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What is the name of your school?

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What is the name of your school?

  • Which school do you study in? / are you in/at?

  • Where did you do your school from? / have you done/completed your schooling from?

    Note: - {The use of the sign `‘` or Apostrophe is important to change the word into plural}

    If the punctuation mark is not being applicable to the word the entire sentence is totally wrong. The sign is the mark symbol used for the ‘Hindi’ translation of `KA` which is usually missed by Indians.

    Family members

    • How many members are there in your family? (Do you stay among them?)

    • How many brothers and sisters do you have?

    • What is the total number of strength in your family?

    • How many siblings have you got?

    • How many children is your father survived by/with?

    Ans: - There are xyz members in my family myself included in it.

    I am survived with…. / My father is survived with…

    The strength of my family in total consisted of….. / The amount of siblings consists of…

    Note: -{ Repetition of two time `noun` or `Pronoun` is unappreciable and has to be totally avoided}.

    Sometimes it is known as a mistake committed by an applicant as a slip of tongue due to overconfidence or a pure fear of interviewer. Rapid speech must be let alone or else it invites disaster.


    • What is your age?

    • How old are you?

    • What age are you?

    • What age is your family member? (Uncle, Aunt, niece, nephew, etc).

    Ans: - I am xyz-years-old.

    I am xyz.

    My age is xyz.

    My family member’s age is xyz. Or He/ She is……

    Family Occupation

    • What does your father do?

    • What is your father? (Don’t relate question with father’s name)

    • What is the occupation of your father?

    • What does your father do for living / to earn bread and butter for the family?

    • How does your father survive a livelihood?

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