The irish jurist (New Series) Cumulative Table of Contents, 1966

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The Irish Jurist, Cumulative Table of Contents


(New Series)

Cumulative Table of Contents, 1966 -


Vol I, 1966 3

Vol II, 1967 5

Vol III, 1968 8

Vol IV, 1969 10

Vol V, 1970 12

Vol VI, 1971 14

Vol VII, 1972 16

Vol VIII, 1973 18

Vol IX, 1974 20

Vol X, 1975 23

Vol XI, 1976 26

Vol XII, 1977 29

Vol XIII, 1978 31

Vol XIV, 1979 33

Vol XV, 1980 35

Vol XVI, 1981 38

Vol XVII, 1982 41

Vol XVIII, 1983 43

Vol XIX, 1984 46

Vol XX, 1985 49

Vol XXI, 1986 51

Vol XXII, 1987 53

Vol XXIII, 1988 56

Vol XXIV, 1989 58

Vol XXV – XXVIII, 1990 – 1992 60

Vols XXVIII – XXX, 1993 – 1995 62

Vol XXXI, 1996 65

Vol XXXII, 1997 67

Vol XXXIII, 1998 70

Vol XXXIV, 1999 72

Vol XXXV, 2000 74

Vol XXXVI, 2001 76

Vol XXXVII, 2002 78

Vol XXXVIII, 2003 80

Vol XXXIX, 2004 82

Vol XL, 2005 84

Vol XLI, 2006 86

Vol XLII, 2007 87

Vol XLIII, 2008 88

Vol. XLIV, 2009 89

Vol XLV, 2010 90

Vol XLVI, 2011 91

Vol XLVII, 2012 92

Vol XLVIII,  2012 93

Vol XLIX, 2013 93

Vol L, 2013 94

Vol LI, 2014 94

Vol LII, 2014 95

Vol LIII, 2015 95

Vol LIV, 2015 95

Vol LV, 2016 96

Vol I, 1966

The Purpose of the Manumission Laws of Augustus

K.M.T. Atkinson

Justice stumbles on Science

David L. Bazelon

Ancient Irish Law

D. A. Binchy

Retroactivity of Laws in the Roman Perspective

Gerardo Broggini

Some Aspects of the Succession Act, 1965

Gerard Clarke

Revision of the Constitution of Ireland


Administrative Discretion and the Courts


A Consideration of the Companies Act, 1948, the Companies Act (Northern Ireland), 1960, and Companies Act, 1963 I, II

Alexis Fitzgerald

Les Abus des potentes au Bas Empire

Jean Gaudemet

Notes on Constitutional Reform

Colum Gavan Duffy

The Status of the Native Irish in the Lordship of Ireland, 1272 – 1331

G.J. Hand

The Forgotten Statutes of Kilkenny: A Brief Survey

G.J. Hand

Recent Developments in the Law of Defamation

R. F. V. Heuston

The Growth Pattern of the Praetor’s Edict

J.M. Kelly

Some Aspects of Damages under the Civil Liability Acts, 1961 and 1964

Michael Knight

The Origins of the Betagh

Gearóid Mac Niocaill

Civil Law in the Gospels

Dieter Nörr

Men, Criminals and Responsibility

E.F. O’Doherty

English Law and the Irish Question

Paul O’Higgins

Vom ius vitae necisque zum beschränkten Züchtigungsrecht und zur magistratischen Züchtigungshilfe

Walter Selb

Fictitious Satisfaction and Conditional Sales in Roman Law

J.A.C. Thomas

The Identity of Sarapio, Socrates, Longus and Nilus in the Will of C. Longinus Castor

Alan Watson

Debt and Assumpsit in the Light of Comparative Legal History

Hans Julius Wolff

The Progress of Law Reform in the United Kingdom

D.C.M. Yardley

Reviews and Notices

Reviews and Notices

Digest, 1 January 1966 – 30 June 1966

Judicial Decisions

Statutory Legislation

Digest, 1 July 1966 – 31 December 1966

Judicial Decisions

Statutory Legislation

Vol II, 1967

Legal Education and the New Universities

Michael Beloff

Absolute Liability in Motor Accident Cases

Gerard Clarke

Bentham’s Importance in the Development of Interessenjurisprudenz and General Jurisprudence

Helmut Coing

Covenanting under Duress

David Daube

Local Authority Contracts, Tenders and Mandamus


Practical Aspects of the Registration of Title Act, 1964

Michael Feehan

A Consideration of the Companies Acts: III, IV

Alexis FitzGerald

Project on Juvenile Delinquency: A Survey of Boys in St. Patrick’s Institution

Anne Flynn; Nuala McDonald; E.F. O’Doherty

The Medieval Irish Keepers of the Peace

Robin Frame

Bentham on Sovereignty

H.L.A. Hart

Reflections on Revolutions

A.M. Honore

Anglo-Irish Extradition

Paul Jackson

The Changing Face of Roman Jurisdiction

Max Kaser

Preventive Justice

Ronan Keane

Causam Dicere

J.M. Kelly

The Inner Nature of the Tort Action

J.M. Kelly

La capacité du mineur en droit classique romain et le témoignage de Dio Cassius

Maxime Lemosse

Aspects of Part IV, Chapter VII of the Income Tax Act, 1967

T.S. McCann

Undue Influence

T.S. McCann

Prolegomena to a Study of the Ancient Laws of Ireland

Eoin MacNeill

Notes on Litigation in Late Irish Law

Gearóid MacNiocaill

Divisio Obligationum

Theo Mayer-Maly

The Status of the Native Irish after 1331

Bryan Murphy

The Suspended Sentence in Northern Ireland

Niall Osborough

A Privilege of the State

Matthew Russell

Justice Cardozo, Marcus Terentius Varro and the Roman Juristic Process

Peter Stein

An Exception to the Principle Nemo Alieno Nomine Lege Agere Potest

C. St. Tomulescu

The Causa Curiana and Contemporary Roman Jurisprudence

Franz Wieacker


Malicious Injury and Turpis Causa

John Cooke

The Common Informer and the Irish Constitution

Eoghan P. Fitzsimons

The Fundamental Term and the Time Clause

Hugh Geoghegan

Negligence of Barristers

Ronan Keane

Recent Landlord and Tenant Legislation

Ronan Keane

Inadmissibility of Blood Tests

J.M. Kelly

Revision of the Constitution

J.M. Kelly

Digest, 1 January 1967 – 30 June 1967

Judicial Decisions

Statutory Legislation

Digest, 1 July 1967 – 31 December 1967

Judicial Decisions

Statutory Legislation

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