The following study guide is provide for test 4 of the Spring 2006 Music History IV course

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Study Guide
The following study guide is provide for test 4 of the Spring 2006 Music History IV course.
Take-home essay questions. Write about 100 words on each topic. Bring you essays with you to the final exam.

  • Why do some critics consider Minimalism to be the most important musical movement after Serialism? In your answer, include the ways in which Stravinsky and Debussy impacted on Minimalism?

  • Discuss the ways in which Schoenberg’s 12-tone system influenced the next generation of composers like Boulez, Babbitt, etc.

  • Has serious music bridged gap between itself and the public? If yes, explain how. If no, discuss ways in which it can in the future, or explain why the gulf has become insurmountable.


  1. Who was the Dean of American composers?

  2. What were Copland’s three style-periods?

  3. Who was the Dean of Afro-American composers?

  4. From what German composer active in New York City did both Gershwin and Copland study?

  5. What work established Gershwin’s fame? Who commissioned it? When and where was it premiered? Who orchestrated it?

  6. Who is the Father of Electronic Music?

  7. From whom did John Cage study?

  8. Who wrote the lyrics to most of George Gershwin’s songs?

  9. From whom did Philip Glass and Virgil Thomson study?

  10. Why is Howard Hanson important?

  11. Which is the oldest music conservatory in the United States?

  12. What Latin American composer studied the music of his home country of Brazil as an ethnomusicologist?

  13. Name an important Mexican classical composer.

  14. Name an important Argentinean classical composer.

  15. Name three important 20th century Polish composers.

  16. Name an important 20th century post-Bartok Hungarian composer.

  17. Who was the most important British composer of the 20th century?

  18. Who wrote the libretto for Four Saints in Three Acts?

  19. What is Musique concrète?

  20. What is integral serialism?

  21. What is aleatoric music?

  22. What director used the music of Ligeti and Penderecki in his films?

  23. Who conducted the Eastman-Rochester Symphony Orchestra and why is it important?

  24. Name five Jewish-American composers.

  25. Who founded IRCAM?

  26. What is “phase shifting”?

  27. Who was the first American woman to win the Pulitzer prize in music?

  28. Who wrote Paradise Lost?

  29. Name composers who were part of the Second New England School?

  30. What American composer worked in the insurance business?

  31. What is an Ondes Martenot? Name two works in which it is used.

  32. What American composer was investigated by the House Un-American Activities Committee?

  33. What was the Bay Psalm Book?

  34. What is the Grawemeyer Award?

  35. What is fuging tune style?

  36. To what musical career did Copland turn after he stopped composing?

  37. What were Leonard Bernstein’s contributions to American music?

  38. From what language are the titles Turangalîla and Sathyagraha both derived?

  39. Identify which aesthetic movement or musical style each of the following works belongs:

  • Ionization

  • Sathyagraha

  • Le marteau sans maître

  • El salón Mexico

  1. Who wrote the following 43 musical or theoretical works:

  • Appalachian Spring

  • The Chairman Dances

  • Peanuts Gallery

  • Turangalîla-Symphonie

  • Arias and Barcarolles

  • The Red Violin

  • L’Ascension Symphonie

  • Ionization

  • Sathyagraha

  • Tehillim

  • Strike Up the Band

  • Black Angels

  • The songs Camptown Races and Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair

  • La Belle et la Bête

  • The Red Pony

  • Gaelic Symphony

  • Rip Van Winkle

  • The Plow that Broke the Plains

  • Merry Mount

  • Kaddish

  • How to Listen to Music

  • Concord Sonata

  • Le marteau sans maître

  • Altered States

  • War Requiem

  • Harmonic Materials of Modern Music: Resources of the Tempered Scale

  • West Side Story

  • Quatuor pour la fin du temps

  • Desert Music

  • El salón Mexico

  • The Age of Anxiety

  • Peter Grimes

  • Bachianas Brasileiras

  • Akhnaten

  • Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima

  • Lux aeterna

  • Einstein on the Beach

  • Who Cares if You Listen?

  • Treemonisha

  • The Ghost of Versailles

  • Nixon in China

  • Ancient Voices of Children

  • The Mother of Us All

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