The following are topics which might be used for a discursive essay. Many have been used successfully by students in the past. Remember, though, that often the best essays are based on topical issues, presently being debated in the media

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The following are topics which might be used for a discursive essay. Many have been used successfully by students in the past.

Remember, though, that often the best essays are based on topical issues, presently being debated in the media. Do not feel that you are restricted to the list below.

Is punctuation important?

Cars - a blessing or a curse?

Given the traffic congestion on our roads, should we be doing more to keep cars off the road, and if so, what?

Should Britain be processing nuclear waste?

Should wolves be re-introduced to certain parts of Scotland?

Should humans treat farm animals more humanely?

Is there any place for zoos in a civilised society?

What is the future for the British (Scottish) countryside - a recreational retreat or a living, working environment for the production of food? Discuss.

It has been said that the glory game of football has been turned into the money game. To what extent do you think this statement is true and how has the game been affected?

How old is “too old” for parenthood?

Cloning - a tremendous medical advance or an ominous development?

Should animal organs be used for human transplantation?

Should doctors have the right to refuse expensive treatment to patients who will not change their habits (eg lose weight, stop smoking, stop drinking)?

Should there be a minimum BMI for models?

Has cosmetic surgery become too readily available?

Is marriage an outdated institution?

Social Networking sites should be controlled by the government. Discuss.

Should people be allowed to express their faith through the clothes they wear?

Should children of different faiths be educated separately?

Why do teenagers have such a bad press?

Has Britain had enough immigration?

Should film censorship be banned?

Should Youtube be exempt from censorship laws?

Ancient cultures are being destroyed by tourism. Discuss.

"Rap music is misogynistic!” Discuss

Is education for life or is it a means to an end?

The Royal Family: are they a luxury we can no longer afford?

Money: the root of all evil or a necessary evil?

No man is born evil.

Should Britain get rid of its nuclear weapons?

Though Scotland has been given devolution, many people want to go a step further and achieve full independence. Do you think independence would be good for Scotland?

Are celebrities entitled to a private life?

What is the purpose of reality television?

CCTV is an intrusion on our privacy. Discuss.

Christmas today is simply about making money and mass commercialism

Are TV talent shows destroying the music business?

Should the taxpayer be funding the Olympics / Queen’s Jubilee?

Should Saudi women earn the right to drive?

London riots – blame?

Are e-Readers and eBooks detrimental to literature?

Students are not given enough responsibility at school.

Being an individual is more important than being popular.

Professional sport is too focused on making money.

Parents should do more to keep teenagers healthy.

British people are not prepared to work hard in order to be successful.

Celebrities make good role models.

Experimenting on animals to improve life for humans is a good thing.

Mobile phones control people’s lives.

Bankers’ bonuses

Scottish Independence

In today’s society, there is too much help available for people who are not prepared to help themselves.
Scotland equals failure in international competitive sport.
Public interest is dominated by celebrities in every aspect, more so than in previous times. Do we really need celebrities, or could we do without them?
Entertainment programmes such as X-factor are less about finding talent and more about humiliating participants on national TV.
Despite the equal rights movements of the twentieth century, is it fair to say that men and women continue to be treated differently in the current century?
Violence breeds violence: to what extent do you believe this to be true of scenes of brutality in films and video games leading to acts of violence and aggression in real life?
Do you feel the experience of childhood in today’s world is better or worse than in previous generations?
In order to stop climate change, drastic laws are needed to force individuals and companies to change their habits.

Sport is the new religion.

We are living in a ‘blame culture’.
The art of reading is dead.
Nanny state
Children nowadays have to grow up too fast.
There should be tighter restrictions on advertising.
It’s harder to be a teenager today than ever before.

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