The church and the highlands

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grammatically and correctly, pro­vided they have mixed with well educated classes of society, and, of course, faultily and badly, if they have had the misfortune of associating with ignor­ant people. From these facts it is obvious that some system must exist which we intuitively follow when we reside abroad, and which always and under all circumstances leads to complete control of a foreign tongue. The first question before us should therefore be : What is this system which we instinc­tively follow when residing in a foreign country ? If you lived, for instance, in Paris, you would invariably pass through the following stages of experience :—

"At first, the mind becomes confused by the multiplicity of foreign sounds which we hear. We try to fathom the ideas which are expressed in this unknown tongue ; failing to do so we naturally get bewildered.

" This state of mental confusion—which, by the way, is exceedingly disagreeable—is generally passed in about three or four weeks. The ear, by this time, has grown accustomed to some of these sounds, and quite instinctively we begin

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