The Crucible Scoring Rubric

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The Crucible Scoring Rubric






Text is clear and focused; thesis is clear and supported by the essay; captures reader's attention.

    Text's ideas are focused but general, obvious.

    Text lacks clear idea, purpose, and details.


  Order compels, enhances, and moves ideas. Transitions used to connect ideas

   Order moves reader through with confusion. Few if any transitions are used

    Order is missing or random; no identifiable structure.


Essay effectively synthesizes the ideas of tragedy with the play

Essay mostly synthesizes the ideas of tragedy with the play

Essay does not synthesize the ideas of tragedy with the play

Sentence Fluency

   Writing flows with rhythm and cadence. Elegant.

     Writing moves along with some awkward moments

  Writing lacks flow; it is difficult to read.

Word Choice

     Words are precise, interesting, engaging, powerful. Verbs are vivid; few “be” verbs are used

    Words are common and obvious; they lack energy. Many “be” verbs are used

    Words are simple or vague; limited in scope


  Writing is compelling and engaging; demonstrates insight into the play and ideas about tragedy

  Writing shows little insight into the play and ideas about tragedy

   Writing shows no insight into the play or the concept of tragedy


Appropriate quotes are included and are properly cited

Quotes are included but are not properly cited

Essay lacks quotes


      Observes and uses standard conventions; few errors.

     Reasonable control of conventions; distracting errors

     Errors distract the reader and make reading difficult.

Works Cited

Properly formatted works cited

Works cited is mostly correct

No works cited included

Formatting (Presentation)

    Satisfies all specified requirements for formatting; rough draft and rubric are included; stapled before class

      Follows most specified requirements ; missing rough draft and rubric

Does not follow specified requirements

  Chart adapted from Jim Burke. See online version (found on web page) for specific guidelines. Attach this rubric to your paper.
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