The Eminence

Cyclist/ Governor/ Commissioner/ Host/ T.V. reporter/ Journalist/ Correspondent

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Cyclist/ Governor/ Commissioner/ Host/ T.V. reporter/ Journalist/ Correspondent

  • Baby-sitter/ Tiffin-centre owner/ Businessman (Small+ large scale)/ Painter

  • Orator/ Post Master/ Poultry owner/ Zoo-keeper/ Kennel keeper/


    Certain words are formed from other Nouns to express smallness, affection or contempt. Such words are called ‘Diminutives’.

    Examples: -

    Ankle Anklet Maid Maiden

    Arm Armlet Owl Owlet

    Babe Baby Pack Packet

    Bird Birdie Part Particle

    Book Booklet Ring Ringlet

    Brook Brooklet River Rivulet

    Bull Bullock Shade Shadow

    Cat Kitten Stream Streamlet

    Cigar Cigarette Table Tablet

    Cock Chicken

    Crown Coronet

    Duck Duckling

    Hill Hillock

    Leaf Leaflet

    Words indicating Offspring (Babies) of Animals

    Bear \ Lion Cub Horse Colt, foal, filly

    Cow Calf Hen Chicken

    Cat Kitten Lion Whelp

    Dog Puppy, Pup Sheep Lamb

    Duck Duckling Stag Fawn

    Goat Kid

    Words Expressing Cries of Various Animals and Birds

    Asses --- Bray. Goats’ \ Sheep --- bleat.

    Bears --- growl. Hens --- cackle.

    Bees --- hum. Horses --- neigh.

    Birds --- sing, twitter, chirp or warble, shrill, trill. Jackals --- howl.

    Bulls --- bellow. Lions --- roar.

    Camels --- grunt. Mice --- squeak.

    Cats --- mew, purr. Monkeys --- chatter.

    Cattle --- low. Owls’ --- hoot, screech.

    Cocks --- crow. Parrots --- talk.

    Crows --- caw. Pigeons --- coo/

    Dogs --- bark or howl. Serpents --- hiss.

    Doves --- coo Vultures --- scream.

    Ducks --- quack. Squirrels --- squeak.

    Elephant --- trumpet. Swallows --- twitter.

    Flies --- buzz.

    Foxes --- yelp, bark.

    Frogs --- croak.


    As black as coal: - I saw a ‘Negro’ in market yesterday that was as black as a coal.

    As blind as bat: - An accident on a busy highway clinging a car around the concrete barricade brings a thought that the driver must be as blind as a bat to drive speedily on highway.

    As bold as brass: - I have never experienced such a strong human bond between a daughter-in-law & mother-in-law with friendship between them as bold as a brass.

    As brave as lion: - The stunt – biker in the ‘Well of Death’ of the amusement park was circling the well inside as brave as a lion to bring the hearts of the public into their mouths (means to scare them with stunts).

    As busy as a bee: - Women of this day and age are going head and shoulders above men in each field and show the need to remain as busy as a bee under the workload of 24/7 in office.

    As cold as ice: - It was truly too late for the public of the road to rush a wounded biker at a nearby hospital until his entire body turns as cold as ice.

    As dry as dust: - I have been using an imported cosmetic cream gifted to me by my sister on birthday but even after using it for two consecutive months my skin appears to be as dry as dust.

    As dumb as Ass: - The culprit was as dumb as Ass to speak the secret before the entire court without thinking even what was he exactly talking about.

    As silent as statue or dead-body: - A handsome TV actor who was the heartthrob of millions met with an accident by his car and got paralyzed. If someone tries to talk to him he remains as silent as a dead body.

    As fair as a rose: - One of the girl is being very disappointed using an Indian Cosmetic Cream since three months with no fairness on her face at all but a use of Imported Cosmetic made her look as fair as a rose.

    As firm as a rock: - The world has been extremely cautioned about the Ice caves so as no scientist must enter the treacherous caves to explore them but few maniacs are as firm as rock to challenge the impossible.

    As fierce as a tiger: - A brutal fight broke out between few convicts of the jail turning a well-build convict to sound as fierce as a tiger against another convict of the jail.

    As gentle as a lamb: - I was stunned by the behavior of one of the woman who was been targeted wrongly for no mistake over the road but the way how she handled being as gentle as a lamb was remarkable and extraordinary.

    As green as a grass: - Each year the heavy rains in my city bring about prosperity of food for the people and my presence at the sight of a lake displayed a panoramic view where the plants were appearing as green as a grass everywhere.

    As happy as a king: - A couple in America had been awaiting for a million dollar lottery prize that was declared couple of days ago over TV commercial that won them a 1 million dollar prize. They both were as happy as a king.

    As gay as joker of circus: - Since my childhood I have been enormously impressed by the ‘Roller Coaster’ ride of America’s Disney Land but a chance to visit a foreign soil made me as gay as joker of circus.

    As hard as a stone: - People have claimed that an egg of an ostrich is soft to get broken easily but my personal experience of touching an egg with my own bare hand sensed me a feeling that it is as hard as a stone to break.

    As hot as fire:- The Chilly- pizza served hot at ‘KFC’ restaurant eaten by my beloved guest of home told me that it was as hot as fire to eat at the mall.

    As merry as a cricket: - The movie ‘BABY’S DAY OUT’ was a magnificent movie in which the baby was appearing as merry as a cricket before its absconders.

    As pale as a death: - The bite of a ‘King Cobra’ snake over a worker living in a hutment near my house made him turn blue in color and within seconds his entire posture looked as pale as a death making others terrified.

    As proud as a peacock: - Sunita Williams has had a chance to walk in outer space for five times breaking the record of the most frequent flyer of the world bringing “India” to a global platform.

    As regular as a clock: - I am amazed to see my father with utmost devotion to visit his business each day that can compel any person in the world to say that he is as regular as a clock.

    As sharp as a needle: - The martial art of ‘China’ including a technique of slaughtering neck with a help of a playing card is the master stroke as the precision helps the expert to use it as sharp as a needle for enemy.

    As stupid or dull as an ass or donkey: - The guards of the colonies in the night in my city do not even bother to risk their lives to capture a thief alone as they are as dull as a donkey.

    As sure as death: - The sky-divers maneuver their techniques to safely endure the thrilling sport of jumping from 25,000 kms above earth’s surface into air as freefall because the mistake done at such height is as sure as death instantly.

    As sweet as honey/sugar-candy: - I am amazed to have tasted an imported jelly fruit toffee lately which in all other terms to me as sweet as a honey or sugar- candy.

    As swift as an arrow \ lightning \ thought: - My father has imported me a new Porsche 911 Carrera on my 23rd birthday from Switzerland and whose gear-knob is as swift as an arrow to shift decently well.

    As timid as a hare: - A husband is known by the amount of his macho personality to tackle everyone as a host to the party but the party held at my friend’s birthday has proven that even a male can be as timid as a hare in front of his wife.

    As white as a milk \ snow: - I had a chance to make a visit in Alaska with my cousin in the autumn season with the spectacular view of the icecaps that were looking as white as a snow/milk to me.

    As wise as Solomon: - A horse of a nearby ranch that especially belonged to an eloquent person of the area is an extremely humble horse and sounds as wise as a Solomon even not to get disturbed by the presence of a stranger.


    Definition: - They are the words that have the same sounds or spellings but different meanings.

    1. Safe (a box of valuables/ without danger)

    • There is a safe or chest that helps individual to keep his secret items.

    • The individual is at the safe side as there is no problem of taking care of it which is without danger.

    2) Cricket (a game/ an insect)

    • Cricket is a game famous with its hidden excitement for the entire world community to appreciate it a lot.

    • Cricket is responsible to destroy the crop fields of the world with millions of insects feasting over it.

    3) Cross (a mark/ annoyed)

    • A cross being formed in an open field of a London suburb when an artist termed it as an art of alien.

    • My father got crossed over the complications of seeing me driving the bike very fast on street.

    4) Ring (to make a telephone call/ a piece of jewellery)

    • My mother rings me home each day to know the goodness of my health.

    • I need to buy a `Dolphin ring` with a cat’s eye pearl for engagement party lately.

    5) Rule (guiding principle/ to control)

    • Few people of the universe feel the need of following the rules and abide by the laws of nature.

    • I need to rule out my driving car better knowing the pathetic conditions of our city roads.

    6) Trip (to lose balance and fall/ a journey)

    • The daughter tripped over and fell on the ground from her bicycle concerning her father to rush her hospital.

    • A trip to `Rajasthan` on Palace on Wheels was a spectacular journey I would ever forget in my entire life.

    7) Order (to give command to someone/ to arrange things systematically)

    • The gate has to be shut this instant.

    • I am trying my level best to order the books over the shelf so that they might not fall later.

    8) Cheese (the dairy product/ to smile in front of the camera)

    • The Chicken Pizza with a topping of a cheese is a real delight to enjoy with friends in a cafeteria.

    • The staff of the school was taken to a mall for a brunch and cheered and cheesed so much at the time of photograph.

    9) Click (The sound of a camera shutter/ the way to press a keypad)

    • The camera shutter clicked two times but with no positive output of the picture of the nature.

    • The click of a button is what it takes to get instantly connected with the universe through internet.

    10) Picture (The movie/ to make an image of something)

    • The picture ‘Expendables’ is a fantastic picture depicting some of the magnificent stunts in it.

    • I pictured the posture of a female in my mind first before I can work on my work of clay-art.

    Questions based on Themes: -

    `Visit to a city`

    • Where did you go last week?

    • Whom did you go there with?

    • How did you go there?

    • What were the complications of going by that route?

    • Where did you stay at the alien place?

    • How many days did you stay at the place?

    • Why did you like the city so much?

    • What did you see there?

    • What was the activity that you took pleasure in?

    • Which language do the people speak over there and how does it sound like?

    • What cuisines are served to people in hotels of your city?

    • Did you have any terrible experience in the city?

    • How do you feel after having vacation in a city?

    `Talking about a diet`

    • Are you a vegetarian/non-vegetarian?

    • Why do you dislike non-vegetarian cuisine?

    • Do you enjoy consuming juicy fruits in your breakfast diet?

    • Don’t you relish stuffed parathas?

    • Do you fancy taking dinner in a restaurant?

    • Do you take a balanced diet?

    `Visit to a music concert`

    • Do you often visit a `Music concert`?

    • How was the music of the concert like?

    • Should a concert be held in an open stadium or in a confined auditorium?

    • What musicians with their instruments were called upon in a concert?

    • Whom did you visit the concert with?

    • Were the members of your family accompanying you to the concert?

    • What time did you attend the concert at?

    • Was the concert teaming with spectators?

    • What was the super-speciality about the music concert?

    • Did the spectators give a big round of applause for their part of music in a hall?

    • Did you eat something in interval of the music concert or were you supplied with something inside?

    • Did you tell about the music concert to your colleagues?

    `Talking to a student`

    • Which class do you study in?

    • How far is your school from home to cover by foot?

    • Do you fancy your school?

    • Does your school have a library?

    • How do you visit your school by?

    • How many students in total are there in your school?

    • Will you invite your friends on my birthday (some day)?

    • What is your zodiac sign as well as birth date to influence people around you?

    • Which game do you like playing in leisure?

    • Which TV do you possess at home?

    `Television & Movies`

    • How many hours do you watch TV everyday for?

    • Why do you watch so much at home each day?

    • Do you watch movies as well?

    • Do you fancy watching advertisements too?

    • Is it hateful to watch advertisements amidst the movie?

    • What do you expect from a TV program?

    • Do you believe that TV truly benefits our society?

    • How is TV making children of our society violent?

    • Should children be exposed towards playing computer games much?

    • What is your opinion about cartoon films?

    `Living in city`

    • When have you been living in the city since?

    • Could you describe the complexion of your city?

    • What type of people live in this city?

    • Does your city have everything you need?

    • Are you satisfied with public transport facility of your city?

    • Have you ever travelled by `metro` in a tube station?

    • What do you understand by ‘Foot Over Bridge’?

    • Is this city clean (hygienic) and well- planned?

    • Do you fancy having affiliation of your college with ‘Bhopal University’?

    • What are the other attractions of your city?

    • Have you visited all these places of the city?

    • Why are the “Bhopalites” thirsting to quench themselves for a single drop of water?

    • Are there chances of our city being famous like a metro city? This year?

    • Can you show your city some day to me?

    `Going abroad’

    • Which country do you fancy to visit in your dream?

    • Why would you go there?

    • Are there good career opportunities for you to complete further studies?

    • Do you have any friends or relatives in there?

    • What does your uncle do abroad?

    • Where does he live it?

    • Have you got your ‘passport’ made and visiting `VISA` ready to fly seven seas?

    • Are you going there for a short visit? (casual)

    • Have you cleared your ‘IELTS’ examination? .. \

    • Which airline would you like to travel by?

    • Which is your preferred class in an “Airliner”?

    • Would you marry a boy/girl living abroad/overseas?

    • Would you call your family members after being settled down conveniently?

    • Do you have to deal with corruption as well as just in India today?

    `Job in a School`

    • Are you a teacher?

    • Which school do you teach in?

    • What subject do you teach to your students?

    • Which is your preferred class to teach?

    • Do you relish your job the most?

    • How long have you been working at your present job?

    • Where is your house and school as well located at?

    • Who is the principal of that school?

    • How many teachers are there in your school in total?

    • What time do you reach your school at?

    • When do you experience a recess in your school?

    • Are you a teacher who provides lot of homework to your students?

    • Why do not you give home work?

    • Doesn’t the policy of your school affect the annual result?

    • How a school as a first home does carve the character of a child?

    • Do you take some classes of meditation to ease the tensions of a child?



    `Two friends talking about Job`

    • Which company are you working for?

    • What post do you stand for?

    • Do you take delight in your work of 10 hours a day?

    • Which is the perfect ‘Job’ for you on this earth?

    • Do you adore your boss?

    • Are you been given any conveyance by company?

    • How many hours do you work for in a day?

    • How much salary do you draw out of your current job of 10 hours?

    • Can you help me to get a job in your company? Is there a vacancy for me?

    • Haven’t you got any job yet?

    • What have you done? Have you developed rapport with your colleagues/ subordinates?

    • Would you fancy some refreshments with me privately in a restaurant famous of this area?

    Conversation starters: -

    • Talking about the weather: - beautiful day, isn’t it?

    Can you believe all of this rain we’ve been having?

    It looks like it’s going to snow.

    It sure is! Wouldn’t it be nice to be in Hawaii right about now?

    I hear they’re calling for thunderstorms all weekend.

    We couldn’t ask for a nicer day, could we?

    How about this weather?

    Did you order this weather?

    • Talking about current

    Events: - did you catch the news today?

    Did you hear about that fire on fourth St?

    What do you think about this transit strike?

    I read in the paper today that the Sears Mall is closing.

    I heard on the radio today that they are finally going to start building the new bridge.

    • At the office: - Looking forward to the weekend?

    Yes, I am. I’ll be visiting the British Museum.

    Have you worked here long?

    If my memory serves me right, I have devoted my 20 years in this ‘Goldmine’ day-in-day-out.

    Hasn’t it been so tiring day for us today, mate?

    It surely is! We need to grab a hot cup of tea instantly, mate.

    What do you think of the new computers?

    I relish the swivel screen of the computer which is thin and lasts a good impression.


    • Eating Cereals & Eatables Pickle (achaar),Grain (anaaj or daana), Pigeon pea (arhar ka daana), Flour (aata), Comfit (elaichi daana), Phaseolies mungo (Udhath ki daal), Curry, Coffee, Minced meat (Keema),

    Ice-cream, Cluster bean (guaar ki phalli), Wheat, Clarified butter (Ghee), Sauce, Gram (chana), Rice, tea, Beaten paddy (chhidwa), Sugar, Bran (choker), Cheese, Millet (jwar/bajra mota anaaj), Snacks, Oat, Barley, Broth (shórba),vegetable, Sesame (tiÍl), Oil, Gruel (daliã), Curd, Pulse, Brunch, milk, paddy (Dhân), Ice, Biscuit, Corn, Maize, Butter, pea (matar), Whey (Matȟa), Cream, Lentil (masoor), Meat/Beef/Mutton, Pork(meat of a pig), Sweetmeat(mithâi), Sugar-candy(miśhri), Conserve(murabba), Puffed rice(murmurâ), Kidney-bean(moong), Maida, Mustard(sarsoãn), Bread, Loaf-sugar (shakkar ka dªla), Treacle (Sheera or chashani), Honey, Vinegar (sirka), Semolina(süji), White-mustard, Arrowroot (araroot), Beaten paddy (choÔda), Bran (choaker), field pea (chota mutter), fine flour (maida), mash (dalia), Gingili (til), venison (meat of dear),

    • Emotions

    • Fashion Bodice (aangia), Braces (galis), Cashmira (Kashmira), Chintz (

    • Friendship

    • Health

    • Housing

    • Life

    • Memory

    • Money

    • Romance

    • Shopping

    • Time

    • Travel

    • Traffic

    • Vacation

    • Weather

    • Work

    One word Substitution

    A basket in which a fisherman puts his fish Creel

    A book containing information on all branches of knowledge Encyclopaedia

    A book in which the events of each day are recorded Diary

    A bride’s outfit Trousseau

    A child born after the death of his father or a book published after its author’s death Posthumous

    A child whose parents are dead Orphan

    A covered stall at a fair, horse races, etc. Booth

    A cure for all diseases Panacea

    A disease affecting many persons at the same time + within country’s premise Epidemic

    A forecast of the result of a disease or illness Prognosis

    A general pardon of political offenders Amnesty

    A lady’s handbag or workbag Reticule

    A man or a woman with skin or hair of auburn color Blonde

    A man whose wife is dead Widower

    A medicine for producing sleep opiate

    A medicine used to loosen the stuff in the bowels Laxative

    A medicine to counteract poison Antidote

    A messenger sent in great haste Courier

    A person set out on a mission Emissary

    A person who easily believes what is told to him Credulous

    A person who is hard to please Fastidious

    A person who is indifferent to pleasure or pain Stoic

    A person who is insensible to kind thoughts or feelings Callous

    A person who is incredibly desirous of money Avaricious

    A person who lives by himself Recluse

    A person who spends his hard-earned money recklessly Spendthrift

    A person who starves the body for the good of soul Ascetic

    A person whose only motive is to make money Mercenary

    A place where birds are kept Aviary

    `Breakfast an important meal of the day`

    • Why has breakfast become the most important meal of the day?

    • What is an appropriate time to take breakfast in the morning hours?

    • Should we take light breakfast with the help of: Sandwiches; toasts; eggs; Oat meal with milk & Kellogg’s etc or should one have heavy breakfast to have energy to work all day?

    • What dishes should a mother opt for the brunch of her child?

    • Must a child be allowed to carry ‘Junk Food’ into the school?

    • Are their healths at stake if their parents are playing havoc with their delicate lives?

    • What breakfast must be recommended for adults before leaving for office?

    • Should an adult male diet be different from that of a woman’s?

    • Who has to help the mother inside the `Culinary department` (Kitchen) each day?

    • How long does it take to prepare breakfast for each member of the family?

    • When a feast is served at a coffee table, what are the breakfast etiquettes shared among family members?

    • Why do certain concerned families of the world “Prey to God” before giving a fresh start to their meal?

    • What is the chief difference between new generation meal and the meal consumed by our forefathers?

    • Why had our forefathers believed in taking breakfast as important meal of the day?

    • Why were the diseases able to spread very easily such as viral infections, food poisoning, bacterial formations over certain specific breakfast dishes (breads) in recent years?

    • How many dishes are called upon each day for breakfast? Should it be a single light dish or multiple one?

    • How have our generation today become so hard to please about the breakfast served so instant to them?

    • Is breakfast our prime meal of the day or should a specific gap be made enough to show more dependency over brunch in the late afternoon hours?

    • Why do our elders compel us to finish the entire plateful of breakfast at once?

    • Is it a right gesture to discard the breakfast you don’t want to eat?

    • How could you make comparison between breakfast, brunch, supper and finally dinner?

    • What might be the foremost difference between a solid breakfast dishes and liquid cuisines?

    • Does a breakfast digest in stomach easily or does it make one sleepy all the way through?

    `Swimming in the ocean is better than in a pool`

    • Is it safe to swim in an ocean which is so vast & dangerous and not in a pool which is confined to four walls of a building?

    • Is it hygienic to swim in salty waters of the ocean?

    • Does the water of the pool be recommended hygienic as it consists of lots of chlorine and Alum mixed into it?

    • Should the surfers be prohibited to enter the distance which is unsafe after few meters as there is a growing danger of floating sharks nearby it?

    • For a first time learner is ocean safe enough to swim with the help of a plastic container or a help of a guard in the pool is essential?

    • How many days/week/months an individual must spend to learn swimming by a coast guard who keeps extreme vigil like an eye of a hawk over swimmers?

    • Which is the utmost security zone of swimming for swimmers?

    • Why are experts in India fail to keep a watchful eye in cases full of sudden deaths occurred due to drowning in water?

    • Why is a lifeguard-tower in ‘America’ so special to protect the precious innocent lives of swimmers and surfers?

    • Is immediate cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is important both for an ocean swimmer and pool swimmer?

    • Why aren’t tourists allowed to swim in some of the cleanest oceans of the world such as: Great Barrier reef; Underwater Marine Aquarium; etc?

    • Does the pollution of the ocean enhance with increase human intervention in our ocean today?

    • Who have to be foisting the blame upon for not cleaning the pool water every 3 months of the year?

    • Is it a dicey decision to send young children swim all by themselves without prior guidance of the parents exposed nakedly to the water?

    • Which aspect of the swimming considered healthy enough to have good physique?

    `Should alcohol be made illegal`

    • Is alcohol a disastrous intoxicant for one’s life?

    • Why has alcohol drinks become famous overnight in all around the world?

    • Why hadn’t liquor banned many moons ago to be consumed openly in public places such as: restaurants; hotels; motels; gala parties; birthday parties; wedding ceremonies; special guest honor ceremonies etc?

    • Why according to doctors and scientists a pint of beer with one glass full of alcohol is considered safe and sound with medicinal treatment capability to one’s health?

    • If men have grown accustomed and acclimatized themselves already to take liquor legally in public places, should liquor be prohibited for women with illegal consumption if caught by the police red-handed?

    • If a pregnant woman is habitual of taking liquor in life each day must a doctor allow her to do so?

    • Why has a strict rule of `Don’t mix liquor with driving` being violated by drivers over expressways/ highways and considered with a feeling of illegal substitution especially driving all night long?

    • How painstaking is it for lady drivers as well?

    • How must the drunkard be given a separate lobby not be attached by the restaurant in order to prevent him to misbehave with women-fellows?

    • Why do certain tainted policemen with meager livelihood responsible to have being greased a palm easily by rich youngsters or leisure classes to legalize liquor over the road risking public lives?

    • If serving of liquor is legal for politicians/ ministers where sometimes inside a jail/cell liquor is offered with meat to a minister, why does the government doesn’t take any stringent action against them?

    • Should selling of alcohol bottles especially for `Negroes` be made illegal if they consume liquor publicly sitting on a stone/ concrete slab?

    • Why mustn’t ‘Flavored Water Drink’ as a fashionable trend in America be made as a safest trend in other parts of the world too? (Non-alcoholic drink) (only pure drinking water)

    `Should children provide room and board for their aging parts`

    • Why there occurs a world of difference between children and their aging parts with the passage of generations to generations?

    • Is an aging part 10 times mature than the child itself, should the elderly be confined to the four boundaries of the wall?

    • Why do parents restrict children not to meet an adult who has grown off age?

    • Why are young children insisted to provide sufficient room to the empty spaces of adult’s heart in order to mix and play them with other co-curricular activities concerned?

    • How must a child be tackled at home as his/her first school to respect; love; co-ordinate and obey their aging counterparts if they desire being with them as long as they can?

    • Do certain young children learn from the adults’ expertise as to how to behave in this cosmopolitan society with dignity and pride?

    • If umpteen amount of space be given to the aging parts, is liberty of the child’s own at stake with dire consequences in future?

    • What should be the specific age limit/ delimitations between an adult and a child to understand the healthy chemistry of each other’s respect?

    • If a child provides enough room and board to an adult, is it against an adult wish not to learn from someone who is inferior or 10 times younger than their own age?

    • As an aging part becomes rigid; shrewd by nature, how let the child change itself to get acclimatize and accustomed to the family ambience?

    • If a child is unable to give them the room and board, what are the sheer difficulties to handle a notorious child?

    • Why let the parents expose their children to meet an aging part daily so that new technologies; techniques and tricks are learned in an ever-changing world?

    • How much love and care with little protection knowing their age might sometimes becomes harmful for a child and why?

    • To avoid miscommunication and misleading talks with facts, Is it extremely important for a child to judge itself firstly rather than to lay the blame over the aging part for no special cause?

    `Television is the leading cause of violence`

    • Why has it become a hated electronic medium that is the actual leading cause for violence among children; youngsters (adolescence); adults and women?

    • Why should people of India (countrymen) to hate the western culture; couture and movies telecast over T.V each day as `Western Dominance of Vulgarity` and to adopt wrong notions about it (always)?

    • When a terrorist activity including human bombs; suicide attacks over innocent public; parliament; railway stations; shopping malls; markets; restaurants, etc. is telecast over the device, is it evident some castes of the world be adopting the same influence over their personal lives to terrorize as many as possible?

    • If video games including “WAR GAMES” still aren’t telecast directly in comparison to PC’s etc will it in the near future becomes the ultimate cause of violence to fight; to get frustrated and also to suffer from hyper-tensions?

    • How should parents delimit themselves as well as their (off-springs) to watch movies; program; games for direct exposure for a prolonged period of time?

    • To avoid learning “violence” out of direct exposure, what is the vital and essential subsequent solution to keep children at bay?

    • How does video clips available over I-Pods and cells with large high-pitch sounds of the picture can create nuisance to children and making them violent?

    • Are reality shows disturbing the character of a child at a grass root level with contestants and participants along with T.V show host slapping and hurling abuses at each other?

    • Which program should be aired by the authority to diminish and totally deceive violence?

    • If an individual’s violent by nature since childhood, could more of violent exposure have the power to make their mind destructive?

    `Dogs make better companions than cats`

    • Why are canines considered to be the human’s best companion than cats?

    • Does a canine have more effect over its master than a cat in the house?

    • Why are dogs faithful to die for their master than a cat been disloyal to her master at the time of exigency?

    • If kitties are termed best human friends, is it still risky to trouble a cat while she is feasting over?

    • How does a dog become an `eye` for a blind or physically challenged to let him cross the road easily through congestion of traffic?

    • Why do certain lunatics in world especially ‘Native Of America’ crazy enough to build even a house tree-top for their cat companions?

    • In case of an exigency, could a dog sniff 10,000 times greater than a normal human to help rescue a victim under debris even from 20 meters of distance?

    • In order to be the best companion of a human, should a pet be even taken as a fashion trend among the societal status such as: Medicare, Pedicure, coloring of hair, etc.?

    • What special quality of a canine must keep the thieves and strangers at bay?

    • Does the mere size and appearance of the dog productive enough to terrorize any stranger who isn’t familiar to an individual?

    • In this day and age, how cats are treated only as a status symbol for effluents to acquire the best and the healthiest breed among all other cats?

    • Why do dogs remain faithful to the entire family and treated as an extravagant part of the family?

    • In order to make either of the specie to protect your personal life what comparisons can be outdrawn between dogs and cats?

    `Should smoking be permitted in public? `

    • Is cigarette smoking always injurious to health?

    • How should cigarette be prohibited in public places and if necessary where a smoking zone should be made for men & women to smoke with desire?

    • Are smoking habits playing havoc with the precious lives of human beings and how long will it be permitted to create catastrophe all over?

    • Could the old habit of smoking with paper based tobacco be changed to filter wrapped tobacco smoking that might be less harmful directly to a smoker?

    • How much population of the world would accept a pipe smoking method overnight?

    • What are the stringent rules and regulations according to anti-tobacco act to not permit any smoker to smoke in front of non-smoker affecting one to become the patient of asthma, acute bronchitis etc, if exposed for larger span?

    • Why do in Afghanistan young children are handled over guns in order to refresh themselves to distress their brain with packets full of cigarettes handed over?

    • Why shouldn’t volunteers and anti-campaigning with the help of “No-Smoking” placards be introduced and continued for a prolonged period so that smoking is prohibited by individuals in public places?

    • How much have been learned by big fishes and celebrities such as actors/ actresses ever since smoking over T.V is banned publicly?

    • If celebrities shall smoke, should it become a status symbol for normal class to attract the opposite sex by the help of it in the first instance?

    • Is cigarette hostile to petrol stations; malls; in hotel rooms; near a fire-cracker store; gas-cylinder installed inside the car and agencies etc?

    • Is a cigarette style a style of macho man with intelligence and power criteria?

    • Why mustn’t a cigarette be given to a pregnant woman?

    Miscellaneous sentences

    • They sell computer peripherals.

    • You give the same excuse every time.

    • I truly admire your courage.

    • Stir the milk efficiently in the container.

    • Due to smoking I have asthma attack.

    • Don’t delete the files of the folder from system.

    • Don’t lie to me for the problems created by you.

    • Download the ‘ringtones’ in an I-Pod.

    • Consult the doctor for the treatment of the disease.

    • Please! Pare your toe nails properly.

    • Turn the tap off you’re wasting water.

    • Don’t spill the water on the slippery surface.

    • Don’t sit close to T.V for harm to eye.

    • Don’t touch the wire or else you’ll be electrocuted.

    • Why is there a noisy & crowdie atmosphere in fish market?

    • Whom do you suspect to have stolen your purse?

    • Shouldn’t I shut door before guests.

    • Mustn’t I receive cheque of 1 lakh from bank?

    • Never had I say I loved her so much.

    • When should she call me at home?

    • How long has she been working anywhere?

    • This is a filthy room of my friend.

    • Could she type 10-15 words in one minute?

    • Does she buy cosmetics always from a departmental store?

    • How do you give a fresh start from a hectic schedule?

    • She carries her credit card; passport and driving license in her purse.

    • How many hours do you devote over studies each day?

    • How has he changed his course?

    • The members have postponed the meeting till next week.

    • Was the agitated mob protesting over street?

    • The police dispersed the crowd with water cannon.

    • When is the last date of fetching a bill?

    • She is very slim to dance on stage.

    • The child is very cute and loved by everyone.

    • The family is very reliable and innocent to make companionship with.

    • My father is straight forward towards others.

    • My grandfather is a very short-tempered person of the world.

    • The teacher of the class is very humorous.

    • There’s an old-building on main road of 150-years-old.

    • There is a theatre next to the post office.

    • There is a movie on TV today.

    • Someone is smoking at the door to call mother from inside home.

    • A hissing sound is heard from the garden of house.

    • Somebody’s mobile’s buzzing over the table since 15 minutes.

    • There are three computers in a room and they all are operative.

    • There are lots of mails pending in the letter box.

    • The company has eight branches in all over city.

    • The patient has no cure/treatment for this disease.

    • There is nobody here by that name.

    • It is not far away from my home.

    • It is a rumor that the disease is mushrooming.

    • It’s fortunate that the guests are at my house.

    • If you are in trouble, the medical shop is nearby.

    • Is your brother abroad to finish higher education?

    • The manager asked me to take out 4 Xerox copies.

    • The trainer asked me to speak sentences aloud.

    • The landlord warned us to vacate house.

    Note: - Write down or speak out the various points included in the bubbles provided above and construct a short paragraph based upon these points. The main theme will remain “The Role Of Media”.

    Use of a single word but taken as different meaning


    • He is struck down with paralyses. (attacked by)

    • The medical council struck off his name from the register of medical practitioners. (removed)

    • While we were planning a family picnic, my sister struck in with the suggestion that we invite our neighbour’s children as well. (interrupted)


    • The piano takes up too much room in the musical hall. (occupies)

    • It would take up too much time to tell you the entire story. (consume)

    • He takes after his father so much that you can’t tell who is who? (resembles)

    • At present I am reading the essays of bacon, but it is sometimes difficult to take in his meaning. (comprehend)

    • Recently he has taken to opium as one of the deadliest drug on planet. (Become addicted to)


    • We talked over the matter for an hour. (discussed)

    • I hope to talk him over to our view. (convince him by talking for a while)


    • My advice was thrown away upon him, because he ignored it. (wasted)

    • The bill was thrown out by the assembly in parliament. (rejected)

    • In disgust he threw up his appointment. (resigned)

    • When he became rich he threw over all his old friends. (abandoned or deserted)


    • The factory turns out 20,000 Lbs of cloth in a day. (Produces or Manufactures)

    • If he is lazy, why don’t you turn him off? (Dismiss him)

    • He turned out to be a sharper. (Proved)

    • His very friends turned against him. (Become hostile)

    • Who can say what will turn up next? (happen)

    • He promised to come, but he never turned up. (Appeared)


    • He worked out the problem in few minutes only. (solved)

    • I have tried to tempt him with many promises, but nothing would work on him. (influence)

    • He is sure to work up the mob easily. (Excite)

    • He worked upon the ignorant villagers very tenderly. (Influenced)


    • He made over his bungalow to the Islam orphanage. (Presented or gave in charity)

    • I cannot make out the meaning of this verse. (understand or discover)

    • You have failed to make out your case. (Prove)

    • Sometime ago, the two brothers quarreled, but they have now made it up. (happy to live together)


    • He generally passed by the faults of his subordinates. (overlooked)

    • The crew of the boat passed through terrible sufferings. (Underwent)

    • He passed himself off as a nobleman. (Pretended)

    • He passes for a great Sanskritist. (is regarded as)


    • The Committee picked out the best players for the team. (Selected)

    • He lost twenty pounds in sickness, but is now picking up gradually. (improving steadily)


    • Unless we pull together, we can’t succeed. (co-operate, work together in harmony)

    • My cousin pulled through the examination. (Passed with great difficulty)

    • The doctor says the patient will pull through. (recover from his illness)

    • It is easier to pull down than to build up. (demolish)

    • He was pulled up by the President. (scolded)


    • He puts on an air of dignity. (assumes)

    • Please put out the light. (extinguish)

    • He was put out when I refused his request for a loan. (became angry or annoyed)

    • He tried to put me off with promises. (satisfy me)

    • He has put in a claim for compensation. (made, sent it)

    • While travelling I had to put up with a good deal of discomfort. (endure)

    • I cannot put up with his disrespect. (tolerate)

    • They put him up to mischief. (provoked him)

    • I am sorry to put you to so much trouble. (give you)

    • He put off his departure for a week. (postponed)

    • The measure was put through without opposition. (passed)


    • On account of overwork he is run down.(enfeebled)

    • The lease of our premise has run out. (expired or come to an end)

    • He has run through his fortune. (squandered away money)

    • The Tailor’s bill has run up to a large amount. (totalled up more)

    • He has run into debt. (incurred)

    • While turning the corner I ran against an old friend. (chanced to meet)

    • Recently my expenses have run up considerably. (enhanced)

    • The tap is running over the entire bathroom, messing up everything. (overflowing)


    • I saw through the trick. (detected)

    • It is hard to see into his motive. (determine)

    • His friends were present at the station to see him off (witnesses his departure)


    • The high court set aside the pronouncement of the lower court. (annulled)

    • He immediately set about organizing the department. (took steps toward)

    • He set off for ‘Pachmarhi’ early this morning. (started his journey)

    • The frame sets off the picture. (i.e. enhances its beauty by contrast)

    • I have enough capital to set me up in trade. (establish myself)

    • He hired a palatial bungalow and set himself up for a millionaire. (pretended to be)

    • I was obliged to set him down. (snub him)

    • You may set down his loss to me. (charge)

    • Who set you on to do it? (instigate you)

    • These seats are set apart for ladies. (reserved)

    • The robbers set upon the defenceless travellers. (attacked)

    • Winter in England sets in about December. (begins)


    • They are determined to stand up for their rights. (justify)

    • Let this matter stand over for the present. (Postponed)

    • It’s hard but I think I can stand it out myself. (endure it to the end without yielding)

    • He is always standing up for the weak and oppressed. (championing the cause of)

    GUIDE TO SMS (Short message service) vocabulary

    • Gud mor Good Morning

    • ?RU How are you?

    • CU@9 See you at nine

    • Tom> Tomorrow

    • Bcoz Because

    • Pls/ plz Please

    • Thanq Thank You

    • Where r u where are you?

    • What r u doing what are you doing?

    • R u free today Are you free today?

    • I’ll B there I’ll be there

    • 143 I love You

    • Gr8 Great

    • CU See You

    • C’mon Come on

    • Let’s meet 2 day Let’s meet today

    • Hap Bday Happy Birthday.

    E-MAIL Shorthand: -

    • AMBW All my best wishes

    • ASAP As soon as possible

    • B4 Before

    • BBL Be back later

    • BTW By the way

    • DGT Don’t go there

    • FOAF Friend of a friend

    • FYI For your information

    • GL Good Luck

    • HAK Hugs and Kisses

    • IDGI I don’t get it

    • IDK I Don’t know

    • ILY I Love You

    • KIT Keep in touch

    • NMP Not my problem

    • PLS Please

    • THX or TX or THKS Thanks

    • TTYL Talk to you later

    • WYP what’s your problem?

    The signs of the Zodiac

    • Aries (The ram) Creative, impatient, masculine, competitive, warrior-like, independent, outspoken.

    • Taurus (The bull) Determined, resourceful, materialistic, touchy, ruthless and entrepreneurial.

    • Gemini (The twins) Intellectual, shallow, inquisitive, selfish, talkative, witty, indecisive, irritable.

    • Cancer (The crab) Emotional, sympathetic, moody, sensitive, home-loving, romantic, loyal, tactless.

    • Leo (The Lion) Generous, creative, broad-minded, patronizing, bossy, extroverted, idealistic, arrogant.

    • Virgo (The Virgin) Diligent, intelligent, modest, conservative, overcritical, pedantic, affectionate, methodical.

    • Libra (The scales) Charming, sociable, gullible, flirtatious, attractive, objective, artistic.

    • Scorpio (The Scorpion) Forceful, passionate, jealous, obsessive, secretive, intense, outspoken, extreme, rebellious.

    • Sagittarius (the archer) Optimistic, honest, philosophical, careless, irresponsible, energetic, adventurous.

    • Capricorn (The goat) Disciplined, economical, patient, reserved, pessimistic, serious, organized, rational.

    • Aquarius (The water bearer) Inventive, friendly, independent, unpredictable, serious, intelligent, eccentric.

    • Pisces (The fishes) Imaginative, compassionate, vague, gentle, sensitive, creative, spiritual, easygoing.

    Terms from Computer Technology

    • A Drive usually the drive closest to top of the computer is Drive-A. It is a floppy drive.

    • Accelerated Video Cards to keep the Window’s users awake. The special ‘AVCs’ can flick little window onto the screen as fast as windows dishes them out.

    • Archive Files These are the single files which hold more number of files. Before getting at the files, archive nut is to be cracked.

    • ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) It’s a set of numbers ranging from

    0-127, each of which is assigned to a letter of the alphabet (upper case+ lower case), the numbers from 0-9, punctuation symbols, other characters e.g., &, %, *, (,), $, etc., and 32 special control codes that represent keys on the keyboard e.g., Enter, Backspace, etc.

    • AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) this file contains a little move you can watch within Windows.

    • BIOS (Basic Input/ Output System) These instructions are encoded inside the computer since it can tell the computer how to perform various operations e.g., reading a character, displaying it etc.

    • BASIC (Beginner’s All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) This is the simplest programming language, very helpful to the young learners of computer.

    • Break key This key cannot do anything by itself. It can be used with Ctrl key to stop what the computer is doing currently and gets back to something different.

    • Bus Network It is the simplest type of network where each computer is a single node on a cable.

    • CAD(Computer Aided Design) These are the technical drawings handled by computer used by the engineers.

    • CapsLock Key This key is used to display the letter in the uppercase. If key is on, characters are uppercased else they are lowercased.

    • Caret Key(^) It is also called a hat key. It can be used with the shift key. It is also used for abbreviating the word control when describing the combinations like Ctrl+C. This is ^C.

    • CD ROM Drive It is the inbuilt CD/DVD player in the computer which can be used to read/write information to the disk.

    • CPU (Central Processing Unit) It is the brain of he computer and controls all the operations performed inside the computer.

    • Cursor It marks the position on the screen where text appears as one types.

    • DBMS (Data Base Management System) It’s the collection & Mngt. of any kind of information, whether it’s wods, numbers or little bits of trivia.

    • Directory It is the list of the files and their names, sizes, dates and times.

    • DOS (Disk Operating System) It controls everything on the computer and makes it useful for the users.

    • File Transfer Protocol This protocol is used to transfer information in files between any two terminals through internet.

    • Freeware It’s a free software.

    • Functional Keys These are placed in a horizontal row on the top of the keyboard, they include keys like F1, F2, and so on.

    • GIF(Graphic Interchange Format) It’s a file on the computer which contains a graphic image.

    • GUI (Graphic User Interface) It refers to using a computer with windows, icons, a mouse, and pull down menus – WIMP interface.

    • Hard Disk It is a physical disk used for the storage of primary memory.

    • ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) This is one of the systems for expansion of slots and cards.

    • Interlacing this is a method of displaying a picture i.e. better than it is supposed to be.

    • JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group) This is a format used to store pictures in small files.

    • Joystick It is a lever-controlling voluntary movement of an image or the visual display unit screen.

    • Kernel This is the operatind system of the computer. All the file commands are operated on the hardware by the kernel.

    • LAN (Local Area Network) This is the network established between many computers in a small area.

    • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) This is the kind of display found in most of the laptop and many digital wristwatches.

    • LPT1 This is the first printer port.

    • Magneto Optical (MO) Disk This is a removal hard disk which uses laser and magnetic techniques to store information.

    • MIDI(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) This interface makes it easy to rearrange musical notes. This software can be used by musicians to record and edit their compositions.

    • Multimedia It describes any kind of graphics mixed with sound.

    • Multiscanning It is the capability of a single monitor to switch between multiple analog and digital node.

    • Null-Modem Cable It is a special kind of serial cable. It’s designed so that the cable between two ports has talk listen wires switched.

    • OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) It’s like super copy and paste. It allows windows to remember which programme created whatever one is pasting into the document.

    • Operating System It’s the main piece of the computer that controls the hardware and software of the computer.

    • Packed files These are the compact files to reduce the size but contain the same information as the original files.

    • Peripherals These are the external parts or the equipments connected to the computer.

    • Protocols These are the standards laid out to send a file between two terminals.

    • Public Domain Software These are the free softwares which are given away by the programmers without getting any money for it.

    • RAM(Random Access Memory) It refers to the chips inside the computer where any kind of information is stored.

    • ROM(Read Only Memory) It is the permament memory where the microprocessor can only read from but cannot write to or modify it.

    • Root directory It’s the main directory from where all the directions originate. All disks are stored in this root directory.

    • Scan rate This is the rate at which the monitor’s electron gun paints the image on the screen.

    • Spreadsheets This processor places a large grid of box-like cells on the screen.

    • SVGA(Super Video Graphics Array) This technique is used for a display using many colours and producing a very good resolution.

    • TCP/IP(Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) It’s one of the file transfer protocol by which internet can receive & send information between two terminals.

    • Telnet It is a UNIX modem program which allows you to call up other UNIX computers and use them as if one was sitting there.

    • TXT It’s a text file extension referring to a file which contains plain old ASCII text.

    • UNIX It is a multitasking,multi-user operating system which means that many people can use one computer at the same time.

    • UNZIP This program is used to unpack the files which are compressed.

    • UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply) It contains special batteries which will allow electricity to flow through the computer even if power dies out.

    • VGA(Video Graphics Array) It’s a high level monitor & graphics card. It can display 256 colour on-screen at the same time in little rows of 320 dots by 200 dots.

    • Viruses It’s a program which replicates by itself and keeps multiplying. ‘Trojan Virus’ is the most acute of all other viruses.

    • WAIS(Wide area Information Services) It allows you to search through information on the internet.

    • WAN(Wide Area Network) It’s a network of computers, devices spread over a wide area.

    • ZIP This program is used to compress a file to reduce its size.

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