The church and the highlands

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And Broder bare of store, Amen, O King of the Friday 1 Tear

For Glynn his black heart's core.

Amen 1

Broder with nerveless limbs, Hemp strangling Glynn's last breath,

Amen, 0 King of the World's Light! And Smith in grips with death.


Glynn stiffening for the tomb,

Smith wasting to decay, Amen, 0 King of the Thunder's Gloom t

And Broder sick alway.

Amen I

Smith like a sieve of holes,

Broder with throat decay, Amen, 0 King of the Orders! Glynn

A Buck-show every day.

Amen t

Hell-hounds to hunt for Smith,

Glynn led to hang on high, Amen, 0 King of the Judgment Day 1

And Broder rotting by.

Amen I

Curses on Glynn, I cry,

My curse on Broder be! Amen, 0 King of the Heavens high 1

Let Smith in bondage be.


Showers of want and blame,

Beproaoh and shame of face Smite them all three, and smite again,

Amen, O King of Grace.

Amen I

Melt may the three away,

Broder and Smith and Glynn, Fall in a swift and sure decay,

And lose,—but never win.



The Shield and the Man


May pangs pass through thee Smith,

(Let the wind not take my prayer), May I see before the year is out

Thy heart's blood flowing there.


Leave Smith no place nor land,

Let Broder wander wide, May the Devil stand at Glynn's right hand

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