The church and the highlands

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2 Surely popular ignorance, as practised by the historian, oould not go further than by construing this appellation in a physical sense. The writer has seen drawings of this king in which he is represented as having a large head!

or great head, that is to say, man of great mental parts, is proof positive that by his subjects, at all events, he was estimated at his true value; whilst the fierce resentment which even the bare mention of his name seems to have aroused in the breasts of his innumerable enemies cannot but be considered as a further testimony to his greatness. As St. Berchan says, who ought to have known,

No woman bore or will bring forth in the East

A king whose rule will be greater over Alba I

And there shall not be born for ever

One who had [? shall have] more fortune and greatness.

H. M.


The following is a translation of a curse composed by an Irish poet in the Co. Kerry in Ireland about sixty or seventy years ago. The translation is pretty literal. The original begins :—

Bruadair Smiot a's Grlin,

Amèn a Mhic, an triùr— Nara cian go rabhaid1 fa leacaibh,

Go marbh, faon, fuar san ùir.


Bruadair Smiot a's Glin,

Go fànach, singil, fuar, Amèn a Eigh na n-Aingeal;

A's go trèith-lag truithill truagh.


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