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Corrections in sentences with prepositions

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Corrections in sentences with prepositions

  • I am suffering from fever from Monday last.

  • I am suffering with fever since last Monday.

  • He walked in the hall.

  • He walked into the hall.

  • These three soldiers quarreled between themselves.

  • These three soldiers quarreled among themselves.

  • At about what time will you come?

  • What time will you come at?

  • We met her on the station.

  • We met her at the station.

  • She worked and sang from morning of evening.

  • She worked and sang from morning till evening.

  • The letter was written from me in a ball-pen.

  • The letter was written for me with a ball-pen.

Conjunctions & Sentence Connectors (`Fevicols` or `Magnets`)

Definition: - A conjunction or a connector acts like a fevicol or as a magnet that helps in connecting two separate sentences as one. It helps an individual to speak in a single breathe without giving a pause to it. The duty of a connector is to do framing of the situation in given time period so as we can put our view generously proper.

The normal conditioned Connectors are as follows: -

  1. She came to me and spoke against her husband.

  2. Choose an expensive watch or a clock.

  3. It was a case of a miser and his money.

  4. Did you know that she was a foreigner?

  5. He will pass if he works hard.

  6. I cannot see how she can win.

Coordinating Conjunctions

These are of mainly four kinds: -

  1. A Conjunction under which one statement or fact is simply added to another statement.

Ex: - He was both fined and imprisoned.

He as well as his brother is intelligent.

My sister no less than my brother is guilty of committed crime in the family and deserves a jail.

Not only I congratulated my boss on his indispensable victory but brought a gift also.

  1. A Conjunction under which alternative or choice offered between one statement and another.

Ex: - Either the classroom is small or the structure has defect inside the building.

Neither the fire brigade has water in the tank nor there is water in nearby lake.

Treat the patient immediately as a surgeon or you would lose your job forever.

Protect yourself from excessive thunder and lightning otherwise you shall blow to death.

  1. The Conjunction that expresses contrast or opposition between two statements.

Ex: - The rope I tied to the two mountains is slippery but it is steady.

The businessman is rich yet/ still he is not pleased with his life.

There is no garbage outside the colony nevertheless/nonetheless the garbage collectors come to collect it.

Wise men love virtue whereas fools shun it.

You may stay in the room; only make no noise.

  1. The Conjunction in the statement or fact is indirect or proved from another.

Ex: - The pick-pocket was found stealing at the tube station therefore he was arrested and sends in the clink.

The bus driver had a second’s sleep at the wheel consequently the bus met with an accident.

I can cling myself even to a slippery surface of the building for I am a “Spiderman”.

Subordinating Conjunctions can also be classified in other ways as: -


  • I would die before I lied even for a single day.

  • Wait till/ Until I return with petrol for the bike here.

  • Many things have happened here since you left.

  • I returned home after the sun had set.


  • I love her so much because she is the Queen of my heart.

  • I will visit the Diamond Exhibition since you desired it.

  • Let us go to bed as it is twelve.


  • She wept so much that she fell sick.

  • He was so intelligent that he began his journey to Mars as an astronaut.

  • Cover your car with a rain-cover or else the body will rust in heavy downpour (rainwater).


  • Walk carefully lest you slip with your pencil-heel.

  • I need to install a mosquito-repellent in order to get rid of excessive mosquito bite on my skin.

  • Charge the Laptop so you may not need it charge again for 12 hours.


  • I will dismiss you instantly if you are late for the office again in six months at least.

  • I agree to these terms provided/ in condition you agree to mine.

  • The Ostrich ran as if it had been shot with a bullet.

Acknowledgment/ Contrast

  • I found this wet-baggage on the seashore although there is no gold or cash in it.

  • Though the reason of my smile is clear to everybody yet only few understands the tears shading behind.

  • I have the key to the emergency exit door even though it doesn’t open with this key at all.

  • However, the digital camera is cheaper than canon digi-camera still the picture is crystal clear.

  • Even though the plastic ring has incredible design but it doesn’t have 3D effect as I want it to be.

  • There is a total blackout in my colony in night however, the guard patrols the premise the entire night.

  • A bottleful of ‘Pepsi’ was purchased from a nearby shop on the other hand ‘Pesticides’ were found under it.

  • There is a common bore well for people of colony on the contrary one house-owner want to occupy it illegally.

  • The company claimed that the ‘Washing - machine’ has whirlpool technology on the contrary it fails to clean dust-off the clothes properly.

  • A middle-class man started a cement- structure at home on the contrary he couldn’t buy bricks to finish home.


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