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Partly cloudy term often used in a weather forecast to indicate that skies are sunny & cloudy at same time

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Partly cloudy term often used in a weather forecast to indicate that skies are sunny & cloudy at same time.

Precipitation rain or snow that falls on an area.

Puddle collection of rain water.

Scorching heat extremely hot temperature/ a very hot day.

Shower quick/ light rainstorm.

Time Words For & Since

For + Period: - A period is a duration of time, 5 minutes, 2 weeks, 6 years. `For` means from the beginning of the period until the end of the period. For can be used with all tenses.

Since + Period: - A point is a precise moment in time. For ex: - 9 o’ clock, 1st January, Monday. `Since` means from a point in the past until now. Since is normally used with perfect tenses.


(From start to end)


(Up to now)

for 20 minutes

for 3 days

for 6 months

for 4 years

for 2 centuries

for ever


Since 9 am

Since Monday

Since January

Since 1997

Since 1500

Since I left school

Since the beginning of time


All Tenses

Perfect Tenses (only)


  • They study for two hours every day.

  • They are studying for three hours, today.

  • He has been living in Bangkok for long/ for a long time.

  • I worked at that bank for five long years.

  • Will the universe continue forever?

Note: {`For` is not used with “all day”, “all time”, etc. I was there all day. (Not for all day)

Since is normally used with perfect tenses:

  • He has been here since 9 am. / He has been working since he arrived.

  • I had lived in New York since my childhood.

Since can also be used in the structure “It is [period] since…”

  • It is a year since I saw her.

  • How long is it since you got married?

  • Ever since I knew this colony I found only complications with the residents and life to turn hell over here.


Definition: - A preposition is a pre-positioned word which is taken in advance so as to provide a proper attestation or attachment suitable to frame a given sentence or situation by a human-being. It helps in positioning the word so that the proper meaning of the sentence can be achieved.

  • What is the time by your watch?

  • What is the time in your watch?

  • He was stabbed by a knife and not with a normal pencil.

  • There is honor among thieves as well not just only between two normal looking friends in the world.

  • Besides being fined, the murderer was sentenced to life-imprisonment for 90 years.

  • She came and sat secretly beside her husband without informing him of her presence.

  • Open your book at page 11 and quickly do away with the math sum you take so serious.

  • The snake crawled into the earth’s hole after it relaxed its body into the rain water of the surface.

  • Please take good care about your health at all time no matter how difficult and hard is life.

  • He is blind of one eye but still has accuracy to fire bullet at the perfect target.

  • I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday.

  • The train is on time. Don’t be late for the station.

  • This is different than the other.

  • In a strange case, a small puppy was made to sit over a gigantic sea turtle on the beach.

  • The driver of my Ferrari ain’t late. She will come to pick me up in within two minutes.

  • I have a preference for mangoes than apples.

  • He was born in a small village of `Kucchipuddi` with no financial back up rather trapped into complications of the world always.

  • Divide the apple among two persons; it is too small to be divided into forty, for it cannot be divided in forty parts.

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