The Eminence

Ans: I fancy doing xyz in life or I relish doing xyz

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Ans: I fancy doing xyz in life or I relish doing xyz.


  • What would you prefer? (an ice-cream or a chocolate)

Ans: I would prefer a Chocolate to an Ice-cream.

  • What would you prefer to have?

Ans: I would prefer to have driven a car than Ridden a bike.

  • What are your likings and disliking?

Ans: I like doing xyz and I simply dislike doing ………

Note: {The use of the preposition `TO` as well as `THAN `acts as comparative words factor when two things are compared with each other and only they are taken as sensible conditioned words suitable for word-delivery respectively. The tense form used before `TO` or `THAN` will be the same tense form after these two words otherwise it will be totally wrong to consider the situation} such as: -

Ques) What do you prefer?

Answer: - I prefer wearing T-shirt to wear Shirt. The underline word is totally incorrect.

  • Answer: - I prefer wearing T-shirt to wearing Shirt. The underline word is totally correct.

Residence: - House/Postal address

  • Where do you (stay/live) at/in? (`In` is used for City address & `At` is used for House address)

  • Where is your house situated/build/located/ at?

  • What is your residence address?

  • Where do you belong to? (Location of the city)

  • Where do you hail from? (Location of the city)


  • Are you the resident/inhabitant/native of this vicinity (colony)?

  • How long have you known the area of city or the city itself?

Ans: Precisely, I am the resident of this area/city.

I have known the place for/from many years. (Since) (Optional word).

Confirmation of the Occupation

  • Where would you like to see yourself working in my company (Time) years from now?

Ans: I would like to see myself as a (name of the post) working in your company (time) years from now.

Example: - Where would you like to see yourself working in my clinic 8 months from now?

Answer: - I would like to see myself as a compounder of your clinic 8 months from now.

Example: - Where would you like to find yourself working in this ice-cream parlour three months exactly from now?

Answer: - I would like to find myself to be a fantastic cashier at the ice-cream parlour exactly three months from now.

Example: - Where do you want to find yourself learning a ‘Guitar’ at home 2 months from now?

Answer: - I do want to find myself as a classical Guitarist of the world 2 months from now?

Example: - Where do you expect yourself to be in this business of wholesale CD?

Answer: - I expect myself truly to be a huge businessman of a wholesale trade of CD.

Example: - Whom do you want to continue doing family business within your family?

Answer: - I do want to see myself continue doing business with my uncle for a long span & not with anybody else.

Example: - Who would be working shoulder to shoulder with you in an office permanently?

Answer: - It would be my colleague of my childhood who trusts me so much and would work along with me permanently for many more years to come.

Example: - What would be your honest plan to remain faithful to this company for few more years?

Answer: - The only guarantee that I could make before you to be faithful is to remain committed to this company for few more years.

Example: - What extra can be done to enhance your potential to work diligently for the company and have your crucial presence in the company for a long time?

Answer: - A mutual trust and cooperation among working subordinates are the two crucial conditions quintessential for me to remain in the company for long.



The basic three categories of tenses are: -

      • Past tense

      • Present tense

      • Future (Past participle) tense.

There are in total 12 forms of tenses used as main tools of grammar: -


  1. Simple present tense: Subject + 1st form of verb + s/es.

(To express what is actually now taking place)

Ex: She eats food as her regular habit at the terrace of her house.

The cobbler polishes the shoes of the customers who visit his shop each day.

The mother asks the question to servant why the baby has not taken dinner.

Note: -{ There is no use of attachment of helping verbs used in simple tense}

(To express a habitual action)

Ex: The flower blossoms in the garden every day.

The grandfather takes exercise early in the morning with other friends.

The World brushes its teeth to start a day afresh. (Totalitarian of Humanity)

(To express universal truths of the universe)

Ex: The soul is immortal.

The path of duty is the way to glory.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

(To express a future action, when futurity is indicated by a simple context)

Ex: The school starts again on 15 December after a long vacation.

He sails for England next Monday.

(To express the action in time or taken as condition)

Ex: They stay in hotel until the manager comes back soon.

If you wear a grey shirt, you will look handsome in the birthday party.

Unless you pack your bag how will you think to go on vacation to Mauritius?

(To express in a narrative way very vivid and in a dramatic manner)

Ex: The Girl slips with her bicycle. She gets badly hurt. She manages to go hospital.

Present Continuous or Progressive Tense: Subject + is/are/am + 1st form of Verb +ing

(To express an action going on at the time of speaking)

Ex: The Carpenter is carving a beautiful design on the wooden sofa set.

Schools of fishes are travelling for many miles in search of food in sea.

The woman is marrying someone whom she doesn’t like at all.

(To express an action that is now progressive but not necessarily used while speaking)

Ex: The joker of the circus is planning to have a high-jump from here.

The ladies of the colony are talking to each other now-a-days.

The Gardener is watering a dead plant of his house garden for long.

(To express a definite action in the near future)

Ex: We are going out for a business trip tonight.

We are listening rock music definitely tomorrow.

The Glass House is going to be painted by green color within two days.

Present Perfect Tense: Subject+ Has/ Have+ III form of verb

(To express an action that has just been over)

Ex: I have known my friend for few years.

The fish seller has just sold her fishes on beach of Goa to foreigner.

I have already got the petrol for my bike from the petrol station.

(To express a past action the results of which still continues)

Ex: I have lived in Seychelles for 2 years (now). It implies that the speaker is still living in Seychelles.

The shed for cows has been made to protect them from searing heat.

Note: - {A little bit of touch of past influence with present is available in situations like these}

(To express a future perfect when words such as: when, before, as soon as, till, after ‘are’ used before it)

Ex: (I shall visit my aunt’s home after I have done my lessons)

I will attend to this business as soon as I have finished my letter.

Note: {the preposition “to” imply the perfectness of the word as attached with the condition respectively. We cannot remove the preposition “to” or else the condition will be wrong}

Present Perfect Continuous Tense: Subject+ Has been/Have been+ v+ ing+ For/Since.

(It expresses the action that has started sometime in the past and is continued till present)

Ex: The mother has been preparing dinner in the kitchen for the family since 30 minutes.

The people have been protesting against government’s policy for the last 5 days.

My sister has been suffering from fever since Wednesday last.

Note: {In this form of the tense, we use “since” to indicate point of time and “For” to indicate period of time.}

Ex: (Since morning, since last night, since Tuesday last, since February last, since 1978, since eight o’ clock, etc.)

(For a long time, for 5 days, for 4 months, for 8 years, etc.)


  1. Simple Past Tense: Subject+ II form of verb+ rest of the sentence.

(To express that something was done or took place in past time)

Ex: The dentist cured the toothache of patient and relieved him of pain forever.

The child ate entire food of the plate and made her mother happy.

The contractor constructed the building at a cost of Rs. 2 Crore.

(To express an action actually going on at the time stated in past but as simple tense)

Ex: While they bathed, we fished seven large fishes from the pond.

As long as elephant danced with football, public clapped in circus.

Rule: {`The most important feature of a situation is to understand whether the ‘verb’ taken is regular or irregular. If a regular verb is considered than all “3” forms of verb change whereas for an irregular verb no form of the verb change and only ‘ed’ attached with the verb.}

Ex: Go went Gone

See Saw Seen

Hear Heard Heard

Cast Cast Cast (Irregular)

Broadcast Broadcast Broadcast (Irregular)

Put Put Put (Irregular)

Love Loved Loved

Past Continuous: Subject+ Was/were+ V+ ing+ rest of the sentence

(To express an action that was still going on in the past time referred to as)

Ex: The Singer was singing onto the stage, when I called upon her.

Why was the dog running and barking at the stranger of the colony?

The women of the village were fetching water in bucket for cleaning the buffaloes.

Past Perfect: Subject+ Had+ III form of verb+ rest of the sentence

(To denote an action which had been over at some point in the past time before another action commenced (started)

Ex: Then train had left before we reached the station.

The Ship had sunk and the Navy couldn’t find it for long.

The pocket had gone torn due to more pressure of coins inside it.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense: Subject+ Had been+ v+ ing

(To express an action of writing that had continued for a certain time previous to the point of past time named but not been made confirmed whether it finished or not in past successfully)

Ex: She had been singing for two hours. (Imperfect past)

She had been singing for two hours when you came to meet her. (Perfect past)

The chauffeur (driver) had been driving Mercedes Benz for his Boss on city streets two days ago.

Note:{The confusion with PPCT is that the situation of the past is rather doubtful all the time because the time always asks for something to be completed which tends to never get complete and is left with uncertainty of an action performed.}

Future Tense

Simple Future Tense: Subject+ Will/Shall+ 1st form of verb.

(To express an action that is about to occur or that will take place in the future)

Ex: We shall go to swim in a swimming pool tomorrow with family.

Will we ever have a chance to relish “Disneyland”?

Future Continuous Tense: Subject+ Will be/Shall be+ V+ ing.

(To denote an action going on at some point in future time)

Ex: The mouse of the laptop will not be working properly.

My mother will be making ‘Chapattis’ in the kitchen 15 min from now.

(The tense is used to describe an action which is expected to occur in the normal course)

Ex: My meeting with the minister will be fixed tomorrow at Hotel Sheraton.

The Share market will be balanced at the Bombay Exchange Board tomorrow.

(The tense indicating in negative is used for an action that will not occur in normal course)

Ex: The child will be scolding his father for not taking him to amusement park due to his sickness.

The Tap of the house will be running off for 3 long days as the water-motor has short-circuited.

(The tense considered under an action taken as interrogative but is asked as polite question)

Ex: Will you be gently lifting the fragile glass flower pot in my absence from my office?

Should she be helping the beggar to get him cross the road properly?

Future Perfect Tense: Subject+ Will have/Shall have+ 3rd form of (V)

(An action simplifies that it will definitely end or sometime in near future)

Ex: The servant will have done household works until the landlady should arrive at home. (on time) (optional)

Nobody will have taken anything from you by the time you reach home in evening.

The play will have begun when you get to the theatre.

Future Perfect Continuous Tense: Subject+ Shall have/will have been+ V+ ing

(An action explains that the action of writing whether finished or unfinished will have been in progress for sometime)

Ex: The workers of the coal mine will have been working non-stop inside the mine for 45 days.

I shall have been listening you for half an hour until I am done with my breakfast.

My cousin will have been living in ‘Pachmarhi’ for five long years by the end of this week.

`Total no. of forms of tenses`

  • She dances outside her house in rain.

  • She is dancing outside her house in rain.

  • She has danced outside her house in rain.

  • She has been dancing outside her house in rain.

  • She danced outside her house in rain.

  • She was dancing outside her house in rain.

  • She had danced outside her house in rain.

  • She had been dancing outside her house in rain.

  • She will dance outside her house in rain.

  • She will be dancing outside her house in rain.

  • She will have danced outside her house in rain.

  • She will have been dancing outside her house in rain. END

Miscellaneous sentences based on PRESENT + PAST + FUTURE (Tense)

Present tense

  • They often go fishing and catch nothing.

  • My friends work in Switzerland; they buy and sell expensive cars.

  • They wash their hands and dry them over towel.

  • Do these ladies generally go to theatre on Saturday evenings or do they stay at home.

  • His brothers work hard all day and want to rest in the evening.

  • These boys say that they always listen carefully, but do not always understand their teachers because they speak rapidly and choose very difficult words.

  • They tell me that when they get home every afternoon they have some food and then change their clothes; they never eat or drink anything while they are at the office, unless the hot weather makes them very thirsty.

  • These men go to work by train every day. They stay in the train for half an hour and sit or stand there and read their newspapers. They try to read all the news during the journey and in that way know a lot about the topics of the day.

  • These boys play in the garden every morning and usually break something or tear their clothes or cut themselves when they fall. Small boys cry when they hurt themselves but as they grow older they hide their feelings and become less noisy.

  • Babies are a great nuisance. They need attention all the time. If they do not disturb you by crying, they have to be fed, bathed or looked after. They do not even thank the people who take care of them.

Past tense

  • Scenes from the whole of his past life flashed through the sailor’s mind as he got drown once in life.

  • It was a long and stern face but with eyes that twinkled in a kindly way.

  • The child went to his classroom as his mother lead him into the hall and everyone turned and stared

at him.

  • The boy cooked his own breakfast when called by mother and shouted at her until she realized her mistake and made her son happy again.

  • I sold lot of my favorite books last month and decided never to collect then in bulk. This helped me in taking vital decisions about unnecessary expenses. I felt a great relief after that event took place.

  • When I saw him he sat asleep in a chair relaxing himself until the dog barked and awakened him to his surprise with a very heavy voice.

  • While I walked through the park with my girl last night, a man snatched her purse from her hand and ran away. I couldn’t run after him because it was pitch dark everywhere and it scared her when I left her alone. The Police failed to catch him from the crime spot.

Future tense

  • What are you going to do now for the problem that exists?

  • When are you going to have your next English lesson?

  • Ask the girl if she is going to watch the movie tonight with us?

  • Will you have time to do an exercise this week with me at the gymnasium?

  • You shall never be answering me correctly without the help of answering machine of your house.

  • I will never believe you for you are untrustworthy.

  • He will feel sick if he talks to you anymore long.

  • The baby shall get his tooth removed at the dentist’s clinic.

  • The sun is going to shine in the sky at anytime.

  • Won’t you kiss me `goodnight`?

Errors in the use of Tenses

Incorrect: I did not write the letter yet.

Correct: I have not written the letter yet.

Incorrect: I lived in New Delhi since 1986.

Correct: I have lived in New Delhi since 1986.

Incorrect: The servant has not come when called.

Correct: The servant did not come when called.

Incorrect: My brother had gone America last week.

Correct: My brother went to America last week.

Incorrect: He told me that she was ill for six days.

Correct: He told me that she had been ill for six days.

Incorrect: He will reach home before the sun will set.

Correct: He will have reached home before the sun sets.

Incorrect: I shall leave this place by the time she will come.

Correct: I shall have left this place by the time she comes.

Correct forms of verb

Cricket (play) in England for more than six hundred years now. (Incorrect)

Cricket has been played for more than 600 years now in England. (Correct)

Cricket is been played in England for long. (Correct)

England has been conducting the game of Cricket for more than six hundred years now. (Differently patterned)

While the Cat (cross) the road she (run) over by a speeding car. (Incorrect)

While the Cat was crossing the road she runs over by a speeding car. (Correct)

While the Cat crosses the road she runs over by a speeding car. (Correct)

While the Cat decides to cross the road she gets hit by a speeding car. (Differently patterned sentence)

It (be) almost 15 years since my niece (leave) for Switzerland. (Incorrect)

It is being almost 15 years since my niece left for Switzerland. (Correct)

It is almost 15 years since I met my niece in this city before she left for Switzerland. (Correct)

It has been 15 years since I saw the face of my niece from Switzerland. (Differently patterned sentence)

Since her husband (die) she (be) very upset and unhappy. (Incorrect)

Since her husband died she is been very upset and unhappy. (Correct)

Since the death of her husband she has been very upset and unhappy. (Correct)

Knowing the death of her beloved husband she is been highly upset and unhappy since. (Differently patterned)

We (not see) her since we (leave) school yesterday. (Incorrect)

We haven’t seen her since we left school yesterday. (Correct)

We did not see her since we leave the school yesterday. (Correct)

She has not been seen anywhere in school since we left the premise the previous day. (Differently patterned)

She couldn’t be seen in school anywhere yesterday. (Differently patterned)

My sister (go) out at seven o’ clock in the evening and (not yet return). (Incorrect)

My sister goes out at seven o’ clock in the evening and does not return. (Correct)

My sister has gone out at seven and has not yet returned? (Correct)

My sister went out at seven and still there isn’t any sign of her? (Correct)

My sister leaves premise (home) at seven and does not return? (Is a matter of worry?) (Differently patterned)

She went out at seven and she hasn’t returned yet? (Correct)

He (take) a bath when the telephone rang. (Incorrect)

He was taking a bath when the phone rang. (Correct)

He took a bath when phone rang. (Correct)

He was taking a bath when the phone was ringing. (Correct)

The telephone rang at the time of his bath. (Differently patterned)

He got disturbed by the acute sound of telephone ring while taking a pleasant bath. (Differently patterned)

The ring of the phone was unheard to him as long as he stayed inside the bathroom. (Differently patterned)

At the moment the baby (sleep) in the cradle. (Incorrect)

At the moment the baby sleeps in the cradle. (Correct)

At the moment the baby is sleeping in the cradle. (Correct)

The baby sleeps in the cradle at this moment. (Differently patterned)

The cradle of the baby is occupied with her siesta. (Differently patterned)

Although the work (be) difficult, I (finish) it within the given time and (go) home.

Although the work was difficult, I finished it within the given time and went home.

Although the work had been difficult, I finished it within the given time period and had gone home.

Although the work had been difficult I finished it and went home within the given time period.

The work being so difficult to handle I somehow finished it and went home in the given time period.

I went home in given time period as I managed to handle and finish such a difficult work in hand.

Tenses in conditional sentences

There are mainly three kinds of condition: -

  1. Open condition: - In such condition an action may or may not be fulfilled.

Ex: If the father is angry he might take us to the parlor to make us eat an ice-cream.

Note: - {He might take us or not we do not know}

Ex: Unless the baby drinks milk, mother won’t sleep in the night.

Point 1

The reference to the present used both for conditional and the main clause: -

If I eat spicy food it causes me indigestion.

If you press the wrong button you lose your money.

If water goes below freezing point it turns into ice.

Point 2

The reference focused to the future where the present tense is used in conditional clause and future tense in the main clause: -

If I find anything wrong, I shall inform you.

If you meet her ask her how her parents are getting on.

If it rains remind the girl to take her umbrella with her inside the car.

If he is not sick tell the worker to start digging earth once again.

Point 3

The reference given as a polite usage to define a situation: -

I should consider it a favor if you would lend me your scooter.

  1. Rejected Condition: - a condition which might have been fulfilled but it is not.

If I weren’t so tired, I would go to the cinema with you.

If I had time I should visit the exhibition.

Note: - {These sentences imply that I am tired and that I have no time.)

If the reference is to the past, this becomes: -

If I had not been so busy, I would have gone cinema with you.

If I had had time, I should have visited the exhibition.

If he had worked harder, he would have passed the examination.

  1. Imaginary Condition: - This is a condition i.e. one which could not be true.

If I were you, I should have bought a car.

If I were a millionaire I would help the poor.

What would you have done if you were attacked by a robber?

Condition that correctly completes a sentence

If I have time a. I shall visit the exhibition.

b. I should visit the exhibition.

c. I ought to visit the exhibition.

Answer: - “B”.

If he were a year older a. he would be eligible for the post.

b. he will be eligible for the post.

c. he would have been eligible for the post

Answer: - “C”.

If he had all the wealth in the world a. he will not be happy.

b. he would not be happy.

c. he would not have been happy.

Answer: - “B”.

Had I known you were coming a. I will stay at home.

b. I would stay at home.

c. I would have stayed at home.

Answer: - “C”.

He would have passed the examination a. If he worked harder.

b. If he had worked harder.

c. If he would work harder.

Answer: - “B”.

The Sequence of Tenses

Sequence type no.1

Ex: I knew that he wanted to go home.

She was telling us that she knew the secret of his birth.

I would do this if I were allowed.

He never understood how this came about.

Sequence type no.2

Ex: They have told us that the film wasn’t good.

They are saying that they will win the match.

Note: {The use of “will” taken as variations in the sentence}

Ex: - He will think that she works hard.

He will think that she worked hard.

He will think that she will work hard.

Sequence no. 3

Ex: The teacher taught us that the earth is round.

The King said that all men are mortal.

He learnt from his experience that pride has a fall.

Sequence no. 4

Ex: She likes you better than she liked me.

She liked you better than she likes me.

She will like you better than she has liked me.

She has liked you better than she liked me.

Sequence no. 5

Ex: She likes me as well as she liked him.

She liked me as well as she likes him.

She will like me as well as she liked him.

`The use of ‘in the same way’ to rewrite the same sentence` as: -

She likes me in the same way she liked him.

She liked me in the same way she likes me.

She will like me in the same way she liked me.

More examples of Conditional tenses: -

If/ I see Mary/ I will tell her

If Condition Result

If Tamara is free tomorrow she will invite her friend at the birthday party.

If it rains tomorrow will you stay at home?

If it rains heavily what will you do?

Result If Condition

Will + base verb If simple present

I will tell Mary If I see her.

He will invite Tara if she is free tomorrow.

Their teacher will be sad if they do not pass their exam.

Will you stay at home if it rains tomorrow?

What will you do if it rains heavily?

Note: {The sentences just written is only the reciprocating way of writing conditional tense situations)

Helping Verbs

Is/ Are/ Am/Was/Were/Has/have/Had/Do/Does/Did/Be/Been/Being/ Will/Shall/ Etc.

  • Is this your Mobile phone? Or Is this mobile phone yours?

  • Is this the same mobile phone you are looking for?

  • Is she watching a movie all alone in her bedroom sitting on a sofa?

  • Is it alright to visit outside home without wearing a jacket in acute cold?

  • Is the domestic market an extremely busy and bustling place to visit on weekends?

  • Is the meeting that last for nearly two hours over?

  • Is it genuine enough to quit over somebody’s heart?

  • Is he awake from a long sleep he had last night?

  • Is the daughter an apple of her mother’s eye?

  • Is the monkey jumping from one branch to another in search of mangoes?

  • Is there any difficult question being asked by the interviewer at the time of interview?

  • Is the pick pocket pick pocketing the wallets of innocent gentlemen inside a metro train?

  • Is the daughter late to prepare for her lesson plans?

  • Is the curtain on the windowsill of your room has pink color on it?

  • Is there a specific pet you would like to keep to alert a robber from sneaking in?

  • Is English applicable in every sphere of your life?

  • Is it very essential to buy a new scooterette to reach home in time for you?

  • Is it going to rain incessantly tonight?

  • Is this isn’t the knife I demanded from you to bring from market?

  • Is the world aware of the global warming catastrophe?

  • Is the blazing inferno enveloping the entire corridor of the `Cruise Ship`.

  • Is it good for one to show his/her leniency towards work?

  • Is there a possibility for someone to jump from the zenith of this mountain to commit a suicide?

  • Is it feasible for you to understand what I say to you at this juncture (time)?

  • Is the magician doing “Magic tricks” over the stage before the audience to appease them?

  • Is English due important for you in this day and age (now-a-days)?

  • Is the color of the shirt blue and not red?

  • Is the waiter serving a bowlful of soup to the customers in hotel?

  • Is mother preparing a sumptuous (delicious) dinner for the family for the last 20 minutes inside the kitchen?

  • Is the teacher talking to the students very rudely inside the class since half-an-hour?

  • Is the meeting due to hold at the banquet hall of this 7 star hotel with many high-profile people?

  • Is your brother abroad in order to complete the higher studies with $10,000?

  • Is it truly awesome to relish (enjoy) the roller-coaster rides of Disneyland in California?

  • Is the boy playing cricket match into the ground with other friends happily?

  • Is the pilot capable to exercise the plane for aero-stunts display for spectators ground below?

  • Is he the real owner of this haunted house which residents of this colony truly say is ghostly?

  • Is the sky-scraper taller enough to house 500 people at a time in a given time period?

  • Is your father available in the evening to talk about a property deal with me at home?

  • Is an orchestra being played in honor of `Queen Elizabeth` and other Royal Monarchs?

  • Is the term “Blue blood” in actuality used only for ‘Royals’ or for someone else too?

  • Are there any rooms available in this 7 star hotel with presence of air conditioners?

  • Aren’t you visiting market today to buy fresh basketful of vegetables from there?

  • Are there plenty of strawberries in the basket available you plucked from the bushy tree of Kashmir?

  • Are you cautious that the cake you shall have might be poisonous?

  • Are you ready to invest everything you have in a form of lifetime asset?

  • Are you honest towards performing your duties for your mother?

  • Are you prone in eating lot of pastries and patties?

  • Are you going to maintain a hostile nature towards dealing the foreign tourists cheaply?

  • Are the tourists enormously perspired and exhausted?

  • Are you in a great hurry to catch a train at a railway station on time?

  • Are you sick of learning difficult questions by me in the first instance?

  • Are you fearful of taking a quiet walk in the night near your house due to fear of hooligans?

  • Are you highly excited by those who speak English marvelously?

  • Are you a depended child of your family or the black sheep of the family?

  • Are you truly worthy of complaining about your rights to the government?

  • Are they practicing with the view to winning a formula 1 car race?

  • Are all the hoteliers ready to boycott against the government’s decision to close “Bars” overnight?

  • Are the difficult times for our family would have power to trouble us for the rest of our peaceful lives?

  • Are the waiters of the hotel serving snacks to each swimmer in the middle of the pool?

  • Are you the only one whom I have been desperately searching since two hours in this clinic?

  • Are you smart enough to grab every opportunistic moment of others lives?

  • Are you known as the symbol of peace among your favorite bit of your friendship?

  • Are all dogs and cats residing beneath one roof only?

  • Are the pickles with different ingredients mixed under in India have such drastic effect on Indians and their Indian appetite?

  • Are there many pimples on the face of that girl due to prescription of wrong cosmetic by dermatologist?

  • Are there chances left for my daughter to pass the final examination this year with flying colors?

  • Are the rats creating a hell lot of mess inside the kitchen in a single night only?

  • Are we all wishing together to expect a good rainfall in our city in coming two months?

  • Are the tea-spoons on coffee table insufficient with number of plates to be served for guests?

  • Are the daily English newspaper editions fulfilling the very demand of readers on streets?

  • Are the newest `Double-decker` compartments of the train in India satiating the thirst of maximum travelers of this country?

  • Are there some more possibilities for this house to get extended to 100 feet more without building permission illegally?

  • Are the weekly “Kitty –Parties” performed by wife a great nuisance for husband to sleep quietly in house?

  • Are the legs of this sofa-set very fragile that they would break if not handled with care?

  • Are you a kind of girl who is passionate towards eating chocolate slush too much?

  • Are the loved ones gathered to celebrate ‘Christmas’ with us at our home this year?

  • Are the devotees gathering in very large numbers to worship the shrine so blessed?

  • Are there enough sugar granules to make tea sweet?

  • Are flowers of this garden more stunning than that of the neighbor’s garden?

  • Are dolphins more supple mammals of the sea that tend to help those who are in need?

  • Are waste papers solely responsible for the major reduction of the forests of the world?

  • Am I standing in your way?

  • Am I the one you are looking forward to meeting soon?

  • Am I too rude to insult you in front of many in the college canteen?

  • Am I compliant to the traffic rules imposed to me by the government?

  • Am I tired of explaining the importance of the matter to such fools around me?

  • Am I intimate towards a true beauty provided as a God’s angel to me?

  • Am I judging the stupidity of how she spoiled the entire procedure of the work?

  • Having suffered from a traumatic incident, Am I sensing my will power has amplified?

  • Am I making comparison with somebody whom I underestimated previously?

  • Am I charged of picking up a fight with my enemy needlessly on the ‘Line of Control’?

  • Am I showing condolence to the family of the deceased who died in ‘Vietnam War’?

  • Am I pleasantly swimming into the blue-lagoon of waters of `Mauritius`?

  • Am I atheist who promised never to worship ‘GOD’ in life?

  • Am I academically sound to teach English to any stream and class of persons of society?

  • Am I visiting cemetery to bury the dead-body of my friend’s friend?

  • Am I lonely enough to listen to soft music at home daily without interruption?

  • Am I sending my heartfelt greetings to my father who has just entered into spacecraft as astronaut?

  • Am I missing you from the bottom of my heart at this juncture?

  • Am I to pay my entire expense at the Sheraton hotel which I utilized for my long vacations?

  • Am I to make a big deal of property for my wife to quench her thirst for a world-tour?

  • Am I to wait for the luck before my chance of English test slips from hand?

  • Am I to impress my wife by making a pancake tonight while she would come from office exhausted?

  • Am I to jiggle on Congo music of Africa without a tinge of shame in my eye for others?

  • Am I to fetch petrol in my bike for tomorrows important business meets with subordinates?

  • Am I to search each nook and corner of this city with the view to publicizing my academy?

  • Am I to try hard in order to participate in Indian Idol held in my own city this year?

  • Am I to please the member of the society for the confusion created over supply of water?

  • Am I to play a piano so flawlessly well that the hall resounds in cheers for me?

  • Am I to apologize for the mistake committed by me in the colony two days ago?

  • Am I to travel many miles at this time to seek out the petrol station in the dark highway?

  • Am I to remind my students million times about the importance of studies in life?

  • Am I to swear never to touch a cigarette ever in life?

  • Am I to see sea changes in the personality of my son after visiting ‘America’?

  • Was that girl to neglect to carry a lunch to her school every day?

  • Was the girl cycling on a special bicycle machine capable of floating on water?

  • Was the mother of the boy feeding her child with a spoon in house?

  • Was the habit of visiting ‘Temple’ on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s considered a solace of life for me?

  • Was the teacher of the school harassing the students of the class?

  • Was the boy humble enough to let a limp cross the road with walking sticks?

  • Was she making a solemn promise to herself that she won’t lie ever again in life?

  • Was the military officer receiving medals for the sheer bravery of the officer in front of spectators?

  • Was the airline to take-off without the clearance from the air-traffic controller at Heathrow airport?

  • Was she to become famous very soon among other actresses in Hollywood 9 months ago?

  • Was the dolphin to save her off-spring from a sudden attack of sharks in sea?

  • Was the tiger to pounce over a gigantic giraffe to tear it and eat it quickly?

  • Was the basket to fall from the delicate hand of a young girl in the market?

  • Was the weather to trouble a boy for riding a 500 cc bike over the road?

  • Was the blood to ooze out very quickly of the hand of an accidental boy nearby my home?

  • Was the bus turning turtle because of slipping from a sharp edge of the mountain of Himalaya?

  • Was the T.V. on for nearly 12 hours without anybody’s presence inside the room?

  • Was the weather not pleasant to go for a long-ride near the seaside?

  • Was the little boy’s habit of going cinema everyday actually being crushed by mother’s scold?

  • Was my friend showing more temper at the discotheque being heavily drunk?

  • Was the traffic-officer instructing the riders for helmets for their own safety 4-days-ago?

  • Was the hippopotamus smearing dust and dirt from the dry water-puddle at himself in wilderness?

  • Were the soldiers sleeping quietly before a snake could enter into their tent?

  • Were the vampires drinking blood of an innocent pedestrian on the streets of London?

  • Were the tenants of colony choking out plan together to take revenge from landlords of colony?

  • Were the poor men of the asylum demanding a financial support out of existing government?

  • Were all the students of the college committing the same mistake at the time of discussion?

  • Were my dreams helpful enough to make me success achieve my destiny many moons ago?

  • Were the magicians to demonstrate their magical spells more on disillusioned spectators?

  • Were the octopuses of the ocean to camouflage in the sand of the underwater sea in fear of sharks?

  • Were the vegetables to fell down from a Moving-van container in the market?

  • Were the houses built to withstand the extreme weather conditions of the colony 5-months-ago?

  • Were my bag and baggage’s safely to return to my country after a chaos inside an airbus of Emirates?

  • Were the false notions of my sister creating a perplexity in my life for choosing right career?

  • Were the jokers of the circus performing rope-dancing skills to cajole the spectators?

  • Were the bulls intoxicated to fight with each other in a bull-fight arena?

  • Were the marriage attendees’ showering flowers of blessings over the newly-wedded bridegroom?

  • Has he got the stamina to overcome his own difficulties?

  • Has the world treated you well today?

  • Has he mistaken himself for understanding the realities of science?

  • Has the mother compelled her son to drink a glass full of milk in one gulp?

  • Has the lady doctor refused to do an operation of a patient?

  • Has the part of a forest been declared as a core area to have a Man-eater (tiger) dangerous for innocent visitors?

  • Has the bird’s eggs hatched before being eaten by a predator ‘snake’?

  • Has the tree been cut in order to produce fuel out of it?

  • Has the carpenter to produce three most fascinating sofas on order within two days?

  • Has an Englishman to teach the language of English in India?

  • Has the water-pump to suck slush from inside the bore-well for 30 long minutes?

  • Has the restaurant owner to open couple of more food-chains in the city?

  • Has land being used to make villagers sacrifice their innocent farms for skyscrapers?

  • Has the visitor to relish the sumptuous (delicious) dinner of the hotel so much?

  • Has the dog to bite a poor of the slum very badly on the leg?

  • Has the boy to put fire to a pile of CD’s for destroying ‘Pirated CD’s?

  • Has Taliban to capture “Pakistan” for making it a terrorist country?

  • Has the Bluetooth to be considered an effective device to part one phone to another?

  • Has the girl to run fast in order to win a trophy for 20 miles sprint race?

  • Has the poor to pay more in a form of tax in this pathetic country?

  • Has the tree to be cut to produce fuel out of it?

  • Have you ever been in love with someone so special?

  • Have you told an exciting story to him 10 days ago at his home?

  • Have you enjoyed a lot in the late night party held at my place?

  • Have I said anything indecent that might have hurt your feelings?

  • Have I lodged a complaint to the ‘Electricity department’ for 4 hours power-cut at midnight?

  • Have I shouted at her for turning deaf ears to my words?

  • Have the mobile phone to slip from my hand and drop inside a water jug?

  • Have the jugglers to juggle the glass-balls in the juggling competition fantastically well?

  • Have the strawberries to be eaten in lot by the youngest member of the family?

  • Have the snakes to come out of their holes due to excessive rainfall everywhere in the premise?

  • Have I to point out a dirt stain on her wedding black silk gown?

  • Have we to excuse the mischief of so many girls in a shopping mall?

  • Have the scientists to explore new galaxies in the `Milky Way`?

  • Have the cooler to produce fresh air inside a properly vented room of the hotel?

  • Have I to remain calm and quiet at the time of painting a portrait of a human-skeleton?

  • Have the personal assistant to keep the original file on the desk of the boss of the company?

  • Had I a delicious dinner in a 5 star hotel 5 days ago?

  • Had I wrongly smoke a puff at the time of facing an interview?

  • Had you tested the blood sample of a patient complained against the symptoms of ‘BirdFlu’?

  • Had I brought `Red Roses` for her on Valentine Day?

  • Had I taken the entire responsibility of arranging a ‘Disco Jockey’ for the birthday party?

  • Had we climbed the zenith of the Mount Everest Mountain with only a single oxygen cylinder?

  • Had the powerful nations worried about ‘Global Warming’?

  • Had you rubbed the magical pot to let “Jinni” out?

  • Had you hung the curtains by the railing of your balcony?

  • Had you to keep quiet in the meeting when I told you so?

  • Had the insurance agent to mortgage my property 2 days ago for not paying interest to the bank?

  • Had I to make fabricated story before my friend for not paying him his borrowed amount 1 month ago?

  • Had the students to listen me keenly when I would take a special class of Mathematical English for them?

  • Had the oxygen to run out at the time of climbing an Everest of Nepal?

  • Had a fair complexion to win appreciation for a T.V anchor of MTV by many fans?

  • Had my daughter to lose a tooth due to eating `Chocolate` more?

  • Had I to use the headlight of my car to sparkle the eyes of a running Hyena on the middle of the road?

  • Do you take breakfast at the mess of the hostel every day?

  • Do the dogs bark at the passers-by and trouble them greatly?

  • Do the linemen bring necessary tools to repair the electric short circuit of the transformer?

  • Do the public wait for the voter cards at different stalls of Bhopal city?

  • Do the washer men bring clothes for laundry by collecting them from each tourists of the hotel?

  • Do the spectators relish (enjoy) the game of cricket in the stadium?

  • Do the policemen come in large quantity for controlling the agitated mob (crowd)?

  • Do the cleaners have duty each day in order to clean the utensils at the motel of the highway?

  • Do the ministers pick a fight like cats and dogs in the parliament over petty issues?

  • Do the wives to make their husbands agree for a picnic at Disneyland?

  • Do the ants to eat and spoil the kitchen of a woman in 20 minutes completely?

  • Do the bank manager to do fraud in the bank blinding other co-workers working under?

  • Do the luxurious cars to get exported to Asian countries within three months?

  • Do the cinema owners to call for a one day strike of theatres all over India?

  • Do the words of dictionary to generate confusion in the minds of engineering students?

  • Do the radio jockeys of the city to launch a street-publicity of the radio station on a moving van?

  • Do the computer companies to invent a new-generation ‘Tablet’ with 64 GB space of hard-disk space?

  • Do the workers to load the cement inside the truck in night only due to fear of police patrol?

  • Do the lifts to not pass the safety standards used by the builder of the apartment?

  • Do the beauticians of the parlor to break record for having maximum customers in 30 minutes?

  • Do the keys of the guard don’t succeed to open the mall-gate at time of need?

  • Does the imagination of constructing a bridge in the mind of an engineer be come true one day?

  • Does the master chef serve a delicious cuisine to the customers of the hotel?

  • Does the rich pressurize the poor always even for a minutest difficulty of his life?

  • Does the culprit make a plan to escape from the maximum security wing of the jail?

  • Does a taxi pick up a passenger daily from the bus-stand at 7:30 in the evening?

  • Does a tiger patrols near the residential colonies of our city every day?

  • Does a mother hate her child only due to his mischief?

  • Does a smoke to fill the corridor of a government building in few minutes?

  • Does a bank to provide education loan to a needy for higher studies?]

  • Does a book to cost a lot to afford?

  • Does a flower to create irritation into the nose of a dog in the garden?

  • Does a laptop to fulfill need of a student of a hostel very much?

  • Does a little reward to give enormous courage to the brave policemen of the nearby station?

  • Does a plan to fail if the red-car stops at the market and not at the traffic-circle?

  • Did the marble turned out to be of inferior quality for the builder?

  • Did the imagination work hard to bring revolution of `I- Pad` for the world by Steve Job?

  • Did the swimmer decide whether he would jump from a 2 m or 6 m of the pool?

  • Did the Christmas to spread happiness all around the world?

  • Did the quarrel between the two people to cause injuries to both sides?

  • Did the arrow to hit the right target to win a teddy bear for an 8-year-old at the Disney Amusement Park of California?

  • Did the outsider to sneak into the house secretly for hand-picking from home?

  • Did the kitchen to get renovate for a family to shift within three days?

  • Did the clock to show wrong schedule to the passengers at the reservation counter?

  • Did the house to sell on a very cheaper rate?

  • Did the members of the house to safeguard their house from unwanted rainy-snakes of the colony?

  • Did the soldiers to quench their thirst with lot of potable water during war-time?

  • Did the weavers of the company to go on a hunger-strike for fulfilling their demands before boss?

  • Did a rich merchant to buy a million dollar mansion on the foothills of Switzerland?

  • Did the flames of the blazing inferno to burn a hut within seconds?

  • Did the slaves to leave the clutches of slavery of their masters forever?

  • Did the village boy to sheep out the sheep daily for grazing in the fields?

  • Did an evil to haunt your dreams exactly two months ago every fortnight?

  • Will the baby have a bacterial attack inside his stomach to trouble him so much?

  • Will the civilization understand the need of education one day?

  • Shall the warlike nations use a nuclear bomb to nuke the world one day?

  • Shall I have a lion’s share in the wedding cake of my sister’s?

  • Shall I assume finally that now the world has become massively selfish to curb the righteousness?

  • Will the barrister have enough evidence to claim in the court his client is not culprit?

  • Will the boat to take a U-turn to fool the sailors that they have reached the right shore?

  • Shall the shoes to create noise in rainy conditions outside home?

  • Shall the Cineplex to host eight different English-Hindi movies at a time for the visitors?

  • Will the leaves of the garden to shed leaves immediately after sun set?

  • Will the teacher to guide students for TOEFL & IELTS examinations conducted by Cambridge University?

  • Will the movements of the animals to terrify the residents of the nearby village in night?

  • Shall the actions of the movie ‘Amazing Spider-man’ to cajole the fans throughout the world?

  • Shall the industrialist after death to charity all his wealth to a needy asylum?

  • Shall the mother to teach fundamental laws of living skills to her child to make him self-dependent?

  • Shall the educational films to attract the children more than adults?

  • Is the express train being burned brutally by some dacoits throwing petrol-bombs inside compartment?

  • Are the family members being united finally to respect each other view?

  • Am I being respecting Independence Day celebration whole-heartedly with love spread all over the country?

  • Has the helmet being broken into pieces as soon as it dropped on concrete surface of the road?

  • Have the large crowd being making enough nuisances for Ice-Skaters to play Hockey conveniently?

  • Had I being blessed by a roadside ‘beggar’ with a fortune to have a cute little baby girl at home?

  • Was the parlor being declared illegal two days ago by the Municipality Department of market?

  • Were the precious stones being administered as incredibly valuable stones in ‘Black Market’?

  • Do the engines of the trains being creating problems to the railway since many days due to heavy rain?

  • Does the jeweler being selling original jewellery to the customers in the market?

  • Did the gangsters being looting a trainful of gold, silver and diamonds at the bridge?

  • Will the petrol-man being fetching petrol in the tanks of the bikes two days from now?

  • Shall the mouth-organ being failing to play properly even in the hand of an expert?

  • Will the mother have been preparing “Chapattis” for the family in night seven hours from now?

  • Shall mosquito-repellents have been saving the soldiers in their tent from unwanted mosquito-bites?

English for weather

What’s it like out? It’s miserable out.

How’s the weather like? It’s drizzling incessantly out in the window.

What is the report of rain? We haven’t had a drop of rain for weeks.

What’s the weather forecast? They’re calling for blue skies all week.

Words for weather

Air-conditioning an appliance that cools down the air in a home or building.

Avalanche a dangerous slide of snow down a mountain.

Below freezing Temperature less than 0 degree Celsius/ 32 degree Fahrenheit.

Blizzard A storm with lots of snow and wind.

Boiling hot common expression for describing a very hot day.

Breeze light wind.

Chilly Cold.

Clear when the sky is blue because no clouds are blocking the sun.

Low-ceiling Dark thunderous clouds gathered at one place.

Cold spell a period of colder than average weather.

Drizzle a very light/ mild rain that continue only for 5 to 15 minutes.

Torrential rain A very heavy and fast rain with heavy and thick water droplets of the rain.

It’s raining cats and dogs extremely heavy rain.

Incessant raining Continuous rain (without a stop for a minute.)

Intermittent rain A rain that gives pause of sometime while it rains and continue once again.

Pitter-patter the style and sound of raindrop that hits with speed our rain protection shade of homes.

Water-logging The condition that tends to choke the drains of the streets due to heavy rainfall.

Drought a long period with no rainfall. (for ex:- Forest fires are a serious danger during a drought)

Flurries very light snowfall (for ex:- There’re a very flurries but the snow isn’t sticking to the roads.)

Foggy thick water vapor that blocks one’s vision.

Forecast the expected weather for the future.

Freezing cold common expression used to describe a very cold day.

Frost ice crystals on a frozen surface.

Frostbite a skin condition caused by over exposure to the cold (typically reddish skin with white spots)

Hail small pieces of ice that fall during a storm.

Heat stroke a flu-like condition one can acquire after spending too long in the sun.

Heat-wave extremely hot weather that is much higher than average—usually lasts a long time.

Humidity Moisture in the air

Hurricane a tropical storm with very strong wind and rain.

Sleet rain that freezes as it falls (Ex: - All-weather-tires are best if you have to drive in sleet.)

Slush/Slushy snow on the ground that has been rained on turning into watery; muddy; dusty substance.

Smog heavy, dark cloud cover caused by pollution of the vehicles and industrial waste.

Snowstorm large amounts of wind and snow.

Sunburn painful red/pink skin caused by being in the sun too long.

Suntan brown/golden skin caused by long periods of sun exposure.

Tornado/cyclone violently spinning windstorm.

Ultra violet rays the damaging rays from the sun.

Windy blowing air outside the premise.

Icy slippery because of ice.

Lightning electric flash caused by two clouds hitting together.

Mild temperature that is warmer than average (in a cold season)

Meteorologists a person who studies weather patterns.

Overcast no sun is visible under such condition.

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