The Eminence

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I am very fond of these kinds of flowers.

  • We never associate with those sorts of people.

  • This is the latest news that has presented spine-chilling experience to the people around the world.

  • This is the oldest house in Bombay since 10 years.

  • We cannot go any farther without a rest.

  • I will do this without further delay.

  • We took the thief to the nearest police station.

  • A stunning and huge–sized ‘dog’ lives in the house next to mine.

  • He lives in a charming house just outside the town.

  • She had big blue frightened eyes.

  • The old woman was quiet astonished at his behavior.

  • Climbing the very stairs of the 30 storey building is extremely tiring.

  • I felt thanked by the satisfied customer of my shop.

  • The patient’s family has lodged complain against doctor for his unjust treatment in hospital.

  • The foreign delegates were given welcome very warmly by the Business staff members.

    Adjective order

    1. The film wasn’t as good as we had expected. (disappoint…)

    1. The film was disappointing.

    2. We were disappointed with the film.

    1. Donna teaches young children. It’s very hard job, but she enjoys it. (exhaust…)

    1. She enjoys her job, but it’s often exhausting.

    2. At the end of a day’s work, she is often exhausted.

    1. It’s been raining all day. I hate this weather. (depress…)

    1. This weather is depressing.

    2. This weather makes me depressed.

    3. It’s silly to get easily depressed because of the weather.

    1. Clare is going Mexico next month. She has never been there before. (excite…)

    1. It will be an exciting experience for her.

    2. Going new places is always exciting.

    3. She is really very excited about going Mexico.

    Adjective word order

    • A beautiful table (wooden/round) a beautiful round wooden table.

    • An unusual ring (gold) an unusual gold ring.

    • An ugly dress (lovely) an ugly yellow dress.

    • A new sweater (green/nice) a nice new green sweater / a green new nice sweater.

    • A big cat (black/fat) a big black fat cat / a big fat black cat.

    • A little village (old/lovely) an old little lovely village / a lovely little old village.

    • An old painting (interesting/French) an interesting old French painting / an interesting French old. P

    • A metal box (black / small) a black metal small box / a small black metal box.

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