The Jeremy Hibbins Music Essay Competition 2015

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The Jeremy Hibbins

Music Essay Competition 2015

This essay competition is for Lower and Upper Sixth Formers. It is aimed at (but not restricted to) all those in the Sixth Form taking Music A-levels/Highers/IB/Pre-U.
The word limit is 2500 words.
Entries should be sent to Sandy Chenery, MMA Honorary Secretary, Brighton College, Eastern Road, Brighton, BN2 0AL
Entries should arrive no later than Friday 22 May 2015. Teachers will be asked to certify on a covering form that the essay is the student's own work.
The Competition will be judged by Professor Jeremy Dibble, The University of Durham.
The prize fund is £350, with a first prize of £200. Certificates of merit may be awarded to runners-up who have impressed the judge. The MMA reserves the right not to award prizes if there is no entry of sufficient merit.
Prize-Winners will be announced via ebulletin in June.
Choose one essay title from this list:

  1. Write an analysis of a piece of music you have studied and place it in social and historical context.

  2. How have developments in music technology and recording techniques influenced the composition of music in the 21st Century.

  3. Julian Lloyd Webber has said in a recent article that the term ‘Classical Music’ is an ‘almost irrelevant way to describe the work of modern composers.’ He continued ‘We’re talking about 500 or 600 years of music, all in different styles. How can you compare Purcell with Philip Glass and everything in between? There is good music and bad music.’

To what extent do you agree with Lloyd Webber’s statement.
Entrants are reminded of the need for full citation and footnoting of sources and secondary literature used, and for the provision of a bibliography (where appropriate) at the end of the essay. Music examples and illustrations are welcomed.
For further information about the competition please contact:

Sandy Chenery, MMA Honorary Secretary.



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