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Private/ friendly letter: - (Informal)

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Private/ friendly letter: - (Informal)

The informal letters such as private/friendly in nature do not demands any specific pattern or rules of grammar as they are simple and concerns one’s privacy. The punctuations used are the old customs of attaching ‘commas’ (in addresses) or (in salutations) or even at the time of ending the letter by attaching the ‘comma’ (in Your’s truly/faithfully/ kindly, etc.) There is no hard and fast rule adopted for utilizing harsh or difficult words or words inaudible to the reader of the letter. Whatever shall come in mind is jotted down with the thoughts.


  1. Business Letters : - (Formal): - The Business letters or Formal is the letter very carefully and grammatically handled by the sender to be received by the receiver. These letters are always written in `BLOCK STYLE` (=it means the letter must always be left aligned instead of right aligned) each bullet point is written at the top left alignment that includes ‘TIME’ too.) We all should handle the business letters with great care. One must be extra careful while using punctuations and no hard and harsh vocabulary must be used under it at all.

Format of an informal letter: -

  1. The Heading: - The Heading consists of (a) the writer’s address, and (b) the date. Write your own address at the right- hand side of the top of the page, and put the date just below it. This is termed as regular or normal condition of letter accepted worldwide as per the universal pattern.


Note: [The date should be written as follows: -]

23rd January 1994 or January 23, 1994.

Note: - [Do not mention the date in the way such as: - 23-12-1994. Certain countries write ‘day first’ and ‘month later’ but others write ‘month first’ and ‘date later’.]

A: 12.06.95 -

B: 06.12.95 -

According to ‘Britain’, it is twelfth of June but for ‘Americans’, it is sixth of December thereby the date must always be written in full i.e.

21.01.95 --- 12 June 1995 --- 6/11/94 --- 04.08.94 etc.

Here are some ways to open up a letter: -

Dear Sir/Madam, Dear Mr. / Dear Ms Smith (To an unmarried woman) / Dear Mrs. (to a married woman)

Dear Miss, etc.



If it’s

  1. Dear Sir/Madam -------- Yours faithfully

  2. Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss -------- Yours Sincerely, Yours truly

  3. Dear John -------- Best wishes, with kind regards

Note: - [The subscription/ courteous leave –taking letter end mustn’t end abruptly simply with the writer’s name. The last words must end to the right side of the letter page if its informal but must end to the left-hand corner of the page if it is an official letter of any Company /Business.

Format of a Letter: -

  • Address of an addressee/ addressor (Individual or simultaneous) (depending on the condition)

  • Date (Informal/formal)

  • Subject

  • Salutation (to start it with a `Capital`)

  • The Body/Content/Message

  • Subscription

  • Ending

  • Name & Signature of the authority

  • Example of a formal note of Invitation: -

Mr. Charles White request the pleasure of Mr. John Bowyer’s Company at dinner on Friday, the 20th of July, at eight o’ clock.

Mountain House

Shimla 1

12th July 20

  • Example of a formal note of Acceptance: -

He has the pleasure in accepting the kind invitation for the dinner…

The Cecil House

Shimla 3 (13th July)

  • Example of a formal note of Refusal: -

He regrets that a previous engagement prevents his accepting the kind invitation of a dinner…

  • Letter starters

Letter of Greetings: - (Beginning)

  • My happiness bound no limit when I was acknowledged with the news that…

  • It was with great surprise and a pleasure really that…

  • I was pleasantly surprised that…

  • My wife and kids join me in expressing our warmest greetings on the occasion of…

  • Please accept my heartiest greetings on the eve of…

  • My heart got sparkled with joy when I came to hear the news about…

  • May the lamps of success light up your….corner…

  • May the joyous color of `Holi` enrich your life…/ May you many more happy days/years of life.


  • Our warm wishes to make this project a grand success…

  • May God (Lord Almighty) bestow his blessings and joyous colors on you…

  • May the divine pleasure remains at your home forever…

  • Once again I convey my sincerest greetings on this auspicious occasion of…

Letter of Congratulations (Beginning)

  • I‘m in receipt of the glad news that… / It was nice to hear that…

  • I became extremely glad that… / I express my felicitation on the success…

  • My happiness marked no bound when I came to know about the heart alluring news that…

  • I would like to congratulate from the core of my heart on…

  • My heart filled with great pride… / My heart is allured with joy…


  • I am confident that you’ll emerge as a great winner…

  • I wish if only I were present or had been there to wish/ Congratulate you…

  • Thanks a million! For the members of your family for extending such a heart-alluring news…/ Accept once again my felicitation for the success…

Love Letters

  • Your loving letter this morning has come like a ray of sunshine.

  • Your sweet letter has enveloped me in the sweet fragrance of our love and flooded me with sheer happiness.

  • Your affectionate letter has dispelled the depression that surrounded me earlier.

  • Nights really seem unending in your absence.

  • I am longing or craving to meet you.

  • I am desperately waiting to meet you my sweetheart.

Letter of Sympathy (Beginning)

I am extremely sorry to hear that… / It was with profound shock…

I was extremely worried to know that… / I was much distressed to learn…

I regret to hear such unexpected news… / I felt really a bitter experience after hearing the news that…

Your failure in examination on made me shocked… / I don’t have any words to express myself, when I received a letter… (Ending)

May God give you the strength to withstand this brutal world…

May God help you to gather courage… / once again I pray to God to enrich you with stamina to face the critical condition…

May you have all the power to face ups and down of life…

May you recover speedily and conquer the treacherous conditions of future…

May God grant you your well deserved success next time...

Please convey my heart- felt sympathy to the entire family to courageously fight and come out of the tremor experienced unexpectedly…

Letter of Regret (Beginning)

Thanks a lot for your kind invitations to attend…

I was delighted to receive your invitations on the occasion of…

I have received your letter on time… / it’s so kind to have remembered me on the occasion of you…

It was an honor to have received your courteous invitation letter…


  • My inconvenience may kindly be excused for the same…

  • Once again I feel sorry for the regret caused due to you by me…

  • I apologize for not have arrived on time and also to have not attended the function organized thereupon…

  • I simply regret as I cannot attend… / Hope you realize the problem caused by…

  • I hope/ wish you do not misunderstand me for not attending the function…

  • I am really sorry for causing unhappiness… / shock by acknowledging my absence in the forthcoming function

  • I wish my problem / inconvenience will be realized…

Leave Applications (Beginning)

  • With due respect I beg to state you that…

  • With humble regards I would like to inform you that…

  • I would like to bring to your kind attention that… / This is to bring to your kind notice…

  • Due to some unavoidable circumstances I am unable to attend my duties…

  • I beg to state that I am sick thereby it’s rather impossible almost to…

  • Respectfully I had to state that… / With all due / do respect I wish to bring to your kind notice that…


  • I shall be highly obliged to you… / I may kindly be granted ___ days leave…

  • I shall be highly grateful to you if you kindly grant my application and oblige me…

  • I wish you’ll be kind enough and grant my application on your behest…

  • Hope you’ll very kindly look into the matter and consider my case…

  • My case may kindly be considered on sympathetic ground & grant my application…

  • You’re again requested to reckon the case with sympathy and pass…

Letters of Condolence (Beginning)

  • It was really shocking to know/ state that… / I am astonished hearing the news that…

  • I was spell bound to consider that …/ it’s really a matter of concern…

  • It’s a matter of great sorrow that… / I’m highly grieved to her that…


  • May God give you enough courage / patience to bear this…

  • Hope the almighty will provide another chance…

  • May God grant you enough courage and forbearance to withstand this shock…

  • May his soul rest in peace in heaven & guide you for years to come…

  • Please accept my sincerest condolence on this sad demise of your…

  • May God bring you and your family members’ ____ to bear this shock…

  • Do not lose heart for there shall be almighty God to provide you with courage and power to withstand the sudden shock you received unknowingly…

  • It’s really heart-rending/ throbbing/ wrenching news to hear that…

Modes of Address: -

  1. A shopkeeper is addressed as: - Mr. K.L. Thakkar, Tea merchant, 142 Fort Road, Bombay.

  1. A firm is addressed as: - Messrs. Black, White $ Co., Ltd. General Merchants, 13 Empress Road, Madras.

  1. A professional man is addressed as: - Dr. B.L. Aggarwala, 29 Chandni Chowk, Delhi.


  • Write a letter to your friend, asking him to come and stay with you after the examination and telling him how you would make his stay very pleasant.


  • Write a letter to your brother, reproving him for having neglected his studies, and advising him to be diligent at his work.

  • Write a letter to your friend telling him what you intend to do after your examination.


  • Your father is away from home on business. Write a letter, telling him of the state of things at home in his absence.


  • Write a letter of apology to a friend for not having kept an appointment, explaining fully what prevented you.


  • Write a letter to a friend, giving him an account of the accident which recently happened to you.


  • Write a letter to a friend, describing your favourite hobby for a day and forever and ever.


  • Write a letter to your friend, asking him to attend the marriage of your brother.


  • A friend of yours has failed in the All India Secondary Examination. Write a letter to him, sympathizing with him and encouraging him to cheer up and try again.


  • Write a letter to a friend on his birthday for his mouth-watering cake and lip-smacking serving dishes.


  • Write a letter of condolence to a friend who has recently lost his mother.


  • Write a letter to a bookseller, ordering books and stationery.


  • From a business firm to a customer in answer to his complaint that the goods sent for were received in damaged condition.


  • To the headmaster of your school, asking for leave in consequence of illness.


  • Write a letter to a business firm, acknowledging receipt of the goods you had ordered and complaining about the damage caused in transit on account of bad packing.


  • Write a letter to a shop, ordering a pair of football boots, mentioning the size, shape and quality required and the method by which they are to be sent and paid for.


  • Write a letter to your landlord, asking him to do certain major repairs in the house you are occupying.


  • Write a letter to the Manager of a sugar factory, seeking his permission for you and your friends to visit the factory in next to no time.


  • Write a letter to your family doctor, asking him to come and see your brother who is been ill lately due to dengue fever.


  • Write a letter to Messrs. Lalwani, Adwani & Co., Ltd. Delhi, complaining that the clock you bought lately from them does not keep good time.


  • Write an application to the principal, XYZ School, Tarapur, requesting him to grant you a free studentship. Sign the application as ABC.


  • Write an application to your principal, requesting him to issue you a character certificate.


  • Write an application to the Director of Education for the post of a teacher in a school.

6 College Street Varanasi, Oct 23, 2012.

My Dear Dutt,

I hope you have not forgotten your promise to come and spend few days with us after your examination. Your examination is finally over. Will you visit us to stay for a while with us? It’ll be such a great pleasure to have you among us. The complexion of our city is simply fantastic with lush-green carpets of fields everywhere and some cool places to hang about. We have a delightful swing hanging from a large banyan tree in our courtyard and I promise you some computer games as well. There is a stream running at the foot of a neighboring hill where ‘Papa’ takes us to fish in weekends. If you care to join us you can have plenty of what we may offer you. I also have got two ponies; and so we may share rides late in the evening hours. All the immense temples here are beautifully decorated and brightly lit up with candles and are visited by thousands of devotees on the day of ‘DIWALI’ celebration.

How anxiously do I expect to wait for a reply to this letter! Write at once to say that you will come and mention the train too by which you shall arrive soon.

Yours very sincerely Sahil Sinha

156, Tilak Marg, Poona, 18th March 2013.

My Dear Ashok

I gather from the report I have had from your headmaster that you had done rather badly in your first quarterly examination. He says that you shirk your homework, and are near the bottom of your class in most of your subjects. Evidently you’re getting lazy and neglecting your studies.

My dear brother, I do not want you to waste these precious years in idle pursuits. If you turn deaf ears to my words, you will repent afterwards. So must make up your mind from today to work honestly and regularly. Avoid idle companions. By all means take part in games and sports; but don’t do so at the cost of your studies. Always do your wok first, for your main aim at school is to study. I wish you’ll take the warning in high-spirits as it is meant for you and settle down to regular and systematic study.

With best wishes from your loving brother

5 Rose Villa, Ajmer. April 3, 2013

My dear father

I am sorry to tell you that mother has been ill for the past three days. She has been suffering from cough and cold; he body is burning like fire due to high temperature fever and needs to be carefully nursed. Bimala is nursing her well. She passed two restless nights, and we were afraid that she would develop ‘Pneumonia’. She is now out of danger and you need not be alarmed on account of her health anymore. Her illness must not stand in the way of your business. You can take sufficient time to return after you have finished your office work.

Dear Aunt Mercy unexpectedly arrived from Delhi without prior information but was shocked to see the condition of mother so sick and pale. She is now with us and taking good care of her.

Your affectionate son

18 Lawrence Road, Lucknow, July 25,2013.

Dear Narain,

I hope you will excuse me for being unable to see you on the 23rd evening. I had promised to meet you at the Capital Cinema at 6 o’clock, and I am afraid you must have thought me untrustworthy when I did not turn up at the appointed time.

An exigency had come up lately. I was on the point of leaving my room to keep with time, when I received an urgent telegram from my elder brother informing me that father had met with a serious accident, and that I must reach home by the first train. So I hurriedly packed my things and caught the 6:30 train. I had no servant by whom I could send a message to you in time. I was, moreover, so terribly upset by the dreadful news that I could nothing but reaching home and seeing father at the earliest.

I take the earliest opportunity of writing this letter to you, apologizing for the inconvenience I caused you.

Ever sincerely yours

15 Garden Road, Pune, 22 March, 2013.

My Dear Raghubir,

I am sorry I could not reply to your letter earlier for I have been in bed for the last few days as the result of a nasty accident. About a week ago, I was visiting friend’s house on my bicycle. Unfortunately, I had no lamp for the cycle; the night was dark and cloudy. I could not see my way clearly before me. I would have remained at the hostel, but then I thought that there was no danger of my meeting with any accident for I knew the road so well. I had hardly covered half the distance, when as I turned sharply to the right to take the road leading to my friend’s house, I slipped from the cycle and broke my leg. Doctor says it is a hairline fracture in leg.

You should not be worried in the least about me. I am all right now.

16 Temple Road, Ahmedabad, May 10, 2013.

Dear Jack

Just a few lines to wish you ‘Many Happy Returns of the Day’. May these years be happy ones! May they grow happier and happier!

I have been seriously thinking as to what I should send you for a present. You have been so peculiar about your tastes in life. Knowing that you are interested in photography I am sending you a Digital Canon Camera to add to the joy of the happy day. I wish all your wishes of life may come true the moment you burn out the candle.

With kindest regards

16 Temple Road, Ahmedabad, May 12, 2013.

My dear Jim

Countless thanks for your letter expressing your good wishes on my birthday. Your delightful present came handy this morning, and I must thank you very much indeed for it. It is really kind of you to have thought of me. You could have chosen anything else that would have pleased me more. If I had been your girlfriend it would have been so mean of you not to have send bouquet of Red Roses or may be Boxful of chocolates. HA-HA-HA!

It is the finest gift I had been waiting for long. My wish has certainly come true. I shall be able to take some fine pictures with it. Once again, loads of thanks for such a superb present on my birthday.

Always yours

17 University Road, Bombay, July 20, 2013.

Dear Joshua

I have just heard about a sudden demise of your mother. I hasten to send you my deepest condolence for such a tragic moment in your life and family that has lost such a cute-natured individual of the house. She was such a jolly-good lady, who always was ready to help and support everyone whoever came in contact.

I must say I share this moment of grief with you but do not know how as this is truly an irreparable loss to everyone. Your mother’s life was a long, useful and pious one. I hope you will find slight consolation in the thought that your mother was in every way a truly noble woman. Our sympathy to you by God’s grace be very little to the extent of your loss but I need you to calm yourself and overcome the life’s hurdle as ‘she’ always stood like a mountain to fight for you against the world.

May God give you strength to bear this blow!

16 Gandhiji Road, Karnal, May 16, 2013.

Messrs. Goyal Brothers Prakashan, Educational Publishers, 11/903, Chuna Mandi, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi- 110055.

Dear Sir,

I shall be obliged if you send me the following articles per V.P.P. at your earliest convenience: -

One copy each of:

A junior English Grammar and Composition

General Knowledge today: Books-I-VIII

Spell- Well English Wordbooks: I-VIII

Messrs. Johnson & Sons, 12 Connaught Circus, New Delhi. January 30, 2013.


David Green, Esq. Hill road, Dehradun


In reply to your letter of the 3rd instant, we regret to find that the goods sent by us were received by you in damaged condition. We beg to assure you that the goods were very carefully packed and were in perfectly good condition when they left our godown. We are very sorry to say that we cannot see our way to replace the damaged goods, as we take no responsibility for any damage suffered by them in transit. May we, however, suggest you should draw the attention of the railway authorities to the matter with a view to obtaining compensation?

Yours faithfully, K.C. Dhoomi Manager

16 Sunny Lodge, Model town, Delhi 15th July, 2013.


The Headmaster, National High School, Model town, Delhi.


I have been suffering from diarrhea since last night and so I am unable to attend the school. I have consulted a doctor, and he says that though the trouble is not very acute, still he has advised me to take a rest for a couple of days. I shall be obliged if you will kindly grant me leave from the 15th to the 18th instant both days inclusive.

Yours respectfully

Student Class IX (B)


The Editor

Hindustan Times, New Delhi.


It is high time that proper steps are taken to put a stop to the reckless driving of motor-cars in the narrow streets of our thickly populated city. Only yesterday a poor, old beggar very narrow escaped being run over by a motor-car going at a very high speed. He was crossing the street when the car came dashing along at a speed of about ninety kilometers an hour. Such reckless driving causes fatal accidents to pedestrians trying to cross the roads.

The police seem to take little or no notice of offenders. And so motor-car accidents are almost a daily occurrence. I hope that the public, who are the worst sufferers, will bring pressure to bear upon the police and municipal authorities to put a stop to reckless driving, before we have any more deaths due to accidents.

Yours truly


The Editor

The Times Of India, New Delhi

Gentle lady

I have just returned from a tour of the flood-affected areas in Bihar, where unprecedented havoc and destruction have taken place. No doubt people are already familiar with the terrible tragedy that has overtaken BIHAR, but the account of an eye witness will bring home to the people with all the greater effect the terrible distress which these disastrous floods have caused. In some places whole villages have been swept away and the crops over a large area destroyed. Thousands of villagers have been rendered destitute, most of them have nothing but the clothes in which they managed to escape somehow. They are living in temporary mid-shift camps and shelters exposed to all the inclemency of the weather, without adequate food and clothes.

The government is moving pillar to post to relieve the immediate distress, but unless public funds are raised and people make liberal contributions it is impossible to rehabilitate the flood-affected victims. When the flood subside, villagers will have to rebuilt their shackled nests and the villagers will have to be supplied with seed, fodder, cattle and farm implements before they can start work again.

I, therefore, strongly appeal to the people to help the government in the humanitarian task of relieving the distress of the poor sufferers by contributing generously to the Bihar Flood Relief Fund and thus earn the gratitude of their distressed fellow brethren.

6 Nehru Street, Poona,4th Oct.1994


The President

The Municipal Corporation, Poona.


I beg to apply for the grant of a scholarship to enable me to continue my studies at the Government Polytechnic, Poona. This year I appeared in the school Certificate Examination from the National High School, Poona and passed in the first Division, securing 68 marks. I come of a respectable family, my father being a retired soldier. He served in the Indian Army and had a good service record. He is a poor man and has a large family to support. He can hardly afford to send me to a college. I, therefore, beg to apply for a scholarship to enable me to continue my studies at a Technological Institute.

I herewith enclose copies of the testimonials from my headmaster and teachers.

I hope that my application will receive the most sympathetic consideration at your hands. Thanking you in anticipation.

19 Jolly Lane, Lucknow. 20th May, 2013.


The Chairman

The Municipal Corporation, Lucknow


I need to draw your attention to the insanitary condition of Jolly Lane- a narrow lane that runs behind Netaji Subhash Road – in which I am residing at present. No health Officer not even a Sanitary Inspector has ever visited that locality for the last six months that I have lived there. If he did, I feel sure that the foul smells and repulsive sights that would greet him there, would convince him that he is criminally guilty of having neglected the health of a large number of poorer folk whose unhappy lot it is to live in that unhealthy locality.

The lane has no drains worth the name at all. Nor have any dustbins been provided. The poor, being deprived of sanitary amenities in their houses, dump all the filth and rubbish into the lane. The sweepers are very great offenders; they pile heaps of rubbish in the lane with the result that it has become the breeding nests for flies and disease as well as germs.

I am afraid if suitable measures are not taken immediately we shall have terrible outbreak of cholera or typhoid or even small-pox in this locality.

Write a short letter: -

  • To your cousin, requesting the loan for a camera during your holidays.

  • From a boy in a boarding-school to his mother who is keeping poor health.

  • To your father who has been away from home for a fortnight, about anything of interest that has taken place in his absence.

  • To your cousin about what particularly pleased you at the circus.

  • From a son to his father, stating how he hopes to fare in the approaching school-leaving examination.

  • To your younger brother, scolding him for having neglected his studies.

  • From a mother to her daughter, on receiving a bad report from her boarding-school.

  • You have been delayed one night by a railway accident near a small country out-station. Write a letter home relating your experience.

  • To a friend, describing your mishaps in an obstacle race in school.

  • To a friend, describing the “Sushi-festival” of China and the lantern-festival as well.

  • To a friend, describing a cinema-picture which appealed to you very much.

  • To an English boy, describing ‘The Indian Juggler’.

  • To your friend, about some memory feats you have witnessed or heard about.

  • To a friend who has failed to take his defeat well.

  • To your sister, about a real or imaginary flight in an airbus.

  • To a friend, giving a brief description of a holiday tour you intend to make.

  • To your friend, about the longest journey you journeyed with strangers and shared strange things with them.

  • To an Englishman giving him an idea of the life in your town or village.

  • To a friend, describing your visit to some notable public building.

  • Write to a friend who needlessly runs down the school he used to attend sometime ago.

  • It is a fortnight to your examination, and you’re unprepared. Write to your friend about your difficulty.

  • It’s better to wear out than to rust out.” Discuss this saying in a letter to a friend who holds this view.

  • To a friend, describing a thunderstorm in which you were recently caught.

  • A short life and a merrily possible one.” Write a reply to a friend who holds this view.

  • Write to a friend who is exclusively occupied with his studies, advising him to take part in athletic games.

  • Write a letter of advice to a friend who complains that he does not know how to spend his spare time.

  • In a letter to your very intimate friend, write plainly about his faults; also dwell upon the good points of his character.

  • Write a courteous letter to a neighbour whose dog annoys you by barking at night.

  • Write as from the father of a boy to a gentleman who rescued his son from drowning.

  • Your father thinks you’re a precious boy; so he writes, “There have been many men whose early life was full of brilliant promise, but whose careers have ended in future, owing to lack of industry.” Write to him, assuring that you’ll not belie the promise of your boyhood.

  • Write, as from a father to his son, about a drunkard and his unhappy family.

  • Write an imaginary letter as from a great-grandfather to his great-grandson about the means of communication in his days.

  • Write to the society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals about a case of cruelty carried out on an innocent street-bullock, giving details of the pain and great panic caused to her unnecessarily.

  • It is often the steady plodder who gets prizes.” Write as from a father to his son.

  • Write a letter to your younger brother, advising temperance (self-control).

  • Write to a prince, as from his teacher who believes, “there is no royal road to learning”.

  • Write a letter from a shopkeeper to another shopkeeper about “cut-throat competition/ dog-eat-cat competition”.

  • You have advertised your bicycle for sale on Quikr/OLX selling portals of web. Reply to an inquirer and give him full details.

  • During the last two weeks your baker has been supplying bread of inferior quality (bread with fungus) to what you were getting previously. Write a letter calling his attention to this great health-issue.

  • Write on behalf of your father to a house-agent about a suitable flat, stating clearly your requirements.

  • You have sprained your ankle while playing football. Copy out the letter your father writes to your family doctor.

  • Write a letter to a railway company, complaining that your furniture has been damaged in transit, and claiming damages.

Write a letter to the editor ‘Times of India’ about the poor attention and negligence on part of medical staff in some of the government hospitals of Bhopal.

Write a letter to the health minister (Bhopal division) requesting him about the ‘Tamiflu/ Ebola’ antivirus for such contagious virus causing pandemic all around the world for patients severely affected by it. Make an appeal to public & government about hygiene and hygienic surroundings and cleanliness maintained near residential areas and use of handkerchief before coughing and sneezing in public.

You have an open and well-maintained park which is meant for residents and children of the area for recreational purpose which will soon be converted into a shopping-mall/complex. Write a letter to the commissioner of ‘Municipality’ (Meerut) requesting not to disturb the park suggesting alternate space for the same nearby.

Letter from the tenant to the Landlord: - ‘Complaint; acceptance of letter; acknowledgement; Kind relation.

  • I have to inform you that the roof of the house we’re occupying leaks during rains causing great inconvenience to our family.

  • I am sorry to point out that despite several reminders you haven’t issued the rent payment receipts for the last three months.

  • Please refer to your letter regarding increase in the rent of the house we are currently beheld with.

  • We have noted your complaint regarding our carelessness in switching off the light at the main gate.

  • I hope you will understand our problem and cooperate.

  • Hoping for a favourable reply.

  • I am sure you will appreciate my financial problem and withdraw your rent increase proposal.

  • We are sure that this assurance is enough to set to rest all your doubts in this regard.

  • I feel constrained to inform you that due to recent increase in the house tax, I have left with no alternative but to increase the house rent by Rs. 50/- per month w.e.f. first of next month.

  • It has come to my notice that your children make so much noise when they play and that in turn causes disturbance to other tenants of the apartment. I will be kind if you shall clear up the matter to me.

  • I am in receipt of your letter regarding the leaking of the roof-ceiling of your house. The crisis will be handled with the best effect soon.

  • I hope you’ll not mind this increase in rent as I have retired from service recently and my only source of income is the house rent received from you.

  • I am sure you will give the necessary instructions to your children in this connection.

  • I like to assure you that we are arranging for the necessary repairs at the earliest.

  • The receipts in question will be issued on coming Monday.

  • I hope you won’t find this increase burdensome.

  • I hope you will be able to understand and appreciate my point of view.

  • I expect you to bear with me for a few days only.

  • I am sure you will extend your co-operation as always.

Letters on Official Matters: - Position on job; Reason of lettering; Straight to the point; Sympathy on crisis.

  • As your honored self must be aware that I am working in _____ Dept. In the capacity of a junior clerk.

  • For the last ___ years I am the ____ (position) in the factory.

  • I am officiating in the capacity of _____ for last two years.

  • Now I have been transferred to……..

  • Owing to my domestic problems I would not be able to…….

  • On account of my health problems. I request you to change……./I would not be able to.

  • Owing to my …….(reason) I cannot function in the same position any more.

  • On health grounds I have been advised to leave this city at the earliest.

  • My family duties have constrained me to seek my transfer.

  • Looking at such a changed situation I won’t be able to work in the present position.

  • As such, I request you to change my working shift-hours.

  • In the light of the above I request you to transfer me to……(section/place).

  • Hence I request you to expedite or orders my desired transfer to……

  • You are, therefore, requested to release me at the earliest.

  • I pay you to consider my case sympathetically.

  • In view of my loyalty and past performance I am sure you would condescend to grant me the desired wish.

  • I am sure to get a sympathetic response from your side to my genuine problem.

  • With earnest hope I crave your special sympathy in my case.

Letters of Apology

  • My son informed me that my cat had eaten away your chickens…..

  • My wife told me about our driver’s ramming my car into your boundary wall.

  • I am extremely sorry to know about it and render my sincere apologies…..

  • I apologize deeply for the inconvenience caused to you by me……..

  • My sincere apologies……

  • Although it happened inadvertently yet I am compared to compensate for your loss….

  • I wish I were there to prevent it. Anyway you can penalize me as you want…..

  • Kindly care to inform me the loss you have incurred owing to (name the culprit)…… This negligence.

  • I promise that in future I shall be extra vigilant to see it does not happen again….

  • I have admonished…..and we will be careful in future…..

  • I assure you that such things will never ever happen in near future…..

  • In the end I again ask you for your forgiveness….

  • Once again with profound apologies…..

  • Repeatedly I express my profuse apologies……

Letters to Banks: - Clarification of letter, Need for a guarantor for concerned subject

  • I have recently moved into this town and opened a general store at the address given above. On the recommendation of my friend (name) I wish to open a Current account with your bank.

  • With the approach of Diwali we expect a big increase in the sales of our shop/company. As we have just entered this field the wholesale dealers are unwilling to give us the credit facility. Therefore we have to request for overdraft for Rs….

  • This is with reference to my personal discussion with you regarding overdraft. I, therefore, now request for allowing me to overdraw on my account ____ up to Rs. 3000/- between 1st January, 2013 to 1st july, 2013.

  • Please send me the necessary form and also let me know if any referee is required for opening a new account.

  • We have debentures worth Rs…..which we’re prepared to deposit as security.

  • As I have no investments to offer as security, I should be grateful if you could make an advance against my personal security.

  • As our past commitments regarding overdrafts have always been honoured hence we find no reason for you to turn down our proposal.

  • I shall be grateful for an early reply.

  • Hoping for a favourable reply.

  • We shall highly appreciate a sympathetic response to our above request.

  • We shall be grateful if you could grant the overdraft asked for.

  • We should be highly thankful, if you could accede to our request.

Letters of Enquiry regarding Hotel accommodation

  • I shall be coming by the Delhi express and arrive at your hotel round 5:30 am.

  • I want you to book an A.C room for me from 17th Oct to 20th, both inclusive.

  • Book a single bedded and sea-facing room in your hotel between 17th Oct to 20th Oct. from your time of check in and check out.

  • Please collect all my mail reaching your hotel before my arrival…

  • Please make sure I get an air-conditioned room.

  • Please arrange a taxi to take me out around 10:30 A.M the same day that is…..

  • I am sure this visit shall also be as comfortable as it was the last time.

  • You are an added attraction for me to experience the complexion of your city.

  • Looking forward to a comfortable stay in a hotel.

Letters of Complaints: - Justifying your frustration; brief description of the problem.

  • It is with great agony that I wish to bring to your kind notice the callousness shown by some of the employees of your Deptt.

  • I am pained to draw your attention to the following lapse committed by your men.

  • For the last fifteen days… (Mention the cause) and in spite of my several reminders no action has been taken by your men.

  • In spite of my repeated oral complaints and your department’s oral assurances no concrete action has been taken yet to solve this problem.

  • It is indeed sad that your department has turned a deaf ear to our written complaint followed by several reminders.

  • It is really surprising that such an efficient department as that of yours is not heeding to our complaints. Please get the needful done without any further loss of time.

  • It is difficult to believe that such thing should have happened under your efficient control. Please get the needful done at the earliest.

  • I can hardly believe that a department like yours which is reputed for its efficiency should be taking so much time in doing the needful.

  • I am quite hopeful that you will take a prompt action and oblige.

  • I feel confidence of receiving a favourable and helpful reply.

  • Themes for Business Letters: -

  • Having read the terms and conditions in the official form supplied to you of service for pest control, you’ll be glad to learn that it has been accepted…

  • In reply to my enquiry you were good enough to quote for the supply and send me a sample…

  • If you cannot make allowances, then I must regretfully decline your offer as it stands…

  • We’re working for a number of long-term contracts under which it’s impossible for us to revise our prices…

  • We hope you will reconsider your decision and find it possible to accept our offer…

  • All of these are of fine quality and are in popular demand…

  • We can promise delivery within 15 days from receiving order and hope you will find both samples and prices satisfactory…

  • There shall be a cash discount on total cost if payment were made within specified days from the date of invoice…

  • We have recently received a number of requests and have good reasons to believe that we could place regular orders with you provided your prices are competitive…

  • From the description in your catalogue we fell that range is most suitable…

  • We should particularly stress the importance of price for mass produce…

  • We look forward to receiving your order & meanwhile enclose a copy of our catalogue…

Roll Call/Apologies: - ‘Meeting

  • I think we’ve spent enough time and breath on this topic…

  • We’re running short on time, so let’s move on…

  • We’re running behind schedule, so we’ll have to skip the next item…

  • We only have fifteen minutes remaining and there’s a lot left to cover…

  • If we do not rush in, we’ll run right into lunch…

  • We’ve spent too long on this issue, so we’ll leave it for now…

  • We could spend all day discussing this, but we have to get to the next item…

  • Let’s stick to the task at hand, shall we?

  • I think we are derailing ourselves/steering off topic a bit with this…

  • I’m afraid we’ve strayed from the matter at hand.

  • You can discuss this among yourselves at another time…

  • We seem to have lost sight of the point here…

  • This matter is not on today’s agenda…

Wrapping up: - ‘Meeting’

  • It looks like we’ve run out of time, so I guess we’ll finish here.

  • I think we’ve covered everything on the list.

  • I guess that will be all for today.

  • If no one else anything else to add, then I think we’ll wrap this up.

  • I’m afraid we’ll have to cut this meeting short. I’ve just been informed of a problem that needs my immediate attention.

  • Oh, before you leave, please make sure to sign the attendance sheet.

  • I almost forget to mention that we’re planning a staff banquet next month.

  • Do not forget to put your ballot in the box on your way out.

  • If I didn’t already say this, please remember to introduce yourself to the new trainees.

  • Could I have everyone’s attention? I neglected to mention that anyone who wants to take home some of this leftover food is welcome to.

  • If you could all return your chair to room 7 that would be appreciated.

  • Please take all of your papers with you and throw out in a garbage bin on your way out.

Thank You and Congratulations: -

  • Before I let you go let’s all give a big thank you to Thomas for baking these delicious cookies.

  • Again, I want to thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to be here today.

  • Most of you probably already are aware but Nolan’s wife just gave birth to a baby boy.

  • As you leave today, don’t forget to wish Stella luck on the weekend. The next time you see her she will be happily married.

  • If anyone has any questions about anything we discussed today, feel free to send me an e-mail.

  • The minutes from today’s meeting will be posted as of tomorrow afternoon.

  • I’ll send out a group e-mail with the voting results.


Words showing collection: -

  • An army of soldiers.

  • An assembly of people.

  • A bale of cotton or wool.

  • A band of singers, musicians.

  • A board of trustees, directors.

  • A panel of judges.

  • A bunch of grapes, bananas, flowers, keys.

  • A bundle of sticks, hay,

  • A class of students, persons.

  • A collection of stamps, coins, curiosities.

  • A company of soldiers, merchants.

  • A congregation of worshippers.

  • A constellation of / cluster of stars.

  • A course of lectures.

  • A crew of sailors.

  • A crowd of people.

  • A curriculum of studies.

  • A fleet of ships.

  • A flight of birds, stairs, or steps.

  • A flock of birds, sheep, geese.

  • A gang of prisoners, robbers, thieves, convicts, laborers, workmen.

  • A school of \ shoal of \ sheaf of fishes.

  • A garland of flowers.

  • A group of figures (in a picture), persons, islands.

  • A heap of stones, sand, ruins.

  • A herd of cattle, deer, elephants, goats.

  • A pack of cards, wild-dogs, sacks, hounds.

  • A hive of bees.

  • A league of nations, states.

  • A library of books.

  • A mob of rioters.

  • A Mecca of \ sea of \ ocean of \ team of people, oxen, horses

  • A pair of shoes, spectacles.

  • A peal of bells.

  • A regiment of soldiers.

  • A sheaf of corn, arrows.

  • A stack of hay.

  • A shower of arrows, rain.

  • A stock of goods, woods.

  • A swarm of flies, bees, ants.

Name of the peoples’ profession: -

  • Accounts officer

  • Advocate

  • Artisan/ Graffiti artist/

  • Architect/ Robotic engineer

  • Astronomer/ Astronaut

  • Banker/ book binder/

  • Cashier/ compositor (one who does the job of typing)

  • Chef/ Cleaner/ Waiter (server)

  • Dentist/ ENT specialist/ Pediatrician/ Physician/

  • Editor/Philanthropist/ freelancer/ Amateur worker/ Teacher/ Salesman/ Milkman/ Green-Grocer

  • Engineer/ Computer Peripherals distributor/ Software Analyst/ Tailor/ Sweet-shop owner/ Curator

  • Fashion Designer/ boutique owner/ video-Games (The Galleria owner)/ Fast-food shop owner

  • Historian/Novelist/Prose-writer/ proprietor/

  • Archeologist

  • Industrialist

  • Labour

  • Librarian

  • Oceanographer

  • Cardiologist

  • Ophthalmologist

  • Podiatrist

  • Gynecologist

  • Nutritionist

  • Dermatologist

  • Lecturer

  • Museum Curator

  • Photographer

  • Publisher

  • Pilot

  • Surgeon

  • Singer/Lead singer

  • Cricketer

  • Dramatist

  • Pianist

  • Disco-Jockey (DJ)

  • Scientist

  • Clerk

  • Manager/ Military officer/ Staff sergeant

  • Director

  • Chief Executive officer (CEO)

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)

  • Event Manager

  • Herpetologist

  • Astronomer

  • Astrologer

  • Palmist

  • Violinist

  • Guitarist

  • Veterinarian/ vaccinator/

  • Volcanologist

  • Electrician

  • Computer engineer

  • Vegetable vendor

  • Ration Merchant

  • Druggist/ Chemist

  • Cobbler

  • Goldsmith/Blacksmith/Enameller/

  • Departmentalist

  • Daily needs Shoppe (Shopkeeper)

  • Saloonist

  • Mechanic

  • Wielder

  • Fitter

  • White-washer/ Boatman/ Sailor/ Water carrier/ Sanitary inspector/

  • Plumber/ Perfumer/ Ink man/ dyer/ Glazier (one who fits glasses)

  • Rodent Controller (Rats/ termites/ insects, etc.)

  • Anthropologist

  • Musician

  • Doctor/ nurse/ midwife /

  • Pilot/ Air Traffic Controller/ Train ticket examiner (TTE)

  • Sweeper/ Ground Staff (Airport authority)/ Loader

  • Air Hostess/ Flight Steward

  • Vocational trainer (soft skills) (Voice & accent)

  • Security In charge/ Guard/ Policeman/ Inspector/ Army & military officer (Colonel/Major/General)

  • Potter/ Porter/ Chauffeur/ Minister/ Racer Driver (Formula 1)/Bike Rider (Grand prix)

  • Food Inspector/ Peasant (Framer)/ Agriculturist/Receptionist/ dancer+ Trainer

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