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Common Civil Engineering terms

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Common Civil Engineering terms

  • Aqueduct Channel or pipe in which water flows through gravity.

  • Buttress Brick or stone structure built against a wall/building.

  • Canopy an overhanging covering of anything worldly possible for e.g., trees, sheets, concrete, etc.

  • Cladding External stone or other treatment given to a building like marble cladding etc.

  • Dewatering Pumping of water from the foundation of a building.

  • Dugwell an open broad well of water.

  • False ceiling Ceiling provided between the main roof for aesthetic purpose.

  • Foundation Base on which building rests.

  • Mortar Mixture of sand, lime, cement & water used for joining bricks or for plastering.

  • Pier Pillar supporting a span of a bridge.

  • Reinforcement Steel bars used for strengthening in concrete.

  • Runaway Surface on which aircraft lands or takes off.

  • Stress Force producing deformation.

  • Super structure Part of the building above the foundation.

  • Tread Part of the staircase where foot is set on.

  • Truss Structural framework, can be of pipes, wood, angles, etc.

  • Weir Dam across a river to raise, divert or control flow of water.

Scientific terms

  • Absorption the uptake of a chemical into plants, animals or materials.

  • Acclimate To adapt to a new environment, often by limiting exposure to the new environment, then increasing it over time.

  • Anemometer a device used to measure the speed of wind.

  • Barometer A device used to measure the pressure of the atmosphere. The barometer unit of measures is called millibars.

  • Buoyancy the ability to float – the upward forces exerted by a fluid on a body in it.

  • Capacitor A device that stores electric energy in the form of an electric current.

  • Catalyst A substance that speeds up the activation energy of a reaction.

Dictionary words or Vocabulary

  • Infancy childhood/Babyhood/formative years

  • Imparting giving

  • Lasting remaining for a long time/eternal

  • Imprint Impression

  • Under-estimated cannot be taken lightly

  • Phenomenon occurrence/fact/happening

  • Advancement progression/movement/improvement

  • Obvious clear/understandable/evident/noticeable

  • Overcome conquer/triumph over

  • Job-seekers unemployed people

  • Job-oriented providing jobs

  • gallop hurtle/run very fast

  • Alarming distressing/upsetting/disturbing/frightening/shocking

  • Inhabited occupied/settled/populated/colonized

  • Expansion increase/growth/development

  • Barren infertile/unproductive/unfruitful

  • Persuade convince

  • Subsidy aid or help/financial assistance/subvention

  • Rehabilitate to provide ways to live/recover/restore

  • Literal factual/truthful/exact

  • Lure Entice/appease/cajole/tempt

  • Hesitant feel hesitant/shy/timid

  • Shun avoid/spurn/eschew/disdain/have nothing to do with

  • Disastrous catastrophic/devastating/terrible

  • Neglecting overlooking/ignoring

  • Ill-informed/equipped badly informed/having an incomplete presence

  • Concrete solid/tangible

  • Undertaking assurance of responsibility

  • Threat danger/risk/hazard/menace

  • Spectators onlookers/audience/addressees

  • Tackle undertake

  • Wide-spread extensive/prevalent on large scale

  • Harassed tortured/stressed/hassled

  • Inadequate Insufficient/scarce/not enough

  • Beneficiary who get the benefit (recipient)

  • Apprehensive worried/anxious

  • Merits good qualities/virtues/intrinsic worth

  • Intrinsic build-in/inherent/fundamental

  • Get rid of evil to eliminate

  • Stringent Stern/strict/rigorous/harsh/severe

  • Exposed uncovered/open to the elements

  • Banned to put on end legally/barred/excluded/expelled

  • Lack be short of/be deficient in/scarcity/shortage/dearth

  • Inculcate instill/stay over and over

  • Inspire encourage/motivate/enthuse

  • Enlightenment illuminate/to give knowledge and inspire somebody

  • Devise work out/develop/invent/create/think up/formulate

  • Aptitude skill/talent/applied attitude/ability/bent of mind

  • Excel to progress/exceed/outshine/surpass/outclass/outrival

  • Sentiments feelings/emotions

  • Successor heir

  • Predecessor forerunner/ancestor

  • Emulate copy/imitate

  • Guardian protector/sentinel/custodian

  • Janitor gatekeeper/doorkeeper

  • Exploitation misuse/abuse/mistreatment/maltreatment/ill-treatment

  • Misdeed crime/offence/misdemeanor/sin/transgression

  • Underprivileged classes poorer sections

  • Alarming caution/disturbing/upsetting/startling/shocking

  • Consistent unchanging/constant/unswerving/steadfast

  • Inflation rise in prices

  • Go to dogs to be ruined

  • Waste & wither get wasted

  • Drastic radical/extreme/far-reaching

  • Curb restrain/hold back/control/limit/curtail/cut back/reduce

  • Calamity disaster/catastrophe/mishap/tragedy

  • Hoarse rough/croaky/husky/raucous/strident/harsh

  • Core of their hearts sincerely

  • Posh restaurants high-class restaurants

  • Splendid grand/superb/marvelous/impressive/fabulous

  • Delight enjoyment/pleasure/happiness/joy/ecstasy/elation/glee


  • Vulgarity impropriety/indecency/coarseness/lewdness/licentiousness

  • Refine & improve make sophisticated

  • Allege blame/hold responsible/censure/chastise

  • Prone likely/apt/pertinent/relatable

  • Wickedness evil/iniquity/vice/impiety/error of your ways

  • Propensity proclivity/penchant

  • Landscape scenery/countryside/panorama/vista/seascape/milieu

  • sandwiched squeeze in/squash in/pack in/cram

  • Fortune luck/chance/destiny/fate

  • Forthcoming approaching/impending

  • Pundit expert/specialist

  • Matrimonial marital/wedded/married/nuptial/connubial/conjugal

  • Revive revitalize/renew/perk up/restore/refresh/rejuvenate

  • Atrocities carnage/violence/mayhem/pandemonium/excesses

  • Chauvinism bigotry/prejudice/intolerance/discrimination

  • Cohesive Unified/incorporated/integrated

  • Provocation to incite/stimulate/kindle/rouse

  • Complacency self-centeredness/contentment/smugness

  • Credibility trustworthiness/reliability/integrity/sincerity

  • Sincerity genuineness/earnestness/naturalness/unaffectedness

  • Ingrained embedded/deep-seated/entranced

  • Virile potent/powerful/effective/strong

  • Oblivion stupor/state of unconsciousness/forgetfulness/trance

  • Indigenous local/home-grown/native/original/aboriginal

  • Fervor passion/zeal/enthusiasm/keenness/vehemence

  • Multitudinous countless/without number/infinite/innumerable


  • Pertinent applicable/relevant/relatable

  • Legacy inheritance/birthright/bequest/heritage

  • Betrothed engaged/affianced/to get married one day

  • Dissipation debauchery/decadence/profligacy/wickedness

  • Parsimony frugality/skimpiness/thriftiness/cost-cutting

  • Vivid bright/glowing/vibrant/colourful/dramatic/flamboyant




  • Kitschy tasteless/vulgar/tacky/cheesy/unpleasant/insipid/trite

  • Despise hated/unloved/loathe/detest/abhor/be repulsed by/deride

  • Vilify speak ill of/denigrate/belittle/run down/pull to pieces/

Belittle/pour scorn on/malign/defame

  • Surmount conquer/triumph/overpower/accomplishment

  • Prolonged/Perennial Lasting for a very long period/staying longer/extended


  • Nuisance irritation/irritation

  • Ornamental decorative/ornate

  • Quiver to tremble with shiver/shake/vibrate/tremor/shudder/jolt


  • Unsightly ugly/hideous/unattractive/unpleasant/nasty/horrid/unkind


  • Lapse slip/fault/tumble/trail off

  • Torture Extreme pain/torment/make suffer/afflict/make miserable

  • Suffice be sufficient/be enough/be adequate/meet requirements

Choose an adjective and attach it with a word to complete a sentence: - `WORD-COMBINATION`

  • I thought the restaurant would be expensive, but it was reasonably cheap.

  • Steve’s mother is seriously injured and is hospitalized.

  • What a big house! It’s unusually spacious for a family of three.

  • Maria learns languages incredibly quick.

  • The examination was surprisingly easy to face.

  • The meeting was very badly organized by the organizers.

  • I have known John for three long years; he is a careful trucker on expressways.

  • It wasn’t a serious accident. The car was only slightly scratched on the fender.

  • The children are normally very lively, but they are unnecessarily quiet this morning. I wonder why!

  • When I returned home after 20 years, everything had magnificently changed.

  • The film was incredibly long. It could have been shorter to watch in a theatre. Wasn’t it?

  • A lot went wrong during our holiday because it was poorly planned back home. Don’t you think darling!!!

  • I think the girl selfishly behaved in front of our mates last night in party.

  • The decision of our father taken was terribly disastrous to cross over the flooded bridge with our SUV.

  • I needed to feed a dog at home yesterday but it seemed to be nervously feasting over the hot food.

  • Linda attended the wedding ceremony with me and she was wearing a suit extraordinarily bright.

  • A snake in my colony late at night was quietly sneaking into the room through neighbour’s balcony.

  • The Plasma T.V. that I bought lately is specially tuned to the programs only I demand to watch.

  • The dream that the youngsters of my country need to perceive is perfectly perceivable with no big problem.

  • I ordered for 1 lakh new CD players for my shop, and the package arrived is largely inferior in quality.

  • It is a real shame for our religious priests to be so cunningly brave in front of innocent public and fool them.

  • The bridge constructed by the builder was mistakenly incorrect which could jeopardize the entire project.

  • The wealthy Americans are so mean that they merely want to rule the whole world on their own directives.

  • The attire displayed at the fashion show was tailored plainly designer outfits for women only.

  • I met an Arab at the marketplace and he was fluently speaking English language.

  • I was truly shocked at the sight of a street where a thief was deliberately looting as well as beating a young boy of 14-years-old.

  • There are certain mixed complaints of few residents of my colony who claim about hearing ghostly voices daily inside an empty house located at the far end corner of C-Block.

  • Syria as a Muslim state has used chemical bombs on its own citizens that were recognizably horrible to stun the entire world.

  • A comparatively lower-class in India is worst affected by unwanted natural calamities every year.

  • The two mini white kittens that I bought from my friend couple of days ago are merrily playing with other pets of my house.

  • I am happy by the judge’s verdict. It was depressingly cruel to have murdered two innocent children on a street.

  • The daughter-in-law mixed the poison in the milk of a house-cat and she is knowingly denying the truth it consists about.

  • I was stunned of the colony’s location where I wanted to take my new home in. It was greenly surrounded from all four sides.

  • Four master thieves stole the Queen’s Crown worth $ 1, 00,000 million and secretly buried at the backyard of the Castle itself.

  • The Ferrari car is massively fast than any other car of its kind due to a V-12 engine and 3000 horses beneath its bonnet.

  • My neighbour invited for a birthday party and secretly shared a necklace he needs to gift to his wife on his first wedding anniversary. It was a ‘Diamond’ and promisingly most precious of all.

  • The boy wanted to share his part of the friendship with a girl in a college canteen but she rudely replied in front of so many.

  • The General commanded his troop to proceed up to the zenith of a mountain with caution but the troop carelessly behaved after merely two kilometers of ascent.

  • The deer in a wild was superbly chased by a cheetah for 3 long minutes until the cheetah starts gasping for air and leave along the chase.

  • The professor of medicine has served his lifetime searching for the cure of cancerous cells and when he did he was honourably awarded the highest degree of respect among his fellow-companions.

  • Government has warned public not to park their four-wheelers on busy roads near ‘new market’ in rush hours but it is parkingly impossible for them to follow all orders.

  • There were around 20 dogs that were holding a small puppy in their teeth to tear him apart in pieces. It was truly outrageous act to see and the rarest of all.

  • My desires for marriage in such an early age were modestly considered by my parents and I would like to thank them for that.

  • A new girl came into the class with such a shy and innocent personality, adding more to it she was even generally unexpressed while she was asked couple of questions by the teacher.

  • It is hard to experience the driving pleasures of people now-a-days in our society. One of the wives was sitting unpleasantly close to her husband on a bike, literally unaware of the surroundings.

  • The poet wanted to have his poem recited by her personal secretary and she had politely narrated as well as recited the entire poem to him within one hour.

  • It was after eight long years that the military personnel came back home from Iraq war and his family delightfully cuddled and smooch him.

  • My father promised to gift me a piano on my 22nd birthday. It was instrumentally ideal.

  • On a program telecast on Discovery Turbo named ‘World’s most expensive rides’, the 2.5 million worth of truck was a costly bargain for any normal tourist to commute with it even for 5 kilometers at a stretch.

  • In order to share the holy food of goddess ‘Durga’, the ninth day of the celebration consisted of an hourly distribution of food for seven long hours.

  • She brought necessarily five cansful of diet-coke to quench the thirsty three souls sitting in the car outside.

Adjective clause: ‘It teaches us to fill up the missing criteria of how + what we decide to undertake in a sentence’.

  • The pen that I bought is lost.

  • The boy who is lazy deserves punishment.

  • The book of which the leaves were torn was thrown away.

  • The time when the governor will arrive is known to all.

  • The station where the collision occurred is near Delhi.

  • The reason why he resigned is still unknown.

  • Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

  • We were shown the hut where once a great hermit lived.

  • The table with a broken leg is no use to us anymore.

  • A man who is courageous is respected everywhere.

  • We will admire a man of industrious habits.

  • Please tell me the time of his departure.

  • The accident took place on the road leading to the station.

  • The houses of the Kashmiri’s are generally built of wood.

  • A man of regular habits is sure to win the esteem of all.

  • People occupying the last benches could not hear me candidly.

  • You can have anything of your liking.

Noun Clause: ‘It includes the presence of a ‘subject’ in it’.

  • The time of his coming is known to me.

  • I heard of her failure.

  • The reason of his sudden disappearance is not known.

  • I know your great fondness for music.

  • The captain foretold the coming of a violent storm.

  • Who can doubt the truth of his statement?

  • I know your great regard for her.

  • I believe that the man is trustworthy.

  • The doctor is hopeful that the patient will recover soon.

  • His friends believed that he was innocent.

Adverb Clause: ‘The modification in a sentence is clearly viewed with no differences found in the meaning’.

  • India – return – ask- questions

  • When she returned to India we asked her many questions.

  • One her return to India we asked her many questions.

  • He – carry - duty – instructions

  • He always carried out his duties according to instructions.

  • Based on specified instructions he carried out duties undoubtedly well.

  • Her – Heart- words

  • Her heart was too full of words.

  • Words of the world have loaded up her heart intensely.

  • President’s death – event – Vice-President’s – succeeds

  • In the event of the President’s death the Vice-President succeeds him.

  • Knowing the death of President the Vice President is termed true successor of his post.

  • He – rich – income – year

  • He considered himself rich enough though his income was only Rs. 50,000 a year.

  • A Rs. 50,000 of income a year made him realize that he is richer than others.

  • Thief – policeman – ran away

  • As soon as the thief saw the policeman, he ran away.

  • The thief was confused and at the same time afraid of the presence of policeman that made him run away.

  • Glad – recover – illness – homesickness

  • I am glad that he has recovered from his illness due to ‘homesickness’.

  • The recovery out of ‘homesickness’ has truly pleased me as it was the greatest illness of his life.

  • Ill – meeting

  • As he was ill, he did not attend the meeting.

  • Illness has caused great pain to him that let him miss an important meeting of his career.

  • She – entered – vase

  • When she entered the room she saw the vase broken.

  • The vase was found lying totally broken on the tiles as the lady entered room late at night.

  • Insult me – dismiss – you

  • Because you have insulted me, I shall dismiss you.

  • You are obliged to be dismissed instantly by me due to my insult in front of so many without a cause.

  • Note – down – forget it

  • Note this down so that you may not forget it.

  • It is rather a best idea for one to jot down the missing things that tends to make you forget later.

  • She – talk – knew

  • She talked as if she knew everything.

  • The gesture of her voice beyond doubt revealed she was very intelligent who knew everything in her part.

  • Child – cries – hungry

  • The Child cried because he was hungry.

  • Hunger has ended up the child to cry so loud so pitiful.

  • Child – Scott – delicate

  • When he was a child, Scott was very delicate.

  • Scott was termed very delicate by his family at the time of his childhood.

  • Prince – proudly – earth

  • The prince walked proudly, as if he owned the earth.

  • The prince felt that the entire earth was owned by him the way he walked so tall with confidence ubiquitously.

  • Play – machine – toy

  • He played with the machine, as a child plays with a toy.

  • It was like a child play for him to play with his favorite machine.

  • Storm – arose – wreck

  • A great storm arose so that the ships were wrecked.

  • The storm rose out in the sea turned the ship topsy-turvy.

  • He – brilliant – medals – year

  • He was so brilliant that he got all the medals for that year.

  • Many medals had been won by him knowing he was a man of true caliber and sheer talent among all other.

  • She – pain – screaming

  • She had such a pain that she was screaming.

  • The intensity of being panic so much so more is all due to acute pain she is bearing in.

  • Borrow – book – promise – week

  • You may borrow the book so long as you promise to return it within a week.

  • I would be requiring the book earlier in a week if you shall be borrowing it for some time now.


  • Airport hotel

  • Allowance Maintenance expenses given to airline crews.

  • Arrival Time that any guest registers into the hotel.

  • Accommodation Rooms for guests to shelter in a luxurious hotel.

  • Booking Reservation done in advance by a particular guest before arrival.

  • Baby sitter one who is hired to take care of the baby in absence of guardians.

  • Bell boy Porter who deliver guests baggage and does miscellaneous errands.

  • Bell desk Desk in the hotel lobby where bell boys are positioned for the call.

  • Carrier Transport.

  • Cancellation When a room reservation is withdrawn by the guest.

  • Charge Payment on credit.

  • Check in Arrival of a guest who has registered at the reception.

  • Check out departure of a guest who has settled his bills.

  • City ledger Credit.

  • Coffee shop Restaurant where light pre-plated meals are served.

  • Credit card plastic money transaction card helpful when hard cash is unavailable.

  • Commercial hotel One that caters to business clientele.

  • Classification Quality rating given to hotels.

  • Clearance when housekeeping has prepared a room for sale.

  • Commission Amount

  • Departure Time when resident guest leaves the hotel.

  • Discrepancy Not tallying

  • Discount Benefit given on price.

  • Double room Room with one large-sized bed.

  • Forecast expectation based on past-present data.

  • Free sale Term used when room are available for sale.

  • Front office Department that reserves, registers and assigns and acts as a continuous source of information.

  • Fruits & Flowers Complimentary gesture by hotel management to guests of special value.

  • Guest Folio master bill on which all cash & credit transactions by guest are recorded.

  • Guest rack Whitney rack at information where guest names are racked alphabetically



Note: - {This spider has eight legs with the centre theme as a main theme should be used to bear in mind that out of each point you will have to explain the point in brief with general use of English words and sentence constructions and would also have to orally explain the entire theme to your partner. }

Bubble exercise



Level: BASIC

Note :( Attempt all questions compulsorily)

Do as directed:

  1. ________ this mobile phone yours?

(is) / (are) / (am)

  1. The children _______eating mangoes since 20 minutes under the tree.

(shall) / (was) / (were) / (has) / (have been)

  1. University is no place for _______lazy. (Fill in the correct article)

  2. ____MBA is a degree of management. (Fill in the correct article)

  3. This is ______most interesting book on______history of________ English language. (Fill in the correct article)

  4. I (leave) for a meeting in Delhi tomorrow. (rewrite the sentence in correct tense)

  5. The train before the passengers reached the station. (Choose the correct option)

Will leave

Have been leaving

Had left

  1. The mother will make food for family two minutes from know. (future perfect continuous tense)

  2. They lived/ have lived in Delhi with us since 1998. (choose correct & suitable option)

  3. Although the work (be) difficult, I (finish) it within the given time and (go) home.

(Use correct form of verb of bracket & rewrite it)

  1. (a) The servant has not come when called.

(b) The servant did not come when we call/ called him. (Spot the correct error and rewrite)

12. (a) We shall serve you if you come to the party.

(b) We shall serve you if you will come to the party.

(c) We shall serve you if you had come to the party. (Spot the correct error and rewrite)

13. What is your good name? (Is this the correct question?) (Write YES or No)

14. What is your father? (Is this related to his business or his name?) (State the reason correctly)

15. It is between us. (Use two separate pronouns to rewrite the sentence following underlined word.)

16. (a) Why must have a car if you never use it ? (Change the sentence by ‘There’s no point’)

(b) Don’t try to study if you feel tired. (Change the sentence by ‘There’s no point’)

17. (a) You should wear this when you’re inside a car __________(fill in the proper word )

(b) If you are staying at a hotel, you need to remember this. Your ______(fill in the proper word)

18. A brush has a wooden handle. (Change it into plural form)

19. A calf has tender skin. (Change it into plural form)

20. Wealthy. (Write three forms of the verb )


Practice papers

Communication Skills

Time: 3 Hours

Note: All questions have internal choices.

All questions have individual mark distribution.

Q.1. (a) What is a Communication Skill? Explain it in detail. OR

What problems are majorly faced by a person due to language barrier?

(b) Do as Directed:

1.) I have seen my uncle last night. (Correct the sentence in proper tense form)

2.) Sleep is necessary to health. (Change the sentence into a ‘Gerund’)

3.) You are telling a lie. He is telling a lie. (Rewrite with ‘Either’ and ‘Or’)

4.) ________ you lend me your phone for a while? (Fill in the blank with a proper ‘Modal’)

5.) He does not study like his sister did. (Correct the sentence carefully)

6.) Changeable (Write its meaning and make your own sentence as well)

7.) He said The work must be completed today. (Use the proper punctuation mark in it) [2]

Q.2. (a) Define any 2 of the following:

1.) Fire extinguisher (2) Ultrasonic (3) Worldwide Web

4.) Server (5) Modem.

b.) Write a detailed note of about 200 words on the following: - (Any one)

  • Why are Indian women unsafe in night on our streets?


  • Why does our government fail to control terrorist activities in India?


  • Why is the price of per dollar decreasing so fast day-by-day?


Q.3. (a) Write a résumé to Bhanupratap Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. company to apply for the post of Medical Representative (MR). Include a covering letter with resume also.


  • Write a quotation letter to Samsung Electronics World (shop) located at M.P Nagar Zone-II behind Sargam Cinema; placing an order of 1,000 LCDF Plasma TV’s mentioning (Tel. No; Fax No; Mobile; etc.) with terms & conditions. You’re Nitesh Kumar (Purchase Officer) from Western Electronics.

b.) Write an adjustment letter to Midday Photo-Copier Page (Shop), Indore promptly accepting the problem faced by them due to your delivery in damaged condition on 22 July 2013. You are ‘Aniket’ stationery and gift items (shop), Indore. OR

Write a compliant letter to the manager of a big car showroom complaining for incivility done to you by the showroom salesman.


Q.4. (a) Draw newspaper report on a ‘Boom in two-wheeler market’ in our country in last 2-3 years.

Make a précis of just (5-6 lines) out of the given passage: - `The Indian Monsoon`

The most important feature of Indian climate is monsoon or the Indian farmer rains, ‘as it is denoted under. The cultivation can only be carried on by carefully husbanding the water or rivers and streams, and raising a winter crop by irrigation. By the end of April, growth does practically cease as the temperature of the ground shoots-up as high as 1100F or over and an intensely hot wind blow out the remaining drop of rain or suck up totally.

In a heat sweep due to acute heat of sun, trees shed their leaves, grass is almost parched, wild animals often die in large numbers as they cannot quench their thirst from water sources around. The clouds reappear with a promise of rejuvenation and reinvention of environment once presumed dead, the clouds start to envelope the sky, rumbling heavily as if smiling above bringing yet more smiles on the faces of Indian farmers. The temperature quickly drops and within few days the world is lush green everywhere. Beasts, birds and insects reappear as well. In Europe, generally it is looked upon as welcome sign of goodness of heaven. OR

  • Make a note-making on the given title based on their short points as short summary: -

TITLE – ‘YOGA –Gear up for a healthy life’


  1. Yoga served as relaxation means –

  1. 30 minutes of exercise charge up the body.

  2. It claims to rise up your daily conscience & consciousness.

  1. Yoga as a fashion status –

  1. Precious stones such as: - Gems, designer clothes are very fashionable.

  2. Used as a decorative symbol by different communities.

  1. Commercialization of Yoga & Asanas -

  1. Work as an excellent antidote for diseases like: - Diabetes, High-blood pressure, etc.

  2. Some claims ‘objects’ made up of ‘Yoga’ protect from uneven death/accident.

  3. Enhances the ‘Power of Meditation’ worldwide.


Q.5. (a) Write up a structure of a technical report and draw its performa also with table of contents based on theme of your choice.

Assuming yourself to be the head of electrical department of an institution, write a report of trouble on fire caused in the laboratory of your department, Invent details.

(b) What is an observation report? Elaborate. [Theme- ‘CARS’]


Communication Skills

Note: Attempt all the questions carefully & follow the instructions as given.

All questions consist of equal marking grade.

Internal choice is there in every question.

(Q.1.) (a) Write in detail on oral presentation.

(b). Do as Directed:

1.) The properties of steel depend: -

I) Upon the amount of carbon content

II) On the amount of carbon content

III) At the amount of carbon content

IV) in the amount of carbon content.

2.) If I have time a.) I shall visit the exhibition.

b.) I should visit the exhibition.

c.) I ought to visit the exhibition.

3.) I want to learn English in two months. (Rewrite by attaching the word ‘Going to’)

4.) He failed to keep his promise to not smoke in front of his father. (Rewrite the sentence by using ‘Gerund’)

5.) Geeta ---- Friends ------ Game. (Think & make a sentence by adding ‘Not only…but also’)

6.) Every boy and every teacher had their own books. (Correct the sentence properly and rewrite)

7.) Look after. (Write the meaning of the verbal phrase and construct a sentence)


Apply the punctuations carefully: -

  1. Having eaten his food he went to bed. (Use a ‘comma’ for the sentence)

  2. “The course of true love never did run smooth.” Shakespeare says

(use a ‘colon’ for the sentence)

  1. What luck. (Use an “Exclamatory mark” for it)

  • Use a proper ‘Modal’ for the following: -

  1. You work hard, you get reward. (Use “shall” in sentence & rewrite it)

  2. You submit your assignment by Monday.

(Must or Would) (Choose correct option)

  1. Make an interrogative sentence with modal ‘May’.

  2. Make a simple sentence with modal ‘Dare’.

(Q.2.) (a) Define any two of the following:

1) Computer Virus 2) Network

3) Hardware 4) Computer Mouse

b) Write a detailed note of about 200 words on the following:

  • The problem of ‘employability’ of technical students in India.


  • The importance of technical information & professionalism.

(Q.3.) (a) Write a letter of complaint to the Ministry Of India for misprinting the original names of public on “AADHAR CARD” and to the post office department for mishandling them.

(b) Write a résumé to the defence research and development organization (Delhi) to apply for the post of scientist with other enclosing documents (if any). OR

You are Aniket saxena (sales executive) of Rajnath electronics Ltd. Co. Write a sending quotation to Ms. Nirjhar Sharma CEO Amar electronics hare Krishna market, apex bank (Bhopal)- 462013 (Telephone No. 0755- 2XXXXX, Fax No. 2435XXXX) along with terms and conditions.

(Q.4.) (a) Draft a newspaper report for Hindustan times on a ‘Sting operation’ done over the corrupt politicians and other high-profile ministers of Congress of India as a special correspondent. You are Animesh Agarwal.

(b) Make a précis of just (5 to 7 lines) out of the given passage:

“Wildlife Encyclopaedia”

Man is the most paradoxical of all animals. On one hand, he is the most imaginative and creative creature the world has ever known. He has evolved a conscience. His creative record is awe-inspiring from the earliest cave-paintings to Picasso and from Caxton’s Printing Press to the computer. On the other hand, he is the most dangerous and destructive of all animals. His destructive record is terrifying. Toxic chemicals are still poisoning the world around us although we know of the concerned dangers.

Life, so the scientists tell us, probably began on earth something like 20 million centuries ago. The current products of an endless process of evolution are the plants and animals which now share the earth with mankind.

Note: - [Do not copy the whole précis paragraph as it is.]


  • Make a note-making on the given title based on their short points as a short summary.

Title – ‘On the need for a quiet college’


  1. Essentials of quietness in college

  1. Natural surroundings to soothe (calm) your senses

  2. Daily morning prayers or worshipping of God.

  1. Personal college interest

  1. Equality among students irrespective of their branches

  2. Well-developed acoustical classes than other colleges.

  1. Necessary check-ups on professors/ lecturers

  1. Control over lesson classes going free and creating nuisance in premise

  2. Renovations of any sort to stop immediately knowing students academics.

  • Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

`Anaconda` - The heaviest snake

The Anaconda is believed to be the largest snake in the world. It inhabits the dense rainforests of South America. Anaconda is a combination of two Tamil words ‘Anai’ meaning elephant & ‘Kolra’ meaning that which kills. The word anaconda therefore means the snake that kills an elephant. The anaconda grows to an average length of 20 feet. There is a world of difference between Indian Python & Anaconda. Its body girth can exceed 3 feet and it consists of large dark blotches on pale-colored skin. The female anaconda doesn’t lay eggs like a python but gives birth to live young ones. New born anacondas are 2-3 feet long in size. Anaconda lives for 40-50 years in wild. They are mostly found in slow-moving areas or marshy areas. Anaconda has its hunting ground where other snakes usually aren’t allowed to hunt in somebody else’s ground. To catch a prey it hides in a shallow water and keep body afloat to inhale air and inflates. When any animal instantly come to the water for a drink, the snake pounces on the prey and contracts its muscles to break muscles of the prey and suffocated the prey to die immediately. Small creatures like birds, fish, monkeys, turtles and even giant deer is also easily eaten by the snake. After a heavy meal anaconda curls up in a secluded spot & rest. It needn’t eat agin for several weeks.

Q.1.) What is anaconda & how does its name came into existence?

Q.2.) How is anaconda different from other snake specie?

Q.3.) What is the work of female anaconda?

Q.4.) Does anaconda has its own hunting ground?

Q.5.) What is the technique of anaconda to catch & hunt its prey?

Q.6.) Explain the passage in your own terms?

Q.7.) Would you like to keep a snake as a pet animal of your house?

  • Correct the incorrect sentence: -

She does not know who she can trust.

Her painting is worst than mine.

Each of the boys have their books.

  • Supply the correct tense in the bracket: -

  1. Please don’t take this pen. I _____ it. (Use)

  2. Who is that boy? Why ___ at us? (Look)

  3. Ria ___ the movie many times before but it never impressed her. (see)

  4. I ___ you should sell you car. I ____ selling mine. (think)


  • Why do you always look so boring/ bored? Is your life really so boring/ bored?

(Choose the correct option)

  • The football match was very exciting/ excite/ excited. I enjoying/ enjoyed/ enjoy it very much.

(Choose the correct option)

  • A beautiful table (wooden/round) (re-arrange & make a sentence)

  • A little village (old/lovely) (re-arrange & make a sentence)

  • Some children play ____ the street. (Fill in the blank with preposition)

  • I pray you not to be angry ______ me. (Fill in the blank with preposition)

What is the time (by, in) your watch? (Choose the correct option of the bracket)


Communication skills

Q.1 a) Do as directed:

I.) I called him but he gave no answer. (Simple, compound, complex sentence)

II.) I first met him ______ year ago. (Insert the correct article)

b.) Do as directed:

1.) I painted this picture _______ oil on this wall. (Insert the right preposition)

2.) I wash these clothes before I leave for Delhi. (Change into future perfect tense)

c) Do as directed:

I.) I want to reply to my niece’s letter. (Rewrite by taking ‘Going to’).

II.) It is about to dark quickly to night. (Change and rewrite sentence by taking ‘Exclamatory word’.)

III.) I meet him in the market. He goes to his uncle’s home. (Change it into ‘Simple past tense’)

(d) Enlist the advantages and disadvantages of verbal communication. OR

e) Discuss in detail the main barriers of communication.

Q.2. (a) Define any two of the following:

1.) Computer virus 2.) Antivirus program 3.) Hacker

(b) Define the following:

(i) E-Commerce (ii) Cement & Concrete

(c) Define the following:

1) Search Engine 2) World-Wide-Web 3) Fire Extinguisher

d) Write a detailed note of about 200 words on the following: -

  • Reservation for women in public and private sectors in India.


e) Change in Indian society due to western culture.

Q.3. (a) You are suffering from severe toothache. Write a letter to a dentist, who is also your family doctor, asking him for an early appointment.

(b) Write the essential features of letter writing.

(c) Assume that you are Neeraj Sinha. You completed your B.Tech in Mech. Engg from Phoenix University (Bangalore) in 2007. Since then you have been working in GENPACT Services (Pune). You are a dynamic professional with excellent communication skills. You are proficient in JAVA; Cloud-Computing & C++. Apply in a multinational Company based in Hyderabad along with a résumé.

(d) As a purchase officer of Suhashni traders & Co., Raipur, you ordered 3 full-sized Godrej Almirah. When the consignment arrived you find 2 almirahs in damaged condition which were supplied by Raj Furniture House, Bilaspur. Write a letter of complaint in this regard.


(e) You are the owner of Softech Computers, Delhi- 110008. Write a letter of inquiry to Aptech Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd Co., (Supplier of latest hardware & software devices) asking for necessary particulars; prices and terms and conditions of business for supply of 4G Generation computers.

(b) Write slogans for advertisement of a Cold-Drink.

c) Draft a newspaper report for ‘Times of India’ on ‘Use of animals in movies’ and their precious lives lost due to acting stunts in movies.

(d) Write a paragraph on ‘What is DTH service? (Direct-to-home) OR

e) Make a note-making on given title based on their short points as a short summary: -

Title – ‘The Great Indian Political Theatre’ NOTES

1.) Power of a common man: -

(a) Power to control corruption and bureaucracy.

(b) Demand of principle rights from Government.

(c) To lead an inflation-free life.

2.) Arvind Kajriwal’s (Aam-ádmi party): -

(a) Strength to raise voice & fight against two “Big-parties” (BJP + Cong.)

(b) Millions ready to join, stand tall and in desperate time even die for him in order to join his party and work shoulder-to-shoulder with him.

(c) Desire to convert ‘India’ into a ‘Golden Bird’ in 5 years.

3.) Politics problems: -

(a) Dealing with day-to-day public problems of society.

(b) A promise to get work done on the same promised day (for public).

(c) Opposition party always disturbing and criticizing the good work done.

Q.5.(a) Discuss the importance of celebrating cultural events and functions in an organisation.

(b) What do you mean by a report? Explain the matter of the formal report.

(c) What is a laboratory Report? Explain it in brief with example.

(d) Write a technical description of a transformer with structure and draw its performa with table of contents. OR

(e) Write short notes on the following: (i) Demonstration (ii) Copyright (iii) Public relation department.


Communication Skills

Note: Attempt all four sections. Each section consist equal marks.

One question contains internal choice in each section.

Section- D has no internal choice.

Section – A

Q.1. (a) Insert the correct option:

  • The sweet dish needs two _____ of sugar.

  1. Cups full (b) Cupfuls (c) Cupsful (d) Cupful

  • No one but ____ has ever topped in class three times in a row.

  1. He (b) Himself (c) Him (d) His

  • There was ____ fresh food left in fridge of the house.

  1. A little (b) The little (c) Little (d) fewest

  • I have nothing ____ to say to my office boss.

  1. Father (b) Further (c) Farther (d) Farthest (e) Furthest

  • You can take ___ side to protect your husband.

  1. Every (b) Each (c) Either (d) Neither

  1. What is a Voice- Box of human communication? What is its use?


  • Do the following: -

  1. It is a very pleasant night on the beach. (Tag it into question)

  2. Do you play cricket? (Sometimes) (Fix the word correctly)

  3. Is he visiting market to buy vegetables?

(Change into a statement)

Section – B

Q.2. (a) Do as Directed:

(i) She suffers from fever from Monday.

(Change it in Present Perfect Continuous Tense)

(ii) The train leaves when I reach the station.

(Change it in Past Perfect Tense)

(iii) She wants to sing an English song soon.

(Change it in Future Continuous Tense)

(iv) I have written a letter to him yesterday. (Correct the sentence)

(v) The servant has not come when called. (Correct the sentence)

(b)What is the role of eye-contact in speaking with a stranger?


(i)The boy hit the ball with a bat. The boy broke the glass and run away.

(Change the sentence into participle)

(ii) The girl carries a flower basket. The girl slips and suffers fracture of leg.

(Change the sentence into participle)

(iii) Party attendees’ were laughing so much in a birthday party.

(Is it finite or infinite verb?)

(iv) The house walls need white-wash in order to look good.

(Convert it into ‘Gerund’)

(v) He failed to keep his promise few days ago.

(Convert it into ‘Gerund’)

Section – C

Q.3. (a) Bread is a wholesome food. Butter is used with bread. (Change it to subject-verb agreement)

(b) Molina was a dreamer. Molina was a singer that passed away.

(Change it to subject-verb agreement)

(c) The quality of those apples are not good.

(Find the error and fix it)

(d) Both of them have to face the interview.

(Change it into singular form by taking the word: ‘Either’)

(e) The boy in the red shirt cannot read properly. The boy in the blue shirt cannot read properly.

(Rewrite sentence by changing into negative by: ‘Neither’)


  • Write a very short note in about: (20 lines only) in only one of the following: -

  1. Information technology --- ‘Hacking’ or ‘What is Hacking’?

  2. India in 2020

  3. Communication skill: Its true worth

  1. Identify the common barriers in communication and describe ways to remove them.

Section – D

Q.4. (a) Read passage carefully and answer the questions followed:

‘Airborne-doctors’ or ‘Sky-net hospital’ is a very new term and trend used in countries of America, Australia and Canada. These are the flying hospitals that are a US based medical operating unit that uses medical staff to travel through helicopters and heavy jumbo-jets to treat patients in world’s remote areas such as: Deserts, Mountains, Ice-cold regions (Alaska & Antarctica), caves, etc. The medical unit of air-ambulance has treated several out-patients and also performed critical operations successfully. They were able to achieve that due to fully-equipped, self-contained airborne hospitals ever built for mankind. It has four surgical in-build stations, microsurgical unit, endoscopy surgery, and equipments for anesthesia along with pre/post operative recovery areas, and a pharmacy unit too. It has not only performed its duties for America but has a large scope of medical facility in several countries in Asia including ‘India’. So far, about 43,000 patients and over 19,000 surgeries being performed with accurate treatment on the spot instantly. The bandage and plaster recovery unit is the most famous among patients under excruciating (acute) pain and panic. Usually, the flying hospital stays in a place for a week or 10 days. There are only 24 permanent employees and expenses of hospital including cost of medicines are met by volunteers and well-wishers.

Q.1. How do you describe an ‘air-borne ambulance or hospital’?

Q.2. What is the speciality of airborne doctors?

Q.3. Why in India such prestige service is not famous so much?

Q.4. Should government do necessary funding for doctors, medicines and sophisticated medical equipments?

Q.5. Explain the paragraph in your own views?

(B) Explain the fundamental technical terms: - (Any 5)

(a) X-Rays

(b) Velocity

(c) Force of Friction

(d) Electric power-plant

(e) Metallurgy

(f) Antivirus program

(g) Hacker

(h) Multimedia

(I) Protocol

(j) Host


Communication skills M.M.20

Unit-1 ½ × 4= 2


Choose the correct option:

1.) Washing soda has been used: ______________.

I) In very early times

II) For very early times

III) From very earl times

IV) Since very early times.

2.) Chinese is more difficult to learn than English: ___________.

I) Certainly is

II) It is certain that

III) Certain it is that

IV) It certain is that.

3.) My aunt ________ a car very fast in a very busy highway of Mumbai.

a.) Am driving b) Drive c) had been driving d) is driving

4.) She isn’t very popular. She has _________ friends.

a) More b) few c) Much d) many

Sec-B ½ ×4= 2

Do as directed:

a) Do you play ‘Badminton’ to keep your body fit? (Enough) (Fix the word correctly)

b.) New furniture has not arrived in college. (Change it into interrogative sentence)

c.) The football ground is (water) to let footballers play properly.

(Change it in a correct tense)

d.) If I (be) the next Chief Minister, I ________ clean the corruption from this country.

(Change the word in bracket and fill up the blank also in correct form)

Sec – C 3

Write a very short note in about: (15-20 lines) in only ‘one’ of the following:

  • Information technology: - ‘What is Hacking’? 1


  • What is called as 3G Technology?

Do as directed:

a) __________ I open the window for you, please? ½

b) He was in habit of drinking too much milk, everyday. (Rewrite by taking ‘used to’) ½

Do as directed:

c) It is not necessary for you to answer all the questions. (Rewrite using ‘Need to’). ½

d) Sometimes he to climb up a tree to get a bird’s egg. (fix the word “dare” correctly & rewrite the sentence). ½

Sec-D (7)

Q.4. Write a letter to the superior officer of your department. You are a Chief Engineer of public work department (PWD) complaining him against corruption and bribe (on duty) by one of your subordinate inside the department.


  • Write a letter to the principal of your college, informing him about your name wrongly registered in college “ragging” among 3rd Semester and 6th Semester students.


e) Do as directed: (Write the meaning and make a single sentence)

a.) Loose---Lose---lost

b.) Social---Sociable

c.) Decent---Descent

d.) Disease---Decease.

e) Berth---Birth

f) Sight---Site

g) Decent--- Descent.

Unit-2 1×3=3

Explain the internet terms of the following:

  1. Antivirus Program

  2. E-Commerce

  3. Hacker

Explain the application terms of the following: 3

  1. Why is X-Ray used for patients in the hospital?

First Semester Examination (Year 2013) (ENGLISH)

Subject Code: FC-102 Paper Code: JPP-15 Time : 3.00 Hours M.Marks : 70

Attempt all five questions [5×1=5]

A. Language skills-

1. Give synonyms for the following.

Accomplished ii. Inequitable iii. Prankish iv. Subsequent v. Mischievous 5(1/2 Marks each)

2. Put the words in brackets in the appropriate form (use prefixes or suffixes)

i. We knew each other since our_______(child) ii. The Principal asked him to _____his earlier proposal (consider) iii. The teacher agreed to ________his mistake (look) iv. She gave birth to a ____baby (mature) v. Very few people are ___in their arguments (logical) vi. Only ________words were uttered by her (syllabic) vii. The Minister wants to _________the capital (beauty) viii. Joan heard some __________voices (natural) ix. He is stupid and often he speaks _________(sense) x. The students were __________for the summer holidays to come (patient) [10×1=10]

B. Grammar

i) How may children _________outside (sit) (suitable tense) ii) Our drama troupe ____________this play for at least a fortnight (rehearse) (suitable sense) iii) When I was young, I _________(want)to be a bus driver (suitable tense) iv) The train was passing __________a bridge (preposition) v) The dog jumped __________the pond (preposition) vi) She spoke so ___________that everybody was taken aback (adverb) vii) Of all the Rajput chiefs, Rana Pratap fought__________ (adverb) viii) He who works the _________will get the maximum rewards (adverb) ix) Wisdom is _____________great virtue (article) x) Here is __________pen that you have been looking for (article) (5×4=20]

C. Answer any five questions from the following:

1. What details does the Astrologer give the stranger about his past? Why does he advice the stranger to go home immediately. 2. A Village Song gives a vivid expression of the eternal desire of human heart for the call of nature? Discuss.’ 3. The Poet Gieve Patel describe the destruction of tree as no less than a cold blooded murder of life? Do you agree.? 4. Swami Vivekanand said “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man”. Discuss. 5. What is the theme of the story “The Thief” by Rusken Bond? 6. What are the three visions in the chapter “My Three Visions for India”? 2 [5×3=15]

D. Read the text carefully and answer the questions that follow

Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance. It is fitting that at this solemn moment we take the pledge of dedication to the service of India and her people and to still larger cause of humanity. At the dawn of history India started at her unending quest, and trackless centuries are filled with striving and the grandeur of her success and her failures. Through good and ill fortune alike she has never lost sight of the quest or forgotten the ideas which gave her strength. The achievement we celebrate today is but a step, an opening of opportunity, to the greater triumphs and achievement that await us. Freedom and power bring responsibility. That responsibility rests upon the Assembly, a sovereign body representing the sovereign people of India. Before the birth of freedom we have endured all the pains of labour and our hearts are heavy with the memory of this sorrow. Some of those pains continue ever now. Nevertheless, the past is over and it is the future that beckons to us now. That future is not one of ease or resting but of incessant striving so that we may fulfill the pledges. We have so often taken and the one we shall take today. The service of India means the service of millions who suffer. It means the ending of poverty and ignorance and disease and inequality of opportunity. The ambition of the greatest man of our generation has been to wipe every tear from every eye. That may be beyond us, but as long as there are tears and suffering, so long our work will not be over. Answer the following in your own words. a) In what does the “Service of India” consist, according to the author? b) What are the ideas which India has never forgotten? c) Mention some of the responsibilities of freedom and power. d) The above speech is concerned with the living as well as the dead. In what way does Nehru appeal to his listeners? e) What motive urges Nehru to rouse the India of today to action? f) Quote the line that has a direct reference to Mahatma Gandhi. [15]

E. Expand any one of the given ideas (200 words)

a) Charity begins at home b) One drop of ink makes a million think c) Let by-gones be by-gones d) Beggars can’t be choosers e) Everything is fair in love and war. ------------------------------

Miscellaneous Works

  • You are Rishabh, resident of 5/47, Ashok Vihar, delhi-16. Write a letter to your friend, Sumit (in not more than 100 words) explaining why you could not attend his sister’s wedding ceremony and also explain him about your inability to inform him earlier.

  • Write an application to the principal of your college, requesting him to introduce a ‘smart class’ for the college communication lab. The English software installed isn’t working due to acute viruses. (Trojan in nature)

  • Write a letter to the health officer (BMC) drawing his attention to the insanitary conditions prevailing in your vicinity (locality).

  • You are Ankur Seth, you have recently shifted your residence from 1354, Farashkhana Delhi-6 to 18, Aravali Apartments, Alaknanda New-Delhi-19. Write a letter in about 100 words to the postmaster of your area requesting him to redirect all your mail to the new address.

  • You are the resident of Parmhans colony, Kolar road. Write a compliant letter to the Head Electric Engineer department complaining against the builder for causing unnecessary power surge as repeated attempts any time of the day due to bad/low transformer maintenance.

  • As the head of an institution of technology & Science, write a compliant letter to a supplier in Bombay, demanding the replacement of the consignment of goods not supplied in conformity with the samples approved by you.

  • As the purchase officer of Sandeep traders (Raipur), you ordered full-size ‘Godrej Almirahs’. You find two almirah in damaged condition when the consignment arrived supplied by Raj Furniture House, (Bilaspur). Write a letter of complaint.

  • As the sales manager of a business organisation, write a letter of complaint to one of your esteemed customers for the payment of your long-standing due against him and whom at the same time you do not want to offend.

  • As the manager of a big automobile showroom, you have received from one of your customers a letter complaining of incivility and disinterest when we visited your showroom? Draft a reply promising full investigation.

  • As the principal of an Engineering college, write a letter of enquiry to a supplier asking for necessary particulars; prices and terms of business for the supply of computers.

  • Write an enquiry letter in response to an advertisement about power generating sets. Also write a letter in reply to the above enquiry.

  • You are the student of civil branch of your college. Due to torrential rain, the streets are water-logged in your area that hampers you from visiting ‘bus-stop’ for college on time. Write an apology letter to your subject teacher for missing an important lecture of the class that day.

  • ‘Help-Age India’ is a social organisation engaged in helping the Aged of India. A representative of an organisation has approached your college for 20 volunteers to appoint them for a single day duty performed for local age old home or ‘Asylum’ by reading to them and helping them in various other works. Write a requesting letter to show your active and generous participation for a noble cause.

  • You are Vikram Khosla, the head-boy of your college, Gurgoan. Write an application to the administrator of the college to attend a meeting with the principal so as to discuss implementation of certain proposals for improving college discipline such as allocating duties to newly elected prefects and monitors. (as per college elections)

  • As a principal of an Engineering college, write a letter of enquiry to a supplier asking for necessary particulars, prices and terms of business for the supply of computers.

  • Assuming that you are a purchase officer of an Engineering college, xyz road, Bhopal. Place an order for furniture with MM furniture, Indore.

  • Write a job application to the general Manager, Bharat Electricity, Ltd. New-Delhi, for the post of Junior Engineer with a structured resume.

  • Assuming to be the head of department (Electronics and Communication) in your institute, write or draft a report on the accident that occurred in one of the laboratory of the college.

  • Assume that you are Akash deep. You have completed your in computer Science from ITT Delhi in July, 2007. Since then you have been working in Infosys Ltd. Pune. You are a dynamic professional with excellent communication skills. You are proficient in JAVA and C++. Apply in a multinational company based in Mumbai along with a résumé.

  • Assuming yourself to be the Chief Engineer P.W.D, Bhopal. Prepare a tender notice for the construction of a 20 ft wide cement concrete road (20 Km) from airport to New Market. Invent details.

  • As the purchase officer of Ricks traders, Raipur. You ordered 3 full-size almirah. When the consignment arrived, you find 2 almirah in damaged condition which was supplied by Raj furniture house, Bilaspur. Write a letter of complaint in this regard.

  • Prepare a report as Manager about an accident occurred in your factory. Also provide recommendations. Report is to be submitted to Managing director.

  • Write a job application to Mr. R.K. Sharma, General Manager, ABC Ltd. 10 Juhu, Mumbai for the post of Junior Engineer with a structured résumé.

  • Assuming yourself to be the purchase officer of Collins College of engineering, New road Delhi – 1100042. Place an order for the following items with the classic furniture Corp., PG bazaar, new Delhi- 1100089.

Office chairs ------- 200

Wooden tables ------- 100

Steel almirah ------- 20

  • Write an application in response to the following advertisement: -

“Tiger Technologies is one of the fastest growing IT companies in India. We are looking for highly motivated IT professionals with 2-8 years of experience in C, C++, JAVA/PHP in the areas of telecom, enterprise application and 3D Gaming. Write to Tiger Technologies Pvt. Ltd 7th floor, Mega Towers, AB road, Mumbai-400010.”

  • Write a letter as marketing manager, Veekay Export Pvt. Ltd, Calcutta, calling quotations for microwave, refrigerator and television to new era electronics private limited, Delhi.

  • Prepare a note for information of the Board Of Directors on the reasons for declining sales of your company’s product for the quarter ending, March 31, 2012.

  • Write an application in response to the following advertisement: Applications are invited from young men/women with brilliant academic record for our management trainee scheme. Selected candidates will be trained for 2 years in accounts purchase, administration and technical functions. After the successful completion of the training they’ll be absorbed in a suitable scale on our management cadre. During training period they’ll be paid a fixed stipend of Rs. 12,000/month. Apply within 15 days.

  • You have obtained a B.E. Degree in Electronics and Instrumentation branch with first division and distinction this year. You have further qualified yourself in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) procuring 99 percentile. Draft an application to be sent to different institutions in India to seek admission to one of the M. Tech programme conducted by them.

  • As the sales manager of an organisation producing electronic gadgets in telecommunications. Draft a sales letter introducing your customers with the different varieties of gadgets launched by your firm very recently.

  • Write a notice inviting tender given by Air India Joint working group for the maintenance of MIG-21, aircraft.

  • Write a notice for the invitation of a closed-type tender issued by Govt. of India for construction of a long Gas pipeline (underground) stretching a vast area of more than 8,000 Km. Invent details.

  • As a chief operational officer of P.W.D (Nagar Nigam), invite a sealed tender notice to selected governmental agencies for disposal of poisonous material of Gas tragedy lying idle for 27 long years without disturbing the delicate ecological habitat around area.

  • An invitation of an open-type tender to all concerned food and beverages catering agencies of Bhopal for various catering locations over Railway stations. The beverages need to be non-alcoholic and hygienic. Invent details.

  • The Govt. of India hereby calls for an invitation notice of sealed tenders issued in favour of all Govt/Semi-Govt organisations for a supply of 1,000 Emergency Mobile Hospital (108). The agencies concerned must be responsible to deliver a high-Tech ambulance with in-built surgical units & trauma unit as well.

  • An invitation notice for a tender of auction as well as disposal of obsolete and old computer devices to all concerned electronic salvage organisations eager to buy or demolish unused computer items such as: CPU; Hard-Disk Drive; Floppy Disks; Mother-boards; Chips; Processors; mouse; etc.

  • Supply of commercials vehicles for mail-delivery in and around city, invites tender-notice to agencies dealing here with. Registered vehicles with proper license certificate approved by Govt. Of India with no expiry date less than 2010-12 session. Read the documents details carefully and invent details.

  • Installation of Multi-Purpose Counter Machine at various banks of city including national and central banks. An invitation of a sealed-type tender notice for government authorised and approved agencies only. Invent details necessarily required.

  • Auction for sale of office stationery and disinfectant items at reasonable price tag with invitation of tender notice open for all. The terms and conditions of the auction is described in detail. Invent details.

  • E-tender invitation notice: - in behalf of President Of India working office, Bhopal Central public Welfare Department, invites the order of the following:

  1. Invitation notice no-93/ka, [Name of the work]; renovation of toilets for the office of Directorate of Census Operations, Bhopal.

Estimated cost: - Rs, 10, 62,502.

EMD cost: - Rs, 21,250.

Completion of Work Date: - 2 months.

Last date of submission: - 26-11-2013.

  1. Invitation notice no-(xyz), [Name of the work]: Renovation of Wall panelling; wooden flooring and attached toilet in Director of Income Tax (Intelligence) of room no – 317 at Aayakar Bhawan, Bhopal.

Estimated cost: - Rs, 5, 27, 119.

EMD cost: - Rs, 10,542.

Completion of work done: - 1 month

Last date of submission: - 23-11-2013.

Note: - [Details about the tender can further be downloaded through our website also: www.tenderwizard.Com/

Extempore speech topics: -

  • The Great Indian Political Theatre: - Voting Game

  • Cyber crime

  • Security-of-women : - On Streets

  • Life of a convict in a jail

  • What is Economic crisis?

  • Bihar (A backward state)

  • Educated/ Literate (unemployed)

  • Sachin’s retirement(impact on WORLD OF CRICKET) (Hall of Fame)

  • Murder mysteries? (How to resolve them)

  • Land Mafias of India

  • How to deal with high-oil prices?

  • Impact of rich lifestyle – Anger; selfishness; Jealousy; frustration; etc.

  • Corruption in India: - Bureaucracy; red-tapism; fraud; money-laundering; etc.

  • FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

  • Modern day sports + virtual gaming

  • What is Globalisation?

  • Consumer (The King of the market)

  • Importance of saving ‘Holy-waters’ of India.

  • Why are Indians and their culture decaying?

  • What is dowry? / extra marital affairs

  • Impact of TV on youngsters/ teenagers

  • Protection of Wildlife

  • Commercialisation of healthcare: Good or bad

  • Job security: - Genuine or fake / promise or actual

  • Indian film industry: - its globalisation+ impact on fans/ movie lovers

  • Euthanasia or mercy killing

  • Impact of media: - ‘one daily lifestyle’.

  • How to curb terrorism: - civil wars; Riots; Domestic/international; cyber-crime

  • Fashion

  • Condition of museums in our world today

  • Ragging: - in schools; colleges and institutes around the world

  • Cosmetics

  • Improvement of legal system in India

  • Chit funds

  • Global warming

  • Remixes (songs, movies, ghazals, etc.)

  • Shopaholics / friendship or love ship / Casteism in India.

Describing objects/situations

  • How can you describe our delicate environment? Or what is ‘Mother Earth’?

  • How could you describe a situation in which an innocent woman robbed inside an ATM machine?

  • How could you handle a situation if you miss to take a railway ticket and deal with a TT?

  • Describe a situation when a rash car driver heavily drunk crushed an innocent bike rider on a highway busy with traffic

  • How would an applicant react in this situation when his clothes got dirty while he wanted to face an interview of his precious career?

  • Describe a situation when the college bus is teaming with students to take examination while the tyre of the bus get punctured (tyre got deflated)

  • Describe a situation of the family who want to get their daughter married. Describe the entire scenario of the very day ‘Marriage is to be held’.

  • What will be the situation of the lab if someone comes and switch-off the main button of a UPS while lab-assistant taking his important ‘Subject-Lab’ with college students.

  • Describe a situation under which a woman shopping in a busy market suffered an injury due to pickpocket snatching up her purse.

  • What would be the situation if ‘The Chairman’ of college enters in a canteen while you are having fun with your friends inside (in recess)?

  • Describe a condition under which your ‘Pen Drive’ is used nearly by everyone all the time and you seem to do not much to handle this condition by yourself.

  • What will be the condition for your family if you have your house too near to an airport and airplanes zooming up your head from morning till night creating nuisance in your sleep even? (Life becomes a living hell)

  • Describe a situation in which your entire hard-earned money is invested for completing MBBS studies and you come to know that the name and certification of your medical college is snatched away by medical council due to ‘Admission fraud’ in current year.

  • Describe a condition in which you love somebody so much that you can die for him but one day your honour, love, care and prestige is taken away because that person is a selfish one.

  • Describe a situation under which your ‘Pocket money’ doesn’t permit you to buy an expensive mobile phone and you desperately need it for your college concerning activities.

  • How will you deal with a situation by chance you missed to take the seal and signature of your college as well as directors signature on your admit card at the time of main university exam?

  • If you have taken a massive ‘Bank loan’ to get a new house but you fail to pay the EMI of at least three long months. What would be your situation at the time of phone calls?

  • How difficult is it to compose yourself if a car has splashed slush on your clothes in rainy season and you need to visit market urgently.

  • What will be a situation for a teacher if his students in a lab browsing ‘face book’.

  • Describe the condition of an elderly forced to lead his life in an asylum when children have discarded him only because they want their personal family, now.

  • How will an elderly describe a situation when she is all alone at home and she is severely hurt because her leg got slipped from stairs of house due to detergent over it?

  • How would a teenager react to a situation when the mobile phone of his desk exploded due to overcharging and he had to face the parents the next morning?

  • What will be the dangerous situation for a family when an LPG cylinder of the kitchen starts leaking in very deadly way, oozing out poisonous gas like a fountain?

  • Describe a condition of a student who lost her glass just 20 minutes before her exams of school due to lack of personal attention?

  • You are passing through a transformer situated in your college. All of a sudden you hear a huge blast nearby, what will you do to handle the situation?

  • Define a condition when you have fed your PIN No. into an ATM machine and done with half the transaction before you come to know that machine switch’s off displaying dark black screen and you haven’t withdrawn money yet but message from bank already send to your mobile through SMS that money is extracted out of machine.

  • What would you do if a biker tripling in a market full of busy public members at high uncontrollable speed dashes with your car from the rear and the person sitting at the very back brutally falls on ground lying unconscious under pool of blood?

  • How would you imagine a situation when a baby-girl falls down from a 7 storey building but still walks free without a scratch on her body?

  • Describe your embarrassing moment in college while you were getting your laptop updated efficiently but you’re disturbed in the last moments of update by someone killing up the network uplink?

  • Describe a condition of a bereaved mother who just met with an accident along with her son, when she is desperately seeking somebody to help her out?

  • Explain the situation when a lineman up on a high-tension electric line cable got electrocuted and lying unconscious for several minutes on it while you were passing-by the sight alone by chance?

  • How shall you deal when a robber robs your home by breaking CCTV cameras and he turns out to be the sweeper of the colony as heard by sources?

  • How frustrating is the personal condition for you when married ladies as your enemies of colony teasing you standing for hours in acute and breezy coldness?

  • Describe a condition of that politician who is clean under his political life but fine himself isolated when opposition party play dirty tricks to demean his image in upcoming elections?

  • Describe the happiest moment of a boy who has been desperately waiting to get his bike modified and father provided him with accessories worth Rs. 10,000 on his 21st birthday?

  • Describe a confusing and chaotic situation where a professor was getting ready to deliver a lecture but his timetable got lost somewhere in the twinkling of an eye mentioning the class and room numbers on it?

  • Describe a situation of a neighbour who is harassed by another family residing four-story above using water of the cloth as well as mud of the plant to fall as droplets below creating mess everywhere?

  • Describe a condition in which team of boys in the game of “Kabaddi” got injured seriously having one of the boys fractured his hands & having skin layer peeled from surface?

  • Describe a situation for a physically challenged who can’t participate in regular sports played by normal students on an annual sports meet day?

  • Describe a situation of worry to a ward that underestimated English language for couple of semesters but had to face it just two days before campus placement?

  • Describe a massive problem of nurses + doctors who run out hospital bed and treatments for patients suffering from H1N1 virus epidemic along with dearth of medicines with chemists?

  • Describe the most dangerous jobs of those adventure–seekers who hang themselves up to more than 500 meters above sea level to photo-shoot for discovery + NGC front page prominent figures?

  • Describe a situation of the working staff of a garage that was responsible to carefully slope down a car from a washing ramp when it slipped and got damaged due to ramp when it got snapped and broke into two pieces and now a car is a bad dented car.

What is speech intonation?

Intonation in phonetics is the melodic pattern which is primarily a matter of variation in the pitch level of tone/ voice. Stress and rhythm goes hand-in-hand with it. Intonation conveys differences of impressive meaning (e.g. surprise, anger, weariness. etc)

It is a grammatical function, distinguishing one type of phrase or sent from another

E.g. “Your name is John”, begins with medium pitch and ends on lower pitch.

If Your name is John indicates that pitch has rising intonation and that indicates [Question].

E.g. Maa, to come, śkoda, Pizza, naïve, etc.

What is a Tone?

According to linguistics of English language it is a variation in a pitch with convenience of rise+ fall.

Such as: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Constant/Neutral pitch

Low pitch High pitch

Note: (Pitching characteristics to differentiate one word from another)

E.g. Mandarin Chinese “MAN” (concentration on the first three alphabets with breath control).

Pitch is a property of words which is no absolute but relative pitch as there are seen contrasts in use of pitch.

Types of Tone

Register tone Amitabh Bachchan (Steady state of pitch) such as: South African dialect, etc.

Level tone Lata Mangeshkar, Sonu Nigam, Sachin tendulkar.

Contour tone voice of MLTR (Michael learns to rock) (English singer)

(That takes a steady pace to shape and then with steep & sharp touch of tone).

Examples of more variants of stress in tone/pitch:

  • I have a pen with me”. (speak the sentence with no stress this time on any of the words)/ fluently.

  • have a pen with me. (give stress on alphabet “I” and don’t stress on rest of the words).

  • I a pen with me. (give stress on word “HAVE” and don’t stress on rest of the words).

I have a with me. (give stress on word “Pen” and don’t stress on rest of the words).


  • I have a pen with . (give stress on word “me” and don’t stress on rest of the words).

  • I have a pen with me belongs to somebody . . (stress on connector + word)


What is a Syllable?

A segment of speech that consists of vowel with or without one or more accompanying constant sounds immediately proceeded

E.g. Out, too, snap, check, button or widen.

E.g. Quiet – Qui+et = no. of syllables “2”.

Expensive – Ex+pen+sive = no. of syllables “3”.

Interesting – In+ter+est+ing = no. of syllables “4”.

Unexceptional – Un+ex+cep+tion+al = no. of syllables “5”.

What is a Stress?

Intensity given to a syllable of speech by special effort in utterance resulting in relative loudness but it is merely phonetic (i.e. noticeable but not meaningful) (Auditory sensation produced through “loudness”).

E.g. Tooth gnashing; lisping; cleft palate. (try out to pronounce these words in proper order of stress)

What is a Diacritic?

E.g. “á” Letter “á” with a diacritic acute.

  1. (´) Acute

  2. (˶) Double acute

  3. ( ̀) Grave

  4. ( ̆) Breve

  5. ( ̂) Inverted breve

  6. ( ̌) Caron

  7. (,) Cedilla

  8. (˄) Circumflex

  9. ( ̈) diaresis, umlaut

  10. ( ̇) Dot

Examples: - *Find the level of stress in each sentence pronounced for yourself.

Fire Kitchen Snow expected Friday MAN LEAVEs HOME

Fire in kitchen Snow is expected (Friday) the MAN LEAVEs his HOME

Fire in the kitchen Snow is expected on Friday the MAN will LEAVE his HOME

A fire in the kitchen Some snow is expected on Friday. the MAN’s going to leave his home.

It’s a fire in the kitchen.

Lexical stress

Fourteen people were killed last night.

The number of victims is fourteen.

I have sixteen patients waiting for me.

The last patient is only sixteen.

Note: (Experience the stress pattern difference when Question + Answer is provided separately for these statements.)

Question: - How many people lost their lives?

Answer: - Fourteen, Fourteen people, people killed last night were fourteen, last night.

Question: - How many patients did you say waiting over there?

Answer: - Sixteen, did you say patients? , for me for sure.

In English, stress is most dramatically realized on focused or accented words.

Stress of words through use of ‘Tongue Twisters’: -

Peter, peter pumpkin-eater

Had a wife and couldn’t keep her. (Every word should be individually pronounced otherwise not)

(If you pronounce it as one sentence in one breath you can’t speak)

Acoustic stress in words: -

My name isn’t TAM SAN

MY… it’s DY.

My flight is arriving at nine o’clock. I’ll call you from the airport.

(Hold our breath) (Hold) (Hold)

Out, Come on, will you? Nothing will bother you.

Let’s go for a change I’m sick


Stress on words based on ration they are divided into: -


2 What are you doing? (Note: The star is the break index where your breath must pause)


Answer : - I didn’t hear that part. Could you repeat?

Answer: - I can’t believe you’re about to do that? Are you totally insane?

Note: (There is a possibility of providing two different answers with stress provided to each word stressed)

E.g. of few sarcastic sentences for word-stress: -

 “Oh, Brilliant! What an ingenious idea, that’s really going to cure you.

Great Idea! I hear they do fine work.

That’s the best idea I have heard in years.

She thinks he doesn’t love her, but he does love her. He really does.

You do look pretty in that new outfit! Quite stunning!

The Business English Certificates


For you future careers

Cambridge ESOL certificates for the world of work

Our Certified Trainers

The Business English Certificate (BEC) is an internationally recognized qualification that shows employers your skills for using English in the workplace.

BEC is an ideal English language exam if you are preparing for a career in business. There are three different levels of BEC: BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage and BEC Higher.

Is BEC for you?

If your English language ability is sufficient for most simple communications, such as shopping, you may consider progressing towards BEC. You should have an understanding of, or interest in, the world of work, business and commerce.

Why take BEC?

More than ever, a good knowledge of English is needed to succeed in international business and commerce. If you can show you have relevant language skills, you'll have a great advantage in the jobs market and much greater flexibility if you want to work abroad.

BEC can help you show that you have learnt English to an appropriate standard and can use it in a business context.

The BEC exams are aligned with Levels B1 to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages — an internationally recognised benchmark of language ability. The framework uses six levels to describe language ability, from A1 to C2. 'Can Do' statements have been used to describe these levels in terms of real skills with language, such as being able to write a report, or take a telephone message. This means that preparing for BEC will help you develope real-life skills and the confidence to use them.

BEC is also linked with the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority's National Standards for Literacy, within the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

'BEC has helped develope cross-cultural communication skills and overall development of the students. It has had an impact on confidence levels through international certification. It has also introduced unfamiliar situations and helped stimulate creative thinking and analysis'


BEC is officially recognised by more than a thousand educational organisations, employers, ministries, government bodies and professional organisations throughout the world as a suitable qualification for business use.

Leading international companies such as Sony Ericsson, Shell, Vodafone, Bayer, Coca-Cola and HSBC have all recognised BEC in their offices around the world.

BEC Exam dates

• BEC Exam details and timetables

BEC Preliminary

BEC Vantage

BEC Higher

Register for BEC

To register for the exam, you need to contact an exam centre authorized by us to run BEC at least 10 weeks before the exam. Entries cannot be made directly to Cambridge ESOL. The centre will give you full information about the fees for taking BEC, the dates of the tests and other arrangements. Please note that centers may set registration deadlines that are earlier than those published.

Many candidates take a preparation course before entering for BEC. If you are studying English at the moment, speak to your teacher about preparing for BEC.


A single, overall grade is awarded, based on the aggregate of marks gained in the four components (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking). There are no Pass/Fail marks for individual papers, so you do not need to reach a particular level in any component in order to achieve a Pass in the examination. You will also receive a Statement of Results which shows your performance in each paper against the scale Exceptional — Good — Borderline — Weak. The report will indicate your relative performance in each skill. If you pass, you will be awarded a certificate from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations.

Once awarded, Cambridge ESOL BEC certificate is valid for life.

HCL Technologies BPO Services Ltd

'BEC examinations have become an intrinsic part of assessing the language training that is given to all frontline employees who have to deal directly with customers and clients. This external certification helps in an objective evaluation of the language skills of the employees thus adding value to the company’s reputation.'

DGM, Skill Enhancement Division
HCL Technologies BPO Services Ltd

JP Morgan

'We use BEC as a retention tool which shows our staff that we invest in them through our BEC programmes. All of our participants feel BEC has practical applicability in day-to-day work and has given them the confidence in speaking English to their counterparts overseas, as well as their clients.'

Head, Learning and Development
JP Morgan, Treasury and Securities Services

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

'We believe it is challenging as well as extremely motivating for our employees to receive a BEC certification which is internationally benchmarked as well as aligned to our business communications requirements. We have therefore chosen to work with the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations.'

Global Head, Foreign Languages Initiatives
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

  • Train the Trainer

When you attend our "Train the Trainer" Certified Course you can expect results immediately as you apply what you learn in your own training:

  • Train The Trainer

    • About Train The Trainer

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  • BEC (Business English Certificate)

    • Is BEC for You?

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    • BEC

    • HCL Tech BPO Services Ltd

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  • English Course

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  • B.E.T (Business English Training)

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Campus placement or campus interview is the program conducted within educational institutes or in a common place to provide jobs to students pursuing or in the stage of completing the programme. In this programme, industries visit the colleges to select students depending on their ability to work, capability, focus and Aim.

HCL, Wipro, TCS, MICROSOFT, HP, GOOGLE, Accenture, CTS  etc

Aspects of qualitative research interviews

  • Interviews are completed by the interviewer based on what the interviewee says.

  • Interviews are a far more personal form of research than questionnaires.

  • In the personal interview, the interviewer works directly with the interviewee.

  • Unlike with mail surveys, the interviewer has the opportunity to probe or ask follow up questions.

  • Interviews are generally easier for the interviewee, especially if what is sought are opinions and/or impressions.

  • Interviews are time consuming and they are resource intensive.

  • The interviewer is considered a part of the measurement instrument and interviewer has to be well trained in how to respond to any contingency.

Types of interviews

  • Informal, conversational interview - no predetermined questions are asked, in order to remain as open and adaptable as possible to the interviewee’s nature and priorities; during the interview the interviewer “goes with the flow”.

  • General interview guide approach - intended to ensure that the same general areas of information are collected from each interviewee; this provides more focus than the conversational approach, but still allows a degree of freedom and adaptability in getting the information from the interviewee

  • Standardized, open-ended interview - the same open-ended questions are asked to all interviewees; this approach facilitates faster interviews that can be more easily analyzed and compared.

  • Closed, fixed-response interview - all interviewees are asked the same questions and asked to choose answers from among the same set of alternatives. This format is useful for those not practiced in interviewing.

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