The church and the highlands

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of that which subsisted wherever the feudal system obtained.

It does not seem probable that our ancestors had much recourse to titular designations or distinc­tions in the ordinary way of social intercourse. Eobertson adduces cases in the early history of Scotland in which even Tanists and Princes of the Blood appeared without titular distinctions of any kind. Early Gaelic literature, moreover, strengthens the impression that the ancient Celts did not make use of titles in referring to persons of noble birth.

On the other hand, in formal documents and instru­ments of a legal kind, the style and character of the noblemen mentioned therein frequently appears. Thus, in the Book of Deer, "Euari, Mormaor of Marr," obtains mention under the head of a gift of land to the monks of that name. We also find mentioned a Leughadair or Eeader, a Britheamh or judge, a Toiseach or subordinate maor, etc. in such circumstances and in such a manner as justify us in concluding that those several appellations were titles in the proper sense of that word, rather than mere verbal expressions used to

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