes, for our current year 13 students. Sam and Simeon have been busy competing in the ESU MACE debate competition, they progressed through to the regional finals. Debate Society is still going strong, and we are currently arranging the meetings with those who are interested to decide who will take the reins next year. We hope to prepare a team to compete in future national debating competitions. A school magazine is still in the works, though students’ willingness to help or contribute has been dwindling – we will aim for a summer issue, provided we can ignite enough interest in the lower years to contribute. We now want to concentrate on giving advice as to who should sit on the Head Team next year, and, following that, give our support to next year’s Head Boys and Girls. We are looking forward to that. Sam, Caroline, Ria and Simeon.

Yavneh Boys report: The Purim activities rose over £4000 for The Friendship Circle. The Israel Advocacy club and Toras Yavneh continue, both with guest speakers. There was a Sixth Form Shabbaton.

Health and Social Care

Miss Williamson and Miss Ainsworth organised a trip to Heathlands Village care home for Year 12 students. They received an educational talk from a nurse and a social worker, along with a tour of the care home that provided a chance to meet some of the residents.


Ariel Kaminsky and Oliver Jones have submitted essays for the Cambridge Vellacott History Essay prize. There is a special wall display marking 100 years of Votes for Women outside the History classroom. Year 9 classes held special lessons to mark International Women’s Day and Votes for Women.

Jewish Studies

The King David High School celebrated Purim this year in such a joyful and festive atmosphere despite the treacherous weather conditions. As schools across Manchester closed their doors on that Thursday due to the snow and blizzard conditions, at King David High School over 350 students braved the cold to celebrate Purim as a school together with their friends and teachers. The day began with a communal Megillah reading where the sounds of the horns at Haman were heard throughout the surrounding area. Students were then divided into Year groups and they had the chance to take part in various fun and interactive activities offered across the campus including an array of inflatables and a professional magician to name but a few. Students were able to participate in the Mitzvah of Mishloah Manot by giving food packages to one another with a personalised greeting of friendship. The day culminated in a communal festive meal that was held in the Main Hall. Students were served a special pizza and chips catered lunch whilst being entertained by a teacher contest that was held on the stage. The students thoroughly enjoyed the day.


Rabbi Goodman commented,  “The students behaved in an exemplary way and it was wonderful to see so many High School students have such a fun and meaningful Purim experience”. 

Hepzibah Akalawu-Ellman (Year 7) said, “Purim was a great experience and since I am in Year 7 it was really fun to see how KD celebrates it. There were lots of activities that were interactive and they made everyone get moving. Seeing the teachers in the contest was the highlight of Purim for me and probably all the students. I can’t wait to celebrate Purim next year with all my friends”. 

Harry Shroot and Ariel Whelan (Year 8) said, “Purim was a great experience… the activities were great fun and the magician was incredible. The lunch was great as well


In the beginning of January,  Aish Manchester and King David High School in conjunction with Jroots took around 80 students from six different schools, on a six-day trip across Poland,  visiting concentration camps and historical sites to witness first-hand the atrocities and horrors that took place over 70 years ago. The feeling in the group was one of fascination and disbelief that anyone could have survived. With everyone wearing multiple layers of thermal clothing, the cold could still be bitterly felt through their coats, hats and gloves, to the extent that the students themselves were amazed that anyone had survived in temperatures such as these in thin pyjamas. An indelible impression was made upon every student with every one leaving with a deeper sense of gratitude, understanding and appreciation of their own lives and Jewish history. In addition to following the history of the Holocaust, the students visited a variety of the pre-war Jewish sites to understand the rich culture of Poland’s Jewish past. One of the highlights of the trip took place at Piotrków, the birthplace of Rabbi Yisroel Meir Lau (former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel), where a personalised message from Rabbi Lau was broadcast to the group in the shul where his father was once Rabbi. During the final days of the trip, the group were joined for Shabbat in Krakow by holocaust survivor Mr Leslie Klienman. On Friday night, Mr Klienman shared his experiences of growing up in pre-war Europe, where he lead them on a journey through his childhood and the years leading up to the invasion of Romania, where he grew up. On Saturday Night Leslie told the students of his experiences in Auschwitz. His talk was followed by an inspiring Havdalah ceremony.

Mr Cheetham, head of the Trip from King David High school, reflected that “This trip was both profoundly deep and meaningful, attended by an excellent group of mature, enthusiastic and sympathetic students, who have had their eyes opened to both the horrors and heroism displayed during the Holocaust”. 
In the weeks preceding the trip, our respective colleagues launched a shared Facebook page (between the school and Aish) to provide a platform to provide information for the parents before and during the trip. Many later used the page to thank both the school and Aish for the trip. Below are some comments from both the parents and students, to provide an insight into the impact that this trip has:

“A massive thank you for the most incredible life changing experience you gave to Abbie” - Amanda Barnett Balkin.

“Thank you so much for giving the children a truly life changing experience” - Mandy Suppree.

“Thanks you so much for giving our kids an unforgettable experience” - Louise Rachel.

“Thank you all for educating and supporting our children and helping to make this a truly memorable experience” - Tania Seitler.

“After being apprehensive about going on this journey as the past week has been tough, I decided to face it and have the most unforgettable experience of my life. It has taught me not to take anything for granted, be a proud Jew, and many more lessons which I hope will carry with me for the rest of my life” – Faye Seager (King David High School student)


A group of Year 10 students took part in the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge.  Zak Stiller and Mia Levene achieved Gold certificates and there were also 9 Silver and 7 Bronze certificates.  Zak also qualified for the follow-on European Pink Kangaroo paper. 

We entered two Year 10 teams for the Maths Feast challenge run by Manchester University.  Our team won the Problem Solving and the final General Maths rounds in the competition.

A group of Year 12 students attended the annual Institute of Mathematics and its Applications Sixth Form lecture at MGS.  The title of this year's lecture was "From the Karakoram to Antarctica: How mathematics can help us understand the Earth’s most extreme regions".


Year 13 Media students have been creating marketing campaigns as part of their coursework. This has involved them planning, recording, photographing and editing their creative projects. These will soon be available to watch on the KDHSMedia Instagram page. They have also received amazing results from their January exam, so well done to them.

Year 12 students have been working hard conducting pitches for their unique magazine ideas and are currently in the process of creating their magazine designs, planning their photography and creating their graphics.

Media students got involved in the Holocaust Memorial Day Photography Challenge submitting photographs on 2018’s theme ‘The Power of Words’. They took some powerful photographs which looked at how spoken and written works can have a huge impact. Photographs are on display in the school reception area.

Medical Society

Medical Society has been attended regularly by Year 12 students and supported by Year 13.  A variety of topics are discussed, such as the NHS, tips on the UKCAT and BMAT and various issues faced in medicine.  All presentations can be accessed from

Modern Hebrew

The Ivrit Department has been very busy this term working on the new programme for the 2019 GCSE exam. The students are responding well to that and are developing the new skills required.

We also welcomed Mrs Radberg and Mrs Cohen to our department. They are experts in how to teach absolute beginners and they are making an invaluable contribution to our department.

Year 9 have now commenced their Pen Pal project with their counterparts in Israel. They will meet their Pen Pals from the “Keshet” School in Qiryat-Shmonah next year during their much anticipated Israel trip. Finally the new Sinshinit, Noam of UJIA, has worked this term with KS3 and engaged the students with numerous interesting activities and some absorbing talks about a wide array of different aspects of Israeli life and culture.


The term started with the Winter Concert, an exciting evening showcasing the musical talent from across the school. The level of performance was very high and the concert was very well attended. Shortly after the concert we took a group of Year 9 and 10 students to Heathlands Village to give a concert for the residents. The pupils involved were a credit to the school, performing very well and spending time chatting with the residents afterwards. A new event for this year involved 72 students from Year 7 visiting Bridgewater Hall for a special school concert given by the Halle. It was a fantastic morning thoroughly enjoyed by all. We have also been fortunate to be involved with a composition project run by the Royal Northern College of Music. Our Year 10 and 12 music students have been working with composition students from the RNCM to each create a piece of music. This project culminates in a performance and recording of these pieces at the RNCM with instrumentalists from the college, a really fantastic opportunity. The GCSE and A Level Music students have been preparing for their exam recital which takes place at the start of the next term. As ever, a big thank you to the peripatetic staff in the music department who continue to contribute an incredible amount to the musical life of school, encouraging our students and helping develop their talents.


This was another busy term for the PE Department. The Inter-house Basketball was won by Sharon and Yavneh Boys. Fixtures and Clubs this term have included Badminton, Basketball, Boxing Fitness, Football, Netball and Swimming. Our U16 Girls Table Tennis Team were runners up at the Manchester City Wide Table Tennis Championship. Our GCSE PE residential trip took place during February half term and was tremendously successful, with all pupils gaining one good mark in Climbing. KS3 Boys Swimming Team – Benjamin Jacobs, Theo Clyne, Charlie Leventhall and Jay Saipe were runners up in the City-Wide Games. Under 13’s Girls’ Table Tennis Team attended the North Manchester Table Tennis Championships where they were Runners Up. Our KS3 Girls Swimming Team were sixth in the City-Wide Games. Our Year 7 Netball squad have won the Manchester Netball 2nd Division. Our Year 10 Netball squad have qualified for the Manchester City wide semi finals having won the North Manchester Knock out Cup. Our Year 10 Football squad have qualified for the Manchester Schools Playoffs having finished in the promotion places of the North Manchester League. Orli Edwards has been selected to represent Leeds Rhinos Netball Club – Congratulations to her. Ethan Hofton has had great success this season in his Rugby as he has been chosen to represent Lancashire in Rugby Union as well as being selected to represent England in Touch Rugby – a first for a King David student away from the Maccabiah Games – Many congratulations to him.


In February a number of Year 12 students attended a Psychology taster event at Manchester University where they found out about the work of different types of psychologist.  This was an informative and useful afternoon for the students as they start to think ahead to university and careers in psychology.

The Year 13’s are about to do another mock exam in preparation for their A levels which are now only 10 weeks away.

This term Miriam Makin, in Year 13, presented her EPQ to the Psychology Society.  This event was attended by a number of staff and students and discussed personality traits found in psychopaths but also in successful business people and world leaders, past and present.  It was a very interesting presentation and stimulated lots of questions!  Well done to Miriam.


In the physics department, we ran an Isaac Physics course on exponentials.  This was a twilight course aimed at students who are planning to do a physics or mathematical related degree.  The course was attended by students from King David as well as Sixth Formers from other schools and colleges such as MGS, Bluecoat and Xaverian. We had eight students achieving the bronze award in the British Physics Olympiad Challenge paper and one student, Itay Kirsh, achieving a silver award and placing him in the top 10% in the country.

Year 13 Biology students went on a trip to Manchester Museum to take a genetics workshop. They used PCR, restriction enzymes and gel electrophoresis to analyse their own mitochondrial DNA. They also had a chance to look around the exhibits such as the vivarium where rare species of frogs are housed for worldwide conservation projects.

Dr Perez who specialises in sexually transmitted diseases and HIV came to speak to Year 11 students regarding sexual health and contraceptive choices. The talk was a huge success with the Year 11 students asking a range of mature questions in order to further their learning of these topics from within the GCSE Biology specification.

A practical adviser visited the school from AQA to assess the provision and assessment of A Level Biology practicals within the school. The adviser was thrilled with the way practicals were conducted within the school and also the preparation and care shown by all of the Biology A Level team. The quality of work produced by all students was seen to be of an excellent quality.

Sixth Form:

Sixth form students have been active in running a number of societies.

The Sixth Form Debating Society continues to go from strength to strength, and the school was proud to host the second round of the English Schools Union Mace debating championship. Sam Benjamin and Simeon Kudenko, representing King David, were eventually eliminated in the third round. Sixth form students Florence Conway, Ethan Mann and Evie Singer have also continued to run a debating society for lower school students.

The Medical Society has continued provide useful information for students when applying for Medicine and Dentistry at University in Years 11 to 13. Further details are available at The Psychology society has also met regularly.

Year 13 students Sam Benjamin, Gabriella Kay, Annabel Kramrisch, Oliver Lesser and Miriam Makin presented their work for the Extended Project Qualification to an audience of teachers, parents and
students at a fascinating evening event.  Thanks to Mrs Flynn and Mr Vincent for their organisation and support.

Year 12 students attended an Oxbridge conference at Haydock with Mr Christo. 

Students in Years 12 and 13 were awarded prizes for success in their academic studies and for Middot.

The Sixth Form has welcomed a number of guest speakers including Dr Belinda Copitch from Jewish Lives Matter, Gadi Ezra, Charlotte Korchiak from Stand With Us education, the NCS Challenge, Martin Portnoy partner at Ernst and Young, Joanne Roney OBE Chief Executive of Manchester City Council, Sivan Yaari, JNetics and BYB Breast Cancer awareness. Julia Samuel from the Anglo-Jewish Association also spoke to Year 13 about student finance and bursaries available for Jewish students.

Friday Lecture Series

After half term, we started a series of thought-provoking lectures.  These lectures are designed to stimulate thinking and discussion and they are not just exclusive to those students with high academic aspirations. Though of course for high-fliers, this kind of thing is an essential component of academic training.  Approximate titles are listed but may be subject to change. 


Mr Portnoy E&Y [Apprenticeships]

Mr Christo [The inconceivable nature of nature]

Mr Pitt [Is Britain a fair society?]

Mr Cheetham [The Hitler myth]


Dr Ivings [Molecular biology in neuroscience]

Dr Goodman [Climate change]

Ms Pietralski [Linguistics] 


Mr Taylor-Forbes [The business of business]

Dr  Gottlieb [Women's suffrage]

Mrs Flynn [Shakespeare for life]

Rabbi Rickman [Do we need God to be moral?]

All lectures are being videoed for the website.

Thanks go to Mr Christo for arranging the programme.
UCAS Evening

The UCAS Evening is an important evening arranged by Mr Sleeman which provides information to students about their university applications, student finance, personal statements and help with choosing a course. The evening included talks on ‘Oxbridge’ and other top Universities, as well as on medical-based professions and gaining work experience.  All Year 12 students also attended the UCAS Convention at Manchester Central.

Yavneh Boys

Rabbi Schwalbe took Year 10 pupils on a Jewish Heritage tour of Germany in early February.  They stayed in Frankfurt and visited the ancient Jewish Mikva in Friedburg, the ancient town of Worms and the town of Michelsdaadt.  This was in addition to visiting the alligator sanctuary in Friedburg and go-karting in Hemsbach. This year boys raised £4500 over Purim for the Friendship Circle. This was organised by the Sixth Form team and was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Certificates were presented to all boys who participated. There was also a learning programme on Purim organised by Rabbi P Cohen and the Sixth Form whereby they completed Tractate Megillah at Ohr Yerushalyim. In addition, a Yavneh Float enhanced the boys’ appreciation and celebration of Purim. Torat Yavneh is now being managed weekly by Year 12 students Saul Bishop and Jacob Seitler. Speakers this term have been former student Jacob Feddy and Michel Librecht. The morning Shiur continues to grow under the stewardship of Rabbi Joseph and Mr Sills. This is a daily programme of voluntary learning starting at 7.45am until davening at 8.20am. Rabbi Eisnberg provides an assembly of Divrei Torah for the boys every second Tuesday and we have also had contributions from former students Matty Handler and Matty Radivan.

We are also proud to note that this year’s UK winners for the Chidon HaTanah in Israel are Year 9 pupils Joseph Seitler, Sholom Cohen and Aryeh Shapiro.

Yavneh Girls

2018 began with the annual trip to Poland where the group was accompanied by survivor Leslie Kleinman. The girls were deeply affected by their experiences which they found to be emotional and, in turn, inspiring. When the girls returned we were honoured to have Mrs Eva Neumann to speak to the Sixth Form about her experiences during the Holocaust - her talk was truly breathtaking and the girls were stunned with admiration for her stoicism.

Year 9 kicked off their fund raising for Magen David Adom with several charity initiatives including bake sales, hoodie day, Purim Shpieling and a fabulous recipe book for delicious biscuits. We applaud their enthusiasm.

The theme for our annual Shabbaton for Years 9 to 13 was “Echad- everyONE is unique” where we celebrated the individuality of each of our students. It was capably organised and led, as always, by Mrs Hoffner- motivating activities, delicious food and a fabulous atmosphere! We were accompanied by families Peles; Cohen; Goldberg; Mrs Perez; Mr and Mrs Spindler and Mr and Mrs Seitler- a great time was had by all!

We have had some exciting and sought after speakers this term, including Paul Martin who regaled us with his tale of being captured by Hamas. Our regular Thursday guest speaker in assembly slot was filled by Mrs Jessica Nadav, Mrs Sarah Devorah Chrysler; Rabbi Zvi Gefen, Rabbi Zeidman, Rabbi Birnbaum. Thanks as always go to Rabbi Eisenberg for his regular fascinating assembly slots.

We marked TuB’Shevat with a special programme celebrating the environment and a tree planting ceremony.

Adar brought its usual animation to our school. The hall has been transformed into “outer space” with stars, rockets and planets surrounding us. The spirit of fun continued with our mystery Mishloach Manot – where every girl in the school sent and received an imaginative goodie treat. This year’s Purim party was a great success-- special entertainment was a virtual reality programme where the girls tried out “skiing on the piste”... all very exciting!

A special vote of thanks goes to Mrs Lazarus and her magnificent Sixth Form team who produced the exciting production of Yavneh’s version of the “Sound of Music”. It is an undoubted highlight of the year to see the girls working together and the result of weeks of hard rehearsing culminated in the show itself. Thanks also go to the choir who sang beautifully – a highlight of the evening.

We are now looking ahead to Pesach and some Year 13 girls have volunteered to compile a haggadah for the rest of the school full of explanations- we are really looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Other Events Include:

Fifteen students in Yavneh Boys and Girls have spent months studying for the annual International Bible Quiz during their free time. The three students from Yavneh Boys who won will be going to Israel for the World Bible Quiz and Bible Camp after Pesach. Well done to Joseph Seitler, Sholom Cohen and Aryeh Shapiro.


Pupils are asked to contribute towards morning assemblies and this term there were assemblies in Business, French, Ivrit – Voice of Israel, Music, Poetry and Spanish. A special Holocaust Memorial Assembly was also held for the whole school.

Parents’ Guild:

Thanks go to all the committee members of the Parents’ Guild for all their hard work and dedication involved in raising funds for the campus. The Parents’ Guild continues to support the school in many ways and we appreciate all of their efforts. This term they have contributed towards the ‘Beat the Clock’ Inter High School Jewish general knowledge contest and Yom Ha’atzmaut activities.

Contributions were raised by holding a ‘Dress Down Day’ and Calendar sales.

Future Events:

Yom HaShoah Thursday 12th April 2018

Yavneh Boys Super Sunday Sunday 15th April 2018

Yom Ha’azikaron Wednesday 18th April 2018

Yom Ha’atzmaut Thursday 19th April 2018

Spring Recital Wednesday 25th April 2018

Junior Maths Challenge Thursday 26th April 2018

Duke of Edinburgh Year 9 Boys Sunday 29th April – Monday 30th April 2018

Reward trip to Blackpool Years 7 & 8 Thursday 3rd May 2018

Duke of Edinburgh Year 10 Sunday 6th May – Tuesday 8th May 2018

Presentation Assembly Year 11 Friday 11th May 2018

Duke of Edinburgh Year 9 Girls Sunday 13th May – Monday 14th May 2018

GCSE Exams Monday 14th May – Tuesday 19th June 2018

A Level Exams Monday 14th May – Tuesday 26th June 2018

Duke of Edinburgh Year 10 Sunday 27th May – Tuesday 29th May 2018

Year 9 Israel Trip Monday 4th June – Monday 11th June 2018

School Exams Week (Year 7, 8 and 10) Monday 4th June 2018

Presentation Assembly Year 10 Friday 8th June 2018

Duke of Edinburgh Year 9 Boys Sunday 17th June – Monday 18th June 2018

Presentation Assembly Year 7 Friday 22nd June 2018

Parents Guild Summer Fair Sunday 24th June 2018

Duke of Edinburgh Year 9 Girls Sunday 24th June – Monday 25th June 2018

Summer Concert Wednesday 27th June 2018

School Exams Week (Year 9 and 12) Monday 2nd July 2018

Yavneh Girls Camp Year 7&8 Monday 2nd July – Wednesday 4th July 2018

Presentation Assembly Year 8 Friday 6th July 2018

Duke of Edinburgh Year 12 Sunday 8th July – Friday 13th July 2018

Beat the Clock - Inter High School Contest Thursday 12th July 2018

Presentation Assembly Year 9 Friday 13th July 2018

Yavneh Boys Presentation Assembly Sunday 15th July 2018

Activity Week Monday 16th July 2018

Yavneh Girls Bat Mitzvah Ceremony Tuesday 17th July 2018

GCE Results Thursday 16th August 2018

GCSE Results Thursday 23rd August 2018

Year 12/13 return Wednesday 29th August 2018

Year 7 return Thursday 30th August 2018

All school return Friday 31st August 2018
In conclusion, I wish to thank Mr Rowe, the Governing Body and Mrs Rowe for their support and help. Also thanks to the staff for their total commitment, not just in the classroom, but also at lunchtime and during all the after-school activities.

B N Levy


March 2018

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