The Finishing Touches

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06.10 The Finishing Touches

You will edit and revise your argumentative essay and then submit a polished final draft. You will also submit a reflection paragraph in which you discuss three changes you have made and how they improved your essay.

  1. View the grading rubric for the assessment.

  2. Make edits and revisions based on written feedback, your DBA, and reminders in this lesson.

  3. Write a reflection paragraph discussing three changes you made to your essay. Explain how you feel each change strengthened your argument.

  4. Save your final draft and your reflection essay to your computer or drive.

  5. Submit your complete final draft and your reflection paragraph in 06.10 The Finishing Touches.

Directory: updates -> attachments
attachments -> Research graphic organizer
attachments -> Travel Journal Directions
attachments -> Part One Directions
attachments -> A critical Analysis of Vancouver hockey riot is a symptom of a larger problem by Adrian Mack and Miranda Nelson
attachments -> Gathering Information: Part Two Directions
attachments -> First Draft Worksheet Instructions
attachments -> Insert your entire essay here. Include any revisions your instructor asked you to make
attachments -> Mark Twain educates the reader on etiquette at a funeral, adding humorous instructions with an attitude that understates the serious atmosphere of funerals
attachments -> 6. 09 Body Paragraphs and Conclusion Worksheet For this assignment you will be writing your body paragraphs and conclusion for your essay
attachments -> Body Paragraphs

Download 4.79 Kb.

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