The city that I believe will benefit my career in the future is Orlando Florida. When I grow up I would like my career to be a physical therapist

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The city that I believe will benefit my career in the future is Orlando Florida. When I grow up I would like my career to be a physical therapist. I want to be a physical therapist because I've been an athlete my entire life so I would love to help athletes and ordinary people recover from injuries.

I feel like Orlando would be a good city to be a physical therapist in because a lot of people exercise in the city because the weather is nice year round. I also know that there are many physical therapists in the city so it would be easier to get a job there. I would start out being an assistant and learn from my potential employers and move on to be an actual physical therapist. Living in an area with a lot of physical therapists would help me out with getting a job and learning more from other therapists.

Another reason why I chose Orlando is because it’s a lot bigger city than what I live in now. I feel like bigger cities have more opportunities for people to find jobs. When I first move to the city I will try to find some friends who are therapists and try to find a job so I can learn more from more experienced people. The best way to learn something is by practicing so I would need to get a job as an assistant first. In conclusion, Orlando would be a very good place to start my career as a physical therapist!

I think I should be should be granted the Odenza Marketing Scholarship because I can really use the money in college. With this economy it will be hard for me to pay off college debts so winning this scholarship will help me out a lot!

My family doesn’t have that much money so the money will help out a lot. I run cross country and track and field, and I really would love to run in college but that won’t be even an option if I don’t get any scholarships for college. Winning this scholarship would reduce the cost for college a lot for me.

I moved to America seven years ago from Kazakhstan, not knowing any English I had to work twice as hard as the kids in my classes. When I started school in fifth grade, my grades were not very good; in fact my grades were not very good up until freshman year. When I started high school I realized I needed to work extra hard if I wanted to get into any college. My grades have changed tremendously since my freshman year, my GPA went up and I started taking more difficult classes.

Winning the scholarship would mean a lot to me. So I hope I’m one of the people you select. I have been working hard for the past four years to get into colleges. I also joined couple clubs to help out the community. I’m part of Bloomington High School South Dance Marathon (organization that fundraises money for Riley Children's Hospital, that helps kids that were born with disabilities) and I was also part of Bloomington Key club for one year.

1. The essay must provide a thesis statement (in the introductory paragraph). The thesis statement must encapsulate the main argument for the paper. It must be clear and coherent, and it must answer the question that has been put forth on the application.

2. The essay must offer supporting evidence. The writer must provide the supporting evidence in paragraph (not “bullet” or list) form. Each paragraph must contain evidence that supports one idea or concept that proves the thesis statement. The writer must provide citations (in footnote, endnote, or paranthetical form) for all evidence presented.

3. Every essay must follow basic rules of format and grammar. Every paper must contain a beginning (introductory paragraph), a middle (several supporting paragraphs that comprise the body of the paper), and an end (concluding paragraph). Grammar is vital for essay composition. Sentence fragments, misspellings, and improper punctuation denote a carelessly-written and poorly-conceived paper.

Essay Question #1:
Choose a city located anywhere in the world that you believe would, from a future employment prospective, benefit your career. Explain in under 500 words how spending time in this city would help you become more marketable to a potential employer(s). Clearly identify how it will benefit you. For example, going to Paris may help you if you are interested in Fashion Design. Note that this should not just be stated. You must provide an argument supporting this statement.

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