The church and the highlands

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you will point to the object and address him thuB: 1 Please bring me . . .' The attendants, understand­ing your abbreviated phrase and gesture, 'Please bring me . . will give you the words 'some matches,'' an umbrella ' or ' some towels' in Spanish, Chinese or Teloogoo, wherever you may happen to reside; you repeat these new words a number of times until by repetition they become quite natural to you. In this way we go on from day to day, in fact, from hour to hour, until, finally, at the end of a few months, we are capable of expressing ourselves quite readily and fluently. This is the process by which sounds become language. This is the mode in which any language is mastered when we reside abroad. Now, take any of the ordinary grammars, manuals or vocabularies, and what do we find ? In the first place, mere grammatical rules and techni­calities which, though very important in themselves, teach nothing but the theory or science of language, instead of giving us language itself. Then glance at the vocabularies. Do they teach the necessary expressions of common life

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