The church and the highlands

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that paper—much less do we sit down, pen in hand, in order to reduce our indignation to remonstrances. " Live and let live "—this is a maxim hardly yet under­stood in the Highlands, so far, at least, as periodicals are concerned. If the editors' cloth is not nicely adapted to the reader's measure, the latter is straightway up in arms in order to call public attention to it, and to cry "shame " upon those who are doing their best to serve him, even although they may not always be able to see eye to his eye, and to give nod to his nod. A general agreement and a common end are surely deserving of better and more generous treatment than this, especially when it happens, as is certainly the case with regard to the Highlands, that friends are few and scattered, and those who are capable and willing to assist are yet fewer in number. It is the duty of Highlanders to rally to the support of whatever may tend to advance and to edify them. When the battle is over and

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