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Ans: - My father is a xyz

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Ans: - My father is a xyz.

He is a xyz.

The occupation of my father is to do ……..

My father survives his livelihood by …….


  • What is/was your percentage for this year/last year?

  • How much percentage did you secure last year?

  • Do/did you have grading system in the college instead of percentage (marking)?

Ans: The percentage level of mine for this year is xyz or was xyz.

The level of percentage for this year is/was for that year ….or

I secured xyz percentage last year.

Yes! Indeed (of course) there was a grading system for the students.


  • What is your hobby?

  • What are your hobbies?

Ans: My hobby in life is to……

My hobbies of life are…..

  • What is your hobbies?


What do you like the most? (What do you like?)

What do you fancy? / What do you relish? (verb+ing) (Compulsory formula)

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